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An Effective SEO strategy: The (Middleman) Way


Every site/business owner want to rank their website on search engine and drive traffic. It is common for everyone.

If you provide drone photography services through your website, you must rank for pages like ‘drone photography services’ to sell your service. You may rank pages like ‘advantages of drone photography,’ but it won’t sell your service.

But ranking commercial pages are not easy.

To help you rank your commercial pages, here I am going to share an effective SEO strategy middleman method.

If you want to rank your commercial pages, don’t stop here.

Why you need the “Middleman” SEO strategy?

How many types of pages do you have on your website?

I have three types of pages on my website, and they are;

Informational pages: This type of page is highly informative. They aim to solve a particular problem.

Product or service pages: These are the product/service pages of a company. They are pure sales/commercial pages. The purpose of their creation is to sell products and services.

Home page/ main page: Homepage is also known as the main page. The page you see when you enter a website.

As you already know, backlink is the ultimate weapon for ranking on the first page, besides quality content. So, the number of backlinks will determine your ranking on the first page.

How we get backlinks?

When someone mentions your website/brand on their website, they give links to your website. In this case, they give links to the home page.

But I need to rank pages that bring revenue (which are mainly product/service pages). And this is the problem different business owners are facing today.

People don’t give links to commercial pages because they don’t provide real value. But they love to provide links to valuable informational content.

If you have high-quality informational content on your website, people will love to give you backlinks, but the question is, how can you get backlinks for your money/commercial pages?

Here the problem begins.

That’s why blogs have become a must-have section of commercial websites. You can write informational articles in the blog section. If you write valuable content, people will give links to your informational pages.

But still, your commercial pages are deprived of links.

Here the ‘middleman’ method comes into play. So, what is the ‘middleman’ method? How can it help you to build links for your commercial pages? Let’s talk about this.

What is the ‘middleman’ method and how it works?

So, let’s answer your million-dollar question, what is the “middleman” method?

As the name of this method is the “middleman.” And website owners give links to informational pages instead of commercial pages. We will bring informational pages as the middleman between linkers (who gives link) and commercial pages. When your informational ‘middleman’ pages get links and increase their authority, we will pass that authority through internal links to the commercial pages.

Still not clear?

For example; If you have a website where you sell different types of shoes, you have separate categories. And when you ask somebody to give links to your category and product pages, they answer with a big no.

To build links for this website, we will create informational content(middleman) targeting shoes related keywords. Then we will ask people to link to those informational pages. After getting links to the informational pages, we will pass the link juice to our product/category pages. That’s all about the ‘middleman’ method.

Isn’t it so cool to build links for commercial pages?

Let’s talk about how you can use this method to build links for your money pages. To know this method step by step, don’t quit here.

Step one: First thing first; Pick the money page

It is the easiest part of this method. Do you know what the money page is?

If not, ask a few questions to yourself such as;

Is the particular page has the potential for getting thousands of visitors?

Does it have the capability to generate revenue?

You need to look for particular pages as the ‘middleman’ candidate if you get yes from the above questions.

Pages that fall within this category will generate a good amount of traffic and revenue with a minimum SEO boost.

As we in the Asia Virtual Solutions provide different link building services such as Xrumer backlinks services, it is our money page. So, I am going to take it as my money page. Here it is;

Xrumer backlinks services


While choosing the money page, you have to avoid pages;

Blog post in nature.

Informative content doesn’t provide any commercial value.

The best way to exclude this type of page is to avoid pages under your blog category or subcategory.

So, we have selected our money page, which we want to boost.

Now, it’s time to find the ‘Middleman’ page.

Step two: Finding related ‘middleman’ articles

For finding related articles, you have two options.

The first one is the Goggle search.

So, let’s see how can we find related ‘middleman’ articles through google search;

Using Google site search

For finding ‘middleman’ related articles from google search, type + “topic of your ‘middleman’ method.”

You can change the text according to your need. If you want to get articles from a specific category, you can indicate that category. Let’s say you want to take articles from the SEO strategy category, then type + “topic of your ‘middleman’ method.”

As I am looking for link building related articles thus, I will type site: + “link building”

Here is the result for the keyword “link building.”

SEO strategy middleman method article middleman searching

I will check three results from this search result and check their relevancy to the ‘Middleman’ topic and their quality.

So, let’s start with the first one, ‘The Best Ultimate Newbie Guide to How To Link Building’;

The keyword “link building” is repeated in this article more than 60 times, and it is a 7000+ words article. It is a detailed guide on link building.

SEO strategy middleman method related content finding quality check

Here is how its link profile looks like;

SEO strategy middleman method related content backlink profile

Let’s check another result; “Why Guest Posting continues to outperform other link building strategies.”

It’s a link building post that talked about a specific link building strategy. It is a 2700-word article, and the keyword “link building” is repeated 14 times in this article.

SEO strategy middleman method related content quality checking2

Let’s check out its link profile. And here it is;

SEO strategy middleman method related content backlink profile2

It doesn’t have any links.

If we compare both articles, we can see a few things;

The first article is a detailed guide on link building, though it doesn’t have so many links.

On the other hand, the second article is related to link building. It is based on a single link building strategy. Unlike the second article, this one has zero links.

These two articles could be the ‘middleman’ article, but the first one would be the winner if I need to choose one.

When you’re checking articles for the ‘middleman,’ check two things; their backlink profile and their article’s overall quality, such as length, how many times your required keyword is repeated, whether it is a detailed guide or not, etc.

Finally, I found the article for the ‘middleman.”

So, what next?

What if there is no relevant post on your site?

Do you think everyone is lucky?

Maybe not,

Here I was lucky and found a great related post for the ‘middleman.” But what if you’re not lucky like me.

Don’t worry!

Here is a solution for you, and it is the combination of the skyscraper and the ‘middleman’ method.

So, how it works?

Let’s dive into it step by step;

Step one: Find a relevant article with the highest number of backlinks

In this step, you need to find a related article with the highest number of backlinks. You can use any tool to do that. While searching content, keep two things in mind; one is relevancy, and another thing is the number of backlinks and referral domain.

Here I am using Ahrefs SERP checker;

SEO strategy middleman method SERP checking for related content

In this result, you can see that there is a great number of links and referral domains. All results pages have a good number of backlinks. As our goal is to pick the article with the highest number of backlinks and referral domains, two results match our conditions. But we need to take one, so we will go with the second one because it has more referring domains than the first one.

Step two: Create better content than the selected content

Do you think that anyone will give links to crappy content?


You should never expect that.

Especially when you’re asking for links and linkers already link back to a good source. In this case, your article must need to be better than the existing one. Otherwise, you won’t get any links. That’s why we need to create better content than the existing one.

So how can I create better content?

A better version of an existing content doesn’t mean only a longer version. Because content quality means a lot besides its length, in other words, you need to add more value than existing content.  Here are a few things you can do to add more value than existing content;

  • Make the content up to date
  • Use proven stats
  • Add visual elements such as infographic
  • Make sure that it answers the search query better than the existing one
  • Ensure the longer length

If you can implement the above things, your content will be more valuable than the existing one.

But keep in mind that increasing only length won’t increase content value. Let’s say there is an article about ’20 tips to make money online,’ and you create a version like “30 tips to make money online” if the extra ten tips you added are not valuable. Thus it just looks valuable in eyes, not in quality.

Let’s look into this article;

SEO strategy middleman method content upgrade mapping app

This article is about “top 10 navigation apps of 2019,” It is almost 2021, which means this article is nearly two years backdated. This article doesn’t have the Petal map navigation app listed (Google map alternative of Huawei).

So, we can easily make this content better by updating it. To make your content more valuable, analyze the existing one, find out its weakness, and then fill it. That’s all you need to make your content better.

Step three: Ask linkers to give you links instead of original content 

Here is the final step of the ‘middleman’ method.

We have selected the money page for boosting, picked ‘middleman’ content for building links, so what next?

It is time to list linkers of the original content. Here is the linkers list of original content.

middleman method selected content backlinks list

You need to list all linkers and check them carefully. They will give you links or not because all sites are not going to give you links. After finalizing the possible linkers list, outreach them.

That’s all you need to do for implementing the ‘middleman’ method.


I have one more thing to help you to maximize the ‘middleman’ method.

Internal linking automation  

As you already know, you can divert link authority from your informational pages to money pages with internal linking.

So, one question comes to my mind, don’t your informational page get links naturally?

If you have valuable, informative articles on your site, you will naturally get links. It doesn’t matter what the number Is, but you will get a few.

An interesting fact is you can transfer those link juice to money pages through proper internal linking.

But the problem is internal linking is not so easy if you have hundreds of pages.

But I have a solution for you. You can use tools to automate internal linking. It will save you time, besides adding internal links.

There is an internal linking automation tool called Link whisper. This tool is said to be the best internal link automation tool currently available on the market. It is a smart tool powered by AI. You can add good numbers of links while writing/posting your article with a few clicks. You can check out my review on this tool here.

Final words

As you know that building links directly to the money page(any page) is more effective than the ‘middleman’ method, so you should always try to build links for the money page directly. When there is no way, and no one gives links to the money page, you can start using the ”middleman’ method.

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