XEvil proxies for super fast ReCaptcha solving – Voted No.1

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No.1 and most powerful XEvil proxies for ReCaptcha solving at an affordable price with the fastest IPV6 proxies available

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XEvil proxies for super fast ReCaptcha solving – Voted No.1


Use IPV6 proxies to maximize the potential of XEvil to solve captchas in seconds.

XEvil is a powerful captcha solver that can boost your link-building software’s efficiency. It can automatically recognize over 8000 types of captchas with an ultra-fast recognition speed. Distorted numbers and symbols and stretched letters are no match for XEvil. When it comes to ReCaptcha’s images, count on XEvil to decode more than 100 images per second!

Like any tool, though, XEvil has limitations. It isn’t possible for automated tools like XEvil to solve captchas, especially the more difficult ReCaptchas, every single time. There will be moments it has to retry. You might lose out on many potential backlinks when there are too many retries. Plus, don’t forget about the risk that your IP might be blacklisted. This is where proxies come in. With IPV6 proxies, your XEvil will run with ease and efficiency.

Why You Need IPV6 Proxies for Your XEvil

IPV6 proxies are perfect supplements for your XEvil. When your Xrumer or any link-building software works, it can hit search engines, forums, or other websites with repeated searches or posts too quickly. Once the site or search engine detects it, it’ll show captchas every time your software does something. XEvil can work on those captchas—but again, not every time. With IPV6 proxies, you can make websites and search engines think it’s someone else each time your Xrumer makes a query or posts a link on a forum.

Google and other search engines and websites are pretty clever regarding proxies. Using private proxies is best to keep your link-building efforts smooth and effortless.

Get the No.1 and Most Powerful XEvil Proxies

At Asia Virtual Solutions, we offer the most powerful XEvil proxies for ReCaptcha solving at affordable prices. These IPV6 proxies are the fastest anonymous proxies for XEvil.

What you’ll get:

  • IPV6 proxies within your budget: You can buy proxies depending on the number of XEvil threads you use. But remember that the more proxies you have, the better and more efficient XEvil works for your SEO link-building efforts.
  • Automated services: You can work with the proxy soon after purchase.
  • Unlimited traffic: These IPV6 proxies won’t limit internet speed and traffic.
  • Monthly packages: Your XEvil pr,6oxies are only valid for 30 days. We’ll send you a fresh set of proxies every month.
  • Technical support: If you need tech support for your proxies, our team is here to help. Feel free to contact us via email or Skype or open a support ticket.


Sign Up for an IPV6 Proxy Package for Your XEvil Today

It’s time to boost your captcha-solving solutions and link-building efforts. Once you sign up for a monthly package, we’ll assign your proxies as quickly as possible. Our customers usually wait no longer than 12 hours. Kindly note that these proxies are for exclusive use with XEvil.
Choose your XEvil thread-based proxy package on this page and hit the “sign up now” button.


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7 reviews for XEvil proxies for super fast ReCaptcha solving – Voted No.1

  1. Avatar of Talbert Williams

    Talbert Williams (verified owner)

    The order was filled fast and the proxies work great! This is my new go to service!

  2. Avatar of Sunil Keshari

    Sunil Keshari (verified owner)

    i have waisted money on buying other proxies.
    But when i get Asia virtual solution xevil proxies i have try its really awesome. i am using xevil 5 and this proxies work very good

  3. Avatar of Huu Truong Nguyen

    Huu Truong Nguyen (verified owner)

    Good proxy

  4. Avatar of cuan coks

    cuan coks (verified owner)

    good for xevil only, not for others software!!

    • Avatar of Michael Swart

      Michael Swart

      Thank you for the feedback.
      Yes Xevil Proxies are IPv6 which not all websites support. Google support it that’s why it works for solving Google captcha solving.
      The benefit is that it is allot cheaper than normal IPv4 proxies

  5. Avatar of Jeff Garner

    Jeff Garner (verified owner)

    I just ordered the Xevil proxies. My results are more than double with no bans! So glad I found you!

  6. Avatar of bluewing345

    bluewing345 (verified owner)

    Best Proxies for xevil…Working Just Fine ?

  7. Avatar of rsvankessel

    rsvankessel (verified owner)

    There are very few people and providers you can trust when it comes to SEO, in particular SEO with tools like GSA and Xrumer. Michael @ Asiavirtualsolutions is one of those few people one can trust! The proxy service is working just great! Not only fast as stated in the service description but reliable. I could drop by captcha expenses by 80 % using Xevil and by a total of 95 % using these proxies. Absolutely great, thanks a lot!

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