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4 Great Tools For Making The Most Of Local SEO For Your Business


4 Great Tools For Making The Most Of Local SEO For Your Business

In our time, you cannot sustain your business unless you have an online platform for it. In the past few years, there was an enormous rise in online marketing with a large number of companies providing the option for online sales. However, if you are a rising company or have a local reach, not many people may know about you and the products and services you provide.

According to statistics, about 70% of online shoppers start their expedition from a search engine. Therefore, using Search Engine Optimization or SEO tools may help your business rise and reach out to newer audiences. However, if your company is limited to a region using SEO tools, it may turn out to be expensive and wasteful for an extensive area. This is why the concept of local SEO is really beneficial to local and small scale business owners.

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To help your business grow and reach out to newer customers, here’s a list of the four best tools for local Search Engine Optimization, which will prove both effective and efficient.

  1. Keyword Scraping

Keyword scraping helps you find the most searched for and relevant keywords which can be really helpful in studying the target audience and finding out what products and services they want. Local keyword scraping is a very important local SEO tool for marketing. Our site, Asis Virtual Solutions, provides a wide range of keyword scraping services ranging from canned keyword scraping to related keyword scraping, but most importantly, we provide local keyword scraping. What makes our service highly legitimate and useful is the fact that it is based on actual search carried out by people across different search engines. Our local keyword scraping service provides you with the option to find the most relevant keywords for a definite town, city, suburb, or region.

At the cost of only $5, this service is very affordable and an undeniably value for money. For a single keyword you want to scrape, you will get at least a hundred relevant keywords which you can use for your online platforms to get more traffic from your area. Go to to avail this service.

  1. Google Alerts

This free little tool from Google is really helpful for gathering feedback from customers. Even when people are really shy to appreciate your product or complain about it to your face, they are far more open about it on the net. Leaving reviews on the internet is also a helpful way to kill time and skip the queue at the grievance’s counter. This tool will alert you whenever anyone from your area posts something on the internet containing a specified keyword. On specifying your product as a keyword, you’ll be notified whenever someone mentions it on the internet.

Now, this isn’t one of the SEO tools particularly for businesses, but it can definitely be used for great marketing advantage. All you need to do is specify the keyword when you want to receive alerts and the region that concerns you. This way, you can see what people have to say about you as soon as they post it.

  1. Synup

When you think of local SEO, you absolutely cannot disregard the concept of listing and Synup is the tool you will need to help you with it. It is one of the great SEO tools for local online marketing as it helps you crawl around and check the different listings. Using this tool, you can check the legitimacy of the information and details on all your business profiles. It also provides the option of tracking customer reviews around the net, all in one place. Go to to avail these features and more.

  1. MOZ local

When you search for local SEO, MOZ is the first link to come up in the search results. You know that it is definitely a tool you should employ. This helps you update your local listings with minimal effort. You need to input the information you want to propagate along with your location and MOZ will do the rest for you. It also has a local citation finder tool which does a lot more.

Normally this service is free to use but it provides features enhanced for your location at a cost of $49 per annum for a single location. It shows you search engine wise percentage of profile completion, latest online reviews about your brand and products and warns you about any incomplete profiles you might have or any duplicates on the internet. All these tools are available at

A proper SEO strategy can give your business the boost it needs and paves the way for more customers and opportunities. So use the four tools above to your greatest advantage and watch your online marketing game progress.

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