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Most extensive and best GSA Search Engine Ranker link list available – 129,828,627 unique identified URLs from72,972,067 domains which include GSA Search Engine Ranker Link list SL format and TXT format list. Live updates every hour via Dropbox


OPTIONAL – Live List Updates via Dropbox at no Extra Cost

You will have access to link member area where you can download the list. We also offer live updates of the Identified and Verified Link Link list via Dropbox. Please provide us your Dropbox email where we can send the Dropbox folder share invite to.


Last list summary updated: 03 Dec. 22
Next list summary update: 3 Jan. 23

Hourly real-time Live Updates available via Dropbox


Welcome to one of the most extensive link lists on the internet, providing you with 129,828,627 unique URLs in both text format and GSA Search Engine Ranker SL format, which gets updated in real-time via Dropbox daily, or you can download the monthly summaries.

We have 12 servers running the GSA Search engine ranker to verify the URLs as we add them, the verified stats are updated monthly, and you can see the last update date at the top right of this page.

Back-link List Summary

All duplicate URLs and duplicate domains have been removed from the link list:

  • Identified – Unique URLs = 129,828,627
  • Identified – Unique Domains = 72,972,067
  • Verified – Unique URLs = 8,527,568
  • Verified – Unique Domains =
  • Newly – Verified URLs during Oct..= 1,097,125
  • Newly – Verified Domains during Oct. = 517,740

We all know how vital web marketing and especially back-link building is. Still, if you have used tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker, SEO Auto Pilot, SENUKE, Ultimate Daemon or many other link-building tools, then you will know your device is only as good as the GSA ser site list you have. To create a good list, you need decent footprints, a heck of a lot of proxies, good processing power and patience, but still, it is almost impossible to look for a good list to post continuously. If you don’t have a good list, you are just another marketer in the internet race. Now, you have the opportunity to break away from the crowd, increase your GSA SER Verified Links per minute (VPM ) and easily create more than a million verified links in a day, give a massive boost to your online marketing efforts and NEVER run out of list to post to.

Unique Identified URLs


= AltoCMS 212159
= Article 6673737
= AvArcade (Asia Virtual Solutions 21862
= AVS (Asia Virtual Solutions 144195
= Blog Comment 3712146
= Coder 159
= Coppermine Photo Gallery 5853
= DataLife CMS (Asia Virtual Solutions 1477632
= Directory 191625
= Discuz (Asia Virtual Solutions 11021293
= Document Sharing 1948
= Drupal 1687668
= Drupal 7931
= E 4135
= Exploit 466668
= Forum 3661306
= General Blogs (Asia Virtual Solutions 4328762
= Guestbook 176355
= Image Comment 22688
= Indexer 4802522
= Joomla 8590
= Joomla K2 612654
= JV 637
= Microblog 5803
= Open 4555
= php Link Article 14286
= php Link Directory 43288
= PHP 93550
= phpBB (Asia Virtual Solutions 894036
= Pingback (Asia Virtual Solutions 5479483
= Pingback 2544453
= Piwigo 3
= PixelPost 3
= Referrer 4700
= RSS 76
= SEO 17392
= Shoutbox (Asia Virtual Solutions 521
= SMF (Asia Virtual Solutions 651943
= Social Bookmark 200278
= Social Network 681570
= SupeSite (Asia Virtual Solutions 5347265
= Trackback 461738
= Unknown 2899196
= URL Shortener 2566100
= vBulletin (Asia Virtual Solutions 508806
= vBulletin 10589
= Video 53022
= VIP 3
= Web 2.0 6585
= Wiki 833684
= WordPress Article (Asia Virtual Solutions 3188266
= [SERE] Web 2.0 243595
= [SERE] Web 2.0 222447

= Total 129,828,627

Unique URLs Verified

UNIQUE Verified URLs = 8,527,568

= Article 349001
= Blog Comment 50188
= Directory 5213
= Exploit 58736
= Forum 360195
= Guestbook 3438
= Image Comment 377
= Indexer 4802495
= Microblog 397
= Pingback 148
= Referrer 1
= RSS 2
= Social Bookmark 20297
= Social Network 104623
= Trackback 2064
= Unknown 1077015
= URL Shortener 1336993
= Video 3449
= Web 2.0 671
= Wiki 190887
= [SERE] Web 2.0 161378

= Total 8,527,568


GSA Search Engine Ranker.SL file summary

  • Identified URLs: 129,828,627
  • Verified URLs: 8,527,568

Achieving the best results with the list

To get the best out of the list when using GSA Search Engine Ranker, you must ensure you have optimal settings. I highly recommend that you follow the GSA SER Suggestions from this post. 10 Things your mom never told you about GSA Search Engine Ranker. Having Only GSA SER is NOT enough, and you won’t see the best results alone.

In addition, to post to the custom engines you see in the list, SERE, you will need to buy and install the SEREngines custom GSA Search Engine ranker add-on.

Do NOT only use the GSA SER Verified Site List – The GSA SER Identified Site List will give you many more links.

For Captcha Breakers, we use GSA Captcha Breaker + XEvil + 2 Captcha + Text Captcha-Solver, along with private or at least semi-private proxies.

Benefits of Using The GSA SER Link List

  • Supercharge your link building with 82,202,102 unique identified places to submit to — The biggest list available !!
  • GSA Search Engine.SL ready format for quick import into GSA Search Engine Ranker global site list.
  • Save on resources as your link-building tools don’t have to scrape URLs, identify them, post and then verify the links. They need to focus on posting them since the lists are already Identified or verified.
  • Massive Increase in posting speed – L.P.M
  • Increased Verified Submissions
  • No need to spend hours scraping your list and then importing, sorting and identifying them
  • No need to pay expensive monthly subscriptions for scrapers and proxies
  • Build backlinks like the Big boys — Supercharged
  • Get a fresh new link list each month
  • GSA Ser can run for months, none, stop with almost unlimited posting destinations.
How Do We Generate The List
  • eight years of research and running the below systems
  • Over 80 million proxies burned up in the link list scraping process
  • Tools used for scraping and sorting: A-Parser, Hrefer, GScraper, Scrapebox v2, GSA Ser and GSA Platform Identifier
  • 12 high-end VPSs are running 24/7 using over 24,000 footprints and scraping Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex for the latest trends and popular niches.
    12 VPS running over 10,000 tiers in GSA Search Engine ranker projects in the popular niches, exporting Identified and verified monthly.
  • Clean up all lists weekly, removing duplicate URL URLs domains, identifying and sorting into platforms.
What Do You Get
  • Unique URLs Identified in TXT and .SL Format – 129,828,627 Links ( Duplicate URLs removed)
  • Unique URLs Verified in TXT and SL Format – 8,527,568 Links ( Duplicate URLs removed )
  • Unique URLs summary in TXT format
  • Unique, verified URLs summary in TXT format
  • Monthly list summaries via member area.
  • Real-time live updates via Dropbox
  • Video overview of everything in the Link list member section and how to use all
  • Video guide showing you step-by-step how to import the list into GSA
  • Access to the link list members area where you can download all the files and future list updates
How Does The Link List Payment Work

You can pay monthly or annually for access to the link list.

This is a monthly subscription of $45.50.00, or if you selected an annual payment, it is $488.50 per year ( you receive one month free when paying annually). If you cancel the subscription, you will no longer have access to the Dropbox share, so make sure you cancel right at the end of your subscription.

The monthly subscription is to receive the monthly list updates ( We are scraping, sorting, and adding new links every day ).


Since this is a digital project – Once payment has been made and you have been given access to the list,  there will be NO REFUNDS.



What and how many of each platform

4image 2532 408
@lex Guestbook 924
Aardvark Topsites 227532 15
AchimWinkler Guestbook 1613 1
Adult Script Pro 7054 1
AdultFlickScript 784
AdultWatch 1278
Advanced Guestbook 26962
AkoBook 2681 10 5
AltoCMS-LiveStreet 212159 2
analog 772
anobii 100
Ard Guestbook 1630
Article Beach 2038
Article Dashboard 1843
Article Directory Pro 1841
Article Friendly 1227
Article Friendly Ultimate 38
Article Script 2755
Article-AltoCMS-LiveStreet 7133
Article-Article Beach 607
Article-Article Dashboard 93
Article-Article Directory Pro 599
Article-Article Friendly 220
Article-Article Friendly Ultimate 2
Article-Article Script 1731
Article-ArticleMS 433
Article-Askbot 2221
Article-AskIt 345
Article-BBPress (Forum Profile) 239686
Article-BuddyPress 246037
Article-Catalyst Web CMS 2605
Article-ClassiPress 187020
Article-Drupal – Blog 835668
Article-EasyBlog 72124
Article-esoTalk 13401
Article-GnuBoard 5866
Article-Invision Power 92
Article-JForum 2799
Article-Joomla – Blog 1449
Article-Joomla K2 187888
Article-Moodle 2335
Article-Open Journal Systems 28643
Article-Open-Reality 766
Article-OSclass 291454
Article-OSQA 390
Article-php Link Article 3435
Article-php Link Article-Login 4803
Article-PHPMotion 302
Article-PHPWeb 9804
Article-Press Release Script 3392
Article-Question2Answer 107156
Article-SupeSite 54644
Article-UCenter 11818
Article-vBulletin – Blog 15381
Article-WebBoard 15218
Article-WeBid 2775
Article-Wordpress Article 3451180
Article-Wordpress Forum 80186
Article-Wordpress XMLRPC 96
Article-WPFORO 577596
Article-XpressEngine 168185
Article-YAD 45
Article-Yclas 35915
Article-Zendesk 199
ArticleMS 17658
aSgbookPHP 742
Aska BBS 6356
Askbot 46020
AskIt 15049
Astanda Directory Project 44
AvArcade 22169
AvArcade (Asia Virtual Solutions –’s conflicted copy 2022-11-17) 21862
AVS 185424
AVS (Asia Virtual Solutions –’s conflicted copy 2022-11-17) 144195
awstats 921
AxsLinks 115 1
Basti Guestbook 1528
BBPress (Forum Profile) 136130
BeepWorld Guestbook 6062
BellaBook 3953 1 1 1
Blog Comment-BlogEngine 787
Blog Comment-Blogsmith 4
Blog Comment-Blogspot 91047
Blog Comment-Bravenet Comment 1108
Blog Comment-Drupal – Comment 622204
Blog Comment-General Blogs 2805749
Blog Comment-HubSpot 8223
Blog Comment-JComments 43810
Blog Comment-KeywordLuv 238
Blog Comment-Lokomedia CMS 6630
Blog Comment-OrdaSoft Review 735
Blog Comment-pblog 4
Blog 5
Blog Comment-PHP Fusion Comment 77
Blog Comment-PluXml 1253
Blog Comment-PrismoTube 76
Blog Comment-ShowNews 25897
Blog Comment-SPIP 103442
Blog Comment-Storytlr 95
Blog Comment-Textcube 762
blogdigger 35
BlogEngine 6548
bloggernity 1
blogmetrics 2
Blogsmith 159
Blogspot 4789231
Blogtronix 5452 1
BoINC 21844
Bravenet Comment 3516
Bravenet Guestbook 1348
britblog 1
BuddyPress 469660 7
Burning Board 163331
Burning Book 1186 72021
Catalyst Web CMS 70400
Chameleon 3786
ClanSphere 7983
ClassiPress 590545
ClipBucket 56380
ClipShare 402
cms2day Guestbook 1943
Coder-World Gaestebuch 159 1 50
Coppermine Photo Gallery 7178
Coppermine Photo Gallery-login 5853
cpDynaLinks 2388
Crunchpress 119
CumulusClips 13898
DailyMotion 22 20
DataLife CMS 1505553
DataLife CMS (Asia Virtual Solutions –’s conflicted copy 2022-11-17) 1477632
DatsoGallery 38599
DDDmenupoint 324
DedeEIMS 292686 1 4
Directory-Aardvark Topsites 108113
Directory-Astanda Directory Project 2
Directory-AxsLinks 23
Directory-cpDynaLinks 488
Directory-Crunchpress 20
Directory-Directory97 PRO 94
Directory-EasyLink 206
Directory-eSyndiCat 3215
Directory-FFA 128
Directory-Fractalum 223
Directory-Freeglobes 738
Directory-HubDir 307
Directory-IndexScript 256
Directory-indexU 1706
Directory-jobberBase 2094
Directory-JV-LinkDirectory 66
Directory-kohany 42
Directory-Link Bid Script 407
Directory-Link Machine 81
Directory-LINKER 70
Directory-LinkEX 137
Directory-Mikomedi 52
Directory-MyEngines 296
Directory-MyPHPAnnuaire 796
Directory-NL Directory 5117
Directory-Open Classifieds 548
Directory-Open Link Directory 266 Mini 716
Directory-Particle Links 192
Directory-php Link Directory 32814
Directory-php Link Directory-Login 17202
Directory-PHP Link manager 2850
Directory-PHP Weby 949
Directory-phpLinks 641
Directory-qlWebDS Pro 748
Directory-Scanerlink PRO 35
Directory-SEOKatalog 967
Directory-Site Sift 302
Directory-Unesourisetmoi 101
Directory-Unknown Directory 3
Directory-Unknown Directory 3 2
Directory-Unknown German Directory 114
Directory-Unknown Polish Directory 63
Directory-Utilisable 17
Directory-VLinks 7
Directory-WebMini 70
Directory-WebProNews 3
Directory-Wordpress Directory 6578
Directory-XZero Classified 1760
Directory97 PRO 988
DirectoryScript 2
Discuz 11917053
Discuz (Asia Virtual Solutions –’s conflicted copy 2022-11-17) 11021293
DMS Guestbook 3323
DocMint Exploit 8
Document Sharing-iDocScript 165
Document 1783
DokuWiki 278250
Dolphin 106574
Donation Guestbook 70407
DotNetNuke 978632
DRBGuestbook 5862
Drigg 13162
Drupal – Blog 797027
Drupal – Comment 890641
Drupal-Track 7931
DZCP 2331
DZOIC Handshakes 141
E-Blah 3526
E-Guest Guestbook 609
e107 2217
Easy Guestbook 3251
EasyBlog 2816745
Easybook Reloaded 133295
EasyLink 2691 1
Elgg 97043
eMeeting 24740
Envato 20447
esoTalk 95263
eSyndiCat 33185 1
Exploit-DocMint Exploit 1
Exploit-Fake UserAgent 102664
Exploit-PHPInfo Exploit 364003
ExpressionEngine 86171
Fake UserAgent 305423
Fantasy Board 1942
Felix Riesterer Guestbook 448
FFA 906
FireBoard 57305
Firebook Guestbook 8
flat PHPbook 742
FluxBB 323592
Forum-Aska BBS 618
Forum-Burning Board 5358
Forum-Discuz 887378
Forum-DZCP 954
Forum-E-Blah 1222
Forum-e107 285
Forum-ExpressionEngine 11168
Forum-Fantasy Board 161
Forum-FireBoard 16123
Forum-FluxBB 448174
Forum-Free PHP Message Board 46
Forum-FruitShow 655
Forum-FUDforum 3447
Forum-IPBoard 36590
Forum-JawaNote 496
Forum-Joyful Note 1501
Forum-miniBB 42
Forum-mvnForum 367
Forum-MyBB 94668
Forum-myUPB 822
Forum-PHP-Nuke 28938
Forum-phpBB 187072
Forum-PHPWind 5400
Forum-PunBB 118840
Forum-Quicksilver 825
Forum-SEO-Board 2748
Forum-SMF 322392
Forum-Sun Board 572
Forum-UseBB 4141
Forum-Vanilla 1300237
Forum-vBulletin 75928
Forum-webSPELL 1586
Forum-XenForo 47471
Forum-XMB 19031
Forum-XOOPS 32344
Forum-YaBB 2374
Forum-YYBoard 1332
Fractalum 1314
Free Perl Guestbook 992
Free PHP Message Board 1202
Freeglobes 2615
FruitShow 2295
FUDforum 5196
fybersearch 1
GA Gaestebuch 25
GA Gaestebuch2 8 Guestbook 473
Gallery2 67911
GeekLog 8900
General Blogs 4494262
General Blogs (Asia Virtual Solutions –’s conflicted copy 2022-11-17) 4328762
German Guestbook 4876
GetBoo 30
GnuBoard 557
Ground CTRL 39
Guestbook 1924064
[email protected] Guestbook 17
Guestbook-AchimWinkler Guestbook 250
Guestbook-Advanced Guestbook 7457
Guestbook-AkoBook 427
Guestbook-AmXumYschiebZfolgendes 13
Guestbook-Ard Guestbook 97
Guestbook-aSgbookPHP 92

Guestbook-Basti Guestbook 54
Guestbook-BeepWorld Guestbook 2867
Guestbook-BellaBook 2131
Guestbook-Bravenet Guestbook 557
Guestbook-Burning Book 195
Guestbook-cms2day Guestbook 344
Guestbook-Coder-World Gaestebuch 29
Guestbook-DDDmenupoint 131
Guestbook-DedeEIMS 21779
Guestbook-DMS Guestbook 1078
Guestbook-Donation Guestbook 2424
Guestbook-DRBGuestbook 2218
Guestbook-E-Guest Guestbook 84
Guestbook-Easy Guestbook 332
Guestbook-Easybook Reloaded 5185
Guestbook-Felix Riesterer Guestbook 249
Guestbook-flat PHPbook 198
Guestbook-Free Perl Guestbook 296
Guestbook-GA Gaestebuch 2 Guestbook 46
Guestbook-German Guestbook 2220
Guestbook-Guestbook 1868
Guestbook-Guestbook-AmXumYschiebZfolgendes 11
Guestbook-Guestbox 4813
Guestbook-Guestserver 280
Guestbook-GuestWho 198
Guestbook-g_book 1925
Guestbook-HyperBook Guestbook 396
Guestbook-Icybook 78
Guestbook-Jambook Guestbook 70
Guestbook-Jax Guestbook 106
Guestbook-KideShoutbox 1938
Guestbook-Lazarus Guestbook 1484
Guestbook-Maian Guestbook 41
Guestbook-maxxibook 3
Guestbook-Megabook Guestbook 147
Guestbook-MGB Guestbook 1464
Guestbook-Michatronic Guestbook 35 34
Guestbook-Nuke Guestbook 114
Guestbook-OnlineGuestbookPro 7
Guestbook-OpenBook Guestbook 83
Guestbook-peoGuest 55
Guestbook-Phoca Guestbook 11659
Guestbook-PHP Fusion Guestbook 906
Guestbook-phpBook 81
Guestbook-PJBlog Guestbook 813 Guestbook 78
Guestbook-Purple Yin Guestbook 105
Guestbook-QuickTalk Guestbook 59
Guestbook-QuickTopic 34
Guestbook-Ricar Guestbook 199
Guestbook-Sad Ravens Guestbook 25
Guestbook-ScarBook 142
Guestbook-Shoutbox 83031
Guestbook-Silentum Guestbook 96
Guestbook-SR+Denied 501
Guestbook-TPK Guestbook 26
Guestbook-Unknown Directory 5 11
Guestbook-Unknown Guestbook 2179
Guestbook-Unknown Guestbook 2 821
Guestbook-Unknown Guestbook 3 381
Guestbook-Unknown Guestbook 4 11
Guestbook-Unknown Guestbook 5 5
Guestbook-ViperGB 1864
Guestbook-Visitors Book 2291
Guestbook-vlBook 36
Guestbook-Web Wiz Guestbook 195
Guestbook-Webgarden 3445
Guestbook-Xeobook Guestbook 337
Guestbook-YapGB 281
Guestbook-YellaBook 821
Guestbox 2063
Guestserver 2127
GuestWho 2348
g_book 5992
Hotaru CMS 1231
HubDir 1849
HubSpot 102985
HyperBook Guestbook 1595
Icybook 418
iDocScript 1036
Image Comment-4image 468
Image Comment-Coppermine Photo Gallery 89
Image Comment-Coppermine Photo Gallery-login 1738
Image Comment-DatsoGallery 1123
Image Comment-Gallery2 15420
Image Comment-Piwigo 411
Image Comment-Pixelpost 1039
Image Comment-PixelPost-2 2
Image Comment-plogger 1490
Image Comment-shutter 114
Image Comment-YaPig 721
Image Comment-ZenPhoto 73
Indexer-Fast Indexer 4802397
Indexer-Keyword Tracking 17
Indexer-secretsearchenginelabs 108
IndexScript 2020
indexU 6247
Invision Power 2292
IPBoard 116689
Jambook Guestbook 583
JawaNote 13546
Jax Guestbook 876
JComments 149420
JCow 3622
JForum 44482 126
jobberBase 20743
JomSocial 8996
Joomla – Blog 8590
Joomla K2 838477
Joomla K2-plain 612654
Joyful Note 6834
JV-LinkDirectory 637
KeywordLuv 3661
KideShoutbox 10565
kohany 522
Laconica 6706
Lazarus Guestbook 10863 11
Link Bid Script 2244
Link Machine 573 610
LinkEX 1196
Lokomedia CMS 41042
lsblogs 1
MacOSWiki 4260 11
Maian Guestbook 218
maxxibook 15
MediaGoblin 922
MediaMaxScript 186847
MediaShareSuite 132
MediaWiki 1074236
MediaXxx 202 105
Megabook Guestbook 764
Meneame 1865
MGB Guestbook 3226
Michatronic Guestbook 396
Microblog-Blogtronix 687
Microblog-Laconica 2493 521
Microblog-ReVou 604
Microblog-StatusNet 1087
Microblog-Twitter Clone Script 411
Mikomedi 531
miniBB 571
MoinMoin 16333
Moje 19
Moodle 8953
mvnForum 2216
MyBB 184819
MyEngines 1575 17916
MyPHPAnnuaire 3957
myUPB 5609
NING 8631739
NL Directory 5699
Nuke Guestbook 417
OnlineGuestbookPro 686
oobdoo 1
Open Classifieds 2864
Open Journal Systems 118200
Open Link Directory 1461
Open-Reality 4555
OpenBook Guestbook 657
OrdaSoft Review 6258
OSclass 262281
OSQA 5417 Mini 3615
Oxwall 13373 1
Particle Links 1086
pblog 752 755
peoGuest 465
PeoplePods 782
PerlSoft Guestbook 15
Phoca Guestbook 29063
PHP Fusion Comment 1891
PHP Fusion Guestbook 10698
php Link Article 14663
php Link Article-Login 14286
php Link Directory 47585
php Link Directory-Login 43288
PHP Link manager 10388
PHP Weby 5498
PHP-Nuke 93550
phpBB 925626
phpBB (Asia Virtual Solutions –’s conflicted copy 2022-11-17) 894036
phpBiolinks 1228
phpBook 2350
PHPBookmark 1508
phpDolphin 2621
PHPDug 10135
PHPFox 157701
PHPInfo Exploit 13463
PHPizabi 2476
phpLinks 1757
PHPMelody 18309
PHPMotion 1679
PHPVibe 3110
PHPWeb 50494
PHPWind 21687
Pingback 2830520
Pingback (Asia Virtual Solutions –’s conflicted copy 2022-11-17) 2689384
Pingback (Asia Virtual Solutions –’s conflicted copy) 2790099
Pingback-Pingback 2544453
Piwigo 2200
Piwigo-2 3
Pixelpost 4249
PixelPost-2 3
PJBlog 7543
PJBlog Guestbook 4152
plazoo 7 3
Plesk Stat 2570
Pligg 169637
Plikli 2
plogger 3339
Plone 69142 340
PluXml 2970
Press Release Script 11405
PrismoTube 422 Guestbook 569
Public Bookmark 366
PunBB 292165
Purple Yin Guestbook 656
Qhub 4650
qlWebDS Pro 2600
Question2Answer 81801
Quicksilver 4205
QuickTalk Guestbook 59
QuickTopic 115
Referrer-analog 367
Referrer-awstats 1610
Referrer-Drupal-Track 1953
Referrer-Plesk Stat 770
ReVou 4427
Ricar Guestbook 880
Rocketeer CMS 1
RSS-plazoo 1
RSS-rssmix 69
RSS-rsstop10 3
RSS-twingly 3
rssmicro 1
rssmix 551
rssnetwork 1
rsstop10 10
Sad Ravens Guestbook 380
Scanerlink PRO 277
ScarBook 952 967
Scuttle 7471
SEO-Board 17392
SEOKatalog 6416
ShareMixer 469
Shoutbox 620
Shoutbox (Asia Virtual Solutions –’s conflicted copy) 521
ShowNews 92803
shutter 778
Silentum Guestbook 1085
Site Sift 1869 29
Smart Tube 538
SMF 689034
SMF (Asia Virtual Solutions –’s conflicted copy 2022-11-17) 651943
Social 21
Social Bookmark-Drigg 460
Social Bookmark-GetBoo 24
Social Bookmark-Hotaru CMS 164
Social 682
Social Bookmark-Meneame 1132
Social Bookmark-PHPBookmark 167
Social Bookmark-PHPDug 3528
Social Bookmark-Pligg 152427
Social Bookmark-Plikli 38743
Social Bookmark-Public Bookmark 112
Social Bookmark-Scuttle 2645
Social Bookmark-UpdateSEE 2
Social Bookmark-Viral Socializer Script 87
Social Bookmark-Wordpress Social Bookmark 84
Social Network-AvArcade 3405
Social Network-BoINC 49723
Social Network-Chameleon 856
Social Network-ClanSphere 2049
Social Network-DataLife CMS 167918
Social Network-Dolphin 8118
Social Network-DotNetNuke 84738
Social Network-DZOIC Handshakes 46
Social Network-Elgg 16568
Social Network-eMeeting 766
Social Network-Envato 190
Social Network-GeekLog 2216
Social Network-Ground CTRL 15
Social Network-JCow 4416
Social Network-JomSocial 2078
Social Network-Joomla K2-plain 91211
Social Network-MediaGoblin 180
Social Network-NING 9258
Social Network-Oxwall 3578
Social Network-PeoplePods 15
Social Network-phpBiolinks 42787
Social Network-phpDolphin 1568
Social Network-PHPFox 166765
Social Network-PHPizabi 543

Social Network-PJBlog 1276
Social Network-Plone 14021
Social Network-SocialEngine 5784
Social Network-SocialGo 638
Social Network-vldPersonals 55
Social Network-WallpaperSiteScript 789
SocialEngine 7081
SocialGo 1860
SPIP 795792
SR+Denied 1365
StatusNet 8948
Storytlr 431 5
Sun Board 8085
SupeSite 6024447
SupeSite (Asia Virtual Solutions –’s conflicted copy 2022-11-17) 5347265 15 1
Textcube 8851
TikiWiki 80648
TPK Guestbook 218
Trac 286351
Trackback 295759
Trackback-Format2 32500
Trackback-Trackback 418893
Trackback-Trackback-Format2 10345
TubeAce 617
TubeX 2847
twingly 3
Twitter Clone Script 6619
UCenter 16318
Ultimate Guestbook 22
Unesourisetmoi 680
Unknown Directory 87
Unknown Directory 2 6
Unknown Directory 3 21
Unknown Directory 4 1
Unknown Directory 5 49
Unknown German Directory 2570
Unknown Guestbook 18318
Unknown Guestbook 2 2883
Unknown Guestbook 3 1613
Unknown Guestbook 4 74
Unknown Guestbook 5 1037
Unknown Polish Directory 569
Unknown-1Linklist General Blogs Mod 22817
Unknown-1Linklist PM Wiki Mod 118 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Unknown-Blogs Mod 142
Unknown-Bravenet 615 1 1 1 1
Unknown-Dailystrength 80
Unknown-Diigo 3477 1
Unknown-Edublogs 97 1 1 1 1 2
Unknown-Goodreads 215 1
Unknown-Hatenablog 180 7 1
Unknown-Instapaper 18 1
Unknown-Jigsy 6 1 1 1 16 1
Unknown-Minds 6
Unknown-Mine 43819 1 1 1 1 1
Unknown-p1ai 1 1 1 1 1
Unknown-Redirect 413251 1 1
Unknown-Smore 421 1 1 3360 1 1 1 1 1
Unknown-Tumblr 240 766
Unknown-V20200730013002 1854
Unknown-V20200813173001 198
Unknown-V20200818133013 1315
Unknown-V20200818173001 1430
Unknown-V20200818213103 1828
Unknown-V20200819013001 1660
Unknown-V20200822133001 1220
Unknown-V20201005013000 48 1
Unknown-Webgarden Blog 128 99 112
Unknown-Whois or Statistics 2335520
Unknown-Wikidot 62752
Unknown-Wordpress 727 10 1
Unknown-Xtgem 593 1 1
UpdateSEE 4
URL 53
URL 21
URL 12
URL 48
URL 43
URL 66
URL 55
URL 46
URL 48
URL 44
URL 50
URL 53
URL 248
URL 136
URL Shortener-BrokenScript 183
URL 398
URL Shortener-CodeCanopy URL Shortener 1576
URL 355
URL 265
URL 158
URL 912
URL 55
URL Shortener-General URL Shortener 44153
URL 2352
URL 2582
URL 95
URL 74
URL 436
URL 477
URL Shortener-lilURL 1629
URL 35
URL 623
URL 422
URL 55
URL 61
URL Shortener-Phurl 228
URL Shortener-Premium URL Shortener 32
URL 5983
URL 173
URL Shortener-S6L ShortURL 35
URL 16
URL 324
URL 6308
URL 96
URL 180
URL 34
URL 220
URL 65
URL 44
URL 13
URL 410
URL 48
URL 414
URL 254
URL 83
URL Shortener-URL Redirect 2482914
URL 84
URL 401
URL 96
URL Shortener-YOURLS 9803
UseBB 7383
Utilisable 48
Vanilla 1273314
vBulletin 550499
vBulletin (Asia Virtual Solutions –’s conflicted copy 2022-11-17) 508806
vBulletin – Blog 10589
Video-Adult-Adult Script Pro 365
Video-Adult-AdultFlickScript 6
Video-Adult-AdultWatch 256
Video-Adult-AVS 4416
Video-Adult-MediaXxx 22
Video-Adult-Smart Tube 51
Video-Adult-TubeAce 169
Video-Adult-TubeX 699
Video-Adult-VideoWatchPro 74
Video-ClipBucket 3798
Video-ClipShare 106
Video-CumulusClips 5823
Video-MediaMaxScript 22085
Video-MediaShareSuite 36
Video-PHPMelody 9422
Video-PHPVibe 288
Video-ShareMixer 21
Video-Vidiscript 407
Video-ViMP 4652
Video-vShare 326
VideoWatchPro 604
Vidiscript 1914
Vimeo 17
ViMP 7799 3
ViperGB 3638
Viral Socializer Script 1892
Visitors Book 2940
vlBook 851
vldPersonals 576
VLinks 61
vShare 3286
WallpaperSiteScript 7076
Web 847
Web 3811
Web 2
Web 143
Web 23
Web 148
Web 763
Web 2.0-Qhub 848
Web Wiz Guestbook 997
WebBoard 1239
Webgarden 4528
WeBid 10212
WebMini 701
WebProNews 22
webSPELL 4537
Wiki-DokuWiki 57390
Wiki-MacOSWiki 881
Wiki-MediaWiki 746372
Wiki-MoinMoin 3188
Wiki-TikiWiki 12819
Wiki-Trac 5796
Wiki-WikkaWiki 7238
WikkaWiki 28076
Wordpress Article 3307298
Wordpress Article (Asia Virtual Solutions –’s conflicted copy 2022-11-17) 3188266
Wordpress Directory 21981
Wordpress Forum 115229
Wordpress Social Bookmark 237
Wordpress XMLRPC 2349 252
WPFORO 32050
WPRO SOSBOK 10 7004 3
XenForo 68870
Xeobook Guestbook 1104
XMB 33929
XOOPS 107636
XpressEngine 242787
XZero Classified 4566
YaBB 10106
YAD 322
YapGB 1290
YaPig 2644
Yclas 301
YellaBook 1471
YYBoard 5397
Zendesk 1101
ZenPhoto 932
[SERE] Web 2.0-Bravenet 701
[SERE] Web 2.0-Caringbridge 1
[SERE] Web 2.0-Dailystrength 129
[SERE] Web 2.0-Diigo 11967
[SERE] Web 2.0-Edublogs 121
[SERE] Web 2.0-Hatenablog 180
[SERE] Web 2.0-Jigsy 6
[SERE] Web 37
[SERE] Web 2.0-Livejournal 68
[SERE] Web 2.0-Penzu 11
[SERE] Web 2.0-Smore 526
[SERE] Web 62980
[SERE] Web 2.0-Tumblr 256
[SERE] Web 767
[SERE] Web 2.0-Webgarden Blog 14632
[SERE] Web 6018
[SERE] Web 5948
[SERE] Web 2.0-Wikidot 136557
[SERE] Web 2.0-Wordpress 1831
[SERE] Web 10
[SERE] Web 2.0-Xtgem 849


Your Rights

  • The list is for your own use.
  • You may not share the list.
  • You may not sell the list.
  • You may not give the list away.

To ensure the list remains effective and doesn’t get spammed to bits, please adhere to the above. If we break any of the above conditions, we reserve the right to cancel your access to the list without any refund.

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    Excellent List, Thanks

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    1- in Description part you wrote “Verified – Unique URLs = 5,771,233” but in What Do You Get part you wrote “Unique URLs Verified in TXT and SL Format – 2,569,811 Links ”
    Which number is correct?
    2- Do i can access link member area and Verified Link list via Dropbox together?

    • Avatar of Michael Swart

      Michael Swart

      1 – Description total has been updated.
      2 – No the link list member area is a page on our website, where there are tutorial videos and all the download links. Via Dropbox we share the Identified and Verified list.

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How Often Is The List Updated

The link list are updated in real time daily.

Link List Members Area
The downloads in the Link List Member area are updated at the end of each month and the last and next update, dates are always shown at the top left of the member area, as well as on the sales page.

Dropbox Share
You also have the option to get the live updates as we add and edit the list, via Dropbox shared folder. This is the best option as you will get the updates immediately when we make the changes.

How many domains and URLs have on your list?

Asian Virtual Solutions provides 85,633,649 unique URLs and 35,340,405 unique domains. This list contains verified sites for the GSA search engine ranker. Here is the breakdown of the GSA link list's verified links;

  • The number of verified unique URLs is 17,677,436.
  • The number of verified unique domains is 6,152,928.
  • The number of newly verified URLs during June is 618,514.
  • And the number of newly verified domains during June is 356,660.

All links in this list are verified, and we remove duplicate links when found. Also, we are updating the list regularly—moreover, new sites are added continuously when our system detects a new site.

Furthermore, this list is free from spam sites.

What types of sites are on the list?

There are different types of sites available in this list. Asian Virtual Solutions provides all types of sites in this GSA verified list.

You will get article sites; you can get contextual links from these sites by posting articles.

This list has a good number of blog commenting sites; you can get quality backlinks by posting comments there.

As far as the directory is concerned, this list comes with a significant number of quality directory sites. You can get high-quality backlinks from these directories.

When it comes to the forum, this GSA verified list features high-quality forums. You can get quality and relevant links from these forums by posting threads.

In addition, this GSA SER verified list comes with microblog sites. Microblog sites are great for creating Tier1 links for your money site. Also, it helps to get quality contextual links.

Additionally, this GSA SER verified site list features web 2.0 sites. You can create high-quality web 2.0 sites for link building using these sites. 

This GSA SER link list also includes other types of sites such as document sharing, exploit, guestbook, image comment, indexer, wiki, video, URL shortener, social bookmark, RSS 4, referrer, pingback, trackback, and a significant number of unknown types sites.  

Does your list provide a 100% success rate?

No one can provide the guarantee for a 100% success rate. Also, you never achieve a 100% success rate with the GSA search engine ranker. It goes the same for our SER Verified Lists.

However, our GSA search engine ranker verified list provides a maximum success rate in building links. We can assure you that you will get the maximum success rate with our GSA SER link list.

You should keep in mind that a lot of things need to work together to ensure higher link-building success with the GSA search engine ranker.

You should use the best proxy and captcha breaker to ensure the maximum success rate.    

What are your payment options and refund policy?

You have two options for paying; monthly and annually. The monthly subscription plan costs $45.50 per month, and the annual plan costs $488 per year. If you choose the annual plan, you will get one month for free.

Regarding payment methods, we accept most credit cards. In addition, we accept major cryptocurrencies, which include Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, NEO, and more. Additionally, we accept Alipay and Payoneer.

As far as subscription cancelation is concerned, you will lose dropbox access after canceling the subscription. That's why it is recommended to cancel the subscription after the end of your subscription.

When it comes to refund, it is a digital product; when the payment is made, and you get the list, after that, there will be no refunds.

How do you collect the list?

We have huge experience collecting sites for the Verified list for GSA. Also, we use the best system to collect sites.

We use the best quality proxy for collecting sites. Already, we have used 80 million proxies for scrapping the links list.

In addition, we use premium tools for scraping and sorting, including GSA platform identifier, GSA SER, A-Parser, Hrefer, GScraper, and Scrapebox v2.

Moreover, we have 12 high-end VPS running 24/7 for scrapping Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex for new trends and popular niches using more than 24,000 footprints.

Furthermore, we run 10,000 tiers in the GSA search engine ranker in popular niches to export, identify, and verify monthly.

Also, we clean up the link list every week. We delete duplicate domains and URLs and add new links in the cleanup process.  

How do you provide the list?

After purchasing, you will get access to the link member area; you can download GSA verified list from there.

Also, Asian Virtual Solutions provide live updates through dropbox. You will get updates on identified and verified links regularly in dropbox. In this case, you need to provide your email address, and Asian Virtual Solutions will send the invitation for the Dropbox file.

You can get updates on new links, duplicate URLs, and Domains in dropbox. And, you don't need to spend a single penny on the live updates. Live updates come with the subscription package. When you cancel the subscription, your access to the dropbox folder will be removed. 

Can I use this list for building links for the money site?

Yes, you can use this Verified List GSA SER for building links for your money site.

In fact, you can build links for any kind of site using this link list.

However, to remain safe from the Google penalty, you should avoid using this list for money site link building. You can use this link list from the tiers link building. Therefore, your money site will remain out of danger from the Google penalty.

Also, you should ensure to use a high-quality proxy service for building links with this link list. In addition, you should use unique content for link building. It will increase your backlink quality and ensure higher ranks on the SERP. It will also help to avoid harmful impacts on your money site.

What other things are required to get the best results?

You need other things such as proxy, captcha breaker, and content to get the best results. Also, you need a high-end VPS to run your GSA search engine ranker projects smoothly.

When it comes to Captcha breaker, you can use GSA captcha breaker with another captcha breaker such as XEvail + 2 captcha + Text captcha solver. You should use at least a premium quality captcha breaker along with the GSA captcha breaker. You can also use Asian Virtual Solutions' premium captcha solving service.

Regarding proxy, you should use a private proxy or at least a semi-private proxy. For the maximum result, it would be best if you used a high-quality proxy.

Regarding other data, such as articles and emails, it would be best if you used quality, unique articles. You can use Asia virtual solutions' data pack service to get the best output.

Do you provide a ranking guarantee?

Asian Virtual Solutions doesn't provide any ranking guarantee.

No one can provide a 100% ranking guarantee for SEO ranking. But, Asian Virtual Solutions assures that your ranking will improve if you build links correctly. Also, Asian Virtual Solutions ensures the quality of the links it provides in the GSA verified lists.

You can do a few things to increase the possibility of your site ranking while building links using this links list.

The first thing you can ensure is to use unique and readable content. If search engines understand your content is human-readable, they will count your link as a quality one.

Secondly, you should use a premium proxy service for posting content.

Thirdly, you should try to use relevant content for building backlinks. Also, you can use relevant sites.

And the last thing you can do is implement a tiers link-building strategy.

Do you provide a 100% indexing guarantee?

No, Asian Virtual Solutions doesn't provide a 100% guarantee on backlinks indexing. However, we assure you that links from our GSA link list will be indexed if you maintain the quality.

 Here are a few things you can maintain to ensure maximum indexing;

 You should ensure that you are not spamming. 

  • You shouldn't post copy content from other sites.
  • Ensure that your content is human-readable.
  • Don't use the same anchor text repeatedly because it looks spammy.
  • Don't take too many links from a single source.

Also, you can use a premium indexing service for indexing your GSA backlinks. It is the final thing you can do to achieve maximum indexing.

Should I use proxies for this GSA links list?

Of course! You should use private or semi-private proxies for building links using this list.

If you don't use proxies or use the same IP address repeatedly, sites will block your IP address. Thus, you won't be able to build links anymore.

 Moreover, it looks spammy when you use the same IP for posting different content on the same site.

 To get rid of blacklisting, you should use private proxies.

Furthermore, private proxies work faster than public proxies. Thus, your posting speed will be faster than public proxies. As a result, you will be able to build more links in a short time.

Here are some private proxies you can try;

Asian Virtual Solutions provide high-quality dedicated and semi-dedicated private and anonymous proxies for a reasonable price. Also, it offers unlimited bandwidth from hundreds of locations.

XEvil proxies are excellent for building links with the GSA search engine ranker. This proxy is great for solving captcha fast.

Can I share this backlink list with my friend?

No! If you buy the real-time GSA link lists service, you are only eligible for using the link list.

Asian Virtual Solutions takes this issue very seriously. It monitors its users' activity strictly. In no circumstances you can't provide this link list to others. If we detect that you are violating this rule, we reserve the right to cancel your account anytime we wish.

Here are a few things you should avoid doing with the GSA link list;

  • You can't share the link list with your friend or anyone.
  • You can't sell this link list.
  • You can't offer this link list as a free giveaway.

You should keep these in mind while using the GSA link list for link building to avoid banning your account. 

Do you provide proxies?

No! Asian Virtual Solution doesn't provide any proxy with the GSA link list.

You will only get the GSA link list when you purchase the GSA verified lists from Asian Virtual Solutions.

However, if you want, you can buy private premium proxies from Asian virtual solutions separately.

You can buy two types of proxy services from Asian Virtual Solutions.

The first proxy service is the Asian Virtual Solutions proxy service. It offers dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies from different locations with unlimited bandwidth.

The second proxy service is the XEvil proxy service. This proxy service works excellent for solving captcha fast.

Also, you can buy private proxies from other sources.  

Asian Virtual Solutions always recommend using the private proxy for building links through the GSA search engine ranker.

Do you provide a captcha solver?

No! Asian Virtual Solution doesn't provide a captcha solver with the GSA verified list.

However, you can buy a captcha solver from Asian Virtual Solutions separately if you want.

Asian Virtual Solutions provides a premium captcha-solving service.

And it is called the GSA Search Engine Ranker Premium Captcha Solving Service. It is excellent for solving all types of captcha at a reasonable price. This captcha-solving service can solve Google ReCaptcha V1, V2, and ReCaptcha - 3 captchas. The best thing about this captcha-solving service is you pay as much as you use.

Also, you can use the GSA captcha breaker service. It is another effective captcha breaker service that can solve all types of captchas. You can solve captchas fastly and easily using the GSA captcha breaker.  

Why should I buy the GSA link list from Asian Virtual Solutions?

There are clear reasons that indicate you should use the GSA link list from Asian Virtual Solutions instead of others.

The first and foremost reason is that Asian Virtual Solutions provides the most extensive GSA link list. No one can provide this size of GSA verified link list.

Secondly, Asian Virtual Solutions continuously monitor the list. Plus, it monitors duplicate URLs and domains. If it finds duplicate URLs and domains, it will remove them fast and add new links.

Thirdly, Asian Virtual Solutions runs the link scrapping system 24/7. Also, it runs a system 24/7 for identifying, verifying, and updating lists. Therefore, you will always get fresh-quality links.

Fourth, Asian Virtual Solutions have years of experience in GSA search engine ranking services. That's why nobody understands the GSA search engine ranker better than Asian Virtual Solutions.

And the best thing is you can buy other GSA search engine ranker services from here, such as private proxy, captcha solver, and data packs.

Asian Virtual Solutions is the one-stop solution for GSA search engine ranker services.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

Yes! You can cancel the GSA link list subscription plan at any time.

But you should remember that your access to the GSA link list will be removed after the subscription cancelation. It means if you are subscribed to the monthly plan, which will end at the end of the month, and you cancel the subscription at the beginning of the month, then you won't be able to use the service for the rest of the month.

Regarding the annual plan, if you subscribed to it at the beginning of the year and canceled it after three months or six months, you won't' be able to use the service for the rest of the year.

That's why Asian Virtual Solutions recommends you cancel the subscription when it ends. If you want to avoid the risk of renewal, you can cancel the subscription two or three days before expiration.

Do you offer support after selling the link list?

Yes! Asian Virtual Solutions offers after sell service as long as you are subscribed to the GSA link list service.

When it comes to customer support, Asian Virtual Solutions Provides top-notch customer service.

We have a dedicated customer support team who are always ready to help you with any issue. We will solve your problem as soon as possible after receiving your complaint.

For customer support, you can contact us through Skype and email. Also, you can reach out to us through social media such as Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.

Also, you can call us for fast support. For more customer support information, visit our contact page.

Why are my links not indexing on Google?

If your GSA search engine links are not indexing on Google, there could be several reasons.

The first and foremost reason could be you are not using unique content. And Google considers duplicate content as spam. That's why it is not indexing your links.

Another reason could be your content is not readable. If your content is not human readable, then Google won't index them. It is the second most important reason your links are not indexing on Google.

The third reason could be that you are using the same anchor text for many links, which Google considers spam and thinks you are trying to trick Google.  

Publish unique and human-readable content for building links through the GSA search engine ranker and use partial match anchor text with lots of variety; then, Google will index your links.

Also, you can use a paid indexing tool after fixing the above issues.

What will I get?

After purchasing the GSA link list, you will get a verified GSA list with others things.

Here are things you will get after purchasing the GSA link list;

  • You will get a list of identified URLs in TXT and SL format
  • A list of verified URLs in TXT and SL format
  • A summary of unique URLs in TXT format
  • A summary of verified URLs in TXT format
  • List monthly summaries through the member area
  • Live updates through dropbox
  • Video tutorials for everything in the member section
  • Video tutorials for importing the GSA list in the GSA search engine ranker
  • Access to the link lists member area from where you can download all the available files and future updates

Do you filter duplicate URLs and domains?

Yes! We do filter duplicate URLs and domains regularly to remove duplicate URLs and domains.

Generally, we run the cleanup operation every week. At this time, we remove duplicate URLs and domains. Also, we identify and sort links into platforms.

Moreover, we add fresh links at this time.

We have a dedicated system of 12 high-end VPS that run over 10,000 tiers in the GSA search engine ranker in popular niches and trends to identify, verify, and export links monthly.

Thus, you can expect unique URLs all the time. Moreover, you will get new links for building links with the GSA search engine ranker.