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Xrumer – The All In One Link Building Tool With Brute Force


Any Internet marketer worth their salt would be aware of the power of a tool like Xrumer. Xrumer adapted to the frequent changes happening on Google and today, is a far cry from the old spam link building tool that it was touted to be.
At its core, Xrumer is still a link building tool and a brute of a tool at that.

Asia Virtual Solutions has teamed up with Xrumer to offer you this powerful tool at a discounted price.



Any Internet marketer worth their salt would be aware of the power of a tool like Xrumer.

Along with GSA SER, it is hands down one of the most brilliant pieces of software that we have ever come across. And for good reason.

For many years, our link building automation was solely driven by these two SEO tools.

Then Google started to unleash its animalistic algorithmic updates and for a while, we had to sit back and reanalyse the way SEO was shaping up.

But, within a short time frame, we realized that the only thing that we had to change, was our approach. The tools were still as powerful as they always were.

Xrumer in particular continues to be one of the most widely used SEO tools by the experts.

Allow us to explain its relevance in the current SEO landscape and also some tips on how you can leverage the power of this tool.


What is Xrumer?

Xrumer is an automated link building tool created by Botmasterlabs in 2011.

It was originally promoted as a tool that could build massive amounts of forum profile links in a very short time.

Think of it like creating hundreds and thousands of backlinks to your website within a day. And that too, on reputed forums with an excellent backlink profile.

In the old days, this was the gold standard for boosting rankings for websites.

Why, we have ranked and banked hundreds of websites on Xrumer link blasts alone.

But this approach soon became obsolete.

Thankfully, Xrumer adapted to the frequent changes happening on Google and today, is a far cry from the old spam link building tool that it was touted to be.

Xrumer Poster
Xrumer Poster

What can Xrumer do for you?

At its core, Xrumer is still a link building tool and a brute of a tool at that.

In the latest iteration, it can

  1. Create stealthily concealed links on phpBB forums, Invision Power Board (IPB), UltimateBB, Vbulletin and many other types of forums.
  2. Create links on Wiki sites
  3. Create links on Social Networks
  4. Create links on Web 2.0 Blogs
  5. Create links on Guest books
  6. Create links on just about any other site that you can configure
  7. Send mass PMs to registered forum users
  8. Send texts in just about any language in the world allowing you to target local businesses
  9. Find fresh link sources to post on
  10. Find fresh, anonymous, private proxies to use with the software
  11. Solve more than 6000 types of text captchas and 15000 types of

That might not seem like anything out of the world.

But what separates it from the rest of the tools is that it does not create links that look ‘Spammy’.

Instead, it scans and analyses each website that it posts a link to and comes up with a completely natural way to post the link.


Xrumer at work on a User forum site

For example, if you are promoting a website in the ‘Automobiles niche’ and using Xrumer to create link on a popular Automobiles user forum, it will create a new account, post a few generic or neutral messages like, ‘Hey, I am a 25-year-old male from Missouri’ or ‘Am excited to be on this forum’ and stuff like that.

Then, it will scan the rest of the forum to come up with a completely legitimate question about your product.

For example, ‘I own an Old Chevy Trailblazer that has a niggling fuel pump problem. Can (your product) help in this case?’

Now, here comes the fun part.

Xrumer simultaneously creates other dummy profiles, with completely legit looking information. Introductory posts et al.

It then posts replies to this question, sneaking in your link and thereby promoting your product.

It’s a completely natural looking question and answer that’s impossible to detect even by mods and admins.

And Xrumer does this hundreds of times across forums on the internet within minutes.

Think of the exposure that your product receives in addition to natural back-links.


How can you use Xrumer in 2018?

That’s the question that inexperienced SEO’s and webmasters are asking the most.

Well, we use Xrumer to tackle what we believe are some of the most important factors that affect ranking these days.

  1. Diversity: We use it to diversify our back-link profile. No other tool can match the efficiency and speed of Xrumer when it comes to creating forum, blog and guest book backlinks. We use custom harvested niche lists (You can do that too) to target authority websites only.
  2. Relevance: Xrumer allows us to scrape and find 100’s of niche relevant websites and create back-links to them in seconds.
  3. Time: Any tool that reduces effort, speeds up results and saves time is making you money. It is this ideology that has worked best for us and Xrumer ranks among the best in the business.


Xrumer 16.0 + Xevil
Xrumer 16.0 + Xevil

The New and Updated Xrumer 16.0

If you were one of the people that pledged or sold their Xrumer lifetime licenses in a knee jerk reaction, then you are in for a surprise.

The new and updated Xrumer 16.0 is a beast. It comes bundled with a few other tools that further amplify its effectiveness.

  • XEvil: This is a brand new OCR based system for captcha recognition. Along with solving more than 15000 types of captchas, it also enhances Xrumer’s capabilities to bypass anti-bot systems adopted by websites these days. In other words, better chances of that link getting posted.

  • Intelliform: A snazzy AI-based system that uses probability and algorithms to come up with completely natural and human responses while filling form fields. It can decode even the most obscure unknown field.
  • Hrefer: An upgraded link searching program that constantly scrapes the internet to come up with niche relevant link lists. So, every time you run Xrumer, you receive a fresh and updated link list.
  • Socplugin: A social media plugin that helps you to run mass campaigns on your favourite social media platforms. You can like, comment, post and send mass PMs on autopilot.

In addition to the extras, Xrumer 16.0 also features multiple modes, the most notable one being its ‘Anti-Spam’ mode which further reduces the chances of your link being detected by bot-prevention tools.

Xrumer Text Captcha Solver
Xrumer Text Captcha Solver

Licences and Asia Virtual Solutions Special Discount

Xrumer offers 3 different licences types as follow

  • Lite Licence
  • Standard Licence
  • Business Licence

If you purchase thru the Asia Virtual Solutions Link, you will receive the discounts shown in the image below.


Xrumer Licences and Discounts

Additional information

Licence Types

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