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Here is The Complete 2020 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar


Here is The Complete 2020 E-commerce Holiday Calendar


There was a time when online store owners bagged a good amount of money from two to three shopping holidays, but those days are gone. At this time of tough completeness, you must target holidays around the year if you want to grow your eCommerce store.

It is tough to find holidays. Find out what to sell and whom to sell is also more difficult.

To make your job easier, here I am sharing the 2020 eCommerce Holiday Calendar. It is not just a calendar that only consists of dates and holidays. Here I am also providing what products to sell on a particular holiday and whom to sell. If you want to grow your online store, don’t stop here.


Holiday marketing calendar for eCommerce store owners


The Chinese New Year, 25 January

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is also known as the Lunar New Year globally. It is also known as the Spring Festival in mainland China.

More than one billion people in China celebrate the Lunar New Year. Millions of people also celebrate the Lunar New Year outside of China. The Lunar New Year celebrated as a major event in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

The Chinese New Year this year will start from 24th January and will last through the Lantern Festival on 8th February.

Lunar New Year is a major event that can boost sales of your eCommerce store. You can sell almost everything at this event. Health, beauty, food, and clothes are the most popular shopping categories on Chinese New Year.

Chinese people consider red colour as a lucky one, so make sure that your products come in red colour. Don’t forget to pack products in red bags.

Valentine’s Day, 14 February

Valentine’s Day, 14 February

Valentine’s Day is known as the day of love. It celebrates all over the world on the 14th of February, and it lasts for only one day.

Billions of people celebrate Valentine’s Day across the world. People in every country celebrate Valentine’s Day though it’s not a public holiday in any country.

Married and unmarried people exchange gifts with their loved ones and spend time with each other on Valentine’s Day.

Cloths, jewellery, and chocolates are the most popular shopping category on Valentine’s Day. Red considered to be the colour of love, so try to optimise your products with red colour as much as possible.

Holi Festival, 9 March

Holi Festival, 9 March

Holi Festival is also known as the Festival of Colour. It celebrates across the world by the Hindu population. People use to throw colour on each other to celebrate the Holi Festival. People also exchange gifts on Holi Festival. It lasts for one day and night.

Holi predominately celebrates in the Indian subcontinent. Besides India, millions of Hindus around the world celebrate the Holi Festival.

In the event of the Holi Festival, you can offer discounts and gifts to your customers. To get most out of the Holi Festival, create a Holi themed marketing campaign.

White Day, 14 March

White Day, 14 March

White Day is the opposite of Valentine’s Day. It observes on the 14th of march. On White Day, men give gifts to women for what they received on Valentine’s Day.

People in eastern Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand celebrate White Day.

So, it’s more than one billion people celebrate White Day. And it’s an idle event to promote your eCommerce store.

Men used to give chocolate, jewellery, and clothes as a gift on White Day.

St. Patrick’s Day, 17 March

St. Patrick’s Day, 17 March

St. Patrick’s Day is a Christian’s religious festival. It is also known as Patrick’s Festival. People across the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to honor St. Patrick. St. Patrick’s day also commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

The St. Patrick day is an official holiday in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Millions of people around the world also celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day widely celebrated in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

St. Patrick’s Day is a religious day, and people refrain from drinking alcohol on this day. But it’s becoming commercial day by day.

You can promote clothes, novelty items, and party supplies on the St. Patrick’s Day. Just promote anything which is green. Your all items must be green.

National Pet Day, 11 April

Cute pets
Happy Pets day

National Pet Day celebrates all over the world by pet lovers to pay special attention to their pets. If you want to start a store that supplies pet logistics such as pet food, then the National Pet Day could be the best time to start your store.

Pet lovers in every corner of the world celebrate National Pet Day. So, it means you have a great chance to expose your store in In-front of millions of people.

What can I sell on National Pet Day? Everything related to pets can be sold on National Pet Day.

What if I don’t have anything to sell?

Still, you can benefit from the National Pet Day. You can use the National Pet Day to connect with your customers and tell them how much your brand cares about pets. Another thing you can do is to offer discounts on National Pet Day.

Mother’s Day, 10 May

Mother’s Day, 10 May

Mother is the most significant person on the earth for every person. Mother sacrifice more than anyone for us. Mother Day celebrates to honor the mother and motherly figure in the family.

Mother’s Day celebrates all over the world. Though it’s not an official holiday in most countries, every people celebrate it in their respected country. But the date of Mother’s Day is not the same in every country. For this reason, you should check the date before starting Mother’s Day promotion.

For Mother’s Day promotion, you can promote a wide range of products such as cosmetics, jewellers, cloths, electronic items, books, etc. Just promote items that can be an ideal gift for the mother.

Eid al-Fitr

Eid al- Fitr is a Muslim religious holiday. Eid al- Fitr is also known as Festival of Fast Breaking. Muslim people around the world celebrate the Eid al-Fitr. It lasts for one day.

Eid al-Fitr is an official holiday in most of the countries. More than one billion people celebrate Eid al-Fitr across the world. Muslim people pray together, eat, and exchange gifts at the Eid Festival. Date of the Eid al-Fitr vary from country to country, so before starting a marketing campaign, check the date in your targeted country.

You can promote clothes, food, jewellery, cosmetics, and more on the Eid event. You can promote anything that can be given as a gift.

International Yoga Day, 21 June

International Yoga Day, 21 June

Who doesn’t want to be fit? In this modern-day everybody wants to be fit. Here Yoga comes into the play. Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice, which is great for keeping yourself fit physically and mentally. The International Yoga Day has been celebrating since 2015.

People who are fitness enthusiasts celebrate International Yoga Day all over the world.

If you sell fitness related items, then no day can be better than the International Yoga Day to boost sales of your store.  Don’t forget to offer discounts on yoga-related items.

The first day of school, date depends on location

The first day of school

As the day suggests the first day of school is the first day of the academic year. The first day of the academic year is in August or September in the Northern hemisphere. On the other hand, the first of the academic year is in January or February in the Southern Hemisphere.

Students, parents, and teachers are potential customers on the First Day of

School event. You can promote study-related items and run a special promo for the First Day of School.

Halloween, 31 October

Halloween, 31 October

Halloween is known to be originated from the ancient Celtic festival. Halloween started in Ireland, but it spread in the western countries within a short time. Now Halloween became one of the biggest festivals in western countries.

You must not miss the Halloween event. Halloween is one of the biggest shopping festivals in western countries. Offer special discounts on Halloween accessories such as costumes, candles, etc.

Singles’ Day, 11 November

Singles’ Day, 11 November

Singles’ Day is an unofficial holiday of the Chinese bachelors. The Singles Day originated in 1993 at Nanjing University. After that, it spreads all over China. On Singles Day, single people spend time with their friends, watch movies, and eat. Single Chinese people in mainland China and outside China celebrates the Single’s Day.

In 2009 the Singles’ Day became one of the biggest shopping events in mainland China. The Singles Day shopping is now four times bigger than America’s biggest shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You can promote clothes, jewellery, electronics, cosmetics on the Singles’ Day shopping festival. Most of the Chinese online stores offer discounts, free shipping on Singles Day.

Diwali, 14 November

Diwali, 14 November

Diwali or Deepavali is a Hindu religious festival. Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights. Hindu people across the globe celebrate Diwali to commemorate the win of light over darkness. More than one billion people around the world celebrate Diwali. Diwali lasts for five days.

On Diwali, people clean their houses, eat sweets, exchange gifts, and visit their relatives. You can promote a wide range of products on Diwali. Don’t forget to use the Diwali theme in your advertising campaign.

Black Friday, 27 November

Black Friday, 27 November

Black Friday is one of the biggest global holiday shopping events. Black Friday is a day after Thanksgiving Day, which is regards as the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Black Friday is also known as mad deals day. On Black Friday, companies offer exclusive deals. Even some companies offer a 99% discount on their products/services. People wait eagerly for the Black Friday for discount shopping.

As an eCommerce store owner, you must not miss the Black Friday shopping event. You should prepare for the Black Friday in advance. You can offer free shipping to increase sales on Black Friday.

Cyber Monday, November 30

Cyber Monday, 30 November

Cyber Monday is the day after the Thanksgiving holiday. Cyber Monday is the marketing term of Monday. After Black Friday, Cyber Monday is the second largest shopping event in the USA, Cyber Monday catching up with the Black Friday slowly. Now people tend to shop more on Cyber Monday than Black Friday. Even store owners offer more discounts on Cyber Monday.

Like Black Friday, you must not miss promoting your store on Cyber Monday.

Free Shipping Day, 15 December


The Free Shipping Day is the extension of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Online store owners offer free shipping alongside exclusive discounts so that they can bag more sales at the end of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You can target any location as you want, as it is a global event(especially in western countries). You may be astonished to know that Free Shipping day exceeds the Black Friday sales.

Christmas Eve and Day, 24–25 December 

Christmas Eve and Day, 24–25 December 

Christmas is a Christian religious holiday. Christian people celebrate Christmas to observe the birth of Jesus. More than one billion people all over the world celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is an official holiday in most of the countries. Christmas is the day of gift exchanging, though it’s a religious holiday, although it has become a commercial event for store owners. In the Christmas event, shop owners offer enormous discounts for their customers.

You can promote a wide range of products on the Christmas event. Don’t forget to give heart warming wishes to your customers.

New Year’s Eve, 31 December

new years eve, 31 December

People who follow the Georgian calendar celebrate the New year. The New Year celebration starts from the last day evening of the current year. People met together in a place to celebrate the New year. People sing, dance, eat, and exchange gifts on the New Year event.

Billions of people celebrate the New Year across the world. The New Year is an official holiday in countries that follow the Georgian calendar. Day by day New Year event becoming more commercial. Now shop owners offer discounts and prizes on shopping.

You should target those countries that follow the Georgian calendar for the New year marketing campaign. You can promote everything on the New year event.


Above I have listed major global shopping holidays that are perfect for the holiday marketing campaign. Which holidays do you add to your eCommerce marketing calendar? Let me know about that in the comment box below.

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