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The most extensive and best GSA Search Engine Ranker link list available – 46,481,231 unique identified URLs from  31,800,290 domains, including GSA Search Engine Ranker Link list SL format and TXT format list. Live updates every hour via Google  Drive


Live List Updates via Google Drive at no Extra Cost

You will have access to link member area where you can download the list. We also offer live updates of the Identified and Verified Link Link list via Google Drive. Please provide us your Gmail email where we can send Google Drive folder invite to.

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High quality link list for SEO.

The last list summary was updated on 01 June 24
Next list summary update: 02 July 24

Live Updates are available via Google Drive every 10 minutes

Welcome to one of the most extensive link lists on the internet, providing 46,481,231 unique URLs in text format and GSA Search Engine Ranker SL format, which gets updated in real-time via Google Drive, or you can download the monthly summaries.

We have 12 servers running the GSA Search Engine Ranker to verify the URLs as we add them. The verified stats are updated monthly; you can see the last update date at the top right of this page.

Back-link List Summary

All duplicate URLs and duplicate domains have been removed from the link list:

No.1 Quality back links for gsa ranker.

We all know how vital web marketing, especially back-link building, is. Still, if you have used tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker, SEO Auto Pilot, RankerX, or many other link-building tools, you will know your device is only as good as the GSA SER site list you have. 

To create a good list, you need decent footprints, a lot of proxies, good processing power, and patience, but still, it is almost impossible to look for an excellent list to post continuously. If you don’t have a good list, you are just another marketer in the internet race. 

Now, you have the opportunity to break away from the crowd, increase your GSA SER Verified Links per minute (VPM ) and easily create more than a million verified links in a day, give a massive boost to your online marketing efforts and NEVER run out of list to post to.

Link List Totals as of 31 March 2024

GSA Search Engine Ranker quality link list. 728x90

Unique Identified URLs


 = AltoCMS 31681
= Article 4681514
= Blog Comment 1050783
= Coder 16
= Coppermine Photo Gallery 871
= Directory 19519
= Document Sharing 17
= Drupal 3543912
= Drupal 315
= DW 19752
= E 2482
= Exploit 112089
= Forum 513980
= Guestbook 11225
= Image Comment 3452
= Indexer 877563
= Joomla 1477
= Joomla K2 133149
= JV 255
= Microblog 2836
= Open 484
= php Link Article 4413
= php Link Directory 16751
= PHP 9413
= Pingback 667211
= Referrer 829
= RSS 1
= SEO 9509
= 15527
= Social Bookmark 160278
= Social Network 146973
= Trackback 10238
= Unknown 380693
= URL Shortener 3662123
= vBulletin 2642
= Video 22879
= Web 2.0 11
= Wiki 344869
= [SERE] Web 2.0 243385

= Total 46,481,231

Unique Verified URLs

UNIQUE Verified URLs = 4,162,615

 = Article 1674119
= Blog Comment 68051
= Directory 5766
= Exploit 66537
= Forum 367512
= Guestbook 1405
= Image Comment 507
= Indexer 287290
= Microblog 1763
= Pingback 9
= Referrer 11
= 14978
= Social Bookmark 71834
= Social Network 99675
= Trackback 289
= Unknown 288
= URL Shortener 959388
= Video 5777
= Web 2.0 1
= Wiki 294629
= [SERE] Web 2.0 242786

= Total 4,162,615

GSA Search Engine Ranker.SL file summary

  • Identified URLs: 46,481,231
  • Verified URLs: = 4,162,615

Detailed Breakdown Of All Included Platforms in The GSA Search Engine ranker Identified Link List

Below you can download a detailed list of every single platform and how many URLs there are for each platform. The list is how it was sorted and Identified by GSA Platform Identifier and or GSA Search Engine Ranker

Achieving The Best Results with The Link List

When using the GSA Search Engine Ranker software, you must ensure optimal settings to get the best out of the list. I highly recommend that you follow the GSA SER Suggestions from this post. 10 Things your mom never told you about GSA Search Engine Ranker. Having Only GSA SER is NOT enough, and you won’t see the best results alone.

In addition, to post to the custom engines you see in the list, SEREngines, SERlib and SERNUKE, you will need to buy and install custom GSA Search Engine ranker add-ons from he respective providers, if you are not sure how or where to find these paid engines, then feel free to contact Asia Virtual Solutions and we will gladly direct you in the right direction.

Do NOT only use the GSA SER Verified Site List – The GSA SER Identified Site List will give you many more links.

For Captcha Breakers, we use GSA Captcha Breaker + XEvil + Text Captcha-Solver, along with private or at least semi-private proxies.

  1. GSA Search Engine Ranker is a software tool used for automated link building.
  2. A link list is a collection of URLs the software uses to create backlinks.
  3. The quality and relevance of the links in the list significantly impact search engine rankings.
  4. It is essential to regularly update and maintain the link list to ensure its effectiveness.
  5. Building diverse, high-quality links from different sources can improve ranking results.
  6. Avoid spammy or low-quality websites in the link list, which can negatively affect SEO efforts.
  7. Consider including niche-specific websites in the link list for better targeting and relevancy.
  8.  Regularly monitor and analyze the performance of backlinks created by GSA Search Engine Ranker.
  9. Adjusting strategies based on this analysis can improve results over time.
  10. Look into how a GSA SER verified list can enhance your SEO efforts efficiently
A green sign with black text, perfect for SEO.

Benefits of Using The GSA SER Link List


Since this is a digital project – Once payment has been made and you can access the list,  there will be NO REFUNDS.

How Does The Link List Payment Work

You can pay monthly or annually for access to the link list.

This is a monthly subscription of $53.50; if you selected an annual payment, it is $488.50 per year ( you receive one month free when paying annually). If you cancel the subscription, you will no longer have access to the Google Drive share, so make sure you cancel right at the end of your subscription.

The monthly subscription is to receive the monthly list updates ( We are scraping, sorting, and adding new links every day ).

How Do We Generate The List

  • Ten years of research and experience  and running the below systems
  • Over 80 million proxies burned up in the link list scraping process
  • Tools used for scraping and sorting: A-Parser, Hrefer, GScraper, Scrapebox v2, GSA Ser, and GSA Platform Identifier
  • Twelve high-end VPSs run 24/7 using over 24,000 footprints and scraping Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex for the latest trends and popular niches.
  • 12 VPS runs over 1,000 tiers in GSA Search Engine Ranker projects in the popular niches, exporting Identified and verified monthly.
  • Clean up all lists on a monthly, removing duplicate URL URLs domains, identifying and sorting into platforms.

What Do You Get When Purchasing.

  1. Unique URLs Identified in TXT and . SL Format – 46,481,231 Links. (Duplicate URLs removed).
  2. Unique URLs Verified in TXT and SL Format –  4,162,615 Links ( Duplicate URLs removed ).
  3. Unique URL summary in TXT format.
  4. Unique, verified URL summary in TXT format.
  5. Monthly list summaries via member area.
  6. Real-time live updates via Google Drive.
  7. Video overview of everything in the Link list member section and how to use all.
  8. Video guide showing you step-by-step how to import the list into GSA.
  9. Access to the link list members area where you can download all the files and future list updates.

Essential Facts about GSA Search Engine Ranker Link List

GSA Search Engine Link List Usage Guide

  • GSA Search Engine Ranker is a popular software used for automating the process of building backlinks to websites.
  • A link list in GSA Search Engine Ranker refers to a collection of URLs the software uses to create backlinks.
  • The link list’s quality and relevance can significantly impact your SEO efforts’ effectiveness.
  • It is essential to regularly update and maintain your link list to ensure it contains high-quality, active links.
  • Building a diverse link profile with a mix of different types of links (e.g., blog comments, forum posts, social bookmarks) can improve search engine rankings.
  • Using verified site lists or purchasing pre-built link lists from reputable sources can save time and effort in finding suitable targets for backlinking.

Your Rights

Please adhere to the above to ensure the list is practical and not spammed to bits. If we break any of the above conditions, we reserve the right to cancel your access to the list without any refund.

How to use GSA Search Engine Link List.

  1. GSA Search Engine Ranker is a software tool used to automate the process of building backlinks to websites.
  2. A link list in GSA Search Engine Ranker refers to a collection of URLs the software uses to create backlinks.
  3. Using a link list provides GSA with target websites where it can submit links automatically.
  4. Link lists can be created manually by adding URLs one by one or imported from various sources such as search engines, footprints, or other tools.
  5. It is essential to have high-quality and relevant URLs in the link list for better ranking results.
  6. GSA allows users to filter and verify the imported link list based on criteria like domain authority, page rank, language, etc., ensuring only suitable targets are included.
  7. Regularly updating and diversifying the link list helps maintain its effectiveness over time as search engine algorithms change frequently.
  8. Users can also export their verified link lists for future use or share them with others who use the GSA Search Engine Ranker.

In conclusion, incorporating a GSA SER verified list into your SEO strategy is pivotal for achieving better results in a shorter timeframe.


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21 reviews for No.1 Quality Back Link Lists for GSA Search Engine Ranker

  1. Avatar of Joseph Benson

    Joseph Benson (verified owner)

    All links are very natural and unique….

  2. Avatar of Alexander Suprun

    Alexander Suprun (verified owner)

    Over the past 2 years I subscribed to and tested all 6 major Linklist providers for GSA SER and other software. So far, Asia Virtual Solutions one is the definite winner. The quality and freshness of this list service is beyond my expectations. Keep up the good work, Mike!

  3. Avatar of Keena Robins

    Keena Robins (verified owner)

    The best list that I have ever used for GSA! I definitely needed this list!!..

  4. Avatar of Milton Fowlin

    Milton Fowlin (verified owner)

    Great package the backlinks lead to so many wonderful things the options grow by this service and makes a project so much more exciting.

  5. Avatar of Lev Dagan

    Lev Dagan (verified owner)

    This list is very valuable for every GSA user. It is cost-effective.

  6. Avatar of Pedro Carvalho

    Pedro Carvalho (verified owner)

    High quality links. Huge amount of lists with millions of for GSA quality links in different catagories. It helps me a lot to rank my websites and the best thing is every month there are always millions of fresh links being generated. I’m very satisfied.

  7. Avatar of Antoine

    Antoine (verified owner)

    Best pack I have ordered until now (and I think I tested all of the competitors, and even my own scraped lists) but this pack is the best one! My LpM reached above 90 with a single project in GSA SER. Excellent service, you can order with closed eyes!

  8. Avatar of Ban Zan

    Ban Zan (verified owner)

    Awesome service. I hope your business will grow more and more. Highly recommend!

  9. Avatar of pengming22

    pengming22 (verified owner)

    Good quality for GSA tools

  10. Avatar of Marty Bostick

    Marty Bostick (verified owner)

    I have now made several purchases of campaigns over the last couple of months and they have been rock solid. It is such a HUGE timesaver for me. Thanks so much for the quality service.

  11. Avatar of halim.p.kusuma

    halim.p.kusuma (verified owner)

    Please give me 10 star, and I will give You 10 star. It’s WOW!
    I can’t say anything, just WOW for you.

  12. Avatar of Tu Nguyen Minh

    Tu Nguyen Minh (verified owner)

    good. thanks!

  13. Avatar of Zyvanna Angeline

    Zyvanna Angeline (verified owner)

    Excellent List, Thanks

  14. Avatar of saima.pino


    1- in Description part you wrote “Verified – Unique URLs = 5,771,233” but in What Do You Get part you wrote “Unique URLs Verified in TXT and SL Format – 2,569,811 Links ”
    Which number is correct?
    2- Do i can access link member area and Verified Link list via Dropbox together?

    • Avatar of Michael Swart

      Michael Swart

      1 – Description total has been updated.
      2 – No the link list member area is a page on our website, where there are tutorial videos and all the download links. Via Dropbox we share the Identified and Verified list.

  15. Avatar of befrazier1

    befrazier1 (verified owner)

    This service has really become a great golden nugget for my backlink needs, my rankings has sky rocketed at a very nice pace on a daily basis sense adding the services fro asiavirtualsolutions.

  16. Avatar of rodolfo.lagana


    Wow! I’d used this great service when subscribed AsiaVirtualSolutions GSA SER VPS service. Before i’d used only my scraped list and List from the mainstream sellers. Now i’m using Michael’s Quality Backlinks List and can say is the best on the market.
    Excellet quality for every category, domains are high value and totally spam-risk free!
    I’m using this list for my customers and feel very comfortable, no chance to creat bad quility backlinks and this means to do not baby-sitting GSA SER. And this have no price!

    Thank you Michael!

  17. Avatar of Cagri


    A++++ service. LPM is very high and Lists are Good.. Thank you so much!

  18. Avatar of Sergey


    Excellent service. Allowed me to build thousands of links in short period.

  19. Avatar of Rita


    So far so good, I am using it with GSA, I will post the result in 3 months.

  20. Avatar of Adrian

    Adrian (verified owner)

    Good quality for GSA tools, fast and qualified to raise your site in SERP !!

  21. Avatar of Ashoke


    Excellent pack!! I would highly recommend this to everyone who is looking for a GSA list. I have been running campaigns for the last 10 days and have built 1000’s of links for my clients. I am waiting for this months pack!!! Keep up the good work!!
    One of USP’s is that it is very cost effective as compared to the other lists available in the market!!!!

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How Often Is The List Updated

How many domains and URLs have on your list?

Asian Virtual Solutions provides 85,633,649 unique URLs and 35,340,405 unique domains. This list contains verified sites for the GSA search engine ranker. Here is the breakdown of the GSA link list's verified links;

  • The number of verified unique URLs is 17,677,436.
  • The number of verified unique domains is 6,152,928.
  • The number of newly verified URLs during June is 618,514.
  • And the number of newly verified domains during June is 356,660.

All links in this list are verified, and we remove duplicate links when found. Also, we are updating the list regularly—moreover, new sites are added continuously when our system detects a new site.

Furthermore, this list is free from spam sites.

What types of sites are on the list?

There are different types of sites available in this list. Asian Virtual Solutions provides all types of sites in this GSA verified list.

You will get article sites; you can get contextual links from these sites by posting articles.

This list has a good number of blog commenting sites; you can get quality backlinks by posting comments there.

As far as the directory is concerned, this list comes with a significant number of quality directory sites. You can get high-quality backlinks from these directories.

When it comes to the forum, this GSA verified list features high-quality forums. You can get quality and relevant links from these forums by posting threads.

In addition, this GSA SER verified list comes with microblog sites. Microblog sites are great for creating Tier1 links for your money site. Also, it helps to get quality contextual links.

Additionally, this GSA SER verified site list features web 2.0 sites. You can create high-quality web 2.0 sites for link building using these sites. 

This GSA SER link list also includes other types of sites such as document sharing, exploit, guestbook, image comment, indexer, wiki, video, URL shortener, social bookmark, RSS 4, referrer, pingback, trackback, and a significant number of unknown types sites.  

Does your list provide a 100% success rate?

No one can provide the guarantee for a 100% success rate. Also, you never achieve a 100% success rate with the GSA search engine ranker. It goes the same for our SER Verified Lists.

However, our GSA search engine ranker verified list provides a maximum success rate in building links. We can assure you that you will get the maximum success rate with our GSA SER link list.

You should keep in mind that a lot of things need to work together to ensure higher link-building success with the GSA search engine ranker.

You should use the best proxy and captcha breaker to ensure the maximum success rate.    

What are your payment options and refund policy?

You have two options for paying; monthly and annually. The monthly subscription plan costs $45.50 per month, and the annual plan costs $488 per year. If you choose the annual plan, you will get one month for free.

Regarding payment methods, we accept most credit cards. In addition, we accept major cryptocurrencies, which include Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, NEO, and more. Additionally, we accept Alipay and Payoneer.

As far as subscription cancelation is concerned, you will lose dropbox access after canceling the subscription. That's why it is recommended to cancel the subscription after the end of your subscription.

When it comes to refund, it is a digital product; when the payment is made, and you get the list, after that, there will be no refunds.

How do you collect the list?

We have huge experience collecting sites for the Verified list for GSA. Also, we use the best system to collect sites.

We use the best quality proxy for collecting sites. Already, we have used 80 million proxies for scrapping the links list.

In addition, we use premium tools for scraping and sorting, including GSA platform identifier, GSA SER, A-Parser, Hrefer, GScraper, and Scrapebox v2.

Moreover, we have 12 high-end VPS running 24/7 for scrapping Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex for new trends and popular niches using more than 24,000 footprints.

Furthermore, we run 10,000 tiers in the GSA search engine ranker in popular niches to export, identify, and verify monthly.

Also, we clean up the link list every week. We delete duplicate domains and URLs and add new links in the cleanup process.  

How do you provide the list?

After purchasing, you will get access to the link member area; you can download GSA verified list from there.

Also, Asian Virtual Solutions provide live updates through Google Drive. You will get updates on identified and verified links regularly in Google Drive. In this case, you need to provide your email address, and Asian Virtual Solutions will send the invitation for the Google Drive share.

You can get updates on new links, duplicate URLs, and Domains in Google Drive. And, you don't need to spend a single penny on the live updates. Live updates come with the subscription package. When you cancel the subscription, your access to the Google Drive folder will be removed. 

Can I use this list for building links for the money site?

Yes, you can use this Verified List GSA SER for building links for your money site.

In fact, you can build links for any kind of site using this link list.

However, to remain safe from the Google penalty, you should avoid using this list for money site link building. You can use this link list from the tiers link building. Therefore, your money site will remain out of danger from the Google penalty.

Also, you should ensure to use a high-quality proxy service for building links with this link list. In addition, you should use unique content for link building. It will increase your backlink quality and ensure higher ranks on the SERP. It will also help to avoid harmful impacts on your money site.

What other things are required to get the best results?

You need other things such as proxy, captcha breaker, and content to get the best results. Also, you need a high-end VPS to run your GSA search engine ranker projects smoothly.

When it comes to Captcha breaker, you can use GSA captcha breaker with another captcha breaker such as XEvail + 2 captcha + Text captcha solver. You should use at least a premium quality captcha breaker along with the GSA captcha breaker. You can also use Asian Virtual Solutions' premium captcha solving service.

Regarding proxy, you should use a private proxy or at least a semi-private proxy. For the maximum result, it would be best if you used a high-quality proxy.

Regarding other data, such as articles and emails, it would be best if you used quality, unique articles. You can use Asia virtual solutions' data pack service to get the best output.

Do you provide a ranking guarantee?

Asian Virtual Solutions doesn't provide any ranking guarantee.

No one can provide a 100% ranking guarantee for SEO ranking. But, Asian Virtual Solutions assures that your ranking will improve if you build links correctly. Also, Asian Virtual Solutions ensures the quality of the links it provides in the GSA verified lists.

You can do a few things to increase the possibility of your site ranking while building links using this links list.

The first thing you can ensure is to use unique and readable content. If search engines understand your content is human-readable, they will count your link as a quality one.

Secondly, you should use a premium proxy service for posting content.

Thirdly, you should try to use relevant content for building backlinks. Also, you can use relevant sites.

And the last thing you can do is implement a tiers link-building strategy.

Do you provide a 100% indexing guarantee?

No, Asian Virtual Solutions doesn't provide a 100% guarantee on backlinks indexing. However, we assure you that links from our GSA link list will be indexed if you maintain the quality.

 Here are a few things you can maintain to ensure maximum indexing;

 You should ensure that you are not spamming. 

  • You shouldn't post copy content from other sites.
  • Ensure that your content is human-readable.
  • Don't use the same anchor text repeatedly because it looks spammy.
  • Don't take too many links from a single source.

Also, you can use a premium indexing service for indexing your GSA backlinks. It is the final thing you can do to achieve maximum indexing.

Should I use proxies for this GSA links list?

Of course! You should use private or semi-private proxies for building links using this list.

If you don't use proxies or use the same IP address repeatedly, sites will block your IP address. Thus, you won't be able to build links anymore.

 Moreover, it looks spammy when you use the same IP for posting different content on the same site.

 To get rid of blacklisting, you should use private proxies.

Furthermore, private proxies work faster than public proxies. Thus, your posting speed will be faster than public proxies. As a result, you will be able to build more links in a short time.

Here are some private proxies you can try;

Asian Virtual Solutions provide high-quality dedicated and semi-dedicated private and anonymous proxies for a reasonable price. Also, it offers unlimited bandwidth from hundreds of locations.

XEvil proxies are excellent for building links with the GSA search engine ranker. This proxy is great for solving captcha fast.

Can I share this backlink list with my friend?

No! If you buy the real-time GSA link lists service, you are only eligible for using the link list.

Asian Virtual Solutions takes this issue very seriously. It monitors its users' activity strictly. In no circumstances you can't provide this link list to others. If we detect that you are violating this rule, we reserve the right to cancel your account anytime we wish.

Here are a few things you should avoid doing with the GSA link list;

  • You can't share the link list with your friend or anyone.
  • You can't sell this link list.
  • You can't offer this link list as a free giveaway.

You should keep these in mind while using the GSA link list for link building to avoid banning your account. 

Do you provide proxies?

No! Asian Virtual Solution doesn't provide any proxy with the GSA link list.

You will only get the GSA link list when you purchase the GSA verified lists from Asian Virtual Solutions.

However, if you want, you can buy private premium proxies from Asian virtual solutions separately.

You can buy two types of proxy services from Asian Virtual Solutions.

The first proxy service is the Asian Virtual Solutions proxy service. It offers dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies from different locations with unlimited bandwidth.

The second proxy service is the XEvil proxy service. This proxy service works excellent for solving captcha fast.

Also, you can buy private proxies from other sources.  

Asian Virtual Solutions always recommend using the private proxy for building links through the GSA search engine ranker.

Do you provide a captcha solver?

No! Asian Virtual Solution doesn't provide a captcha solver with the GSA verified list.

However, you can buy a captcha solver from Asian Virtual Solutions separately if you want.

Asian Virtual Solutions provides a premium captcha-solving service.

And it is called the GSA Search Engine Ranker Premium Captcha Solving Service. It is excellent for solving all types of captcha at a reasonable price. This captcha-solving service can solve Google ReCaptcha V1, V2, and ReCaptcha - 3 captchas. The best thing about this captcha-solving service is you pay as much as you use.

Also, you can use the GSA captcha breaker service. It is another effective captcha breaker service that can solve all types of captchas. You can solve captchas fastly and easily using the GSA captcha breaker.  

Why should I buy the GSA link list from Asian Virtual Solutions?

There are clear reasons that indicate you should use the GSA link list from Asian Virtual Solutions instead of others.

The first and foremost reason is that Asian Virtual Solutions provides the most extensive GSA link list. No one can provide this size of GSA verified link list.

Secondly, Asian Virtual Solutions continuously monitor the list. Plus, it monitors duplicate URLs and domains. If it finds duplicate URLs and domains, it will remove them fast and add new links.

Thirdly, Asian Virtual Solutions runs the link scrapping system 24/7. Also, it runs a system 24/7 for identifying, verifying, and updating lists. Therefore, you will always get fresh-quality links.

Fourth, Asian Virtual Solutions have years of experience in GSA search engine ranking services. That's why nobody understands the GSA search engine ranker better than Asian Virtual Solutions.

And the best thing is you can buy other GSA search engine ranker services from here, such as private proxy, captcha solver, and data packs.

Asian Virtual Solutions is the one-stop solution for GSA search engine ranker services.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

Yes! You can cancel the GSA link list subscription plan at any time.

But you should remember that your access to the GSA link list will be removed after the subscription cancelation. It means if you are subscribed to the monthly plan, which will end at the end of the month, and you cancel the subscription at the beginning of the month, then you won't be able to use the service for the rest of the month.

Regarding the annual plan, if you subscribed to it at the beginning of the year and canceled it after three months or six months, you won't' be able to use the service for the rest of the year.

That's why Asian Virtual Solutions recommends you cancel the subscription when it ends. If you want to avoid the risk of renewal, you can cancel the subscription two or three days before expiration.

Do you offer support after selling the link list?

Yes! Asian Virtual Solutions offers after sell service as long as you are subscribed to the GSA link list service.

When it comes to customer support, Asian Virtual Solutions Provides top-notch customer service.

We have a dedicated customer support team who are always ready to help you with any issue. We will solve your problem as soon as possible after receiving your complaint.

For customer support, you can contact us through Skype and email. Also, you can reach out to us through social media such as Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.

Also, you can call us for fast support. For more customer support information, visit our contact page.

Why are my links not indexing on Google?

If your GSA search engine links are not indexing on Google, there could be several reasons.

The first and foremost reason could be you are not using unique content. And Google considers duplicate content as spam. That's why it is not indexing your links.

Another reason could be your content is not readable. If your content is not human readable, then Google won't index them. It is the second most important reason your links are not indexing on Google.

The third reason could be that you are using the same anchor text for many links, which Google considers spam and thinks you are trying to trick Google.  

Publish unique and human-readable content for building links through the GSA search engine ranker and use partial match anchor text with lots of variety; then, Google will index your links.

Also, you can use a paid indexing tool after fixing the above issues.

What will I get?

After purchasing the GSA link list, you will get a verified GSA list with others things.

Here are things you will get after purchasing the GSA link list;

  • You will get a list of identified URLs in TXT and SL format
  • A list of verified URLs in TXT and SL format
  • A summary of unique URLs in TXT format
  • A summary of verified URLs in TXT format
  • List monthly summaries through the member area
  • Live updates through dropbox
  • Video tutorials for everything in the member section
  • Video tutorials for importing the GSA list in the GSA search engine ranker
  • Access to the link lists member area from where you can download all the available files and future updates

Do you filter duplicate URLs and domains?

Yes! We do filter duplicate URLs and domains regularly to remove duplicate URLs and domains.

Generally, we run the cleanup operation every week. At this time, we remove duplicate URLs and domains. Also, we identify and sort links into platforms.

Moreover, we add fresh links at this time.

We have a dedicated system of 12 high-end VPS that run over 10,000 tiers in the GSA search engine ranker in popular niches and trends to identify, verify, and export links monthly.

Thus, you can expect unique URLs all the time. Moreover, you will get new links for building links with the GSA search engine ranker.