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How to use GSA Search Engine ranker to ONLY create .edu and .gov links

Creating .EDU and .GOV links is easy with GSA SER


I very often get asked if we have any link list to specifically create .EDU and .GOV links or do we have any special or custom GSA Engines to create .EDU and .GOV links, but the answer always has been no sorry we don’t have any custom engines  or any link list to build .EDU and .GOV links with.


Why is .EDU and .GOV links good for you

I fail to understand why people get so obsessed with creating non relevant  .EDU and .GOV links. It seems that somewhere in SEO history someone must have mentioned that .EDU and .GOV links are good for you when you are contributing to a niche relevant article or discussion on a .EDU and .GOV links, because these sites are seen as  trusted and authoritative, because they normally belong to reputable university  or education institutions or are part of a Government site. However to benefit from the .EDU and .GOV links you have to be posting to relevant articles, blogs, forums etc. Meaning if you are blasting your casino links to a EDU site about the human anatomy, then your crap link will not be seen as relevant and apart from getting moderated google will most definitely not give the link much if any weight.


So How do we build .EDU and .GOV links in GSA Search Engine Ranker

I earlier in the month stumbled on this filter in GSA Search Engine Ranker whilst trying to help a customer set up his project. Below are the steps to follow to create only create .EDU and .GOV links

Step 1 – Build Your GSA Search Engine Ranker Project

  • Create your GSA project as normal, i suggest to select as many platforms as possible, if you want you can filter out the no follow sites.

Step 2 – Apply the filter

  • In your GSA SER Project, go to the OPTIONS  tab.
  • Then scroll down almost all the way until you see the option “Skip Sites With The Following Words In URL/Domain

Skip Sites With The Following Words In URL or Domain

  • When you click on the “Create Domain Filter” you will see the following pop up where you have to select : “What Type Of Filter To Use” – Here You need to select the filter type : “Must Have Filter” like in the below screenshot.

What Type of Filter Do You Want


  • You will now be presented with the domain TLD’s (TLD is the end part of a domain ). From the Dropdown scroll down until you see .EDU and select that. You can also select the TLD.EDUCATION if you want as many education establishments are now also using that. Then  scroll down further and select .GOV, just like I have indicated in the below two screenshots.
Must Have GOV Filter
Must Have GOV Filter
Must Have EDU Filter
Must Have EDU Filter


  • Once you have selected the.EDU and .GOV TLD, simply click OK and you will see it now looks like the below screenshot .
.EDU and .GOV tlds have been selected as filters
.EDU and .GOV tlds have been selected as filters

OK, that’s all there is to it, you have enabled GSA Search Engine Ranker to ONLY build links on .EDU and .GOV sites


Step 3 – Enable Site List

Quality Link List Now that you have set the filter you need to make sure that you have a very big site list, like the Quality Link List  from Asia Virtual Solutions which contains over 130 Million links including a large number of .EDU and .GOV sites and we are constantly adding more.

If you cant afford the quality link when you just start out,  then don’t worry all is not lost as you can then use the inbuild GSA Search Engine Ranker search functionality to search for links to post to, but this will be much slower than using the links list.

If you are not sure  how to enable the link list or how to use the build in search then watch the video included further below below.


How to use GSA Search Engine ranker to easily create only Edu and Gov links



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