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Money Robot Submitter – The World’s Most Powerful Link Building Software



Money Robot Submitter: The World’s Most Powerful Link Building Software


Link building is a critical part of any successful SEO strategy. In fact, Prague Post found that 72 percent of SEO professionals says back-links are significant when it comes to ranking factors. Those professionals are indeed correct, given that Google itself has confirmed that links play a big role in its algorithm.

Unfortunately, link building demands that an incredible amount of time and effort is put into manual tasks like registering on websites, confirming emails and submitting content in an appropriate format.


Enter Money Robot Submitter

Money Robot Submitter is a piece of software that fully automates the link building process, helping businesses to power-up their SEO activities and secure success.

The software supports unlimited website platforms, meaning that users are able to instantly publish their content on a range of blogs, social networks, web directories, wiki articles, and much more!

The tool is intuitive to use and gets some really remarkable results for a range of clients. In fact, the tool is trusted by hundreds of website owners, SEO companies, media companies, and even large corporations.

Here’s a closer look at some of the killers features that make Money Robot Submitter one of the key SEO tools.


High Speed Submissions

Multiple threading features means that Money Robot Submitter is able to perform many functions at once. Essentially, you can have the equivalent of a team of employees working simultaneously on your link building activities.


Artificial Intelligence

Robot detection mechanisms are employed by browsers to cut down on non-human internet activity. Money Robot Submitter has sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms that are capable of convincingly simulating real human activity.


Article Spinning

Content is a critical part of SEO, but many businesses fail to use the proper content. Often, many companies will use duplicated content and suffer a range of penalties. Money Robot Submitter empowers companies to automatically rewrite a given article into hundreds of unique versions, boosting their link building activities.


Customer Support

A team of English-speaking persons are available for any customer support needs that you may have. A ticketing system means that all queries are responded to, and there is also live chat available for immediate enquiries.


A Money Back Guarantee

Money Robot Submitter offers a generous 7 days free trial to its users. If the user decides after this time that the tool is not perfect for them, they can request a full refund on the cost of their order.

This shows that Money Robot Submitter is confident in its quality – why not give it a try today? There’s literally nothing to lose – only gain!


Money Robot Submitter – Demo by Asia Virtual Solutions

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