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Asia Virtual Solutions is a premier virtual services company that provides innovative web marketing, social awareness, link building, and software automation solutions. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals by providing quality work at competitive rates.

While our primary focus is USA markets, we cater to a global clientele. Our services are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes and industries, from startups to established enterprises.

We understand the importance of a solid online presence in today’s digital age. Our web marketing services, including search engine optimization, social media management, and content marketing, are tailored to help businesses increase their visibility and reach their target audience effectively.

Our link-building services, including quality backlink lists and social bookmarking, help improve search engine rankings and drive website traffic. Our software automation tools, including Money Robot Submitter and RankerX, help streamline marketing efforts and increase productivity.

At Asia Virtual Solutions, we believe in building long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, transparency, and excellent service. Our growing list of satisfied clients reflects our commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction.

Whether you want to increase website traffic, improve search engine rankings, or streamline your marketing efforts, Asia Virtual Solutions is here to help. Contact us today to learn how we can help take your business to the next level.

Our Services

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Content Creation

English article writing, UAW articles, GSA Search Engine data packs, and more

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Content Scraping

We offer four different content scraping solutions: target URL scraping, Footprint scraping, keyword scraping, and article scraping.

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Content Scraping

We offer basic word, phrase, and synonym spinning and advanced-level multiple-article joining, paragraph, word, phrase, title, and synonym spinning.

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Web Marketing

We offer sophisticated multi-tiered marketing campaigns, including web 2.0. backlinking, web 2.0 mini-sites, social media, microblogging, RSS, and much more

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Captcha Solving

Affordable automated captcha-solving solution for fast and highly successful solving rate of over 600 pre-configured captcha types and making use of several OCR techniques and other advanced coded algorithms

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Social Media

We specialize in creating a social media presence and handle all aspects of social networking, social media accounts, social signals, and social bookmarking[/service]

History Of Asia Virtual Solutions

March 31, 2014 -Asia Virtual Solutions Captcha Solving Service Launched

Captcha Solving Services
Captcha Solving Services

Captcha solving is a nightmare that all webmasters and SEO marketers must deal with when they do online marketing and use automated marketing and link-building tools. We are pleased to bring you an automated captcha-solving service to save you time and money…

Feb 09, 2014 – Asia Virtual Solutions Content Scraping Services Launched

Content Scraping Services Content scraping is something most online marketers and SEO gurus use in some way to enhance their web presence, whether it is article scraping, target URL scraping, or footprint scraping. We are delighted to have now these services available for our clients.

Jul 23, 2013 -GSA Ser Data packs launched

GSA Search Engine Ranker - Data Pack
GSA Search Engine Ranker – Data Packs

We have been using GSA Search Engine Ranker for almost two years, as it is one of the best back-linking and online marketing tools available. We realized that if you don’t have the proper resources, it can take a long time to get new content and then populate all required data fields when setting up a GSA Search Engine ranker campaign since we have several resources on hand that can create the data available to import into your GSA Ser project easily. We believe the GSA Ser data packs will save you time and simplify your life.

 Apr 27, 2013 – Asia Virtual Solutions Website Launched

Asia Virtual Solutions
Asia Virtual Solutions

We finally came to the big day and launched a skeleton site. While work is an ongoing development, we now have an excellent platform to work from. We based the site on the WordPress platform and purchased a license for the Alterna theme by ActiveToFocus. We initially chose Jigoshop to handle the commerce side, but due to some theme conflicts, we changed over to WooCommerce. The following inline integrates our shopping cart with the Facebook page and social accounts. We will work full steam to release our services on the site and to advance the site further…

Dec 21, 2012 – Domain Acquired

After operating for over a year and servicing mainly forums, we decided to take the business to a new level by setting up our domain. So it was on Friday, 21 December 2012, that we purchased Unfortunately, we delayed website development and only used the site’s email and server for storage.

Aug 10, 2011 – The Birth of Asia Virtual Solutions

The birth of Asia Virtual Solutions. Most of our work was generated during the initial stages via threads in Warrior Forum, BHW, other internet marketing forums, and word of mouth. Our initial focus was on affordable content creation and high-quality article spinning. The business grew steadily, and so did our reputation as a quality content provider and a spin master

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Our Team Members

Our team means everything to us – it outlines who we are, what we do, how we do it, and everything. We strive towards service excellence and maintain strong values to create new opportunities for ourselves, our clients, our customers, and our users.

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Michael Swart


South African-born, Michael is an experienced senior-level executive with a solid track record driving revenue growth by leading successful sales and marketing programs—a dedicated and resourceful individual with excellent SEO, customer service, IT, and communication skills.

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Administrative Assistant

Sibelletakes care of administrative tasks and also assists with research, graphic design, and data filing.

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Virtual Super Hero

Venus is based in the Philippines and oversees all aspects of GSA Search Engine Ranker data pack creation and also handle social account creation and WordPress data capture task.

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Writer Extraordinaire

David is based in the UK and oversees a team of writers and all writing and web 2.0 services.