Improve Your SEO ranking with GSA Search Engine Ranker

How to Improve Your SEO ranking with GSA Search Engine Ranker


Linking to other pages may or may not have an effect on how Google ranks your page. It is generally accepted that this depends on the quality of the links (or ‘backlinks’). In other words, if the page you are linking out is ‘trusted’ (meaning it is safe) and carries with it a high degree of credibility*, then some of the benefits of those spills over to your page as well.

*Google looks at this as well when ranking a page and this primarily depends on whether the information carried on it is authentic and adds to the general body of information; or whether it contains just marketing catchphrases. Another credibility factor is whether the content is original or has been copied from another page. Because Google keeps a track of when new content appears online, it can easily determine which page is ‘original’ and which one is a copy.

For instance, if your page has original content, and links out to a trusted page, say a BBC news article; then your page also increases on the trust and credibility factor. This can boost your SEO ranking considerably.

Now, how do you know which trusted/credible pages to link out to?

 This is where GSA Search Engine Ranker comes in. It looks at your content, determines the keywords, and links out accordingly. It knows which pages are trusted and considered credible by Google and Bing, the two search engines that are used by 98% of all those who query for a particular keyword or term.

It works 24/7, creating backlinks for all your pages. So, if you have a website, you could see a considerable jump in the SEO rankings.

It is an affordable one-time payment and will benefit you immensely if you are an SEO expert tasked with improving the search engine rankings of several web pages that belong to your clients.


There are also other reasons why Google/Bing decides to assign a high SEO ranking to a page/back-link.

Social media:

The presence of social media buttons by themselves does not increase SEO rankings, but their sharing of social media does. So if a page is shared on social media, then that means people have accepted its content. Because real world people don’t do this if the content isn’t authentic, copied from another page or not adding to the body of original knowledge – and also because bots haven’t infiltrated the social media space (every ‘like’/’share’ or link posting comes from a real person) – social media activity is one of the ways by which Google/ Bing determines its ranking.


Having a video on a page increases its ranking. Some believe it is not just the video, but also the quality of the video – a ‘how-to’ video that demonstrates how to use a service or product; or simply one that conveys information, such as a news video, would encourage page visitors to spend more time on the page watching it – and this increased ‘interest’ is another way of page ranking.


Government websites (as indicated by the .gov extension) tend to have a higher page ranking than commercial (.com) websites, as the information contained on these pages is the most authentic of all.Get yourself the GSA Search Engine Ranker advantage


GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker knows about all the above points, and that is why it constantly works to build the best backlinks possible for your pages. Now, what if your competitors to use GSA Search Engine Ranker, negating the advantage you gain? This is why the ‘constantly-working-around-the-clock’ feature of GSA Search Engine Ranker is important. Google/Bing also looks at ‘recent’ page activity and assigns a higher rank to pages that have ‘fresh’ content. Because the backlinks keep changing, you will always

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