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News at end of May


Asia Virtual Solutions News at end of May

Its been an exciting couple of months and things are moving along just great. I wanted to take a couple of minutes to let you know what’s been going on and what is new and  what has changed.

I had an exciting one month holiday to South Africa where I traveled from  Cape Town back to Johannesburg all the way to the Kruger national park, visiting family. The great news is that during that time it was business as usual at Asia Virtual Solutions and my team managed to keep the ball rolling and processing your orders.

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Server Relocation

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Green Cloud VPS After the holiday I took a good look at our servers and decided that it is time to move to a new powerful server and change of data center. So we got a nice new powerful dedicated server in Canada and after setting it up and sorting out name servers and propagating the DNS we began the process of migrating 500GB of data from Houston, Texas to Montreal, Canada. Within 24 hours we has everything moved over and done the syncing. The smoothest migration i ever done. Of course we are still using and I highly recommend  Green Cloud VPS as host not only for our Linux servers but also for our Windows machines where we run GSA Search Engine Ranker on.

We have also renewed our SSL security certificate at the end of May 2015,  so you can rest assured that your shopping experience with us is secure.

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Improved the theme

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Asia Virtual Solutions- Pingdom Score
Once the migration was completed we started to upgrade the Asia Virtual Solutions theme, and whilst it looks almost the same as before, i can assure you it is completely different under the hood, the code is now much cleaner and things are loading much faster now and we managed to achieve a page load time of 750 milliseconds and a overall page score of 94100 from Pingdom tools as you can see here :!/bIukb/  So i hope the new faster site will improve overall user experience.

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The Link List

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Allot of work has been done in the last month on the quality link list and the biggest change is that we will now always remove duplicate domains, as such the list you have is both unique in terms of URLs as well as domains.

After we cleaned up the list at the end of May the totals now stand as follow:

  • Identified URLs :24,782,219
  • Verified URLs : 1,178,018

We have also updated the videos and there is now a updated video showing what is included and also a video explaining how to import he site-list into GSA Search Engine Ranker, as can be seen from below 2 videos.

If you have not yet signed up for the Link list then you have a good reason to do so now, as we are offering a 25% discount on the initial link list sign up fee. The discount can be found inside the video you see at the top of this page

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GSA Search Engine Ranker Data Packs – Updates

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In Jacob king Gsa Search engine ranker design order to keep up with the constant changing features and the search engine algorithms we have then also updated all of the GSA Search Engine Ranker Data packs at the end of May. Below are just some of the changes we have done to the GSA Search engine ranker data packs;

  • All GSA Search Engine Ranker Data packs now include 50 emails per tier, this will allow for higher number of account creation per platform.
  • We have updated the scheduling under Options and now have it set so u can post more frequently. The number of account to be created now also increased to 50 in line with the number of email accounts we include.
  • Since Google has stopped updating site PR we feel it is a waste of time to continue to use that filter as PR is no longer maintained which could mean we are loosing out on potential places where to build links.
  • The  pause project after x number of verification has also been updated on the 7 tier data packs and a higher number has been set which will allow for more verified links to be build per tier before it pause.
  • I have found that many people use keywords for which there are hardly any places to post to. meaning if GSA Search Engine ranker search for places to post to based on your keywords and the build in foot prints then it often finds nothing or very little sites to post to that contain your keywords and this will result in very low verified and submitted links and then i get emails asking me what is wrong with the data pack. Now since the whole idea of GSA search engine ranker is to build back links, I think very few people care where the links are coming from so long as they get a backlink. So to solve this problem all data packs will now have by default have 413,810 English keywords added to the keyword section in addition to the ones u provide. This will significantly increase the number of sites that GSA Search Engine Ranker finds to post to. Of course we will still only use your anchor text.


We hope to soon  introduce a Jacob King GSA Search engine ranker data pack based on this design by Jacob King as shown on the thumbnail above to the left and shown as  the solution in this blog post from Jacob King. So keep your eyes open for the announcement when it is ready in June.

In appreciation of your continued support we are offering a 25% discount on all GSA Search Engine Ranker data packs during June 2015 the discount code can be used 1 time only per person but you can order more than 1 data pack in the order and still get 25% discount. The discount can be found inside the video you see at the top of this page

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GSA Search Engine Ranker Email Packs

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Now that the server has been updated the email accounts will also perform much faster. To date we have over 300,000 email accounts connecting to the server from GSA Search Engine ranker installs.

We have also rechecked all existing accounts to make sure all credentials are correct and we also added some more Yahoo emails to the mix and more domains will be added as we grow the email vault.

Whether you received your emails in a data pack or whether you just purchased a standalone email pack, we ask that you test the email accounts in GSA Search engine ranker and let us know which ones fail. If we confirm a email is not working we will replace that email account for you if it was purchased from us in the last 6 months.

When you do report the email is now working, it is important to include the following;

  • Your order number
  • A list with the email or emails  not working.
  • The ip address of the machine vps where you are running it on.  ( the ip address is needed so we can check if it is not maybe blocked in our firewall)

We have also update the email account package that we offer and will no longer be offering the 20 email account packages, simply because we are not making any profit from those after PayPal has taken off their commissions and service fees.

So on the moment the only GSA Search Engine Ranker email package will be 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 email packs.

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That then is just about all the news I have for you at this time, please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and keep your eyes open for emails of updates and new developments.

Wish you a great June and may we make lots of money and build many links together.

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