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If you’re ready for an almost unfair advantage when it comes to social bookmarks, we have it – lever the Asia Virtual Solutions Social Bookmark service today, you won’t regret it!

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What Are The Requirements

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  • Bookmark Title: Each Title/Anchor Text/ or Keyword has to be at least 11 characters long but not exceed 12 words. You May also use Syntax in the Title field as per the following format {Title1|Title2}  Do NOT use links in the Title
  • Bookmark Description: The description should be 3 to 5 sentences describing your site or the link and it should be least 30 words or 180 characters long. Syntax is allowed
  • Bookmark Tags: For tags we require 4 generic words related to your site link. The 4 words should be separated with a comma. Do not use more than 40 characters in total.
  • Bookmark URL’s: You can provide 1 URL or up to 20 maximum. If you provide more than 1 URL for bookmarking then they will be evenly divided them between the number of bookmarks you have ordered, see the below example. Do NOT use the same URL twice

Multiple URL Examples:
– You submitted 5 urls.
– You ordered for 1 x 300 bookmarks.
– Each url will have around 60 bookmarks.

– You submitted 10 urls.
– You ordered for 1 x 600 bookmarks.
– Each url will have around 60 bookmarks.

– You submitted 20 urls.
– You ordered for 1 x 600 bookmarks.
– Each url will have around 30 bookmarks.

– You submitted 20 urls.
– You ordered for 2 x 600 bookmarks.
– Each url will have around 60 bookmarks.[/bullet][/bullets]

How To Order

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Download either the txt or the MS Excel format order form, complete it with your details. Upload the completed order form just below where you downloaded it from, and select the social bookmarks package that you would and last how many orders. Click Add To Cart and proceed to check out.


Links Not Accepted

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We cannot accept: Adult, MP3, Gambling, Pharma, or drug related sites.

How Long Does It take

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We anticipate to complete all orders within 7 days.

What Do You Get

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You will receive a detailed report in MS Excel format. The report will include all your bookmarks and have the following headers;

What Are Social Bookmarks

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Not sure what social bookmarks are, then read about it HERE.

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Social Bookmarks Are Great

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