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Why Guest Posting continues to outperform other link building strategies


Why Guest Posting continues to outperform other link building strategies

As SEO consultants and service providers, we have been privy to some of the dynamic changes that have occurred in the industry in the last couple of years. And we can’t stop smirking. For the change has been largely for the good of the industry.

It would be fair to say that most the muck has already been swept under the carpet.

Keyword stuffers have all but disappeared.

There’s no trace of link spammers either.

Non-mobile friendly sites are languishing at the bottom of SERPS.

People are thinking about user engagement more than anything else.

Search for a keyword phrase today, and you are most likely to find nothing but relevant links on the first couple of pages.

The main reason behind this refreshing change is that search engines have wisened up, led largely by the big ‘G’. AI or Artificial Intelligence algorithms are in place to ensure that it stays that way.

Five years ago, you could have gotten away by building a hundred bad links to your website. You hired the wrong guy to build links or your competitor link-spammed you, it happened to almost everyone in the business. Not a big deal as long as you were willing to take remedial action.

But you cannot afford that mistake anymore.

Every link that points to your website is an indicator of who you are associated with, and it affects everything from brand value to domain authority.

You have two choices.
  1. Be associated with cheap, inexperienced, spammy websites which are most likely to be associated with thousands of websites in shady neighbourhoods (Read Porn, Fake Meds etc.)
  2. Get recommended by some of the topmost websites on the internet that are loved and trusted not just by Google, but by visitors too.

That’s where guest posting comes into the picture.

At the risk of sounding blasphemous, we would like to say that if you are not utilising the potential of Guest Posting, then you are missing out on the cream of the pie.


The Power of Authority websites

Power of Authority websites Before we proceed to talk about why guest posting works, let us take a moment to explain the very premise that forms the bedrock of link building on the internet in 2017.

Today, building links are about relevance, reputation and trust.

You cannot just hop on to a link building campaign that does not address these fundamentals.

Let us break that down further.

  • Relevance: Build links that have some relevance to your business. For example, if you provide SEO services and earn a backlink from WebMD, then that backlink has to be placed in such a manner that it describes your SEO service. It just cannot be a random blurb of text related to healthcare with your URL placed in between. That’s not relevant even if WebMD is one of the biggest websites in the world. Even better, try and get a backlink from an authority SEO website like MOZ or Searchengineland.
  • Reputation: Always focus on the reputation of the site that links back to you. Is it an authority website? Is it a new website that popped up a couple of days ago? Is it a spammy website that peddles backlinks? Without sounding clichéd, ‘Quality over Quantity’ still works.
  • Trust: Only build backlinks from websites that are trusted by search engines. For the uninitiated, there are third-party metrics that help you understand the trustworthiness of a domain. TF or Trust Flow from Majestic and DA or Domain Authority from Moz are some of the metrics used by industry leaders.

Why Guest Blogging ticks all three boxes and more

We hate cutting corners, but it would be unfair if we refused to accept that ‘Guest Blogging’ or posting your content on some of the best websites on the internet ticks all three criteria that we mentioned for link building.

  • It helps you handpick relevant websites to post your content on.
  • You can screen the website according to its reputation
  • Once again, build links from trustworthy sites only.

And that’s not all.

Most high-quality websites have an established readership. That’s eyeballs for you. Irrespective of whether you are trying to build an email list or drive traffic that converts into sales, a guest blog on the right website will give you a shot in the arm.

Recently, we helped a client procure a guest blog on a website that has over 100,000 subscribers. Within just hours, he got more than 1000 email subscribers. Talk about building your list on steroids.

The SEO benefits will eventually follow. What will also follow is something that is being called ‘Social Proof’ by industry experts.


Guest Blogging and social proof

Social Proof in simple terms is statistics that prove that your brand is popular on social media. It is directly proportional to the number of social signals that your article generates. Even if you paid the most influential writer on the internet to write a blog post for you, it wouldn’t help you one bit if it languishes on your website with limited visibility.

On the other hand, get it on a high authority website, and it gets liked, shared, tweeted almost instantly.

That’s the power of the traffic that these sites generate.

Premium Guest Posting

The two ways to guest blog

Once again, you have two choices.

  1. You do it the old-fashioned You create a list of the top authority websites that you want to guest post on. Then, you send out emails to the editors of those websites with your pitch and a brief synopsis of your article which you wish to publish on their sites. Then, you wait for days or weeks or even months for a response which may or may not come. In most cases, it never arrives unless you have written the most stellar piece of content that no one has ever read before. The entire process will take you at least six to eight months if not more. Think of doing this continually for as long as you want to build links.
  2. The second option is easier. You hire someone who has ‘connections’ with authority websites to guest post on your behalf. Did we make that sound shady? There’s nothing shady or immoral about it. It’s a service that almost every online business owner uses today even though they may not openly admit to doing it. Have you seen your competitor’s links on sites like Buzzfeed,, and more? Well, the chances are that they have hired someone who can get them those links within a limited

That’s where we step in folks.


Asia Virtual Solution’s Premium Guest Posting Service

For a long time, we leveraged the power of premium links for our personal sites and our top-most clients.

We had decided that offering it as a service to the general public wasn’t in our best interests for the risk of revealing some of the websites that we have connections with.

But time and again, we have been approached by our returning customers about the possibility of helping them procure ‘quality’ links along with the other SEO services we provide.

So, we finally took the bait.

We now offer a premium guest posting service that gives you an opportunity to build backlinks from some of the top websites on the internet. This is a service that has been used by the big boys of the online world.

We are talking about the guys who rake in the moolah. Those mythical six-figure income checks that you always heard about, these are the guys who generate it consistently.

Now, you can avail of the same service and build the same quality links to your money site or business site.

Awesome Premium Guest Posting Service

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How do we build the links?

Why on earth would we give that information out?

But just to let you know that there is no magical secret shroud that lets us build links, it is through good old manual outreach that we have done for the past six years or so.

We still send out email pitches to editors the old-fashioned way. The only difference is that we have developed a certain amount of trust that ensures that our emails have more chances of being read than say, one sent by a newbie.

That clubbed with the premium native content that we use ensures that we can build links on sites that others can only wish for.

We have a stellar success rate when it comes to guest posting.


Which are the websites that we can guest post on?

Sites used for premium guest posting

All the websites that we guest post on are of the highest authority in their niche. Our topmost websites have metrics like ‘Domain Authority of 100’. That’s the highest score that can be awarded to a website for authority.

The lowest domain authority score in our list of websites is 60.

Just to put things in perspective, the average website struggles to get a DA score above 20.

So, even the lowest quality website in our list is way better than any website that you will be able to build links from.

That’s not all.

All of these are old domains that have been around for 8-10 years or more.

We are offering you on a platter, the result of our persistence, patience and hard work over the past six years.


What this service can do for you

Now, a lot of people mistake this service to be just another run-of-the-mill link building service that is often sold on SEO forums. Make no mistake; this isn’t one of those. This is a specialised, premium service that will get you really-juicy back-links that nobody sells openly.

  • It will help you acquire quality back-links from high authority websites that are trusted by Google.
  • It will tremendously boost your SEO
  • Your rankings may (very very likely) skyrocket within a few days
  • It will post your back-link or video on websites that have tons of organic traffic
  • It can boost your traffic instantly
  • It may help you boost sales
  • It may help you build a stronger email list

Let us reiterate once again; these links are not PBN links. These are 100% manual-outreach guest posts.


Do what Google wants you to do

Google has always been vocal about posting relevant content and reaching out to good quality websites, asking them to link back to you. The only thing that they warn you against is trying to manipulate the ranking algorithm in any manner.

That hints at a possible backlink footprint that sticks out like a sore thumb if you try cookie cutter link building packages or PBN links.

If you are serious about brand reputation, social proof, domain authority and are thinking about the SEO game for the long run, then these premium guest post links should be on the top of your overall link building strategy.

Wish to know more? Hit us up! We have various packages that will fit right into your advertising budgets starting from as less as $70.

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Premium Guest Posting

Awesome Premium Guest Posting Service

Are you looking for the best linking strategy for your site?

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