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Report on the month of July

Asia Virtual Solutions

Report on the month of July

Hi there

It has been a really exciting July at Asia Virtual Solutions and I am please to share some of the happenings and special offers with you.

Quality Back link list Quality Link List

The link list have grown to the point that GSA Search Engine Ranker were no longer able to open the large Identified folder, which meant we could no longer produce the stats for the Identified list. Running a “remove dup urls” in GSA Ser just on the identified folder took about 1 week on a fast server.
So we have decided that we will from now onward only produce the list of Unique Domains, meaning all duplicate URLs as well as duplicate domains are removed. This essentially is much better that the list before which contained duplicate domains but unique URLS and you should see much better results.

The end of July list has just been released and it contains 4,208,649 unique domains URLs

The download links has been updated and all can be downloaded. If you want to download only what changed since the last update then see monthly updates at the bottom.

For those members whom has no yet signed up yet for the list we offer you a a good reason to come on board by give 25% discount off the sign up fee. So instead of the initial $75, you can now get it for $56.25 by using the following coupon code:


The discount code is valid until the 31st of July 2014

GSA Search Engine Ranker - Email packs
GSA Search Engine Ranker – Email packs

GSA Search Engine Ranker Email Packs:

We had many people asking where where they can get email packs for their GSA Ser campaigns, specially those with old campaigns of which some of the email accounts no longer works.
We are please to introduce you to our new GSA Search Engine Ranker email accounts service, exclusively for GSA Ser Users. We do not sell any one specific email but instead we base the email packs on a combination of email providers which currently work well with GSA Search Engine Ranker, so your email pack can contain up to 5 different providers. The diversity will mean that you are not constantly hitting the same email provider thus lowering the risk of accounts getting band. The email packages start from us little as $0.75

In order for you to try out the email packs we are offering you the following  25% discounts voucher :


The voucher is valid until 31st July 2014, can be used only 1 time for up to 20 email packs

GSA Search Engine Ranker - Data Pack
GSA Search Engine Ranker – Data Packs

GSA Search Engine Ranker Data packs:

We are very proud to inform you that our GSA Search Engine Ranker data pack service is now available directly from within GSA Search Engine Ranker. When creating a new project, go to: Tools Autofill and at the bottom you will see the option to buy ready made data pack.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Data pack updates:

SEO is a ever changing game and it is important to adjust and to adapt to the latest requirements and making use of new features to stay ahead of the game, and it is therefore that we have just last week completed a complete re look at the filters and settings being used in our data packs. All new data packs being ordered will have the latest settings.
Within the next week we will be updating our videos and earlier post to reflect the latest settings and filters, I will also be sending out a template which will help you to update all your existing data packs by importing a new options template. So watch out for that email with the update templates.

Stuff we are working on:

We are always looking at new services to introduce which will make the life of a online marketeer a little easier.
Currently we are working on a YouTube Back-link Ranking service which will help you rank your videos.
We are also looking at offering some Social Signals services which will give you more exposure on the net.
I am also looking at introducing some combo packages such combinations which include; manual web 2.0 sites, GSA SER packages, Social Network, and YouTube videos.
We will continue to test all of the above ideas and introduce those as soon as testing is completed.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to continue serving you.

I hope you have a super August

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