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How to lower high bounce rate when using GSA Search Engine Ranker


Lower high bounce rates when using GSA Search Engine Ranker


I received a question from one of our users asking how he can reduce his  high bounce rates when using GSA Search Engine Ranker

lowering bounce rate


What  Does Bounce Rate Mean

First lets me explain what bounce rate mean, so those who do not know will have a better understanding of what i am writing about in the rest of the post.

According to Wikipedia – Bounce rate is an Internet marketing term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site.

Why Does Visitors  Bounce (leave without browsing ) from a site.

Lets stand back here for a minute and look at the elephant in the room, your website and what is the reason that people land and leave the site.

Bounce rates by Industry

  1. Poor user experience – Poorly designed site which users might not find your website pleasing and or easy to use and navigate, so they leave.
  2. No call to action – User landed on your website but do not know what to do next as you have not added any call to action, so they bounce off.
  3. Slow website – User landed on your site but everything is loading so slow, so they leave.
  4. Not engaging your audience – All you have is a bunch of text, and no interesting video engage the website visit, so they bounce off.
  5. Low quality images – If you use boring images scraped from the web i will not captivate your visitors attention, and so they leave.
  6. The site does not look credible, for example,  you are not using testimonials to build credibility, which cause the traffic to bounce away.
  7. Content on your site not readable on all devices, font and typography poorly used and formatted, users should not have to zoom in to read the text, because it will make them leave.
  8. Expectation – visitor followed a link with anchor text apples, but when they arrived at your site it was about oranges, so they bounce off
  9. Spammy traffic sources will lead to increased bad bot traffic which hit and bounce.
  10. Crappy and boring headlines that are not engaging, could cause high bounce rates.
  11. Click-bait images – showing something interesting but leading to something else, is a sure fire way of bouncing your traffic.
  12. Too many or untimely pop-ups are a pain for many users and reason why they hit the internet highway when encountering pop ups.
  13. Poor navigational structure , people cant easily get to places on your site and non relevant related post links will result in bounce traffic.
  14. External links – you either have to many external link sand or they are opening in the same window which mean you loose the user to another site.


Lowering Bounce Rate When Using GSA Search Engine ranker

Whilst GSA Search Engine Ranker is definitely not be the main cause why you are experiencing high bounce rates on your site, there are a few things that can be done with the type of links you build and the content when using GSA Search Engine Ranker.

We will cover a few points below that will definitely help in improving the bounce rate for the traffic coming from the GSA Search Engine Ranker build links.

Type of GSA Search Engine Ranker platforms to selectPlatforms you build  links on with GSA Search Engine Ranker

The platforms you build links on with GSA Search Engine Ranker, can also have an impact on the bounce rate on your website.

In general the best type of backlinks to use when promoting your top tier links which point directly to your website money site  are;

  •  Contextual Links
  • Links with an anchor text
  • Do follow links

The above kind of links are more likely to drive real visitors from your site  than the below which you should avoid;

  • Avoid profile links
  • Avoid directory links
  • Avoid spammy platforms like pingbacks, trackbacks, exploits, indexers, adult videos as these are more likely to only send bot traffic to your site which increase the bounce rate of your site

The good news is that GSA Search Engine Ranker can help you to un-check certain types of links in bulk. To use this feature, simply follow the below simple steps, whilst taking note of the include image above;

  1. Start a new project
  2. Right click in the platform area.
  3. Select “CHECK ALL”
  4. Select “Uncheck Engines  That Use No Contextual Links ”   – You will see a pop up asking if you “What types of contextual you want”. Select ARTICLES ONLY
  5. Next select “Uncheck Engines with No Follow Links” You will then see a pop up asking if you want to uncheck sites that use both, do and no follow — Select NO here  so you have at least some diversity.
  6. Next select “Uncheck Engines that use  no anchor text


Content you use with GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Are you just randomly scraping content or are the content you imported niche specific, factual and well written. Using rubbish content will result in rubbish and most likely bot traffic only.

Take some time and write the articles your self and if you are going to spin the content make sure that the spin versions make sense when you read it. Take time and write at least 50 different titles.

Many of the content creating tools out there  like Kontent machine  ( which I use myself ) allow you to import articles in to the tools, so why not get some content done for you and then import it into Kontent machine or what ever tool it is you are using.

Asia Virtual Solutions offer 2 services that can help you with the content, as below.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Data Pack

With the GSA Search Engine Ranker Data packs you will see that we have an option to use unique content for the top tiers. With this option we will write 3 x 1000 word articles, 100 unique titles, then we merge these unique articles on paragraph and title level  to give you one super unique article in syntax which we then use when creating the content for the top tier. For the lower tiers we will then normal further spin the content on word, synonym, sentence and phrase level . If you dont need the GSA Project created for you and only need the articles super spun then use the other service here, called Premium Write and Spin

Premium Article Write and Spin
  • Professional article writing by an English speaking writer ( 1 original article and 2 manual rewrites – UAW Style)
  • Creating a super syntax by combining the 3 articles into 1 super article
  • Spin the super article on title, word, synonym, phrase as well as paragraph level
  • Produce 100 article variations by spinning the super article syntax
  • Detailed report with the 3 original articles, the syntax of the 3 articles combined, the syntax of the 3 articles combined and spun, 100 variations.


Anchor Text & URLs used in GSA SER

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen people make when using GSA Search Engine Ranker is that they are just using as many as possible anchor text to promote the URLs, without thinking if all anchor text are fully relevant.

Binding URLs to Anchors Text

When you just add a random bunch or URLs to promote and a bunch of anchor text , GSA SER will random link use a URL with a random 1 of your anchor text. If you have a big website with many categories, this could result in some links pointing to an anchor text not really relevant to that link. This could negatively affect your bounce rate as the visitor expected to land on a page with something related to the anchor .

The good news is that GSA Search Engine Ranker allows you to bind URLs to anchor text, this mean only relevant anchor text are used for each URL

I have earlier on created a detailed blog post explaining how to correctly bind URLs with anchor text in your GSA Search Engine Ranker project

You can read the full post “GSA Search Engine Ranker – Binding URLs with Anchors Text” over here:

Your Link List

Most of the people using GSA Search Engine ranker are paying for some link list which they then used to blast to and 90% of the times it is a non targeted link list, meaning the sites you are posting links to are not niche relevant, and this will result  in getting a high bounce rate as your site did not meet the expectation of the visitor.

As an example; if your website is all about bee keeping, and all the anchors you use to promote your bee keeping links are related to bees. When you use a non targeted global link list then you are most likely ( No you are definitely ) building backlinks on totally non relevant sites. So you could be building links about bee keeping on an internet marketing site, or some Chinese social forum about current trends. When you build backlinks like this, not only will the search engines see it as a non relevant link, but the little traffic you will get from those links are most likely bot traffic which is causing a high bounce rate on your site.

If you really want to improve your bounce rate then you need to start scraping your own niche relevant target list to post to, where the traffic will definitely find your website relevant and will browse around your website, thus lowering the bounce rate.


Language of sites you build links on with GSA Search Engine Ranker

The language of the sites on which you build your links is important, because if your website is in English and you are building links to your website on a Chinese language website where all the visitors are Chinese, they will expect to see a Chinese site if the click your link posted on their Chinese site. So, when they land on your site and everything is in English, they will just bounce away, because you failed to meet their expectation.

It is therefore important that you build links on websites which are the same language as your own website, the good thing is that GSA Search Engine Ranker allows you to specify what the language of the sites on which you would like to build links on should be.

To set the language filter, proceed as below:

GSA Search Engine Ranker - Skip sites by language

  • When creating a project go to the OPTIONS tab and scroll down all the way to the bottom and you see an area with heading: SKIP SITES FROM THE FOLLOWING LANGUAGES.
  • First click the box next to the field name to enable the filter, then right click inside the area where the languages are and SELECT ALL. Then un-check the box with the language that is same as your site. In other words, if your site’s in English then you will check all the languages but un-check English.
  • So now GSA Search Engine ranker will now check the language meta tag and other indicators on all sites to determine what language is used on that site, and if it sees the sight as in any language but English it will skip it will not build a  link on that site. You will see a notification in the progress log when ever it detects a language that should be skipped.

This language filter will however  affect your LPM as a lot as it will skip all those sites that are not English, but if you know anything about SEO then you do want a low LPM when building links to your money site, but setting the language filter will help to lower the bounce rate on your website, as all visitors will now come from English sites and will understand what is written on your site, and this by far outweigh LPM

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That then conclude our brief guide on How to lower high bounce rate when using GSA Search Engine Ranker, I hope the post was of help to you.

Be sure to watch the below video internet marketing guru Neil Patel on the topic of  decreasing your bounce rate

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