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How to update to XEvil 6 Beta Standalone

Installing and Configuring  XEvil 6.0  Beta-1 with XAuth


Installing and Configuring  XEvil 6.0  Beta-1 with XAuth


The long awaited XEvil 6.0 Beta-1 has finally launched today, and this will be the first version that can run independently from Xrumer. So for users of GSA Search Engine Ranker and other SEO products that only signed up for Xrumer to use Xevil, this is good news, because now you no longer need the bulky Xrumer just to run Xevil.



A few points to take note of when switching to XEvil 6.0  Beta-1 with XAuth


 hCaptcha solution

hCaptchasThis captcha is only compatible with IPv4 proxy. Unfortunately, IPv6 is not supported for solving H

  • However, you don’t need a lot of proxies. 100-200 IPv4 proxies will suffice. XEvil 6.0 also has a reliable anti ban system
  • hCaptcha may sometimes issue non-standard tasks. If that happens you can send the contents of the subfolder rc5 processor save to Botmasterlabs who will train Xevil 6 Beta to solve new hCaptchas
  • hCaptcha solving speed is between 10-15 seconds and 30-40 seconds depending on how large the load is or how many proxies are used.



  1. Proxy Options in Xevil 6 BetaYou can now have separate proxy list for ReCaptcha and  hCaptcha by clicking the buttons “RC” or “HC” at the top of [R/H]Module.
  2. ReCaptchaa proxies (RC ) will work with Asia Virtual Solutions IPV6 proxies which you can get here:
  3. hCaptcha will ONLY work with normal IPv4 proxies which you can get from here :


Check API Key

  • Added protection added to Xevil V6 Beta.
  • If your host is set to use your external IP then API Key verification will be automatically enabled to prevent scammers from sending captchas your XEvil. At time of posting there was no way to turn it off, which is not a very smart move in my view.
  • If you use your internal ip then the API key would not be used.



XEvil 6.0 can now run with or without Xrumer. You will need to download the file XAuth 2.0 from Botmasters download section and install on same VPS where you are running Xevil 6 Beta.

Then all you do is start XAuth and login with the same credentials that you log in to Botmasters Labs account, it will authorize and show you how many instances you have running under the same account. Then you can start Xevil 6 Beta and it will be able to connect.

If you want to continue to run both Xevil 6 Beta and Xrumer then you do not need to download the Auth app, as then you will authorize via Xrumer, just make sure you have the latest Xrumer V 19.0.15

Xevil v6 - Auth 2



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