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RankerX – Email packs for use with the updated RankerX v2 are the best email accounts for RankerX with POP3 enabled, Anti-Spam disabled, and in RankerX v2 import format.

Fully guaranteed for up to 3 months !!


RankerX Email packs are a must-have if you are hoping to get good results with RankerX. Having used RankerX for some time, we realized that very often, account creation failed because the free email accounts that used to come with earlier versions of  RankerX, like Hotmail, Yahoo, Mail.ru and most other free public accounts, are not accepted at several of the sites, including premium accounts sites.

So to get around the problem, we purchased a massive number of domains and created over a million email accounts, and we continue to add them all the time. We run them on our powerful dedicated mail servers. We provide quality RankerX Email accounts and are so confident we offer a full 6-month free replacement of any account that does not work anymore. With our RankerX Email Packs, you now have much better success when creating new accounts than you would be using free public emails.

With RankerX v2, it is now possible to easily import bulk email accounts, so here we are.

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What Do You Get


  • Each RankerX email pack you order will be in plain text format, and each email will be in RankerX-ready import format. If you order one pack, then you will get one text file; if you order, for example, 1 x  50 pack, then you will get 1 text file with 50 emails.
  • All email accounts will have the Anti-Spam feature disabled, so all emails go to inbox and get verified.
  • All emails will be POP 3 enabled.
  • You will receive a link to a YouTube video on the download page,  showing exactly how to set the RankerX email templates up and how to import the emails into your RankerX project.[/one_third]

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Our Guarantee

We test all emails before they are sent to you, and at the time of buying, all RankerX Email Packs we provide fully work.

We have the fullest confidence in our RankerX email packs; if for some reason you find an email account not working, let us know and we will gladly fix or replace the not working email account, provided you follow the recommended settings when adding them.


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Delivery Time

We prepare the emails manually for you. You will receive your RankerX Email Packs within a couple of minutes if we are online; if not, guaranteed delivery within/- 12 hours.

Mailbox Quota

Each RankerX Email account will have a quota of 15 MB, which is more than enough since you will be deleting the emails each time RankerX connects to the email account and download all emails.

How to import RankerX Emails


RankerX Email Packs purchased from Asia Virtual Solutions are for educational purposes only. These addresses should not be utilized for any illegal activities. Intended usage is for back-linking purposes using RankerX. WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS FOR EMAIL ADDRESSES PURCHASED AND DELIVERED!

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