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The Best Ultimate Newbie Guide To Link Building

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The Best Ultimate Newbie Guide to How To Link Building


If you ask me what backlink is? Then, I would like to say quality backlink is another name of success in the field of SEO.

Link building is the most valuable skill you can acquire as an SEO professional or blogger. But building links in these days are not so easy and search engines became so smart that they can detect any blackhat techniques.

If you want to bring a good amount of traffic from the search engine, then it’s impossible to ignore link building. To help you to build quality backlinks, here in this guide, I am going to share everything about link building.

So don’t stop reading if you want to build quality backlinks.

Basic of Link Building

What comes to your mind when you think of SEO? It might be backlinks, backlinks, and backlinks.

So what is a backlink?

What is a backlink


A backlink born when an external website gives links to your site. That’s why backlinks are also known as external backlinks or inbound backlinks. In plain language, backlinks are one kind of vote, if your website gets more quality backlinks that means that site get more rights to be on the first page of Google.

Why are backlinks so crucial for SEO?

Did you remember when Yahoo, WebCrawler, AltaVista, and Ask was among the most popular search engine before Google came in? They ranked web pages entirely depending on web content.

And what happened next? Google came in and introduced it’s “ranking algorithm” which rank web pages depending on web-pages and links. And then everything changed. The search results from Google was much better than other search engines. After that, Google became the number one search engine, and others vanished from the search engine market. So what changed the game? Backlinks.

After that many years passed but links remain a significant part of Google ranking algorithm.

Now Google gives priority to quality over quantity for backlinks. So what is quality backlinks? To know about it and how to build them don’t stop here.

Things to Consider for Building High-Quality Links

Today quality is more important than quantity when it comes to backlinks. The high number of backlinks can’t give guaranty of ranking anymore. That’s why you should focus on quality instead of quantity.

So what is quality backlink? Some metrics used to measure the quality of backlinks, and you should consider those while building links. So let’s see what quality indicators are;

Relevancy is first

When it comes to backlinks quality, relevancy matter most. When you create backlinks, you have to ensure the relevancy of the linking site. Let’s say you’re building links for a page that covers the topic of “diabetes treatment” then you should consider building links from a page that discuss diabetes treatment such as “natural diabetes treatment.”

What if I take links from unrelated sites? Still, it will count as backlinks, but that will have less effect on the ranking. But you should never build links from a completely irrelevant page. For example: for the topic of diabetes treatment you shouldn’t get links from a page that is about dog food, it will consider as spam. Check the link profile of your site and if you find irrelevant backlinks then remove them.

Authority Of the Linking Page/Site

Authority of the linking site is the most crucial factor of the backlink. If you get backlinks from an authoritative site that will pass authority to your page. And getting links from non authority site won’t pass any authority to your page. It’s better to get a link from a higher authority page than getting ten links from zero authority site.

So how can I check the authority of a page/website? You can use third-party tools such as Ahrefs, Majestic, and Moz to check the authority of a particular page/website.

Domain authority


Placement of Link in The Linking Page

Which is better? Getting links from the text body of the page or footer and sidebar, definitely from the text body. Links position matters most after the site/page authority.

The benefits of getting links from the text body are much better than getting links from the footer. When you build backlinks, make sure that it comes from the text body.

Is the Link Editorial or not?

How you get your links? Does someone editorially place it or you create profiles on different sites and drop a link?

If someone finds your site useful and place a link in the content, then it is an editorial link. Google gives editorial links more value than other backlinks. And getting editorial links is quite tricky. Do you know about rare earth materials and why they are expensive? Because they are found in a few places on the earth. Editorial links are like rare earth materials; they are hard to get and valuable.

Anchor text of the link

Anchor text used as a ranking signal by Google for a long time now, and it is an integral part of the Google ranking algorithm.

Anchor text


Let’s say if you get a link from a page with the anchor text “diabetes treatment” then Google will consider your page as related to diabetes treatment.

But anchor text tactics overused by most of the link builders. For this reason, use of too many exact match anchor text considers as spam.

If you build most of your links using exact match anchor text, then Google will consider that you’re trying to manipulate their algorithm.

So I recommend you not to use exact match anchor text too much. Instead of using exact match anchor text, you can use the brand name and partial match phrase. But if you get a link with exact match anchor text, then it’s time to give a party.

Do-follow vs No-follow

No-follow links don’t count as a link by search engines. That’s why it’s preferred to build do-follow backlinks. But link profile of your site only consists of do-follow links that might look unnatural, and it will send bad signals to search engine. So to ensure a natural link profile, you should build no-follow links too.

No-follow links have any impact on search engine ranking? Though no-follow link doesn’t count as a link although it sends positive signals to search engines. For example; links from Wikipedia are no-follow, but it contributes to the ranking according to SEO gurus, so if you can get links from the highly trusted sites that will bring positive impacts on ranking.

Visitors of the linking site

If you want to build links to get traffic, then you must get links from sites that have a significant amount of visitors. Though you won’t get too many referral visitors, although it’s a good idea to get links from sites that have organic visitors. Getting links from sites that have a substantial number of visitors is like killing two birds with a single shot, this way you’ll get visitors and backlinks.

Visitors of the linking site


The link profile of the linking site

Did you ever check the link profile of the linking site while building links? Most of the internet marketers forget to check the link profile of the linking site. But it’s essential, and you can’t ignore it.

Getting links from a site that have a spammy link profile won’t bring any result. Even it will negatively impact your site ranking. So before start building link check the link profile of the linking site and if it looks spammy then say goodbye to that site.



The link profile of the linking site


Penalised or not

I doubt links from penalised sites will bring any results. Instead of having a positive impact, it will send negative signals to the search engines. Link building takes a considerable amount of time and money. So why spend your time and money on building links from the penalised site? So double-check the linking website, is it penalised or not?

Things to do Before Start Building Links

Before start building links, you should make sure that your site is optimised. If your site has technical issues, then link building won’t bring the desired results.

Site optimisation is a precondition for link building. If you build links for an optimised site that will be more effective, even less number of backlinks can bring the desired results. It will result in saving money and time.

If you want to get maximum results from link-building, you have to optimise the site first. So let’s optimise the website;

Correct technical issues

The technical issue of the website related to user experience and user experience is a ranking signal. If someone visits your site and can’t access the content properly, then he/she will leave the site, and it contributes to a lower bounce rate. Lower bounce rate is a negative signal for search engine ranking.

Here are a few technical issues you must fix before start building links;

Site Loading Speed

No one wants to wait forever after clicking a link. If anyone sees the site is taking time to load, they leave the site. What is the result of lower site speed? Lower bounce rate and bounce rate is an indicator of user experience. Lower bounce rate will lead to the drop in ranking. Lower page speed can cause substantial financial loss to eCommerce sites. To check site loading speed, you can use tools such as Google Page Speed Insights, Gtmetrix, and Pingdom.

site loading speed


Mobile Responsive

More than half of internet users are based on mobile. If your site is not mobile responsive, it could be the most significant disadvantage for you. People who visit your website on mobile won’t come back again because of mobile unfriendliness, and ultimately it will result in loss of traffic. Moreover, mobile-friendliness is also a ranking factor.

Your site should be responsive to all devices. Is your website mobile responsive? Check the responsiveness of your through “Google mobile-friendly checker.”

mobile responsive checker


Duplicate Content

Those days are gone when people steal contents from their competitors and ranked on Google first page. Even some site of copied content ranked better than the original site.

Content uniqueness is the most crucial factor in the world of today’s SEO. You have to publish 100% original content on your site to rank on the search engine. If the search engine finds out duplicate content on your website, then it will penalise your site. To check duplicate content, you can use tools such as Copyscape and Duplichecker.

Duplicate content



Duplicate Meta Data

Stop using duplicate meta data for your site. You can write those few sentences. If you don’t have time to write the meta description, then leave the meta description option blank but never use copied one. The meta description is not an SEO signal anymore, but duplicate meta description will bring a negative impact on your site.

Incorrect use of No-follow and No-index

Make sure that you no-follow all of your affiliate links. Check the “robot. Text” file is it OK or not.

Take care of Broken External Links

Every link in your site is essential. External links in the content are useful for readers and convey a positive ranking signal to the search engines.

If external links are broken, that might bring a negative impact on your site. To find out broken links, you can use tools like Ahrefs.

Build a Strong Site Architecture

What is the point of getting links if you can’t use them efficiently? If you want to get maximum return from the investment on link building, you have to build intelligent site architecture.

I recommend you to use reverse silo strategy for building site structure. Why reverse silo? Because nobody wants to give links to sells pages, and it’s challenging to get links to sells/services pages.

Reverse silo strategy is a content-driven strategy. You will build links to content-rich pages then link back to your sales and other pages from the content-rich page. The Advantage of this strategy is everybody loves to give links to resource pages instead of sales pages.

Build Linkable Assets

Can you build links to your site without having linkable assets? Maybe you can create a few links to the sales or service page but not too many. Linkable asset not only helps you to build backlinks but also helps to acquire links. It also increases the authority of your site.

So what are linkable assets? Linkable assets are blog posts or individual pages which are highly informative and helpful for users. To build linkable assets, you can write an in-depth blog post that solves a particular problem. Info-graphic is another great linkable asset, create and publish info-graphic in your site. You can also create graphs, diagrams, and list post to build linkable assets.

Avoid Links That are Harmful to Your Site

Avoiding bad backlinks is as important as building quality links. There are certain types of backlinks that can penalize your website. That’s why you should ensure that harmful links don’t touch your site.

Avoid Completely Irrelevant Backlinks.

Irrelevant links are poison for any site. So it’s better to avoid getting links from the irrelevant site. Irrelevant links won’t improve ranking position, but one thing is sure it will harm your website. Even irrelevant links considered as spam, so to keep your site safe avoid building irrelevant backlinks.

Do-follow Blog Comments

In the early days of Google, most people used blog commenting as an effective link building strategy. Those golden days of building links are gone. Blog commenting doesn’t work these days as effectively as worked in the past. Today’s most of the blog doesn’t provide do-follow links from comments. But you can still buy a ton of do-follow blog comments at a cheap price, and it is the cheapest and easiest way to build links. This type of link building package is perfect poison to kill your site at once, so avoid this type of link building tactics.

Links Created by Automated Tools

At this age of SEO, the number one rule is to avoid building backlinks from automated link building tools. There is any benefit of building links through automated software? If you build backlinks using automated software, then I can guarantee that your site will be penalised.

So to keep your site safe from Google penalty never builds links through automated tools.

Required Skills for Link Building

At this moment, link building is very competitive. To build links, you have to be very focused on getting links. So let’s take a closer look at the required skills for link building

Competitor Backlink Research

“Know your enemy and know yourself and you won’t be in peril” by knowing link building strategy of your competitors you can win the battle of link building.

Analysis of competitor backlink is the first step of any link building strategy. If you research the backlink profile of your competitors site that will help to understand their link building strategy.

By researching competitor backlinks, you can know what they are doing to build links. And what you need to do for acquiring those backlinks built by your competitors. Through analysing competitors’ backlink profile, you can acquire some quality links quickly.

What types of links can I get through competitor backlinks research?

You won’t be able to getall of your competitors’ links, but you can win some quality links in a short time.

If you find out that your competitor builds links using social media profile and blog commenting, then you can do the same.

Another easy shot is guest posting. If you see your competitors acquired links through the guest post, then you can reach out to those sites and ask them to publish your guest post. For resource page, you can do the same, contact the site owner and ask them to add your website to their resource page.

Competitor backlink research



Communication is the essence of success in every aspect of our life. Outreach is the most valuable skill for every SEO professional. The success of link building largely depends on outreach. No one can become an expert link builder without having proper outreach skills.

Do you think you’re good at outreach? If not, learn this skill as soon as possible.

Needed Tools for Building Links

Is it possible to build links without using any tools? Yes, but to build links effectively and quickly, you’ll need to take help from different tools. Here I am going to list some of my favourite tools that I am using for building links. And they are;

Tools for Backlink Checker

Backlink checker tools are essential tools for link building. It helps you to find out competitors’ backlinks and their strategy of link building. Backlink checker tools also help you to learn about the strength of your competitor backlink profile. If you’re building a small niche site, and your competitors have links from New York times, Reddit, CNN, and Forbes, then it’s better to skip that niche.

Find out links manually is a hard job and time-consuming matter.

Here are some great tools for checking backlink;

Site Explorer from Ahrefs

Without any doubt, site explorer is one of the best backlink checker tools. Ahrefs provide fresh and up to date link data compared to other backlink checkers. And Ahrefs has the world’s largest backlink data. So to check competitor backlinks, you can use Ahrefs open site explorer.

Site explorer



Majestic is another excellent tool for checking backlinks. Majestic is a head to head competitor of the Ahrefs. It has an extensive database of links that shows you indexed links and historical index links. You can choose between Ahrefs and Majestic. It’s up to you.



Tools for Researching Content

Content research tools are must-have for building links. With the help of content research tool, you can find out popular content for a particular keyword, how many times they shared on social media, the total number of backlinks, etc.


Buzzsumo is the leading tool for content research. To find out content ideas type your keyword or topic, it will show you popular content on your given subject or keywords. Buzzsumo shows the total number of social shares and backlinks. You can use Buzzsumo to get content ideas for creating better content for your site.



Web Monitoring Tools

Having the skill of web monitoring will guarantee your success in outreach. Web monitoring tools are significant aid for monitoring current actions of your competitors. By doing this, you can take action quickly for creating content and backlinks.

Alerts by Ahrefs

Ahrefs alerts allow you to monitor newly created contents and backlinks for keyword and brands. You can set up an email for alerts when Aherfs get something new you will get an email for that.

Ahrefs alerts


Google alerts

Google Alerts is a free tool that helps you to monitor new content on the web. To get alerts from Google Alerts just set your desired keyword or topic, Google Alerts will send you an email when anything new comes online. Google Alerts only allows monitoring contents, not backlinks.

Google alerts


Proven Strategies for Building High-Quality Backlink

Now it’s time to build some quality backlink. Here I am going to discuss some proven strategies for building quality backlink. I have decided to discuss methods that work and bring effective results.

I will not discuss link building strategies such as social bookmarking. Do you know why?

Because they do not work anymore

So let’s start building some link with proven link building strategies.

Earn link Instead of Building: Link Bait

As most of the spammy link building tactics ignored by google, link bait is one of few link building tactics remain as one of the best ways to attract a considerable number of backlinks.

Link bait is my most favourite link building tactics.


Because link bait can attract links naturally and google loves it.

Link bait technique mainly based on content. You create a great piece of content that attracts backlinks naturally. You can call it automation of natural link building.

So let’s discuss how you can build lots of links using link bait technique;

Step one: Select Topic for Creating Link Bait Content.

Choosing a topic for creating content is not so easy. You have to do some hard work to select the topic for link bait content. For link bait content, you should choose a unique topic which is popular. And it’s tough to find a unique topic.

Why unique topic matter most?

If you create content on a topic which has many contents on the online and people already linked them, then there will be a minimum chance of getting links for that content. For this reason, you should find out the unique topic.

If you can’t find the popular unique topic in your niche, then you can make some changes in popular topics to make them unique. For example; Your niche is diabetes treatment, and you want to create content on popular topic “natural diabetes treatment,” in this case, you can make little change to make this topic unique like “natural herbs for diabetes treatment.”

For choosing topics, you can use content research tools such as Buzzsumo. By using Buzzsumo, you can generate a list of topics within a few minutes. Just put your keyword or topic in the search bar, and hundreds of topics will come in front of your eyes.

Select topic for creating link bait content


Step two: Create Link Bait Content

For link bait technique, you have to create contents that are valuable, genuine, and evergreen.

So which types of content can I create for link bait?

You can write a comprehensive article on a popular unique topic, create a great info-graphic, make a video that contains unique information, build a useful free tool. Here is an examples of link bait content;

Linkbait content


Step three: Promote the Link Bait Content

This method uses to generate links naturally but to get links people need to see the link bait content. If no one can see your great content, then chances of getting links are zero.

So what should I do after publishing the content?

Promote, promote, and promote.

You have to promote your content everywhere. To promote your content, you can outreach people in your niche and ask them to share your great piece of content on their site. Share the content on your social media profile and try to bring as much engagement as possible. Find out resource pages and ask site owners to list your content on the resource page.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is my number one method for link building. I love broken link building tactics because you don’t need to beg for links. On the other hand, the success rate of broken link building is better than other link building tactics.

No one loves to see broken links on their website. If you reach out to sites that have broken links and offer them a similar resource, you’ll find that most of the people will love to replace the broken link with your content.

Here is the step by step process to apply the broken link building tactics in the right way.

Step one: Add Check My Links to Your Chrome Browser.

When it comes to broken link building Check my links is my number one tools. And it’s free. It’s a useful tool to find out broken links on any website/page. So add the Check My Links to your Chrome browser.

Check my links


Step two: Find out Broken Links

You need to find out as many broken links as possible. Because the higher number of broken links in your list means higher chances of getting backlinks.

Here are some effective ways to collect broken backlinks;

Make a list of Authoritative Sites in Your Niche

Authoritative sites tend to have a massive number of backlinks, and if a site has a large number of backlinks, that means you’ll get a good amount of broken links from that site. Beside authoritative sites, you can also collect competitors site.

Here is a list of authoritative sites that cover the topic of breast cancer:


Let’s look at the link profile of one of the sites from the above list;

Link profile of breastcancer org


So many links! It’s easy to find out several broken links from this website.

Collect broken links from resource pages

Resource page contains lots of backlinks, and it’s a goldmine for broken link building. You’ll find a lot of sites in your industry that has a resource page. So to collect broken links from resource page, you need to find sites in your niche that has a resource page.

To find out resource page use these advanced Google search strings;

  • “Your niche keyword” + inurl: resources
  • “Your niche keyword” + intitle: links
  • “Your niche keyword” + “helpful links”
  • “Your niche keyword” + “useful links”
  • “Your niche keyword” + “helpful resources”
  • “Your niche keyword” + “useful resources”

This is what I get through searching Google using one of the search strings.

Collect broken links from resource pages


Now you got a solid resource page. What next? Run the broken link checker.

If you find broken links on the resource page, then add that in the list of the broken links.

Expired Domains

Nothing can be the better source for broken link building than the expired domain. All links to the expired domains are broken links.

Wait! Getting links from all linking pages of an expired domain is not worthy. You have to check out the quality of the sites before contacting them.

Here is what I get when I search for breast cancer-related domains

Expired Domains


A huge number of backlinks pointing several expired domains. Isn’t it? Take each one of the expired domain and check the backlinks with backlink checker tools. Here is the backlink profile of one of the expired domains;



Backlinks checking


Check the quality of every backlink pointing to the expired domain then add to the list of broken links.

Step Three: Create a Perfect Resource for Replacing The Broken Link.

You have done the hard part of broken link building that was collecting broken links. It’s impossible to get backlinks through replacing broken links if you don’t have perfect replacement content.

For broken link replacement content check your website, if your website didn’t have any replacement content then create the content. For creating content, you can use Buzsummo.

Step Four: Reach Out to Site Owners

You have collected a list of broken links, created replacement content. It’s time to move to the final part of broken link building. In this part, you’ll reach out to site owners and tell them they have broken links on their site, then ask them to replace the broken links with your one.

Here are some tips for broken link building email outreach;

  • Address the site owner by his/her name.
  • Tell them about the broken link.
  • Tell them the exact position of the broken link.
  • Let them know about the replacement content.
  • Describe why your suggested replacement is worthy.

Guesting posting

Undoubtedly guest posting is one of the best methods for building white-hat backlinks. Spammy guest posting tactics stopped working long ago, but you can create a substantial number of links through quality guest posting. Believe it or not, guest posting is still a favourite link building strategy of many SEO professionals.

Guest posting provides more value than just link. You can build a relationship with people in your niche, market your product/service, bring visitors, and build backlinks. So the purpose of guest posting is not only link building.

Here is the step by step process for building quality backlinks through guest posting:

Step One: Make a List of Guest Posting Sites in Your Niche

At first, you should make a list of sites that accept guest post. As I told you before you should focus on backlink quality over quantity. To ensure the quality of guest posting site follows “Things to consider for high-quality link building.”

Don’t know how to find out guest posting sites?

Here are the effective ways to find guest posting sites;

Search on Google

The best way to find guest posting sites in your niche is through searching on Google by using special search strings. Here are some search strings that I used to find guest posting sites;

  • Keyword “submit guest post”
  • Keyword “Accepting guest post”
  • Keyword “guest posting guidelines”
  • Keyword “write for us”
  • Keyword “become a contributor”
  • Keyword “submit an article”

Search on Social Media

You can’t ignore social media when it comes to find out guest posting site. Social media is an excellent way to find out guest posting sites. Site owners share their published guest post on their social media. So to find the guest posting sites on social media type your keyword + guest post. And you’ll get a lot of guest posting websites. Here is what I get when I search on Twitter;


Twitter guest post search


You can do the same on other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Get Guest Posting Sites by Analysing The Backlinks of Your Competitors

By researching your competitors’ backlinks, you can find some guest postings sites easily. Though you’ll be unable to publish the guest post on all of the sites where your competitors published their guest post although you’ll be able to publish the guest post on most of the sites. To find out guest posting sites through analysing competitors backlinks, follow the section of “Competitor backlink research.”

Step Two: Make Your List Short and Keep Only Quality Sites in Your List.

You’re not going to publish the guest post on every site on your list. You should publish the guest post on quality sites. So check the quality of every website and if they qualify quality metrics, then put them on your shortlist.

For checking the quality of guest posting sites follow these quality metrics;

  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Relevancy
  • Backlink profile
  • Organic visitor

Step Three: ind out Guest Posting Ideas.

Now you have collected a list of quality guest posting sites in your niche. It’s time to come up with some exciting guest posting ideas. You can use tools like Buzzsumo to get tons of content ideas. Moreover, you can take ideas from articles that are already popular on your site. Then come up with ideas that are related to your popular content. While researching content ideas, make sure that it is interesting so that it doesn’t get rejected.

Step Four: Send Guest Post Proposal to Site Owners.

It is the trickiest part for guest posting. Every site owner gets tons of emails for guest posting proposal. Do they accept every guest posting proposal? No, from my experience, I can tell you only five per cent of people will accept your guest posting request. For this reason, you should write a proposal that can’t be ignored. Here are simple tips for writing effective guest posting proposal;

  • Try to make it personalised.
  • Tell the site owner how your post can be useful for their audience.
  • Make them realise that you’re posting on their site to contribute on their website, not for getting links only.
  • Show your other quality guest post you published on other sites.

Step Five: Write an Excellent Article for Guest Posting

What if the site owner accepts your guest posting proposal? Wait, you’re not done. Now you have to write a great guest post so that it gets published. If your content is not good, it will not get published. So while writing a guest post article follow these tips;

  • Follow guest posting guidelines.
  • Don’t make your article too promotional.
  • Add value in your article; add images, chart, and unique information.
  • Add a few links from guest posting sites in the article for internal linking.
  • Proofread a few times, make sure that your article is error-free.

Step Six: Promote The Guest Post Once it Published

You shouldn’t sit down after publishing your guest post. Your guest post is as important as other posts on your site. Ask the site owner to share the guest post on their social media. Share the guest post on your social media profile. If you have an email list, then promote the guest post on the email list. Moreover, reach out to people in your niche and share the content with them. Guest posting is more than just link building, so do it carefully.

Link Reclamation

For building links, you need to create content, and it’s the hard part of link building.

What if I tell? you can build links without creating new link building assets. Yes, you can build backlinks without creating any new content; it is called link reclamation. You don’t need to create an asset for this method because it utilises existing link building opportunities.

So how can I get backlinks through link reclamation? Here are my two favourite ways to reclaim links;

Someone Mentions Your Brand but didn’t Link Back to Your Site

If you have an established business, then many websites mentioned your brand name. Someone gives a link to your site, and some don’t. Here is the link building opportunity comes in. First, identify the mentioned brand name without the link, then ask the site owner to link back to your site. While asking for backlink don’t forget to say thanks to site owners for mentioning your brand name.


Brand mention without a backink


Reclaim Link from Your Copyright Materials.

Do you publish multimedia such as images, charts, videos, and info-graphics on your site? If yes, then you’ll find websites that are using your published materials. Here is the game start, ask site owners to remove your copyright materials. Tell them that they are violating your copyright if they still want to use your copyright materials, then they need to give credit to your site by providing a link.

Link Roundup

Do you have quality content on your website? Aside from generating traffic quality content can help you to build quality backlinks. Though most of the website will deny you if you ask for a link. Sites that publish roundup posts are more than willing to give you backlink if you have quality content on your website.

So what is roundup post?

A roundup post is one kind of post published by sites every week or month; this type of post contains links of best contents in a particular industry. Here is an example of a roundup post;

Link roundup


Building links through link roundup is not so hard, like me you can also build backlinks using link roundup method. So let’s discuss how you can build backlinks through link roundup.

Step One: Create High-Quality Content

If your content is not the best in quality in your niche, then there is no chance of getting links through roundup. First, you have to ensure that your content is best in your industry. Be honest to yourself and ask is my content best in my industry? If your answer is yes, then you can start building links through roundup.

How can I create better content? First read all the articles linked in the roundup post, then analyse them and take notes of what can be improved. After that, create better content than those contents. Isn’t it so simple?

It is a simple method for creating the best content for a link roundup. You can also take help from content marketing tools like Buzzsumo.

Step Two: Make a List of The Roundup Post

Now you have content which is worthy of sharing. So what’s next? It’s time to find out roundup post. Let’s discuss how to find out roundup post for building links. Here are two ways to find out roundup post;

Find Roundup Posts through Advanced Google Search Operators.

Your journey for finding roundup post should start from Google. Name of every roundup post isn’t the same; that’s why you should use different search operators. Each search operators will give you slightly different results. Here are some advanced search operators you can use to find out roundup post;

  1. “Your Niche Keyword” + “link roundup”
  2. “Your Niche Keyword” + “weekly roundup”
  3. “Your Niche Keyword” + “monthly roundup”
  4. “Your Niche Keyword” + inurl: roundup
  5. “Your Niche Keyword” + intitle: roundup”
  6. “Your Niche Keyword” + best post of the month
  7. “Your Niche Keyword” + best blogs of the month

There is no benefit of listing roundup post which is aged because site owners will not update old roundup post. For this reason, you have to find out new roundup posts.


Link Roundup with Google Search


Twitter advanced search

You can’t ignore Twitter when it comes to finding roundup posts. People who create roundup post, share it on their social media. So twitter is another useful tool to find out roundup post. Here is one of the roundup posts on Twitter;


Link Roundup with Twitter Search


I like Twitter advanced search option over Google because it allows you to narrow down your searches. Here how it looks like;


Twitter advanced search


Step Three: Contact Site Owners

Content, list of roundup post everything needed for link roundup is now on your disposal. It’s time to contact the site owners and ask them to link your article in their roundup post.

While sending your proposal to the site owners tell them you’re providing them useful content. How your content can help their readers? Just tell them about their benefit of listing your content on their roundup post.

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Last words

Link building remains one of the core parts of the Goggle search algorithm. The importance of links in the Google search algorithm may decline, but it will remain a core ranking signal in the long run. Here I discussed some backlink building methods that are working; you can build quality backlinks using those methods.

Which is your favourite link building method? Let me know about that in the comment box below.


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