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Unlock the potential of GSA Search Engine Ranker with our expertly crafted projects. Our premium service streamlines the setup process, saving you time and effort while maximizing results.

With tailored content, emails, and filters, our projects supercharge your link-building efforts and elevate your online visibility. Benefit from highly spun content, quality email accounts, and relevant content tailored to your keywords.

Get your project up and running within 72 hours for quick deployment of your SEO strategy. Enjoy excellent value for money with comprehensive solutions designed to deliver results. Simply provide us with your 3 main keywords, and we’ll handle the rest.
No technical skills are required – our projects are user-friendly and easy to implement. While results may vary, our projects are designed to deliver noticeable improvements in your SEO strategy.

You’ll need the GSA SER software to utilize our projects effectively. Our projects primarily support English content but can be adapted for non-English websites. Purchase now and take your website to new heights of success.

Things we need

PLease provide all of the below

  • 3 Main Keywords *

    This is the keywords that will be used to produce articles, scrape content, images and videos. These keywords should what best describe the sites, or products you are promoting.
    Please Add 3 Keywords ( ENGLISH ONLY )
  • Keyword 1 *

  • Keyword 2 *

  • Keyword 3 *

  • Your URL’s To Use *

    These URL’s will be used to create contextual links in the PDFs, content and also to link all images that’s added to the content. This is the links that you want to promote. You can upload as many URL’s as you want.
    URLs should be 1 per line.

    Upload only  .TXT Files Max file size: 5 MBPermitted file types: txt pdf

Optional Items

The below are optional items you can provide for your data pack, but remember the more detail you provide, the better the output will be.

  • Your Anchor Text *

    If you have specific list of ANCHOR TEXT keywords you want us to use for your data pack then you can upload them here. You can upload a single file with as many anchor text keywords as you want, and it can be in ANY LANGUAGE The anchor text keywords should be one per line.

    Upload only  .TXT FilesMax file size: 5 MBPermitted file types: txt pdf

  • Binding URLs with Anchors Text *

    GSA Search engine ranker allows us to Binding URLs with Anchors Text when you add the URLs, they should be in either of the below formats:url#anchorurl#{anchor|anchor|anchor|anchor}
    Please CLICK HERE for more info on how to do this.

    Upload only  .TXT FilesMax file size: 5 MBPermitted file types: txt pdf

  • Embed your YouTube Videos *

    We can randomly embed your YouTube videos on Web 2.0, wiki, or article sites where possible. Please ONLY provide the video URL like this  sample: You can add as many video URLs as you like. 1 video URL per line

    Upload only  .TXT FilesMax file size: 5 MBPermitted file types: txt pdf

  • Email Accounts Upgrade - 1 Tier *

    By default, all data packs have 50 subdomain emails per tier – Adding more email accounts will boost the account creation capabilities of your projects. More is better !!! Root Domain emails have a higher acceptance rate than the default subdomain emails.

  • Email Accounts Upgrade -2 Tier *

    By default, all data packs have 50 subdomain emails per tier – Adding more email accounts will boost the account creation capabilities of your projects. More is better !!! Root Domain emails have a higher acceptance rate than the default subdomain emails.

  • Email Accounts Upgrade - 3 Tier *

    By default, all data packs have 50 subdomain emails per tier – Adding more email accounts will boost the account creation capabilities of your projects. More is better !!! Root Domain emails have a higher acceptance rate than the default subdomain emails.

  • Email Accounts Upgrade - 5 Tier *

    By default, all data packs have 50 subdomain emails per tier – Adding more email accounts will boost the account creation capabilities of your projects. More is better !!! Root Domain emails have a higher acceptance rate than the default subdomain emails.

  • Email Accounts Upgrade -7 Tier *

    By default, all data packs have 50 subdomain emails per tier – Adding more email accounts will boost the account creation capabilities of your projects. More is better !!! Root Domain emails have a higher acceptance rate than the default subdomain emails.

  • We will add the data pack for you to your  Asia Virtual Solutions GSA SER VPS. Do Not check this box if you don't have a VPS with Asia Virtual Solutions

  • Delivery within 24 Hours – We will complete your data pack order within 24 hours

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GSA Search Engine Ranker (GSA SER) is today’s best-automated web marketing tool. Unfortunately, it could be unclear when setting up a GSA SER Project. It takes some time to set up an entire GSA SER project as you need to get a lot of articles, spin them in GSA tokens for your links and anchors, and add your videos, their descriptions, etc., and a bunch of other content fields and filters to select from.

This is where the GSA Search Engine Ranker Projects – done for you come to the rescue. We create each GSA project from scratch and scrape the web for content such as articles, videos, and images relevant to your main keywords. We spin everything together, add random videos or images to articles, prepare the “about us” section, the video section, and much more. We set up a tiered GSA SER project, provide 50 emails per tier, do all the settings and filters, and then provide you with a single file to import for a fully ready-to-go GSA SER tiered campaign.

We currently produce four different kinds of GSA Search Engine ranker projects, as follows:

GSA Projects We Can Create

What is included with the GSA Data Projects we do

Gsa search engine virtual solutions data packs for GSA SER Projects.

Benefits of Done for You GSA Project

What We Need From You.

  • All I need is your 3 main keywords. If you only have one keyword, that’s fine; fill in the same keyword in the form for submitting the order.
  • These should be the main keywords of your site, which I can use to scrape relevant keywords. I also need some URLs to be used for contextual linking in the PDFs we create.
  • Then we need The URL\’s that you want to promote.
  • Everything else is optional.

Delivery Times

We always try to deliver the GSA SER Projects as soon as possible, but sometimes we need to be busier than others. Also, remember the earth is not flat; if it is lunchtime by you, it could be midnight by us, meaning we could sleep when you order.

We work on a first-in, first-out basis. Your  GSA Search Engine Ranker Project, done for you,  will be delivered within 72 hours from the time we receive it. For orders with unique content add-ons, please allow about seven days for completion.

If you don’t get yours in this time, please don’t freak out – contact us via the live chat or drop us an email, and we will respond immediately or As soon as possible. An express service is also available for single orders, with guaranteed delivery in 24 hours, but please note that the express option is NOT available for unique content orders.

Should Take Note Of.

Different GSA SER Projects and Their Details

The GSA SER project Done for you is a single file you restore on your GSA Ser to give you a complete set-up project. We currently offer 1 and 2 Tier churn and burn, 3 Tier,  5 Tier, and 7 Tier GSA SER Projects.

What Exactely Will We Do

  • We scrape content ( articles, videos, images ) relevant to your keywords and then fuse it into spun articles.
  • We randomly generate between 5 – 11 paragraphs per article.
  • We randomly insert a relevant YouTube video or an Image into your article in random positions.
  • We use the GSA placeholder %url%, which allows GSA SER to inject random URLs automatically as specified in your GSA SER project.
  • We use the GSA placeholder %anchor_text%, which allows GSA SER to inject automatically.
  • We randomly insert 1 -3 contextual links in the articles. (using the placeholder: %url% ).
  • We randomly insert 1 content body link. (using the place holder: %url% ).
  • We randomly inset 1 Resource box link. (using the place holder: %url% ).
  • We randomly link all images with your URL (using the placeholder: %url% ).
  • We create the “about me” details and include a random link (using the placeholder: %url% ).
  • We generate PDFs for Doc sharing sites in GSA –  with your random contextual links.
  • We provide 50 subdomain emails per tier for all GSA SER Projects. You further have the option to upgrade to 100 root domain emails per tier.
  • Email accounts spam filters junk email folders correctly set up for you.
  • We research and generate long-tail keywords for you. We take your 3  keywords and create a list of long-tail keywords by scraping from Google Suggest, Yahoo Search Assist Suggestions, Amazon Suggestions, YouTube Suggestions, Google Product Search, Search Suggestions, Yahoo Shopping Suggestions, Search Suggestions, and Android Market Suggestions.
  • Lightning-fast, super-friendly service

GSA Search Engine Ranker Projects - FAQ's

What is a GSA Search Engine Ranker Projects - Done for you?

GSA Search Engine Ranker Projects are custom-made projects based on your keywords and provided links for the GSA Search Engine Ranker software. They are designed to save users time and enhance the efficiency of their link-building campaigns.

How do I use the GSA Search Engine Ranker Projects?

Once you purchase a GSA SER project, you can import it into your GSA SER software. Each GSA SER Project comes with detailed instructions on how to set it up.

What does a GSA SER Project include?

A GSA SER Project we do for you typically includes pre-configured settings, unique articles related to your niche, relevant keywords, and additional resources to ensure the effectiveness of your link-building campaign.

What is included with the GSA SER Projects

  • 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 Tiered project, based on your selection
  • 50  private email accounts per tier.
  • 50 to 100 spun articles per tier with GSA SER tokens embedded
  • 3 x PDF documents. ( 1 with 1-tier GSA SER Projects, 2 with 2-tier, and so on  ) Each SEO is optimized with image, contextual, and body links.
  • All GSA Fields are filled – platform selection, Data, Options, Filters, search engine selections, and emails.
  • Keyword research is done using long tails for keywords.
  • One single file to FULLY  restore the 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 Tiered project we created.

How can the GSA SER Data Projects you do benefit my SEO strategy?

By providing pre-configured projects such as GSA SER Projects, we help you streamline your SEO operations. They help build high-quality backlinks, improve your website’s SERP ranking, and increase traffic.

Can I customize the GSA SER Data Projects from Asia Virtual Solutions?

Yes, after importing the GSA SER Project into your GSA SER software, you can adjust the settings to align with your specific SEO goals and strategies.

Do I need any technical skills to use the GSA SER Projects you do for me?

Basic knowledge of GSA SER and SEO is helpful but not strictly necessary. Each GSA Search Engine Ranker project from Asia Virtual Solutions has detailed setup instructions.

How soon can I expect results after using the GSA SER Project from Asia Virtual Solutions?

SEO is a long-term strategy, and results vary. However, with consistent use and the right SEO strategy, you should start seeing improvements within a few weeks to a few months.

Do I need to have the GSA SER software to use the GSA Projects from Asia Virtual Solutions?

GSA SER projects from Asia Virtual Solutions are specifically designed for the GSA Search Engine Ranker software. You’ll need to have it installed and running on your system.

Can I purchase multiple GSA SER Projects for different niches?

You can purchase multiple GSA Projects for different niches and implement them in separate campaigns within your GSA SER software.

What if I encounter problems while using the GSA SER Project from Asia Virtual Solutions?

You can contact Asia Virtual Solutions‘ customer support for assistance. They can guide you in troubleshooting any issues you may encounter, or you can contact GSA Search Engine ranker support directly for support of their software.

What is the cost of a GSA SER Projects from Asia Virtual Solutions?

The cost varies depending on the specifics of the GSA Search Engine Ranker project you ordered, such as the number of tiers, the number of email accounts we use, and other factors. At the top of the sales page, you can select the GSA SER Project you want to order, and the price will be shown based on your selection.

Below is a summary of the cost per GSA SER Project

  • 1 Tier Project – $10.00
  • 2-Tier Project – $ 13.50
  • 3-Tier Project – $ 18.00
  • 5-Tier Project – $ 26.00
  • 7-Tier Project – $ 49.50

Is there a refund policy for the GSA SER Projects from Asia Virtual Solutions?

Refund policies may vary. Check the terms and conditions or contact Asia Virtual Solutions for clarification.

Do the GSA SER Data Projects include unique content?

Typically, the GSA Search Engine Ranker Projects include niche-related content for your GSA SER campaigns; all the content we use is scraped based on the three main keywords you provide, and the content is then spun to ensure improved uniqueness.

We offer a paid option for unique top-tier content, in which the articles are hand-crafted and joined on the paragraph level. This offers a greater level of uniqueness over the default scraped content.

Can I request a custom GSA SER Project Done for me?

Some users require customized GSA SER Projects tailored to specific business needs; we will consider each request on a case-by-case basis, so it is best to contact Asia Virtual Solutions to discuss your particular GSA Search Engine project customization needs.

How many projects are included in each GSA SER Project?

One GSA SER Project is created based on your specific keywords and URLs. You can order and add as many GSA SER projects as you like to your GSA Search Engine Ranker. Please refer to the particular details of each GSA SER Project for accurate information.

Do I need a dedicated server to use the GSA SER Data Projects?

While not strictly necessary, a dedicated server can enhance the performance of your GSA SER campaigns, especially for more extensive operations. We recommend using Asia Virtual Solutions‘ all-inclusive GSA SER VPS for all your GSA SER projects and projects, including everything required to run your GSA Search Engine software successfully and all your projects. More info on our all-inclusive GSA SER VPS service over here:

Can I use GSA SER Projects for non-English websites?

All of our GSA Ser Projects are created with English content. However, it is possible to use anchor text in any language. So, the content will be niche-related and in English, but the anchor text will be in your language. You will see the option to upload your anchor text on the order page.

How frequently should I use the GSA SER Projects?

The frequency of use may depend on your SEO strategy and the specifics of your campaign. You can adjust the settings in GSA SER to fit your needs.

The data GSA SER projects are intended to be run continuously. However, we have different filters based on the specific GSA SER Projects you ordered to pause or slow the submissions. Please see the specific settings of each GSA Search Engine Ranker Project to learn more about its settings. 

Can GSA SER Projects help with local SEO?

Yes, typically, you can target specific locations or set it to only build backlinks on particular language or country websites in your GSA SER campaigns. Still, the effectiveness of local SEO might depend on the specifics of the Projects. Before ordering, Please discuss your requirements with Asia Virtual Solutions to see how we can best customize your GSA SER project.

Are there any risks involved with using GSA SER projects?

As with any SEO tool, it is essential to use GSA SER Projects responsibly and follow good SEO practices to avoid potential search engine penalties.

We recommend that you check the details of each GSA SER Project. We indicate what each pack is suitable for and what additional filters are set for each GSA Project.


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94 reviews for GSA Search Engine Ranker Projects – Done For You

  1. Avatar of Sunil Keshari

    Sunil Keshari (verified owner)

    I recently had the pleasure of using the GSA Search Engine Ranker Data Pack provided by Asia Virtual Solution, and let me tell you, it has completely transformed my website’s ranking! This incredible tool deserves nothing less than a 5-star rating.

    From the moment I started using GSA Search Engine Ranker, I was blown away by its efficiency and effectiveness. With just a few clicks, I was able to generate high-quality backlinks and improve my website’s visibility on search engines. The data pack offered by Asia Virtual Solution took this experience to another level.

    The GSA Search Engine Ranker Data Pack from Asia Virtual Solution is a comprehensive collection of top-tier websites specifically selected to maximize your SEO efforts. It provides an extensive range of link targets, including article directories, social bookmarking sites, blog platforms, and more. This diversity ensures that your website receives the right kind of exposure across various platforms, ultimately boosting its organic traffic

  2. Avatar of Chris Tabor

    Chris Tabor (verified owner)

    I was more than pleasantly surprised to receive my order way before expected time. I will continue you to use his services and so should you!

  3. Avatar of Aneta Nowicka

    Aneta Nowicka (verified owner)

    The data pack was delivered, and it works perfect 🙂

  4. Avatar of christopher Benjamin

    christopher Benjamin (verified owner)

    The data pack was delivered, and it worked flawlessly with GSA SER.

  5. Avatar of Sam Athey

    Sam Athey (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased multiple products and the service is always fast and dependable. I highly recommend them and their customer service is Top-Notch!

  6. Avatar of Talbert Williams

    Talbert Williams (verified owner)

    I ordered a 5-tier pack, got it completed in less than 24hrs, way ahead of schedule. Everything was good to go and I’m greatly pleased with his services. I will continue to use them.

  7. Avatar of Wacek

    Wacek (verified owner)

    I received my order a day ago, while I placed my order two days ago (in the evening).
    By their own terms I should be still waiting for my 7 tier data pack, however I got it early, which was a nice surprise.

    In terms of what you receive it couldn’t be any better nor easier to manage.

    In the download file you will find several folders, the summary of your order, the initial files you provided to support your order and the RESTORE ME.ser file which you import using GSA SER.

    There’s no need to worry about therest of your projects as the file received creates a separate group and then imports all the tiers under your order number.
    This is handy as you end up with a separation of your other projects and also you can order more packs and you can expect all will be well organised within GSA SER.

    Aside from the import file you get a couple of folders filled with files.
    Emails folder contains files with email data, one file for one tier, so again nicely organised and you can use those emails with other software too (I guess!!!)

    PDF folder contains all the pdf files that GSA SER is going to use during the submission process, its nice to have them as a reference.

    Finally there’s a GSA Data folder, with one hundred of text files. I’m yet to hack how to use those best, however they include lots of spun content that you can use building your own supporting GSA SER projects or with other software.
    This is very useful.

    Overall, I received what I paid for and more, as the additional data included in the download file provide transparency and can be used in other ways thus providing more value.

    I highly recommend this service.

  8. Avatar of Quach Cuong

    Quach Cuong (verified owner)

    I have used, and am following. pretty good service

  9. Avatar of Victor DeLaet

    Victor DeLaet (verified owner)

    I just received my first of two data packs. Fast excellent service. The first pack installed correctly and wprked as described. I appreciate all the tips to make ot better. Keep up the great work. Well worth the money.

  10. Avatar of Anthony Coombes

    Anthony Coombes (verified owner)

    Just wanted to leave a review because I saw no recent ones. The data pack was delivered and it worked flawlessly with GSA SER. I was previously struggling with the setup but thank goodness I found this data pack which had the 100% whole setup ready to go, along with some helpful videos My next order will be the 7 tier – just have to sort out a few vids for it first. 10/10 service

  11. Avatar of vancuoc29

    vancuoc29 (verified owner)

    Dear Michael Swart,
    This is the 2nd time I purchased the 5 tier data pack for GSA search Engine Ranker from Asia Virtual Solutions and the delivery was very fast less then 24 hours I received an email with Data Pack. Good service, Will definitely order in next time.
    Many thanks.

  12. Avatar of Luc Marseille

    Luc Marseille (verified owner)

    I bought one of the first GSA Data Packs Tier1 this week. The delivery was very fast less then 24 hours I received an email with Data Pack. the customer was perfect. Great service and great data. I will order tier 7 by next week. thanks. asia Solutions

  13. Avatar of Alexander Tsygankov

    Alexander Tsygankov (verified owner)

    Amazing! Thank You! Nice!:)

  14. Avatar of Antoine

    Antoine (verified owner)

    Excellent offer, quick delivery. This pack has saved me a lot of time and helped me to create more than 100K backlinks until now. I used it with english keywords but french anchor and it worked well. There is no hesitation to have, you can buy with your eyes closed!

  15. Avatar of Michalis Malatras

    Michalis Malatras (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery! Nice work

  16. Avatar of rsvankessel

    rsvankessel (verified owner)

    Another order for the GSA data pack has just been delivered and I am excited, again!
    GSA is running and the first relevant links have already been set and verified.
    Excellent and will buy again!

  17. Avatar of Marty Bostick

    Marty Bostick (verified owner)

    WOW, what else can I say? This makes my 3rd order and I have NOT been disappointed. Having everything assembled and ready to go for my projects has turned into a no-brainer decision on how I will proceed going forward.

    The Data Packs area fantastic approach to getting GSA projects up and running quickly.

    Thanks again buddy.

  18. Avatar of rsvankessel

    rsvankessel (verified owner)

    This was not my first order and will definitely not be my last! The GSA Data Packs from Michael are worth every Cent. It’s just wonderful to let GSA do its work and watch the success live in ahrefs. Absolutely recommendable!

  19. Avatar of douglas sargent

    douglas sargent (verified owner)

    Wow! I have had GSA for months now and havn’t been able to figure out how to run a successful campaign… Luckily, I found Asia Virtual Solutions. I purchased a 5 tier data pack less than a week ago, provided the few details required and Michael got the data pack built within 3 days. I uploaded it using the video instructions provided and it worked! After a couple hours I have reached the threshold set for the daily max verified links without hickup. Thank You Michael!!!

  20. Avatar of K R Robideau

    K R Robideau (verified owner)

    I have had GSA Search Engine Ranker for a while but never was able to set up a program properly. Most of the how-to blogs were selling products, not helping set up a GSA program. I ordered the 5 tier data pack from Michael and was amazed at what I got. I finally discovered how Search Engine Ranker was supposed to work.
    Installation was simple, the video explained what needed to be done and how to do it. One click and the program was installed. Each tier was set up to run in the proper rotation and had working emails. It was a pleasure to watch the program run and after a few day I already had a few thousand verified links.
    I definitely will be using more of this, the results have been excellent.

  21. Avatar of Gary Dowling

    Gary Dowling (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the 7 tier data pack for GSA search Engine Ranker from Asia Virtual Solutions and i must be honest before hand I didn’t have much luck with my LPM or VPM with GSA as soon as I pressed start with the 7 tier date pack provided by Asia Solutions ( I didn’t even need to look at the settings, but I did and it was perfect with content, emails, comments, keywords and anchor text all filled nicely) My LPM and VPM went up pretty quickly and after 3 days I am currently at over 300 verified on a low setting as its a fairly new website so slow and steady for now! I am about to purchase another package for another new website! If your on the fence about the packages provided here don’t be, they are well worth the money and the packages are great as separately for content, catchall emails, customised comments and the research for new keywords/anchor text and actual time it takes to setup, this will save you money in the long run!

  22. Avatar of mytrick4u

    mytrick4u (verified owner)

    I am a noob to this gsa and asiavirtualsolution give me the path to reach my destination and really they have helped me a lot in setting the gsa and make everything perfect.

  23. Avatar of Abey

    Abey (verified owner)

    An awesome product all in all. I have been using them for over 3 years now and it has never failed me.Easy to use , just resore the backfile provided and all data along with attachments and email accounts are resored. All you need is good private proxies and captcha solving and you are up and running. Get’s good results on keywords as well. Saves a lot of manhours of research and setup.

  24. Avatar of kyinwebgroup

    kyinwebgroup (verified owner)

    I’ve bought 4 data packs for various projects and they just keep rocking.

  25. Avatar of Abey

    Abey (verified owner)

    The data packs are so great and convenient to use that even a child can load it up into GSA ser and fire away. You just need working private proxies and captcha breaker, and other text and image captcha solvers and that’s it. Get a good dedicated machine with enough ram, push up the threads and fire away. It’s better to get a 5 or more tier data pack because each tier supports the tier above and works well in improving rankings like that.

  26. Avatar of (verified owner)

    Thank you for your help. I don’t know much about GSA, with your help, I can run many website with it.

  27. Avatar of Abey

    Abey (verified owner)

    I have ordered more than 5 data packs so far. The quality of these packs is excellent and all the hard work for you is already done for you. You just have to restore these data packs into GSA and the project loads up just fine. Emails are also added in there for verification of submissions.

    All you need is just ips for submission and verification and reliable captcha solving services and of course link lists for submission.

    This is a one of a kind service and no one else is providing it.
    The results are awesome, our keywords were ranking in first page within a few days of starting project. This can easily save you over 48 hours of research in articles, spinning, and many other tasks to set up a project.

  28. Avatar of rodolfo.lagana

    rodolfo.lagana (verified owner)

    I’m using Tier 7 Data Pack since months and the results was so “unespected” incredible!
    Customers are happy, they get the results expected without any risk. This Data Pack is so well balanced, perfectly tuned in every little aspect and this means great results without risk. Really, chirurgical precision in every Tier.
    Also, is perfect to be used with GSA SERE. Once imported in GSA SER, Data Packs automatically set the best options for GSA SERE. Perfect, no change for errors and incredible powerful combo|
    The results with Tier 7 Data Pack was so brilliant the we order again some days ago. Every time with Content generation option.
    The content is perfect and totally SEO oriented.
    Incredible value for this price, thank you Michael!

  29. Avatar of Leroy

    Leroy (verified owner)

    I thought I’d give the GSA Data pack a try because it seemed to make sense what the sales page was saying regarding all the work involved setting up a project.

    I purchased the ‘2 Tier Data pack,’ and I can say the service and the package are outstanding, way beyond anything I expected. I’m well pleased with the purchase, and I will be coming back for more.

  30. Avatar of CONSTANTIN

    CONSTANTIN (verified owner)

    All Gsa packs are of the highest quality to be honest they are good for tier 1 100% , so I would recommend anyone to buy with confidence this website!!! Thanks!!!

  31. Avatar of Valeriy

    Valeriy (verified owner)

    Thank you for the professional support.
    I ordered more. The main thing is professionalism and support !!!
    Thank you for the professional support.
    I ordered more. The main thing is professionalism and support !!!

  32. Avatar of Christoph


    Ordered again a 7 tier data pack and it works amazing – thank you for your fast delivery too

  33. Avatar of Roy


    I’ve been using the 7 tier packs for all of my websites and I am delighted with the results the backlinks just keep trickling in and I have never had a problem with Google and I have been using them consistently for a couple of years now.

    I buy a new data pack for every website that I put up there and will keep on doing so. I’m very happy with the results.

    Roy N.

  34. Avatar of omar


    the service very easy and team that’s here 24/7 to give you helpful i am now in page 3 in google

  35. Avatar of josh


    Just bought 7 tier gsa ser data pack. they delivery me within 24 hours. just download, restore and i go to sleep. very fantastic and save my hour. and also good customer service, michael answer all my question. will order again soon.

  36. Avatar of Ulrich


    i honestly tried to outsmart them and ordered a test Datapackage. My initial thought was i just duplicate them and change some articles and such … but i figured pretty fast this was pretty short sighted … those data packages are top notch value for the $. I ll just keep ordering more of them, They certianly got the better tools to scrape all the stuff so i am happy to stick with it.

  37. Avatar of Egbert


    My data package was delivered ahead of time. I was completely surprised. I’m going to order again. If there’s anyone reading this they are just fantastic.

  38. Avatar of Jeff


    Definitely worthwhile especially as a new user of GSA SER as it gives you a complete ready-to-go solution without having to figure all the options in GSA SER!

  39. Avatar of marc

    marc (verified owner)

    i am feeling like a broken record on every review I am leaving here, however all the services are great. These data packs help you take it to another level and save so much time. Time is money and it saves both! I bought the 5 tier and excited to see more results the longer I use it. Thanks again Michael.

    • Avatar of Michael Swart

      Michael Swart

      Thank You very much Marc, we really appreciate the vote of confidence.

    • Avatar of Michael Swart

      Michael Swart

      Thank You very much Marc, we really appreciate the vote of confidence.
      Look forward to continue saving you time and money

  40. Avatar of Nazir


    Michael does all the work so you don’t have to. In less than 24 hours, I had my data packs back to install on my server. Along with the packs came written instructions as well as a video to help me set-up and start running my campaign right away. No time wasted no guess work. A few clicks to set-up my 7 tier campaign and GSA got to work on autopilot. He makes it that simple. Thank you Michael.

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    burakahmetakcay (verified owner)

    Amazing data pack and insane progress. ?t work. trust me totally worth .
    I bought 3. pack now amazing works and amazing backlink. this pack is a insane !

  42. Avatar of Felicia


    A friend of mine purchased my first data pack on a highly competitive keyword and I’m already seeing great results. The pack saves me loads of time and helps me rank organically so that my site isn’t penalized. I received the pack within 48 hours and I’m so happy with the attentive customer service and purchase. Thanks again!!

  43. Avatar of Dian


    I already bought my first data pack. This service very excellent, save loads of my time. No need time to create email accounts, scrapping, spinning articles, long tail keyword research and GSA setup. All done by this service. Just a few clicks an enjoy…well I highly recommend this service.

  44. Avatar of Del


    I had one question I asked myself. What is my time worth? Setting up GSA for many sites is very time consuming. That is why I come here. My big order was fulfilled in a timely manner. All were 5 tiers and now I’m ready to go. thanks again

  45. Avatar of John


    Ordered for this package the 25th October 2014 and got it 24 hours later – WOW fantastic!
    It surely looks like a time saver and the work done is worth every cent, specially if you are new to GSA Search Engine Ranker.
    My only concern is the chosen options for tier-1 as some of these might be too spammy – such as URL-shortners, trackbacks – However this is not a problem as this can be adjusted exactly as I want it with a few clicks in the settings.
    The real value of this package is the delivery of a complete setup ready-to-go, and it surely works;)
    The fitting/adjustments are minor things everyone can do.
    Overall this a great service and surely a highly recommended package for all beginners and even the lazy ones:P
    I’m impressed with the service and delivery so far – Now I will look for additional offers such as a deeper package and some good links.
    Really happy that I found this site!

  46. Avatar of stephen


    HI, The service offered with save you hours of time, plus the quality of the content is First Class. And the customer service- via Skype is available all the time. I’m spending the afternoon ordering more packs. Stephen.

  47. Avatar of woo


    I am so happy that i found the asia virtual solutions for gsa ser data pack because it save me a lot of time and their service is great. I receive my 7 tier data pack and it is really easy to add it into gsa ser…

  48. Avatar of Ronnie


    Having only purchased GSA less than a month ago and not having alot of spare time to fully explore it, I found it somewhat complicated and full of little mysterious options which take experience and know-how to fully understand and exploit.

    There is no doubt that GSA is a mature product and obviously extremely powerful, but unless you go through many hours of basic video training it is a unlikely the average user will manage to take full advantage of it. It’s almost like giving a full blooded rally car to a teenage boy racer. Yes he could drive it fast and furiously, but could he expect to straight away win a world class rally? Of course not. GSA is something like that car, it can be driven in many different ways and it takes a whole load of experience to drive it competitively.

    The experts behind the various youtube instructional videos certainly show how they like to set up GSA for an average project, but some videos seem to contradict those from others and the more you look, the more there is to learn. That’s one of the reasons I bought a 5 tier Data Pack. I was on youtube, watching more videos and that’s when I came across the installation video relating to datapacks and honestly that was the first time I ever heard of them.

    That was just a few days ago. Anyway. I signed up, bought a 5 tier pack and loaded it a couple days ago. Pleasingly it installed as easily as described in the video. What has really surprised me however, is I thought I had been making a little bit of progress with GSA setups,,, but the Asia Virtual Data Pack in two days has managed to create more links and rips through at far higher LPM than any of my previous efforts. So this morning I thought I better take a look inside and see what I could learn from their settings… Well… There is far more expertise going on in these datapacks than I have seen in any video! And I can see even at first glance, that I will never have the time to create the level of detail these guys do routinely. Their expertise is obvious and it is plain to see that this is their business and they have honed their trade to get the results. I believe their data packs drive GSA about as well as GSA can be driven by a commercial committed seo business and I reckon it’ll take a seriously long time for me personally to get anywhere close to driving GSA to their levels. So,,, I’ll be back for Data Packs on projects I want better GSA setups than I can build myself. Simple as that.

  49. Avatar of Oleksii


    Great pack. It saves a lot of time, enough to make only a few edits in the filter options. But this is optional, initially all set well. Very pleased with the delivery time and content. Will definitely be back again.

  50. Avatar of Barry


    This is the 3rd data pack that I have purchased from Asia Virtual Solutions, the first 2 got my websites right up into the serps, I’m sure this one will get me to the top, what is so nice about the data pack, its so easy to upload to GSA
    The delivery time – Very quick – less than 12 hours, if only all online business was like this, the internet would be a great place, THANK YOU and I will be back soon.

  51. Avatar of pchylinsky


    Bought 7-tier package – unbelieveable how good it work. I highly recommend that service for all GSA users !

  52. Avatar of Matthew


    I’ve had GSA for a few years but have been struggling with getting it to work as well as I’d like because setting up all the articles properly, finding sites to target and having enough spun content for all the tiers is v time consuming and frustrating. Well, this service has solved all of that. I bought the 5 tier data pack and everything is done for you. All you need to is upload it into GSA and away you go. Still waiting for the results but I’ve come back for more data packs already for the rest of my campaigns.

  53. Avatar of tom


    I purchased 5 tier package, now I want to try 7 tier because I’m happy with the first order.

  54. Avatar of Peter


    I had just built a website in Feb 2014 and purchased a 7 tier data pack with additional emails and unique Tier 1 content in March. I ran this project for a month and then left it alone. My website is on Google page 1 for a couple of the keywords I was targeting. I am well impressed. I have now purchased another pack with the same specs. No. 1 here I come. Impressive !

  55. Avatar of claude


    Another smooth purchase.., I got my 5 tier data pack the day after I ordered it, everything was O.K and i am very happy.
    thank you for a great service.

  56. Avatar of Samantha


    I found AsiaVirtualSolutions at exactly the right time. I just purchased GSA SER, and everything else required to start my first campaign. Cost me $500 for all the tools. Awesome. I have everything I need to rock the net. Wrong. Going through the GSA settings is incredibly hard to simplify just by reading and watching videos. Everyone has their own idea of how to setup a campaign. Tons of tutorials, but every video I watched always left out a tiny unanswered piece of the puzzle. Once I found this GSA DataPack service a huge amount of stress was lifted. Instantly. I ordered the 7 tier package and I couldn’t be happier. I now fully understand the entire process, and have learned a ton of new things within a very short amount of time. Well worth the money. This is coming from a complete GSA noob. I get it now. Knowing all this important information this early in the game is going to take me a very long way. Many years into the future. Many, many thanks!!

  57. Avatar of Barry


    What great service, my 5 tier data pack was delivered to me approx. 3 hours after I purchased, easy to setup, I’ll be back for more, Thank you

  58. Avatar of Grace


    Another great order! I like the 7 tier data packs and thank you for looking into the details for me for my keyword!

  59. Avatar of rockymaiolo


    I bought the 5 tier package and it was delivered the very next day. It came with a video tutorial and after watching I had it setup and running in 5 minutes. I’m going to buy more pack as it take a lot of the work off me, so I can concentrate on building more niche sites.

  60. Avatar of claude


    I purchased the 5 Tier data pack and it is perfect for what i need. I will be buying more data packs for all my future projects! i recommend this service to any GSA SER user.

  61. Avatar of Grace


    I have purchased GSA for one month and not using it yet, as there is so much learning curve still considering that I am new in IM . I bought the 7 tirer GSA data pack with original content, and now I got my first project up and running : ). I have read the reviews on GSA forum before put my order for data pack, I think it’s worth to try the data packs after look through the review. Below is what I feel after set up my first project :
    * It’s very easy to install , really just 3 minutes set up.
    * Good for newbie like me, as then I can look how a project really like
    * I can make changes for URL, keywords and other setting after I install the data pack
    * It saved me a lot of time and effort on filling up all the required filled on GSA
    * Fast communications – I got the reply for my answer usually within 24 hours – which is very nice, please keep it up !
    I will order more as it’s just a huge time saver. Thank you!

  62. Avatar of Alex


    Wow, great service! Super fast delivery and great instructions. Breath of fresh air for beginners using GSA – I’ll be purchasing again! Thanks!

  63. Avatar of Visal


    Very fast! very effective as always!

    Nawshale from GSA SER forum

  64. Avatar of Greg


    Great experience, very well put together and of excellent quality. It sure make using GSA a little easier.

  65. Avatar of Adrian


    A great service. 5 tier data pack ordered and is put together very well. Easy to import with clear instructions, looking forwards to seeing results and have already ordered another pack! Thanks

  66. Avatar of Adam


    Awesone service. Really well done and effective.
    I was fighting myself for months using my own GSA SER knowledge with quite poor results, but using your 7 tiers pyramid within few weeks I am on top1 now. Also I learnt a lot watching how it was done.

    Thank you for your job so well done. You deserve the best.

  67. Avatar of David


    Just tried out the standard $10 data packs and they are awesome!!! Theres a few extra steps to get it set up versus the 5 tier, but for the price its definitely worth it and the quality as always is great. Nice Job!

  68. Avatar of raymond


    This was my first time buying and what an amazing experience. I witnessed clear and concise instructions. If your time is worth money, use this data packs to get going quickly. Thanks for an awesome service!

  69. Avatar of Sean


    Wow, I ordered the 7 tier pack with the target URLs add-on. Amazing and impressive service. The value is incredible.

  70. Avatar of Alexander


    I have purchased this GSA Data pack for several Projects now and I am totally satisfied with them. I could never get them running that fast and with this high Quality like from this Website. Thanks a Bunch!

  71. Avatar of Gladstone


    This product is a great time saver, especially when using GSA SER for the first time. I plan on ordering at least 4 more data packs in the days to come. Thanks a lot!

  72. Avatar of Robin Suh

    Robin Suh

    Great product. I’ve used them two time before and the product is high quality and data is pretty decent. Much better than doing it myself.

  73. Avatar of Raymond


    Awesome product! Ordered the 5 tier data pack. This literally saves me hours of time. Love it! Thanks!

  74. Avatar of syed


    Amazing service offered here by asia virtual solutions. I got my order filled in under 24 hours. Amazing quality. I setup his data pack in 3 minutes and was up and running in less.

    I am going to go back to order a 7 tier data pack. I am running at home with 10 proxies, GSA CB and getting a very high verified rate. Thanks again.

  75. Avatar of Andres


    First order for GSA SER data pack Tier 7 and results are amazing 60% verified. Excellent work with a very high quality settiings. Campaign is running on VPS with 20 private proxies and spamvilla for recaptcha. Asis Virtual Solutions is the best partner for GSA Ser

  76. Avatar of Munteanu


    Those services are great . Ypu will never find on the internet soemthing likes this .Professional , fast and very usefull. I bought till now 4 projects and i will buy more.

  77. Avatar of Markus


    Placed another order and received a 5 tier pack with great quality. It saves me so much time – I’m glad I found you.

  78. Avatar of Michael


    I ordered a tier 5 pack and I am very happy with the quality of the work. This is a huge time saver. Extract, import and hit start. It takes away the work I really hate to do for GSA ser.

    I will definitely be back for more!

  79. Avatar of Markus


    Great service. I ordered the 5 tier packet and I received very good work with a very high quality.

  80. Avatar of Michael


    Loved the work got my data in under 4 hours !!! will order again for sure

  81. Avatar of David


    Loved the work and effort put into these data packs. They have made my seo efforts so much easier. Thanks so much!

  82. Avatar of David


    Absolutely love the work done with these data packs, saves a bunch of time and have had really good results so far with all the data packs ive ordered. Great Service….

  83. Avatar of Adrian


    This service is just awesome! I purchased the data package and I am really satisfied with it. The conetent is just great and this saves me ALOT of time! I love to see my sites climbing up the google ladder. Give this a try, you won´t regret it

  84. Avatar of woo


    Fast delivery and good support. I use the 5 tier gsa ser data pack that i buy on gsa ser and the result is better than my own scrape articles and own gsa ser setting. Thanks

  85. Avatar of csgirish


    This is my first purchase of 7 tier pack. I must say Michael has put this pack together very well indeed! I got going in 5 minutes. The PDFs, Articles, Emails are all assembled quite nicely. Will come back for more gigs soon.


  86. Avatar of marshand


    I’ve ordered several of these data packs, and am very happy with the service. Actually, they are not only great for helping us to save time and effort when creating GSA projects; you can also learn a lot by studying how they are put together. so, the data packs are affordable, necessary and fantastic for training.


  87. Avatar of Jorge


    Well, I already bought 3 datapacks 7 tiers, and now im buying 2 or 3 more… I guess this speaks for me.. Its simply a GO!!! And attention is perfect.. Thanks!!!

  88. Avatar of hristo


    I am very happy that I found this service which saved me a lot of time setting GSA SER. The service is very professional and I recommend it strongly

  89. Avatar of Christoph


    Hi all, I received my GSA SER data pack and I am very happy that I made this purchase. Fast delivery and proffessional work is much appreciated. Looking forward for more.

  90. Avatar of Ivo


    To be honest, I’ve owned GSA for over a year but only used it a couple times because of the sheer amount of work it takes to manually fill in all the data that’s necessary to begin a project. I came across these data packs from Asia Virtual Solutions on a forum and let me tell you, what a timesaver! It’s literally 3 clicks to import everything and then a couple minutes to make minor tweaks that are customized for each project I run. It’s too soon to tell what the final results will be in ranking, but I’m already seeing upwards movement after only a few days.

    I actually manually created tier ones to my moneysite because I wanted the highest quality possible in case of a manual review. I simply supplied these tier 1 links on the order form so the data pack is actually setup to send links to them instead of my moneysite. It’s exactly what I was looking for and am going to place another order as soon as I submit this. TIP: Private proxies are a MUST in GSA. Start off with 10 semi-dedicated if you’re budget conscious and go from there. They make all the difference in the world.

  91. Avatar of seoseenu


    I am new to GSA Search Engine Ranker. When i brought, i thought it will be easy to learn. But i feel bit difficult because of my limited time for morethan a month i haven’t touched my GSA. I don’t even checked i works good or not.
    Thank god one day i come to know about this site and i had a word with them in chat. Soon i ordered one package and whola. Within couple of minutes i setup GSA and it started running. I did few clicks nothing much to start it. I asked one of my friend to look into it as i don’t even know this is doing its job right or wrong. My friend gave A++, it did all the work needed without any manual intervention. My overall score 10/10.
    If you don’t have time to learn how GSA works and don’t want to spend plenty of time creating email accounts. Then this is for you.

  92. Avatar of puzanov


    I am a big fan of GSA SER and when I need to set up new projects this is a big pain for me to get and create all data. Sure you can use GSA SER with minimal setup, but to get it’s all potential you need to do a pretty much hard-work: well created pdfs, images, videos, well spinned articles, etc.

    This data pack solves these problems and it is really cheap. When you receive your order you just import it in GSA and that is all. All data is set up properly and ready to go.

    Very big thanks goes to Asia Virtual Solutions and I consider them as my partner for all my GSA setups.

  93. Avatar of domainer


    I bought one of the first GSA Data Packs about a month ago. I used this service for 1 main keyword and made sure I did no other link building to it.

    I did not change anything to the pack as I left it as is. Since this was 5 tiers deep I seen no reason to modify it. Well when I started out the keyword was Not In The Top 100. About 30 days later the KW is now at #58

    This may not seem like a huge rise BUT it was NIT100 for MONTHS! So this pack for sure can do the job and you can use it for all your keywords big or small.

    My plan is to use these for much harder keywords as these are for authority sites that I use them for not churn and burn.

    Keep up the good work!

  94. Avatar of Chris


    I’ve purchased over 10 of the GSA SER Data Pack Plus packages. The ones containing the 5 tier structures. I can tell you first of all they work well for your link building campaigns. I’ve pushed a few website on a local SEO level to the first organic spot on page one of Google for their primary key word/term. Using no other methods besides good on-page SEO and running these GSA Data Packs through GSA SER. Not only that – these were new domains, not even 4 months old yet. It took me around 3-4 weeks only, running these GSA Data Packs, to rank them #1 for their primary key words.

    Secondly, these GSA Data Packs will save you loads of time. Everything is done for you. All you have to do is load them into GSA SER with a few clicks and run them. Away they go building your links. No scraping and spinning articles, no long tail key word research to do, no email accounts to create, no spinning your anchor texts – it’s all done for you in these Data Packs – everything. And what? For the price? You can’t go wrong. Once you buy one you’ll be back for more.

    Getting and using these GSA Data Packs is like having a personal chauffeur to drive for you. You just tell the chauffeur where you want to go (what URLs and Key Words to Rank on Google), then sit back and enjoy the ride. Work on other projects, read a book, design a new website, or whatever – the chauffeur (GSA Data Packs) has you covered.

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