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RankerX -Awesome Backlink Automation Software


RankerX is one of the most advanced link building tool you can get right now. If you’re seriously considering automatic link building, then RankerX is worth of trying. You won’t find advanced features like RankerX in other link building tools. Even the RankerX is more than just a link building tool.


RankerX – Backlink Automation Software


Links are the number one ingredient for ranking higher on the search engine results. Even it is impossible to rank on the first page of Google for some keywords without back-links. Now, link building is very hard compared to previous times. Nowadays, getting a link like winning a lottery prize.

Here is a link building tool called RankerX that can help you to build high-quality links at a faster speed at this modern age of SEO. RankerX comes with some advance features which suits the need of modern link building. Links build by RankerX are safe and carry real SEO value. If you’re looking to build quality backlinks fast, then nothing can be better than RankerX.

What is RankerX

RankerX is an all in one SEO tools that build high-quality backlinks fast at an impressive success rate. In a comparison of success rate, the well-known GSA Search Engine Ranker can’t come close to RankerX with its private proxies, custom URLs, and custom emails. Features such as link building strategy designer, PBN management makes RankerX standout among other link building tools currently available on the market.

Why you should choose RankerX

Links from the high-quality website in short time

Links from junk websites that don’t have any visitors don’t carry any real value in terms of SEO. So, it’s essential for ranking to place your site links on websites that have real visitors. For this reason, RankerX comes with a massive database of web 2.0 sites that has natural visitors and carry real SEO values.

Web 2.0 sites are great ways to get backlinks for any website. RankerX supports the largest number of web 2.0 sites, which is considered to be the goldmine of SEO.  RankerX supports high quality web 2.0 sites, which are WordPress, Joomla, Tumbler, Webs, Jimbo, Webnode, and many more.

Web 2.0 Websites for Rankerx
Web 2.0 Websites for Rankerx

Edu and Gov links are considered to be the most powerful in the world of SEO. With that in mind, RankerX features high-quality Edu and Gov sites such as,,, and many more.

In addition to web 2.0, Edu, and Gov sites RankerX also provides some great website which you can dream of getting links from such as Amazon and Harvard, but with the help of RankerX, you can easily get links from those sites.

RankerX Edu, Gov websites
RankerX Edu, Gov websites

Best success rate

When it comes to the success rate of link building software, it is the most important thing to consider. It doesn’t matter how many websites a link building software has in its inventory; if its success rate is low, then it lost its value. Without any doubt, RankerX has the best success rate among other link building software currently available on the market. So, with the highest success rate, you can build the maximum number of high-quality links fast.

Add an unlimited number of additional sites

Unlike other link building software, RankerX allows you to add additional sites to your SEO campaign. It is another outstanding feature of RankerX. This feature takes the automatic link building to an extreme level. Because of this feature, you can add all of your target sites and build links from them with a few clicks.

Adding additional sites in RankerX is super easy; collect your target sites then add them to RankerX.

Adding Custom Sites to RankerX
Adding Custom Sites to RankerX

After that, RankerX will verify and add them to the SEO campaign.

Adding custom sites for RankerX
Adding custom sites for RankerX

Isn’t it so easy?

Design your own link building strategies

You could imagine this type of feature in a link building software, but it’s true for RankerX. Link building strategy is as much as important as quality sites. It doesn’t matter how much quality links you build for your website if you build links with poor strategy then your links will look unnatural. As a result, your links won’t carry the SEO value that it should. Even you can get the penalty from Google for unnatural link building. That’s why link building strategy is so important you can’t ignore. Thanks to RankerX strategies designer diagram, you can design your own link building strategy with this feature.

You don’t need to use the same link building strategy every time. Instead, you can design a unique link building strategy when you set up a new link building campaign.

RankerX Diagram designer
RankerX Diagram designer

Safe Link Building

When it comes to automatic link building, safety is the first and most important concern for everyone. RankerX uses several link building techniques so that your site remains safe from the Google penalty.

RankerX ensures your account longevity by applying smart techniques. Browser cookies save locally so that RankerX doesn’t need to log in every time for posting. Moreover, RankerX minimizes the use of the proxy for every account. It matches the proxy for a particular account and uses the same proxy every time for posting. RankerX also uses hybrid posting technology by applying a real browser and intelligent socket client; it ensures the safety of your accounts and increases posting speed.

To keep your links safe in the eyes of Google, RankerX uses multiple link embedding techniques. With the available link building settings, you can set up different link building strategies such as link wheel, collocation, and many more.

RankerX Link Set
RankerX Link Set
RankerX Link Sets
RankerX Link Sets

Use RankerX Anywhere

Most of the Link building tools are not available for all types of operating systems, and it’s a problem for the user. But with RankerX, you won’t face this type of problem.

It doesn’t matter if you have a Windows or Mac or Linux machine, you can use RankerX on anywhere you want. Even you don’t need to install a virtual machine on your computer for using RankerX. RankerX is available for all platforms. If you want to check your SEO campaigns from your mobile, you can also do that, to do this you need to install RankerX on a server. You can access RankerX from the server using any devices such as smartphones and iPad.

Use rankerX from anywhere
Use rankerX from anywhere

Manage PBN from RankerX

If you have lots of PBN (Private Blog Network ) sites, then it takes a lot of time to manage those sites. Here is good news for you, you don’t need to manage your PBNs manually because RankerX can do it for you. You can add your WordPress hosted PBN sites to RankerX and manage them from it. Moreover, you can also add your expired web 2.0 sites to RankerX. It will save valuable time and make your link building campaign more efficient.

Manage PBN with RankerX
Manage PBN with RankerX


RankerX is one of the most advanced link building tool you can get right now. If you’re seriously considering automatic link building, then RankerX is worth of trying. You won’t find advanced features like RankerX in other link building tools. RankerX is more than just a link building tool.

Awesome RankerX

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