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Optimize your website SEO with Keyword Niche Research


Use Niche Keyword Research to Find Out if Your Website Has Been Optimized for the Right Keywords


Keyword research and optimization is important to any inbound marketing strategy. Not only does it bring qualified traffic to your website, supporting your lead generation and sales efforts, but also allows you to:

  • Create effective content by including optimized keywords in your copy and blog posts, and connecting more effectively with your potential customers.
  • Analyze the popularity of keywords to assess the size of the potential online market as well as the traffic potential.
  • Analyze the words used by your customers to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and how to best serve them.

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What do you evaluate when optimizing keywords?

 The factors that need to be assessed for keyword optimization include keyword popularity, keyword relevance and keyword intent. Are you considering all of them when choosing key phrases for your website or PPC ads?


While it is common sense to target the most-searched keywords in your niche, it is also more difficult to rank high for these. New websites can actually consider targeting less competitive keywords, creating mid-tail and long-tail keywords, and/or using geo-targeted modifiers.


The keywords must be relevant to the products/services advertised on the website. As far as each product page is concerned, keywords must be chosen and customized to fit that exact product.


It is helpful to know the intent of searchers seeking a product/service you offer. Are they just browsing and reviewing different offerings? Are they informed buyers, readers, to make a purchase? Intent can be categorized into: navigational (querying about companies or domains); informational (solutions-based queries); and transactional (purchase-related questions). By creating separate lists of low intent and high intent keywords, you can improve relevance and increase quality traffic to your site.

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Google’s algorithm changes make ranking high for keywords hard

 In 2014 alone, Google made 500 changes to its search algorithm. With user experience being a priority, Google is going the extra mile to ensure that users get exactly what they’re searching for in the quickest time.

And while the company has made four major algorithm updates that digital marketers are aware of – Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon – some other lesser-known algorithm tweaks have also been incorporated in between.

Changes in algorithms have resulted in the way searches are conducted, and required marketers to keep up with updates and trends, to determine which keywords work best. The SEO landscape has evolved, and with a lot of the search occurring on mobile devices, changes in user preferences, along with Google’s several updates, keeping up is challenging.

Granted, SEO is a continual process and optimization is needed as your business grows. On the one hand, you will need to explore new keyword verticals, on the other, you must factor in algorithm tweaks to make the best decisions on the phrases to use or reject. This job can be easier if you have a tool that helps you identify the most profitable keywords by analyzing Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

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Niche Keyword Research

Niche Keyword Research 788 x 445

 Niche Keyword Research by Asia Virtual Solutions considers a large range of criteria and other key factors to reveal the best keywords for your niche. Some of the information you can glean includes:

  • How much traffic each of your keywords will generate
  • The difficulty level of ranking for certain keywords. With this data, you’re in a better position to make the right calls.
  • Low-competition keywords that can earn you healthy traffic.
  • Insights into your paid and organic competitors
  • The related keywords Google has found in your niche

The niche keyword research report can also be leveraged to analyze and keep tabs on competitors’ SEO efforts.

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