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How Web 2.0 Backlinks can Ease your Pain

Web 2.0 backlinks

How Web 2.0 Backlinks can Ease your Pain


Every website should ideally be indexed on search engines. Proper indexing will classify the website as per the inputs of the webmaster or owner of the site. Search engines will rank the website in due course of time. The ranking shall depend on innumerable factors but mostly popularity of the site as reflected by the traffic it generates, the quality of website it is that would be influenced by up-time, ease of access and the kind of content that is published and the safety & security for both the website and the users browsing the pages. Since very few websites get millions of hits every month, only those would get first page listings on search engine results and others would be pushed to the subsequent pages. A new website may start at the fifteenth page on Google or Bing for a chosen set of keywords.


Website Ranking is a Perennial Uphill Battle

Your business may have half a dozen competitors. You may have hundreds of competitors. This is in the real world. In the virtual world of the internet or World Wide Web, there are hundreds and possibly thousands of competitors, regardless of the situation on the ground. It is unlikely that you would be the only one or among a handful targeting certain keywords. Most keywords are targeted by thousands of websites and hence they are all vying for that first page listing on search engine results. Only a few will succeed and the rest shall keep struggling in their quest. Interestingly, the dominant placement of any website on any search engine result page is not a permanent reality. Rankings keep changing all the time. Websites get pushed downward and subsequently to the later pages and better or more popular ones and at times both take their place. Website ranking is a perennial uphill battle, more so for companies that are relatively less known and for websites that are struggling to generate sufficient traffic.

Effectiveness of Web 2.0 Backlinks
Effectiveness of Web 2.0 Backlinks diagram

Web 2.0 backlinks can be an effective strategy to boost the rank of your website. Backlinks are a crucial part of search engine optimization. It is true not only for small businesses and online enterprises but even the conglomerates and the global marketplaces that already get millions of hits every month. Backlinks are used by one and sundry but the type you use would be important. Web 2.0 backlinks are not the same as the old links on now outdated websites. Also, not all Web 2.0 sites are made equal as some are more respected and credible, hence immensely popular compared to others. You need quality manually build Web 2.0 pages to ease the pain of ranking a website or webpage. You must have authoritative Web 2.0 back-links that are credible and relied upon by many people. They should be created manually with unique content to boost website rankings. You need Web 2.0 backlink service of Asia Virtual Solutions.

Web 2.0 Mini Sites
Web 2.0 Mini Sites

An Introduction to Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is also known as social web and participatory or participative web. This is the new version of the World Wide Web, the erstwhile Galactic Network or the Internet, where static websites have been replaced by dynamic websites facilitating user generated content to be widely published, accessed and shared. Usability or ease of access and interoperability which is basically the ability of a website to work with other systems, products or devices for experts and ordinary internet users are the foundational hallmarks of Web 2.0. It is not a technical classification, specification or reclassification of the web. It is simply an evolved version of what was in use till the late nineties and even early years of the century. Web 2.0 is more about how websites are designed, how they are accessed and used, how they are improved or modified and the priority is on user generated content, as opposed to the old practice of a website being a one way communication from the author or webmaster to the consumer.

Web 2.0 prioritizes engagement among users, collaborations too. Viewing content is not the endgame in case of Web 2.0, as it was for Web 1.0 since people could not interact with the website or the content published on every web-page. Web 2.0 is interactive, it is active as against being passive in case of Web 1.0 and there is practically an online community brought together by these types of websites. Social networks and social media are outcomes of Web 2.0. It should be noted that the founder of World Wide Web, Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee had envisioned it to be a dynamic medium with people interacting and engaging with one another, reading and exploring, writing and sharing information.

Effectiveness of Web 2.0 Backlinks
Effectiveness of Web 2.0 Backlinks

What are Web 2.0 Backlinks?

A backlink could be a URL or keyword, a click here banner or a brand mention. There is usually an anchor text with a link redirected an internet user to your official website or another web-page that is important in your link wheel. You have to create a wheel or network of backlinks to establish a virtual footprint of your website. A standalone website that is not linked to anything or anywhere online would exist in isolation. Those who know the website and are interested in exploring it may directly type in the address into the browser and check out a web-page or more. Others will not know about the site and hence never bother to find out.

Web 2.0 back-links are about the new age sites that have more user generated content. These are dynamic websites with phenomenal outreach and popularity. Of course there are many types of Web 2.0 sites. Some are more popular and some have quite misleading or unreliable information. There is good and bad in Web 2.0 as well. You need to choose the good Web 2.0 sites to have your back links. After all, the online reliability of your brand will partly depend on the credibility of the contents you use to redirect traffic. Choosing quality or authoritarian Web 2.0 sites is not a daunting task. Experts at Asia Virtual Solutions can easily come up with the most relevant websites and Web 2.0 back-links for your company on the basis of your objective and how you wish to plan out the entire strategy of ranking your website.


Web 2.0 Backlinks has to be a Strategy

The power of web 2.0
A Closer Look at the power of web 2.0

Anyone can randomly drop in a comment with a link. A company can always have its employees write guest posts and share them on Web 2.0 sites. The posts can have one or more links, serving as backlinks. The posts may also be optimised to target chosen keywords. Such sporadic approaches can be undertaken by any company, webmaster or the staff of an organisation. Such an approach to Web 2.0 backlinks does not work. These generic methods are completely futile because there is no coherent strategy. There has to be a sustained campaign, posting contents regularly and on appropriate sites. There are many Web 2.0 sites and they have varying popularity. Their relevance also varies depending on what you are dealing in and which type of audience you wish to reach out to.

Web 2.0 backlinks has to be a comprehensive strategy factoring in every possibility. It cannot be confined to some posts, comments or even articles. It is not the same as writing an optimised blog. Creating a link wheel is a complicated process and using all backlinks as a collective with a singular objective of boosting the ranking of the website is a daunting task. Search engine optimisation is itself complicated. Writing an optimised piece is easier said than done. The pieces need to have some degree of authority so people reading it would find the information reliable. The posted contents must be shared. Only then would the premise of user generated content start to usher in some effects. A website can benefit much more when people start sharing its links and talking about it on public domains than the promoters of the site bombarding people with ads or links from the same account.

Web 2.0 Backlinks
Web 2.0 Backlinks

Web 2.0 backlinks can be smartly strategized in many ways. For instance, older Web 2.0 sites are much more credible and they can provide quite a fillip to your website ranking, sooner than the new Web 2.0 sites that are yet to establish their reputation. The entire strategy has to be coherent. The various methods employed must be consistently worked on and not in any random manner. There should be a well researched and lucidly understood objective. There should be specific metrics to ascertain the impact of such Web 2.0 backlinks. Every step of the way has to be methodical and this can only happen when an expert in Web 2.0 backlinks works on the entire campaign.

Companies around the world hire Web 2.0 backlinks experts, just as they hire specialist web designers for their websites and digital marketers for online advertisements. Even social media management and online reputation management have become specialized niches demanding expertise and experience. You can rely on the experience and expertise of Asia Virtual Solutions to work on your Web 2.0 backlinks.

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