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Video SEO Booster

Video marketing has taken over the marketing industry in a big way a couple of years ago, and it continues to be the #1 most important online marketing technique used by both corporations and small businesses that want to thrive in their niches. As a business owner, you need to understand that online video marketing has been proven to be one of the best methods to engage audience and influence buyer behavior.

Video SEO Booster

The Benefits of Video Exposure

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The tremendous advantages of video marketing are not limited to an increased exposure among potential customers and more traffic. In addition to being able to bring something new to the table and be unique in your niche, video marketing enables you to improve your brand image, enhance communication between your company and customers, create a personal connection with the user, control message consistency and increase your conversion rate.

All studies conducted to prove the effectiveness of video exposure reflect an overwhelming impact on the final consumer. According to these studies, users who visit websites that include videos stay longer on the page and are more confident to purchase the product or service promoted on that page. According to the Chamberlain research, 68.5% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product on the Internet after watching a TV commercial or a YouTube video. Moreover, according to a research conducted by Real Networks, visitors spend 78% more time on a website with video embeds than on a plain website with only text and a few images.

Most people enjoy watching videos due to their pure entertainment value, increased customer interaction and large amount of information shared. Video SEO Booster was created due to the high demand for services that can meet the needs of companies looking to leverage on video marketing.

What is Video SEO Booster?

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This service is a great solution for both small and large business owners who want massive video exposure and want to boost their video rankings on both Google and YouTube. Video SEO Booster contains many video embeds that can be used for easy video sharing and indexing.

As you probably already know, video marketing is similar to SEO. It is not enough to create a professional video, but it is equally important to promote it the right way. This is where Video SEO Booster comes in, helping you promote your video like a pro and save tens of precious hours in the process.

This powerful service offers the following benefits for your company:

  •  Grows your audience worldwide
  • Helps you sell your products and services, not only to promote them
  • Measurable results
  • Enhance your email marketing campaigns
  • Capitalizes on a trend that will live forever
  • Helps you target mobile users, which at the moment represent over 50% of the worldwide market
  • Video sharing made easy
  • Perfect for search engines
  • Allows for real time feedback and interaction

Video SEO Booster Packages

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This amazing video sharing service includes two packages: the standard and the super one. Both of them are specially designed for a certain group of entrepreneurs. While the standard package is best for affiliate marketers and small business owners, the super package is perfect for corporations that want to promote their videos through backlinks. Here is what each of these packages has to offer.


Standard Package

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Video SEO Booster - Standard package

    • 55 Unique Tumblr & Blogger Embeds: with 3 backlinks and spyntax
    • 700 Embeds on a wide variety of websites
    • Premium indexing



Super Package

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Video SEO Booster - Super package

    • 100 Unique Tumblr & Blogger Embeds: each of them comes with 3 backlinks and spyntax


    • 100 Web 2.0 sites


  • Premium indexing
  • 90 Profile backlinks on high PR websites and directories: all of these are done 100% manual, and include 3-anchor text backlinks.

Awesome Video SEO Booster

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