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What to do When your Required .COM Is Already Taken


6 Useful Ideas To opt For When.COM Domain Name Is Already Taken Up


It can take you a fair amount of time to choose the best domain name that suits the needs of your business. This is the reason anyone can get frustrated if this domain name is taken up by someone else.

I can relate to this, but this does not mean that you should give up. I will present you all the alternatives that may work for you in this bad situation. You might be wondering why I am in a position to give you viable alternatives.

We have been running Asia Virtual Solutions for quite some time and have been actively providing web solutions to many clients. This is why I know the tricks of the trade.

Things you can do if your .com domain is taken by someone:


Go for A Different Domain Name Altogether

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If your site traffic comes from different sources and is not direct type-in traffic, then you can drop the idea of using the .COM . You should try to understand the psyche of the users that discover your site. The users who will probably visit your site may be searched users or may discover your site through social media.

Different Domain Names
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There is a possibility that these people might not even notice whether your site is .us, .org In this situation using a domain name other than .COM will not make much of a difference.

When I started my Asia Virtual Solutions venture, then I got a chance to interact with different clients, and most of the clients had similar concerns about the domain name.

Most of them believed that .COM had a role to play in increasing the sales, but once they worked with Asia Virtual Solutions, we were able to change their perspective.


Try Looking Up a Similar Word in A Thesaurus.

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There are times when you just get obsessed with a certain domain name. If you cannot let go of the idea, then you can make use of an online thesaurus. This way you will come across many suitable word alternatives.


Play with Different Domain Name Combinations

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Assume that you are unable to find a domain name  You can alter the name a bit here. For example, you can use The perfect approach is to think out of the box.

Play with Different Domain Name Combinations

I have noticed that domain names with fun words do wonders. When I provide web services to my clients, then I present all possible alternatives. When you have a fun word attached to your domain name, then it adds up this wow factor to your site and may attract more visitors.

If you have run out of ideas, then you can simply add short words like best or online to your domain name, and it will look perfect.


Rearrange the Order of The Words in Your Domain Name

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Rearranging the words in the domain name is possible if you have several words in the name. This way you will get a chance to get access to more or less the same domain without the need to make major changes.

Experiment with different arrangements till you get a unique combination that is available.


Explore the New Top-Level Domains

New Domains

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I always tell my customers to show flexibility when it comes to deciding the domain name of their website because new top-level domains can be tried as well. For example, Jobs and .agency are great options.

The idea of new top-level domains will work well for those sites that primarily get their traffic from the referral resources.


Think on The Lines of Exploring Domain Name Tools

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If you are not innovative and cannot think about any names apart from .COM, then you can explore the domain name tools. Most of the domain name tools even offer alternatives in other languages.

There is a possibility that you might not approve of the suggestions given by these tools. However, they will give you some creative ideas to come up with a good domain name.


The Mistakes You Must Avoid

If the .COM domain is already taken by someone, and that person drops off the domain after some time, then do not be tempted to go for that .COM domain. You can only take this risk if you know the history of the domain.

If any negative association had already been scrubbed in the search engine algorithm, then this is a clear indication that the backlinks of the site were not good enough. This is why opting for this .COM now can be a bad decision on your part.

You should be focused towards offering the best solution to the customers. I will not advise you to spend weeks together to find the perfect domain name.

All you need to do is use ingenuity, and you will be able to find a domain name that will work for you for many years to come.

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