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Xrumer Links Blast – The best Xrumer links service now available at Asia Virtual Solutions


Xrumer Links Blast

The best Xrumer links service now available at Asia Virtual Solutions


Today Asia Virtual Solutions start providing Xrumer links services. A completely new Xrumer links service designed for small to big internet marketers who want to rank their web pages higher on Google. With unlimited URLs and keywords, our Xrumer links service is the best among others currently available on the market. Our Xrumer links service is best for tier two and three link building. This service also helps to boost link juice of web 2.0, social bookmarking, press release, and many more.

9 000 Xrumer Links @ $4.75
24 000 Xrumer Links @ $6.50
55 000 Xrumer Links @ $12.50
120 000 Xrumer Links @ $25
250 000 Xrumer Links @ $50
520 000 Xrumer Links @ $100
1 100 000 Xrumer Links @ $200
2 500 000 Xrumer Links @ $350


Xrumer Links Blast
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Increase the power of your web 2.0 properties

For a long time, web 2.0 link building remains one of the favourite link building technique of many link builders. Though the effectiveness of web 2.0 links is not the same as it was before. If a page doesn’t have any link juice, then it will provide less value to its outbound links. It is the case for the Google algorithm.

So, these days, if you want to make your web 2.0 properties more capable, then you have to build links for them.

Here Xrumer can help you to build links for your web 2.0 sites. Forum profile links is an excellent way to provide link juice to your web 2.0 properties. This way, your web 2.0 properties will become more powerful, and the position of your money site on the SERP will increase.

Boost link juice of social bookmarking

Social bookmarking still an excellent way to bring visitors to your website. Though social bookmarking links worked so well in the past besides providing a substantial number of visitors. But now social bookmarking links are not so useful. These days social bookmarking links are worse than web 2.0 links. But still, it can give you a reasonable number of targeted visitors.

You can make your social bookmarking links more effective so that they can contribute to your money site ranking. To accomplish this, you have to build links for social bookmarking. One of the best ways to provide links to social bookmarking is through automated link building tools. Because it takes less time and money, in this case, Xrumer can do the job perfectly. You can provide forum profile links to the social bookmarks to boost their link juice.

Increase link juice of press release

The press release is another great way to build links and advertise your brand without spending too much money. Still small to big brands use the press release in their marketing campaign. But links from the press release is not so strong. An important fact is press releases don’t get links like your blog post. If you can give links to your press release, it will increase the link juice of the press release. Ultimately it will increase the link juice the money page. You can provide forum links to the press release. Forum links can boost link juice of the press release. Here, in this case, Xrumer can help you out. Xrumer can build a massive number of forum profile links for the press release. Without any doubt, Xrumer links will increase the link juice of press releases.

Get most out of your PBN sites

PBN is the most effective Blackhat link building technique ever discovered by the link builders. Still, the Google search algorithm can’t detect PBN sites accurately. But the effectiveness of PBN links depends on the quality of PBN sites. If a PBN site has a substantial number of backlinks, then links from this site will be more effective than the PBN site without any backlinks.

Xrumer links could be the best way to provide links to your PBN sites. Xrumer forum profile links will increase the link juice of PBN sites. Even Xrumer backlinks will help PBN site to get out of Google sandbox.

Mix of Do-Follow and No-Follow links

When it comes to the matter of do-follow and no-follow links, we  at Asia Virtual Solutions know the importance of do-follow backlinks. That’s why we don’t compromise here. We provide a very high percentage of  do-follow links and rest no-follow links. We create a mix of do-follow and no-follow links because it looks natural. We doubt if there is any Xrumer link building service that provides do-follow links like us.

Over 5000 unique domains

As Google prioritizes unique domains for links, that’s why we take this matter seriously. We have 5000 unique domains; we will provide links from these unique domains. We will use different URLs and keywords for building links from those domains.

Not only English sites

Link diversification is an essential factor of quality link building. It ensures a healthy link profile. To keep this in mind, we provide links from not only the English site but also from different language sites. Though a lion share of the links will come from English sites.

Every niche accepted

When it comes to niche, we will provide Xrumer links to every niche. We can proudly tell you that we are the one in this industry which provides Xrumer links to every niche. So, you don’t need to worry about the niche. Just provide links and keywords, that’s all.

Pricing and Blast Packages

Xrumer Links Blast service is now available on the Asia Virtual Solutions. The price starts at only  $4.75 for 9000 Xrumer links. You can find more information about the price and packages here.

Our Blast Packages

Order here:

  • 9 000 Xrumer Links @ $4.75
  • 24 000 Xrumer Links @ $6.50
  • 55 000 Xrumer Links @ $12.50
  • 120 000 Xrumer Links @ $25
  • 250 000 Xrumer Links @ $50
  • 520 000 Xrumer Links @ $100
  • 1 100 000 Xrumer Links @ $200
  • 2 500 000 Xrumer Links @ $350

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Xrumer Links Blast


Take automation link building at a new level

Links is a core part of every search engine algorithm. It doesn’t matter what the name of the search engine is, links play an essential role in the SERP. Links can determine the place of your web page on the SERP.

Yes, you’re reading right. It is almost impossible to become successful in the world of SEO without links.

These days link building is not so easy as it was a few years ago. The cost of link building also increased. Moreover, links that worked in the past doesn’t work anymore. That’s why we need to build links more sophisticated.

There was a time when web 2.0 links worked so well without giving them any links. But now the situation changed completely. These days if you want to get the best results from web 2.0, social bookmarking, and press release, then you must build links for them. But it is costlier to builds links for those properties manually.

So, how can I build links for tier two or three properties without spending too much money?

Here automatic link building comes to the rescue. And nothing can be better than Xrumer when it comes to automatic link building.

Xrumer is an intelligent link building tool that creates profiles on different forums. No tools can build links like Xrumer. Xrumer creates profiles on  forums and drops links.

With the Xrumer links, you don’t need to worry about the Google penalty. Links created by Xrumer are entirely safe for tier two and tier three links.

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