10 Things your mom never told you about GSA Search Engine Ranker

10 Things your mom never told you about GSA Search Engine Ranker

In life there are are many things which we are not aware of fortunately our moms are there to guide us and show us the way on most things we will come across. There are unfortunately 10 things your mom never told you about GSA Search Engine Ranker as she most likely never heard of it.

10 Things your mom never told you about GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker like life turns out to be full of surprises.  At first you are all hyped up and can't wait to get your hands on your own copy of GSA Search engine ranker, but once you have it you soon realize there are a lot more to it than just a link builder, and soon you will learn that GSA Search Engine Ranker on its own is pretty useless and you need to buy more stuff and in the end you spend 4 times more than you intended to. But is it worth all of it because you then own the best-automated link building tool available

In this article, we will take a closer look 10 things that you need in order to use GSA Search Engine ranker effectively.

Things you will need:

The below list are 5 essential you need together with GSA Search Engine Ranker if you plan on having success with your GSA Ser link building projects, and I highly recommend that you get all 5 of the below BEFORE you plan on starting any project.

GSA Captcha Breaker

This is most probably the most imported add-on for GSA Search Engine Ranker. GSA Captcha Breaker integrates with GSA Search engine ranker to automatically solve many many of the captchas that GSA Ser encounter when registering or submitting to sites. Without GSA Captcha Breaker you will have a very low success rate.

If GSA Captcha Breaker is a little out of your budget on the moment then I suggest out very own Asia Virtual Solutions Captcha solver which does all that GSA Captcha Solver does and more for a much lower monthly fee. You can check it out over here

Click on image below for step by step guide to configuring GSA Captcha Breaker

Configuring GSA Captcha Breaker

Text Captcha Solver - Asia Virtual Solutions recommendedTXT Captcha Solver

Unfortunately, GSA Captcha Breaker has its limitation and there are certain captchas which it is not yet good at solving and those include text captchas. Now I know you most probably wondering what the heck is a text captcha. Well, text captchas are those where they ask you a question instead of showing a picture. for example, they will ask:  “what one + 1” or things like: “How many legs does a cat have”

Unfortunately, GSA Captcha Breaker does not always know how to answer this and therefore we need to add a service that does.  I myself personally use and highly recommend a product called Text Captcha Solver which claims to increase your GSA Search Engine ranker LPM by at least 25% Starting from $9.97 per month for 5,000 text captcha solves. You can get more info from the Text Captcha Solver website over  here

Once you have registered with Captcha Solver and received your API key,  it is pretty easy to add it to GSA Search Engine Ranker, just see the below screenshot.

Add Text Capcha Solver 

Recaptcha Solver

Recaptcha captchas are a pain in the backside for us internet marketers and most automated captcha solvers ( and even human ones ). Not only are there different types of Recaptchas but they are changing from time to making it very hard to solve them. Recaptcha looks something like the below 2 captcha images.

Recaptcha example
Recaptcha Blob example

Most of the sites you will be submitting to are now starting to use this ReCaptcha, because they know it is very hard  for automated tools to solve them and tools like GSA Captcha Breaker have less than 10% success in solving these which mean if you are only using GSA Captcha Breaker for Captcha solving then you are loosing out on a lot of potential links.

You basically need something that will help GSA Captcha breaker solve these darn ReCaptcha's,  and you basically have 2 choices to go for here. The expensive option would be to use a paid human captcha solving services such as Death by Captcha to solve ReCaptcha's for you, this option is going to be very expensive because as I mentioned most sites are now starting to use these kinds of captchas.

The other option would be to use an automated captcha service that specializes in solving ReCaptcha captchas. There are basically 2 services I know of that is worth mentioning. The 1st ones are CaptchaTronix, they used to be good years back when they came out, but in the past year they went from great to total crap as they failed to keep up with the constant changes of ReCaptcha, so I would advise you to not use them.

Another service which only launched in early 2017 and which I personally use on all my GSA Search Engine Ranker installs is called 2Captchas They are at this time the absolute best service for solving ReCaptcha and they by far outperform the competition. 2Captchas 

I  use GSA Captcha Breaker as the first service and then 1Captchas as the second service with 5 Retries

GSA Search Engine Ranker Recaptcha Solving settings


Serengine PlatformsSERengines.com

( Not a must have but recommended add-on )
Web 2.0 backlinks are the most sought-after type of back-links as they carry a higher authority than other links and most people use them for tier 1 linking, as such you want as many of them pointing to your money site as possible.

Whilst GSA Search engine ranker does have around 60 web 2.0 to offer you these are not necessarily optimized engines,  and this is where Serengines comes in the picture. SER Engines is a development firm separate from GSA which creates and maintains engines compatible with GSA Search Engine Ranker. Serengines develop and maintain; Web 2.0 blogs and Web 2.0 High PR Profiles. In short, Serengine will boost your web 2.0 results.

Please note this is not essential and GSA Search Engine Ranker will work just fine with it, BUT it is highly recommended. At time of writing this, they are charging $14.95 per month

Installing Serengine is pretty straightforward. Once you sign up with you will be provided with an API key that you add to GSA Ser Options under the advance tab, as in the below image, after that just click the update button and you will see Serengines towards the bottom of the Project Data View screen. That's it ones added nothing else to do apart from selecting or deselecting which ones u want to use;

Adding SERengines to GSA Search Engine Ranker



Proxies are really super important and this will make or break your success with GSA Search engine ranker, for this reason, I will cover this in more detail.

Let us take a few steps back now and look what it is that GSA Search Engine Ranker does then you will better understand where and why proxies are needed. Below is a summary of what it is that GSA Search engine ranker does;

  1. GSA Search Engine Ranker search for places that it can register accounts on. ( It will only do this if you have enabled to use search engines in your project )
    • Proxies are needed here because GSA Search engine ranker will take all the build in footprints and then take your keywords and then combine them and end up with 10's of thousands of search queries it will do. The search engines will very quickly get pissed of with you if you are hitting it with repeated searches repeatedly, and then it will start showing captchas when you want to search something. To get around this we need to use proxies so that the search engines think it is someone else each time GSA Search Engine Ranker makes a search query. the more proxies you have the better. Because the search engines like Google is pretty clever about proxies it is best to use private proxies here, or if you absolutely must use public proxies ( which I don't encourage) then make sure they are anonymous elite public proxies that are working.
  2. GSA Search Engine Ranker register accounts at the places it found. ( If you use the global site list or import target URLs then it will try and register accounts for you on those sites.
    • Proxies is needed because we plan on registering as many accounts as possible, but the problem is most of the sites we register on only allow one registration per ip address. To get around this we hide behind proxies so the site you are registering on does not know you are the same person creating 100's of accounts. I recommend the use of public proxies for this to ensure you get as many accounts as possible.
  3. GSA Search Engine Ranker post content ( comments, articles, videos, etc) to the accounts it created. Proxies is needed
    • GSA Search engine normally post the content just after registering the accounts ( a delay can be set in project settings), but since it posts just after registering it most probably will be on the same IP, so again I recommend the use of good quality proxies.
  4. GSA Search Engine Ranker verify to see if the links are still where it posted it with your content. Proxies is not needed
    • So after GSA Ser has posted your content it is going to come back to where it posted to see if it is still there. Since we are not really registering of posting anything there is no need to use proxies for this, but if you want to be cautious and operate like a ninja then you can use public proxies here.

Using ONLY Private Proxies

GSA Search Engine Ranker Proxy Settings

Using Private & Public Proxies

Public and Private proxies

Using ONLY public Proxies

Using Only Private proxies

Why not use proxies for PR Checking, well because it is a waste of time since the last Google PR update was in December 2013, therefore you should uncheck all filters to use PR as it no longer used, and just a waste of system resources if you are still checking the PR.

How many proxies to use:

This is a question I get asked very often and it seems most people including some advanced users don't really have an idea how many proxies they need exactly. The normal rule of more is better applies here but if you want to know what is a minimum then I would suggest you work on a 2:1 ratio, meaning if you have 1 proxy then you should run 2 threads, or to be more realistic if you have 50 proxies then you can run 100 threads. Now, this ratio is based on the fact that you will be running on dedicated proxies. Please don't waste your time with shared proxies ! if you want results then pay the extra couple of $'s and get dedicated.

Which proxy provider:

Proxy service by Asia Virtual Solution offers you quality dedicated and semi-dedicated, private and anonymous proxies with unlimited bandwidth from hundreds of different locations using close to 10,000 subnets. Our dedicated proxies are fast and reliable and for your exclusive use. Our semi-dedicated proxies are reliable and shared with no more than 3 users at a time. ” You can

Asia Virtual Solutions Proxy Service - 788 x 445

Important Settings

Now that we had a look at the software side of what you will need, there are a few important settings your mom never told you about that is really gonna help you. We will take a look at a few that is gonna help your GSA SER run smoother

Auto Throttling

GSA Search Engine Ranker Throttling

Many people don't understand this setting or simply don't use it because they don't know what it does. But this is a very important setting and is the key to running 100's of GSA projects same time, without your VPS or Home PC crashing under the load.

So let's take a look at the options in the above screenshot.

  1. Threads To Use:  I think most people understand what this option is, this is the number of threads you will be running. Now before you go and set it to 300, remember what we said above by proxies, it should be on a ratio of 2:1, meaning that if you want to run at 300 threads then u need 150 proxies. Also, don't expect to pay $15 a month for a VPS and expect to run at 300 threads, you simply don't have the resources. My suggestion is to start low, maybe 20 threads and see how your machine handles it. Then after a few days increase it by 10 threads, carry on until you find what works best on your machine. Remember link building is not something that should be rushed, it should be done slowly, consistently and over time if you want to do it right. Ignore those idiots that thinks the more LPM the better, that is pure BS – Anybody that has been in internet marketing for some time will tell you that building 1000's of links in a very short time is not good for your site's health as Google will kick those links as fast as you build them.
  2. Automatically Decrease Threads on a CPU Usage Above: This is a very useful setting, especially for those people on not very powerful machines with limited CPU power. If you push the VPS or server so hard that it runs out of resources then you will find GSA SER will crash allot or you will get “Out of Resources ” pop-ups. To avoid this I would suggest using a setting of 75 over here. So what will happen is when your projects are running the CPU usage will go up and down depending what tasks are being performed, when GSA SER see the CPU is running at 75% or more it will automatically reduce the number of threads currently running until the CPU usage goes below 75%, when the CPU usage is below 75% it will automatically increase the threads slowly and monitor CPU all the time.
  3. Automatically Decrease Threads on Memory Usage Above: This is the most valuable of these 3 settings This works on the same basis as the CPU usage above, except this is for RAM. Many people when they first start out with GSA will see the annoying Out of Memory error pop up, well this setting will help you prevent getting out of memory errors. It does not matter if your PC or VPS has 16 or 32 GB of RAM, because the simple fact is that GSA Search Engine Ranker is a 32Bit application which means it cannot work with more than 3GB of RAM – If GSA is pushed hard and it use over 3GB of RAM it will give error pop-ups ( yes even if you have 16 or 32 GB or however many RAM installed ). So to avoid it reaching 3 GB we simply set it here to start lowering threads when it reaches 2,500 MB of RAM ( 2.5GB ). So same as with the CPU setting, when it exceeds 2,500MB of RAM usage then GSA will automatically lower the number of running threads in order to get the RAM usage below 2,500MB and then once it is below it will slowly start increasing again and so it will monitor and adjust all the time.

HTML Time Out

HTML Time Out Setting

HTML timeout simply means how long to wait for a page to load. If it does not load within the given time then the system will move on and skip this page.

GSA Search Engine ranker will connect to sites to register, to post and to verify links. Now remember same as on your home PC, if you have many things open and like 20 browsers open at the same time then it takes longer to load a website, the same applies to GSA Search Engine Ranker, the more threads you are running the longer it will take to load the pages.

A good HTML timeout should be between 120 – 180. If you are running very little threads use 120 and if you are blasting away all the time use 180

Blacklist Filter

GSA Search Engine Ranker Blacklist Filter

Many people don't use this option, maybe because there is not much info on what it does or maybe people simply just care.

This filter is a list of sites that keep a list of all spam sites and sites with malware or that are up to no good. Now ask yourself the question   – Do you want a link to your money site on a website that is known as a spammer of which infects people's computers with viruses and other nasty things? well my answer would be hell no !!! I don't want my site link on a bad site.

So if your answer was no you don't want your site to appear on a bad site link, then you should enable this filter and select all of the lists.

Just leave the default interval to 1,440 Min. ( which is once a day)

GSA Search Engine Ranker will download a list containing from each of the sites containing the bad list, if you have plenty of disk space then I suggest to go with 50MB download size, but if you are a bit tight on disk space reduce it to maybe 20.

Advance Settings

GSA Search Engine Ranker - advance settings

The first part in advance settings is for your Global site list. GSA Will by default instal the folders and set the links for you in this location: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\GSA Search Engine Ranker\ and you will it created 4 folders for you as follow: site_list-identified, site_list-success, site_list-verify and site_list-failed. You can just leave this default locations for now,

The ones you want to make a check mark next to is Identified and Verified as these are the 2 important ones. By making a check mark in the box you basically enable GSA SER to write to the folder you made the check against.

Don't select to save PR, because as I earlier explained PR is a thing of the past and Google has not updated it since December 2013.

All other settings as per the screenshot.

I will make a more detailed post about Global site list, how to import them how to clean them etc, at a later time

Be Sure to sign up below for our weekly updates so you receive notification when the post on GSA Search Engine Ranker site-list gets posted.



GSA Search Engine ranker - Indexing settings

Indexing is one of the options that you don't have to set at all in order to use GSA Search Engine Ranker but many people ask about it so I thought I would briefly cover this.

In my personal opinion Indexing services are overrated and a waste of money. I would rather just create one extra tier in GSA to ensure the links get indexed, but there are people who firmly believe they help your links get indexed. I have used several Indexing services in the past so I can tell you from my own experience which ones offer the best bang for your buck.

Even if you do use any of the other services I highly recommend you to get the GSA SEO indexer, as this offer you a  seamless integration with GSA Search Engine Ranker and apart from a one time only payment it is also set and forget solution. If you set the settings like in the above screenshot then GSA Ser will automatically send the verified links to GSA SEO Indexer.

The other 2 Indexing services i recommend are the below two

Link Indexing Service


Remember that does not matter which indexer you use I suggest that you only send the Do Follow links to them, you do this by selecting the option for Do Follow only as in the screenshot above. I would also suggest to drip feed the link and for that, there is an option as well. Do not use the PR filter setting because as I have explained already PR is no longer maintained by Google


And that my friend is the “10 things your mom never told you about GSA Search Engine Ranker” If you have implemented all the above then you are ready to create some serious backlinks. I shall be posting more articles on the setting up of campaigns and other GSA Search Engine Related services. so make sure you have signed up to receive our updates.

Now that you have all ready and set up i highly recommend you to get a GSA Search engine ranker data pack from us as this will give you a very good idea how to fill in all of the project settings.

Get Your GSA SER Data pack

Get Awesome Content for your GSA Search Engine Ranker project

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