Asia Virtual Solutions consists out of a team of virtual professionals, experienced in content development, web marketing and virtual services.

About us – Our goal is simple; provide virtual services which every internet marketer use for web marketing, social awareness, link building, automation software, and provide it at reasonable rates which everyone can afford.

Asia Virtual Solution started in 2011 with just one person providing basic web marketing services in online forums. In Dec. 2012 the domain name ( ) was acquired and from there on we got serious and started expanding services and in April 2013 we officially launched this Asia Virtual solutions website and ever since we have grown from strength to strength and building up a professional team of virtual professionals from across Asia. . In our first year of operation we successfully completed 1,766 orders with mostly positive feedback from our customers. We continue to develop new and exciting services at most competitive rates and hope to launch at least 1 new service every 3 months.

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Our Services

Content Creation

English article writing, UAW articles and GSA search Engine data packs and more

Content Scraping

We offer 4 different content scraping solutions, namely target URL scraping, Footprint scraping, keyword scraping and article scraping

Content Scraping

We offer basic word, phrase and synonym spinning as well as advance level multiple article joining, paragraph, word, phrase, title and synonym spinning

Web Marketing

We offer sophisticated multi tiered marketing campaigns, including web 2.0. backlinking, web 2.0 mini sites social media, micro blogging, rss, and much more

Captcha Solving

Affordable automated captcha solving solution for fast and highly successful solving rate of over 600 pre-configured captcha types and making use of several OCR techniques and other advanced coded algorithms

Social Media

We specialize in creating a social media presence and handle all aspects of social networking, social media accounts, social signals and social bookmarking

History Of Asia Virtual Solutions

March 31, 2014

Asia Virtual Solutions Captcha Solving Service Launched

About Us 1Captcha solving is a nightmare that all web masters and SEO marketeers have to deal with when they do online marketing and using automated marketing and link building tools. We are please to bring you a automated captcha solving service to save you loads of time and money….
Feb 09, 2014

Asia Virtual Solutions Content Scraping Services Launched

About Us 2Content scraping is something most online marketeers and SEO gurus use in some way to enhance there web presence, whether it is article scraping, target URL scraping ot footprint scraping. We are very pleased to now have this services available for our clients .
Jul 23, 2013

GSA Ser Data packs launched

About Us 3We have been using GSA Search Engine Ranker for almost 2 years, as it is one of the best back linking and online marketing tools available ob the market. We realized that if you don’t have the proper resources it can take a long some time to get new content and then having to populate all of the required data fields when setting up a GSA Search Engine ranker campaign. Since we have several resources on hand that can create the data available to then easily import into your GSA Ser project. We believe the GSA Ser data packs will save you allot of time and make life a little easier.
Apr 27, 2013

Asia Virtual Solutions Website Launched

About Us 4We finally came to the big day, and launched a skeleton site. Whilst work is ongoing development we now have a good platform to work from. We based the site on WordPress platform and purchased a license for the Alterna theme by ActiveToFocus. We initially chose Jigoshop to handle the commerce side, but due to some theme conflicts, changed over to Woocommerce. Next inline is integration of our shopping cart with Facebook page and social accounts. We will work full steam to release our services on the site and to further advance the site…
Dec 21, 2012 Domain Acquired

After operating for over a year servicing mainly forums we decided it was time to take the business to a whole new level by setting up our own domain. So it was on Friday, 21 December 2012 that we purchased the Unfortunately we delayed website development and only used the sites email and also the server for storage.
Aug 10, 2011

The Birth of Asia Virtual Solutions

The birth of Asia Virtual Solutions. During the initial stages most of our our work was generated via forum threads in Warrior Forum, BHW and a bunch of other internet marketing forums, and word of mouth. Our initial focus was on affordable content creation and high quality article spinning. Business grew steadily and so did our reputation as a quality content provider and a spin master

Our Skills

Article Writing60%
GSA Search Engine Ranker95%
Web 2.080%
Content Spinninggood
Content Scrapinggood
Virtual Servicesnot bad
Captcha Solvingvery good

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Excellent video! I really appreciate the care that went into this 10+ minute video to ensure that every aspect of importing and cleaning up the list is done correctly. As you know I am new to GSA but you have helped me learn a great deal. This video is a real testament to the quality of the after sales service you provide. What I really like is you dont only provide great products but you also ensure that your customers can use them to their full potential. Feel free to publish this testimonial as you see fit. Thanks a million for such a great service!
Daniel Calleja- GSA Search Engine Ranker Data how to video
Great service, saved me a load of time and SUPER FAST delivery – Highly recommended
Mark- GSA Search Engine Ranker Data pack
A great service. 5 tier data pack ordered and is put together very well. Easy to import with clear instructions, looking forwards to seeing results and have already ordered another pack! Thanks
Adrian- 5 Tier Data pack
Awesome service. Really well done and effective. I was fighting myself for months using my own GSA SER knowledge with quite poor results, but using your 7 tiers pyramid within few weeks I am on top1 now. Also I learnt a lot watching how it was done. Thank you for your job so well done. You deserve the best.
Adam- 7 Tier Data pack
Just tried out the standard $10 data packs and they are awesome!!! Theres a few extra steps to get it set up versus the 5 tier, but for the price its definitely worth it and the quality as always is great. Nice Job!
David- Standard data pack
This was my first time buying and what an amazing experience. I witnessed clear and concise instructions. If your time is worth money, use this data packs to get going quickly. Thanks for an awesome service!
Raymond- Data pack
Wow, I ordered the 7 tier pack with the target URLs add-on. Amazing and impressive service. The value is incredible.
Sean- 7 Tier data pack
I have purchased this GSA Data pack for several Projects now and I am totally satisfied with them. I could never get them running that fast and with this high Quality like from this Website. Thanks a Bunch!
Alexander- Data pack & URL Scraping
Amazing service offered here by asia virtual solutions. I got my order filled in under 24 hours. Amazing quality. I setup his data pack in 3 minutes and was up and running in less. I am going to go back to order a 7 tier data pack. I am running at home with 10 proxies, GSA CB and getting a very high verified rate. Thanks again.
Syed- GSA Data pack
Work came out on time and Michael gladly answered a lot of my questions – I’m still a bit of a newbie. Yet since I’ve purchased the Tier 7 Data Pack, I have learned exponentially more about GSA. This product allowed me to get up and running in no time as all the work was done in advance; setup took literally a matter of a couple minutes. I’ve ran the Data Pack on small business and have so far noticed that for certain keywords, the owner’s site has jumped from sitting at #12 on 2nd page to #3. I insulated site by only backlinking to Tier 1 links, so I’d imagine it will be a slow, steady process, but safe and organic. That’s really what this data pack does: it creates natural, quality back links at a normal speed to allow for results, yet it doesn’t move a mile a minute, causing potential penalties with Google (knock on wood…)
Kyle- GSA Search Engine Ranker
My order was really fast and i really love the concept of my campaings. If i do myself it take me ages to build. Thank you for this service. Also hoping to buy scrape list .. Thanks A+++++ service!
Visal- Content Writing and Data pack
If you are considering ordering the GSA Data pack (5 Tiers) I would highly recommend it. I have placed two orders for this service and find it to be easy as pie to install and use. I am a new user to GSA SER and using this pack made it easy to get started. All I had to do was add it to my software and hit the start button! Plus his customer service is great. I had questions that did not relate to his service but GSA in general and he quickly and politely answered them. A top notch service… and the prices are sooo good. I am in the process of ordering additional services from this company.
Steven- Content services & Data packs
I have tried other writers and spinners, but your work is above the top. Better than the others. I will use your service again and again. THX RICH
rich2cash- Article writing
This is one of the most professional companies that I ever worked with, the service is always on time and always very thorough. I have seen great results from this service and I save hours of work to do more important things. I always find the manager in charge on Skype and he takes his time answering my questions. I highly recommend working with Asia Virtual Solutions. D. King
Daniel King- Premium Article Write & Spin
This Article spinning service (Asia Virtual Solutions) is a real game changer and they are so cheap it is amazing. I use them all the time. Peter Lamelas
Mmiami- Spinning Service

Our Team Members

Our team means everything to us – it outlines who we are, what we do how we do and all in between. We strive towards services excellence and maintaining strong values in order to create new opportunities for both ourselves, clients our customers and users.

Michael Swart
South African borne and now residing in Thailand, Michael is a experienced senior-level executive with a solid track record driving revenue growth by leading successful sales and marketing programs. Dedicated and resourceful individual with excellent SEO, customer service, IT and communication skills.
Sibelle is based in Thailand and take care of the administrative tasks and also assist with research, graphic design and data filing
Venus is based in the Philippines and oversee all aspects of GSA Search Engine Ranker data pack creation and also handle social account creation and WordPress data capture task.
David is based in the UK and oversee and team of writers and all writing and spinning services