GSA Search Engine Ranker – Binding URLs with Anchors Text

GSA Search Engine Ranker – Binding URLs with Anchors Text

Anchor variation and Anchor text diversity are two very important factors when it comes to SEO and it is a fact that Google Panda will look at your anchor text used with your back links. It is therefore very important to ensure you set up your back linking projects to use relevant anchors to URLs and also to have some anchor text variety.

We will take a closer look at using GSA Search Engine Ranker to Binding URLs with Anchors Text and then have as much as possible variations.

Binding URLs with Anchors TextWhen we create the GSA Search Engine Ranker Data packs we dont add any anchor text or links in the content, instead we use GSA Search Engine ranker tokens.So a link in the GSA Ser data packs will look like this : <a href=”%url%“>%anchor_text%</a>. GSA Search engine Ranker will automatically and randomly replace %url% with 1 of the URLs you have imported in the project and same with the anchor text %anchor text%

Many people when creating a GSA Search Engine project will just add all there URLs and then add as many anchor text as possible. If you are only promoting 1 URL then this way is fine, but when you are aiming to promote a large website with many categories then just adding all the URLs and all the anchors you have is wrong, because GSA Search Engine ranker, will each time take a random URL from the list of URLs and a random anchor from the list of anchor text. This means your anchor text and links are not relevant.

As an example:
If you are promoting a website for a Pet shop (htpp://, and have say a category for htpp://, htpp://, htpp:// You will have a list of anchor text for all, but if you just enter all the URLs and import all the anchor text you have then you with a link to “htpp://” but using anchor “dogs” – like so <a href=”htpp://”>Dogs</a>. You don't have to be very smart to see that is wrong, and not only does it confuse your potential customers, but it will also not make the search engines very happy, because they see a anchor text for dogs pointing to a link for fish, and so you get penalized for having non relevant anchor text to your site.

How the heck can I get GSA Search Engine Ranker – Binding URLs with Anchors Text

The answer is actually very easy and the feature is already build into GSA Search Engine Ranker.
GSA Search engine ranker allow us to Binding URLs with Anchors Text when you add the URLs, they  should be in either of the below formats:

  • Adding a link with only 1 anchor text: url#anchor
  • Adding a link with only many different anchor text: url#{anchor|anchor|anchor|anchor|anchor|anchor|anchor}
  • This is what the link should look like with 1 anchor Shop
  • This is what the link should look like with many anchor text{Pet Shop|Pet Shop|Dog Pet shop|Fish Pet shop}
  • This is what the inner link should look like with many anchor text{Dog Pet shop|Dog Food|Dog Toys|Dog Food|Dog accessories}

The best is to prepare all your URLs with anchors, one URL per line,  on a plain text document ( notepad) and then save it. When you create your project you simply import the  URLs with anchors from file)

 Binding URLs with Anchors Text

Get GSA Search Engine Ranker – Binding URLs with Anchors Text when ordering your Data pack

You can specify your Binding URLs with Anchors Text when you order your GSA Search Engine Ranker Data pack from Asia Virtual Solutions ( Only for 2, 5 and 7 Tier Data packs ). Simply prepare the URLs with anchors as shown further above on a plain txt file, and then upload it on the order page.

The below video will give you a overview of what was discussed above

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