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3 known fast ways to bring traffic to a new website


3 Known Fast Ways To Bring Traffic To A New Website


Time is money, but for internet marketing, i would like to say traffic is money. And traffic is another name of success in the arena of internet marketing. Your success depends on your capability of bringing traffic to your website. But the problem is getting traffic to a new website is not remain easy anymore. There was a time when you can start getting traffic from the search engine after launching your site.


The hardest part of internet marketing these days is to get traffic to a new site. To help you out here i am going to share my favourite fast ways to get traffic for a new website. If you flow this guide correctly, you will be able to bring traffic to your new website within seven days.


Here are 3 known ways to bring fast traffic to a new website.


Guest Posting increases web traffic

1. Publish guest posts on high traffic websites.

Guest post is a popular term in internet marketing. Most of the people use guest posting to build links for their site, but guest posting can bring a tremendous amount of traffic on your newly created website in a short time.

Here i am going to call it guest publishing. One question may arise in your mind why i am calling it guest publishing instead of guest posting? Because our primary aim is to bring traffic, not link building. We are not going to throw the guest post on any website for getting a link.

So, what exactly i need to do for getting traffic through guest publishing? As your primary mission is to get traffic, so you need to find out sites in your niche, which have a higher volume of visitors. Then write a fantastic article which is going to be published on the high traffic website. While writing the article, make sure that you write such type of article which has a better chance to go viral within that website. Is it all? No, you are not finished yet.

Do you have any super engaging article in your site? Find out which article on your site already got a good number of visitors. Then come up with two or three articles. You are going to put those articles links inside the guest post. Usually, less amount of people clicks on the link of the author bio to visit the site, by placing links of the interesting article of your site in the guest post will bring you more traffic.

Here are some tips for effective guest posting;
  • Use personalise email for sending proposal.
  • Don’t forget to include a call to action at the end of your guest post.
  • Format your article according to the published article on the guest posting site.
  • Don’t post information about your service or product in the guest post.
  • Ask the site owner to share your guest post on social media.
  • Post longer form article.


2. Commenting on relevant blogs.

Blog commenting

Not so long ago, people use to rank their site on google through blog commenting. But now people stop using it as their primary strategy for search engine ranking. So why i am talking about an old school method here? Importance of blog commenting on search engine ranking became less, but still, it can bring a substantial number of visitors to your site. Besides bringing visitors, it can also help you in brand building and networking.

To see results from blog commenting, you need to invest time consistently, and it’s not a lazy man job. It is one of the reasons people doesn’t like blog commenting.

So how can i get a fair number of visitors by blog commenting? In this mission, your first task is to make a list of your niche relevant blogs. While choosing the blog, make sure that your selected blog has huge visitors and massive engagement in comment sections. It’s time to create a profile on your listed sites; put your name on the name section, use your website as URL, and you are ready to go.

Here are some tips for quality blog commenting;
  • Comment on the newest post rather than the old post.
  • Comment as early as possible on the newly published post.
  • Post quality and lengthy comment.
  • Read the article before commenting.
  • Ask the author questions.
  • Read other comments before posting your comment.


Website giveaways3. Giveaways. 

Everybody loves to win something, and there is a special feeling of winning. You can use this emotion to bring massive traffic to your website. It is the fastest way to bring traffic to any new website. But this traffic will not remain on your site for a long time, and some people may become your fan.

Though giveaways are an effective method for traffic generation, although it’s not free, you have to spend a good amount of money on giveaways campaign. Apart from instant traffic generation giveaways will help you to build relationship with customers.

For giveaways, you can use three types of promotions such as contest, lottery, and sweepstake’s. Let’s say you run an internet marketing agency, and you want to run a giveaways campaign, how can you do that? You can post an article on your website, then ask your audience to comment on the article. If the number of comments reaches more than 2000, then you will give five people ten articles each to start their new website. The more people you can reach out for your giveaways, the more visitor you will get to your site.

Is it enough for the giveaways campaign? No, you must promote your giveaways so that you can reach the maximum number of people. To reach more people, share the giveaways campaign on your social media, and ask people in your industry to share your giveaways on their website and social media. You can also use paid advertising to promote your giveaway campaign.

Here are some tips for running a successful giveaways campaign;
  • First, find out the primary purpose of your giveaway campaign.
  • Pick the right time to run your giveaways campaign.
  • Set clear rules for the contest.
  • Never stop promoting your giveaway till pricing giving moment.
  • Give the prize on time as you promised.
  • Be transparent as much as possible while choosing the winner.

Final words.

If you apply the above methods, you will start getting traffic within seven days.  You will get website traffic from guest posting and blog commenting for a long time. Here I have shared my favourite fast ways to bring traffic to a new site if you know more effective quick ways to bring traffic, don’t hesitate to share in the comment box below.

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