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CyberSEO Pro Review

The Most Powerful Auto blogging WordPress Plugin

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CyberSEO Pro  Review

The Most Powerful Auto blogging WordPress Plugin with ChatGPT and DALL-E 2


Blogging is a passive income source. However, it is a continuous process, and making money from blogging takes a ton of time. Moreover, businesses use blogging to get customers.

To be successful in blogging, you have to publish content regularly. If you can’t post content regularly, you won’t succeed in blogging. Creating and publishing content takes a lot of time and money.

Here WordPress auto-blogging plugins come into play. Auto blogging plugins create and publish posts automatically. You don’t need to do anything after setting up the auto blogging plugin. WordPress auto blogging plugin will create and publish articles on a preset schedule.      

CyberSEO Pro is one of the best auto blogging plugins. It creates posts from RSS feeds and other sources. The best thing about this plugin is that it can generate posts from short excerpts and feeds that don’t have full articles and media files.

CyberSEO Pro spins generated content to make them unique before posting. Also, it is integrated with revolutionary artificial intelligence technology such as ChatGPT and DALL-E 2. ChatGPT generates 100% high-quality content. DALL-E 2 generates images according to text instructions. Therefore, the combination of revolutionary AI and CyberSEO Pro takes auto blogging to a new level. 

Auto blogging plugin aggregates content from other sources for posting. Here the question comes, does it really works? 

Can you run your blog on complete autopilot through CyberSEO Pro? 

In this CyberSEO Pro review, I will show you exactly what CyberSEO Pro is and how it can help with auto blogging. 


So, let’s get started.


What is CyberSEO Pro?

CyberSEO Pro is an all-in-one auto-blogging WordPress plugin. It allows you to run your WordPress website on complete autopilot. CyberSEO Pro helps to populate your WordPress website with quality search engine-optimized articles. Moreover, CyberSEO Pro allows importing all kinds of media content from RSS feeds, Atom feeds, XML feeds, JSON feeds, CSV files, pipe-delimited text dumps, video tubes, marketplaces, social networks, and more.

The best thing about this auto-blogging plugin is it can extract full articles from short RSS feeds. In addition, ChatGPT can create unlimited, unique, high-quality articles, and DALL-E 2 can create amazing, high-quality images. These AI technologies make this plugin stand out from other auto-blogging WordPress plugins. 

This plugin imports articles from different sources and spins articles to make them unique. It supports the most popular third-party spinners, such as WordAI. Furthermore, this plugin has many attractive features, such as auto comments.

Why should you use CyberSEO Pro?

CyberSEO Pro comes in handy for blogging in many ways. Here are some benefits you can get using CyberSEO Pro.

  • CyberSEO Pro integrates with revolutionary AI technologies such as ChatGPT and DALL-E 2; therefore, you can generate unlimited unique, high-quality articles and images.
  • With the help of CyberSEO Pro, you can automate your WordPress blog completely. You set up and leave, and CyberSEO Pro will create and post articles on your site.
  • If you have many websites and want to automate article posting, CyberSEO Pro can be a great aid.
  • CyberSEO Pro helps to import social media feeds into your WordPress website. You can import your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media feed into your website.
  • If you want to generate unlimited content for your website, CyberSEO Pro could be a great aid. It can extract full articles from RSS feeds. With CyberSEO Pro, you won’t run out of articles.
  • CyberSEO Pro can be an excellent aid for creating PBN sites. You can create high-quality PBNs using the CyberSEO Pro plugin.
  • CyberSEO Pro can help update your news site by aggregating news from other sources.
  • By using the CyberSEO Pro plugin, you can ensure that your WordPress site is constantly updated with fresh content.
  • You can curate anything from your niche; CyberSEO Pro can help you to curate property listings for real estate websites, product listings for e-commerce, and affiliate websites.






CyberSEO Pro review

Here is the in-depth CyberSEO Pro review. Here I will check its features, who are the ideal users of CyberSEO Pro, the advantages and disadvantages of using CyberSEO Pro, pricing, alternatives, and more.


CyberSEO Pro review: Features

Revolutionary artificial intelligence



The most exciting feature of CyberSEO Pro is it is integrated with revolutionary artificial intelligence technologies, which include ChatGPT and DALL-E 2

ChatGPT can generate human-like content. Therefore, you can generate unlimited high-quality, unique articles for your blog. You can give article writing instructions in CyberSEO Pro for ChatGPT, and CyberSEO Pro will post ChatGPT-generated content on your website. 

DALL-E 2 is an advanced AI for generating images based on text instruction. With the help of this AI, you can generate unique, high-quality images for your blog posts. 

ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 artificial intelligence integration make CyberSEO Pro a truly complete auto-blogging WordPress plugin. 


CyberSEO Pro integration ChatGPT and DALL-E 2

Content to posts and pages

When it comes to creating posts and pages, CyberSEO Pro allows creating pages and posts from many sources. Unlike other WordPress auto-blogging plugins, CyberSEO Pro allows creating posts and pages from XML feeds, JSON feeds, HTML web pages, sitemap XML files, CSV files, and pipe delimited raw text dump along with RSS feeds. 

Moreover, you can create pages and posts from videos; CyberSEO Pro-supported video platform includes Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. Also, it supports social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Reddit, Telegram, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, etc.

Furthermore, CyberSEO Pro allows flooding your eCommerce or affiliate website through products from Amazon, Aliexpress, GdeSlon, etc.

Also, you can generate human-like articles from ChatGPT and high-quality images using DALL-E 2.  

You can use these content sources to create unlimited unique SEO-optimized posts and pages for your WordPress website.


CyberSEO PRO content sources

Full article extractor

It is a unique feature of CyberSEO Pro. The full article-extracting capability of CyberSEO Pro makes it stand out from other auto-blogging WordPress plugins. CyberSEO Pro features Full-text RSS scripts that extract full articles from RSS feeds containing short excerpts.

However, you should keep in mind that the Full-Text RSS script is powerful, but it is not almighty. Sometimes it won’t be able to parse some particular HTML layout. But in 90% of cases, it can extract full articles from short excerpts. Another exciting feature of this function is it allows you to use your custom PHP parser for any type of content.

This feature comes in handy for extracting articles from RSS feeds that don’t contain full-text articles and media files.


Text translation

Text translation capability is another great feature of the CyberSEO Pro plugin. It allows you to translate text from and into any language. You can translate articles using known translation services such as Google Translate, Yandex Translate, and DeepL. Moreover, CyberSEO Pro is integrated with WPML and Polylang plugins.

Another great feature of CyberSEO Pro text translation functionality is that it supports all national character encoding sets and can dynamically convert them into UTF format.

No other auto blogging plugin has this level of text translation capability.


CyberSEO Pro translation

Synonymize, spin, and rewrite

CyberSEO Pro comes with many effective tools, including content spinning, synonymizing, and rewriting. It comes with synonymize function which means you can add your list of words to replace words in the generated content.

Moreover, CyberSEO Pro is integrated with third-party content spinners, including SpinRewriter, WordAI, SpinnerChief, X-Spinner, The Best Spinner, ESPinner, and Chimprewriter.

Furthermore, CyberSEO Pro is fully integrated with Article Forge AI content generator. You can generate unique and SEO-optimized long-form blog articles using Article Forge. Also, it has built-in support for Spintax.

You will always get unique and human-readable content from CyberSEO Pro, no matter what content generation method you choose.


CyberSEO Pro Content Spinners


Comments are an important part of a website. Search engines treat comments as content. Also, search engine index blog comments.

The CyberSEO Pro plugin allows you to post comments on your existing pages and posts randomly and organically.

Regarding the comment content, you can prepare a list of comments content. Also, you can import comments from RSS feeds. It is like a general RSS feeds import. CyberSEO Pro posts comments on your existing pages and content without creating new pages or posts.

You should keep in mind that these comments are not spammed comments. CyberSEO Pro will post comments on your site only. It won’t spam other sites.

CyberSEO Pro’s auto comments features come in handy for creating positive comments on your website. It boosts post engagement and improves post/page quality in the eye of search engines.


CyberSEO Pro auto comments

Content filtering

Content filtering is another excellent feature of CyberSEO Pro. It helps to import content by keywords, key phrases, tags, text length, and original publication date. Additionally, CyberSEO Pro allows you to filter image thumbnails by image size.

The content filtering feature comes in handy for importing targeted content. Using this functionality, you can import content that only adds value to your audiences.

Regarding image thumbnails, image thumbnail filtering will save you a lot of time. With the help of the thumbnail image filtering option, you don’t need to add image thumbnails to the imported posts manually.


CyberSEO PRO content filtering

Post templates

When it comes to the article structure, CyberSEO Pro provides a lot of options. You can use your own post templates, titles, and excerpt. It allows you to define the unique layout for generated content layout using HTML markups. Moreover, you can set text position, media attachment position, and content position contained in XML feeds.

Below are only a few of the many post templates available in Cyberseo Pro, you can find the full list on Youtube here : (226) CyberSEO Pro: Self-populating WordPress news site powered by Google News feed – YouTube

CyberSEO Pro: Import a Twitter channel into WordPress

CyberSEO Pro: import a JSON feed into WordPress


CyberSEO Pro: Self-populating Ebay seller site on WordPress

CyberSEO Pro: Easy content filtering

CyberSEO Pro: Self-populating ePN seller site on WordPress


CyberSEO Pro: Self-populating WordPress pinboard site powered by Tumblr

CyberSEO Pro: Self-populating WordPress pinboard powered by Reddit content

CyberSEO Pro: Self-populating GdeSlon seller site on WordPress

CyberSEO Pro: Self-populating tube/video site on WordPress

When you generate articles without media, CyberSEO Pro can insert proper video and images from Google in your defined position. To add images or videos in text articles, you need to insert the shortcode in the article position where you want to add images or videos.

CyberSEO Pro Post templates are excellent for maintaining article layout consistency. Also, it increases content quality by adding related images and videos to the article.

Preset detail can be seen here : Presets – CyberSEO Pro

CyberSEO PRO template

WordPress post properties

Post properties are important elements of any blog. CyberSEO Pro provides a significant level of autonomy over WordPress post properties. You have complete control over custom templates, custom taxonomies, tags, categories, post type, pots format, post author, publication date, post status, custom fields, etc.

You can select tags, categories, and post authors for automated-generated articles. Moreover, you can show/hide the publication date or add a new publication date. Also, you can select your desired post status, such as post immediately, Hold for a review, Save as a draft, and Save as a private.

CyberSEO Pro allows you to modify or add post properties in any way you wish to.

The post properties feature of CyberSEO Pro helps greatly to organize your automated WordPress website.



CyberSEO Pro comes with many preset settings. Therefore, you can configure it to import any content. Moreover, it helps new users to use this plugin easily. CyberSEO Pro features a library of preset settings. Using these preset settings, you can syndicate common content sources with a few clicks. Also, you can add your own presets to extend the preset library and use them in future campaigns.

Preset settings help to syndicate content easily and quickly. It also decreases the learning curve for CyberSEO Pro. Furthermore, it enables users to use CyberSEO Pro almost instantly without learning anything.


WordPress all posts grabber

WordPress all posts grabber required for importing all contents from a WordPress website. WordPress website RSS feeds contain only ten recent posts. You can’t import all posts from the WordPress website from its RSS feeds.

That’s why CyberSEO Pro comes with the WordPress archive parser feature, which allows you to import all published posts from a WordPress website. To grab all posts from a WordPress website, you must enable the WordPress archive parser setting in that website’s RSS feed settings.

WordPress archive parser is an excellent aid for importing all published posts from a WordPress website.


XML Sitemap parser

XML sitemap parser is another excellent capability of CyberSEO Pro. Not all websites have RSS feeds. You can’t syndicate content from websites that don’t have RSS feeds using the RSS feed aggregator. However, almost every site has XML sitemaps. XML sitemap file contains several URLs, one for posts, one for pages, one for categories, and one for tags.

XML sitemap lets search engines know when the website updates with new posts or pages. It helps search engines index pages of a website quickly.

To syndicate articles from XML sitemaps, you just need to provide the XML sitemap of the website and select the XML sitemap preset. CyberSEO Pro will import all articles from the given XML URL. Content will be syndicated from XML URLs like search engines index pages and posts.


Stealth capabilities and mimicry

CyberSEO Pro has a great level of anonymous capability. Some website owners might block your server from syndicating their website’s content. Thanks to CyberSEO Pro for its support for the anonymous proxy list. Therefore, you can hide your server IP address. Moreover, CyberSEO Pro allows mimicking any HTTP referrer. Also, it can fake the user agent, so your server can pretend to be a web browser, Google bot, and feed validator.

Furthermore, CyberSEO Pro can cloak the referral code of all your affiliate links. Some websites require specific HTTP headers; CyberSEO Pro can provide specific headers.

CyberSEO Pro provides maximum anonymous capability so that you can syndicate content from any WordPress website.


CyberSEO PRO stealth capability

One unified interface for all the content sources

When it comes to the user interface, CyberSEO Pro features a user-friendly user interface.

Some auto-blogging tools have different interfaces for different content sources. However, CyberSEO Pro’s user interface is the same for every content source. You won’t be able to differentiate between two content sources. You will always see the same user interface with similar tools and options.

CyberSEO Pro provides a unified interface for all content sources without exceptions and compromises.


Custom PHP snippets

CyberSEO Pro provides unlimited possibilities for customization, thanks to its custom PHP snippets feature. You can use your code snippets to manipulate generated article processing. You can change the titles using your code snippets. In addition, you can adjust all of the post properties. CyberSEO Pro provides boundless possibilities with its custom PHP snippets to people familiar with PHP coding.


CyberSEO PRO custom PHP code

Customer support

When it comes to customer support, CyberSEO Pro provides top-notch customer support. CyberSEO Pro has a dedicated customer support team is always ready to help you.

If you need any help regarding CyberSEO Pro, you can read their forum for solutions. If you can’t solve your problem from solved problems, you can open a thread in the forum regarding your issue.

Moreover, you can contact CyberSEO Pro by sending a message using their contact form. You should use the same email address you used for buying the plugin for getting technical support. The CyberSEO Pro support team will reply as soon as after receiving your message.


CyberSEO Pro review: Who is CyberSEO Pro for?

CyberSEO Pro is a multipurpose plugin. It can be helpful for many people. Here are some most suitable users for CyberSEO Pro;


CyberSEO Pro is the perfect tool for bloggers. It doesn’t matter if you are a travel blogger or finance blogger; CyberSEO Pro can help you in many ways. 

CyberSEO Pro can help bloggers to automate their blog posting. Therefore, your blog will always remain updated with fresh content, no matter where you go. People who have multiple blogs can benefit from the CyberSEO Pro auto-posting feature.

If you want to keep your readers updated with industry news and new articles, CyberSEO Pro can help. You can use CyberSEO Pro to aggregate the latest industry-related articles and news.

Also, Bloggers can create unlimited human-like, high-quality articles using ChatGPT and DALL-E 2. 

News site owner

If you are a news site owner and want to keep your site updated with the latest news, then CyberSEO Pro can be an excellent aid. CyberSEO Pro can aggregate news from popular sources, such as Forbes. Therefore, your news site’s trustworthiness will increase.

Website developer

CyberSEO Pro is an excellent aid for website developers. After developing a website, developers need to populate the site with demo content. Developer can populate their website with demo content quickly using CyberSEO Pro. Therefore, it will save a lot of time for developers.

Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketers can significantly benefit from the CyberSEO Pro plugin. They can populate their affiliate website with products. They can easily curate products from affiliate marketing sites like Clickbank. CyberSEO Pro also allows to the creation of posts from product pages. Furthermore, affiliate marketers can aggregate products from eCommerce websites like Aliexpress.

SEO agency

SEO agencies can use CyberSEO Pro for their link-building campaigns. CyberSEO Pro allows the creation of a massive number of sites with unique and SEO-optimized content. SEO agencies can create sites using CyberSEO Pro and build links from them. These sites will have unique content and update with fresh content regularly; therefore, links from these sites will have a higher value in the eyes of Google. So, SEO agencies can get high-quality backlinks without too much effort.


CyberSEO Pro Pros and Cons

CyberSEO Pros: What do I like about CyberSEO Pro?

  • With CyberSEO Pro’s integration of ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, you can now effortlessly generate an endless supply of captivating and original blog content. You can generate professional quality articles in mere minutes without putting in the tedious research and writing effort.
  • Full article extracting capability is the most advanced and unique feature of CyberSEO Pro. It doesn’t matter if a feed contains a full article or not CyberSEO Pro can still extract a full article from the short RSS feed or excerpt. No other auto-blogging plugin can extract full articles from short excerpts or RSS feeds.
  • The content filtering feature of CyberSEO Pro takes auto blogging to the next level. This feature helps to import targeted articles from different websites. You can get your desired article by filtering keywords, text length, tags, publication date, and keyphrase.
  • Auto commenting on existing posts is another feature that makes CyberSEO Pro stand out among other auto blogging plugins. This feature allows posting comments on existing posts and pages without creating new content. CyberSEO Pro also allows importing of comments from other websites.
  • CyberSEO Pro’s all-post-grabbing capability is excellent for importing all published content from a WordPress website. This option allows importing the whole published content of a WordPress website with a few clicks.
  • Stealth anonymous capability is another excellent feature of CyberSEO Pro. This feature helps to hide your server IP address. This option comes in handy when a website tries to block importing content.
  • A unified and easy-to-use user interface is another feature everyone loves. CyberSEO Pro’s all content syndication sources have the same user interface. New users will find the unified interface very helpful.
  • CyberSEO Pro takes auto blogging to the next level thanks to its custom PHP snippets. You can use your custom PHP snippets to change or modify generated posts’ properties. This feature offers boundless capabilities for people who are familiar with PHP coding.
  • Automatic article translation is another feature of CyberSEO Pro that everyone loves. This feature allows translating articles from any language. You can translate generated articles into any language.
  • CyberSEO Pro plugins work with any theme and plugin. Also, it doesn’t conflict with other plugins and themes.
  • CyberSEO Pro allows generating content for any keyword and any niche. You can generate articles for any niche you wish to.


CyberSEO Pro Cons: What I don’t like about CyberSEO Pro?

  • CyberSEO Pro doesn’t have a free version, or it doesn’t offer a free trial. So, you can’t test this auto-blogging plugin without purchasing it.

CyberSEO Pro review: Pricing

CyberSEO Pro comes with several pricing options. All packages offer a lifetime license. Here are the pricing options of CyberSEO Pro.


CyberSEO Pro single-site license

A single-site license of CyberSEO Pro costs a one-time payment of $19. 95. This package includes all CyberSEO Pro features, lifetime personal support, and one year of updates.

CyberSEO Pro 5 site license

CyberSEO Pro five-site license charges $79.95 for one time. This package includes all features, lifetime personal support, and one-year updates.

CyberSEO Pro 10 site license

CyberSEO Pro 10 site license costs a one-time payment of $159.95. This package includes all CyberSEO Pro features, lifetime personal support, and one year’s updates.

CyberSEO Pro unlimited site license

The unlimited site license of CyberSEO Pro costs a one-time payment of $399.95. This package also comes with the Dev license. It has all CyberSEO Pro features, lifetime personal support, and one-year update support.

All CyberSEO Pro packages are upgradeable/updateable. You must pay 50% of the initial price to update to the latest version. Also, you can upgrade your existing package to your desired package by paying the required amount.




CyberSEO Pro review: Final opinion

Undoubtedly, CyberSEO Pro is an excellent auto-blogging WordPress plugin. It can create content from multiple sources besides RSS feeds. It can extract full articles from short excerpts. In addition, it allows to generation of human-like unlimited content through ChatGPT and  DALL-E 2, making this plugin stand out from other auto-blogging plugins. 

Also, CyberSEO Pro can import all published content from a website. 

CyberSEO Pro supports third-party spinner and translation services that help make the content unique. Also, it can detect duplicate articles.

It creates blog articles automatically and imports products from eCommerce sites.

Overall, CyberSEO Pro does what it is built for. If you want to run your WordPress website on autopilot or make some of your WordPress website’s tasks automated, CyberSEO Pro is worth trying.

If you have any questions regarding this CyberSEO Pro review, let me know by leaving comments below.


CyberSEO Pro FAQs

Question: Will CyberSEO Pro slow down my website?
Definitely not. CyberSEO Pro is designed and developed carefully in a performance-oriented way that requires few resources. This plugin uses best practices and modern coding standards to ensure things run smoothly and fast.

Question: Using the CyberSEO Pro plugin, how can I create unique content?
CyberSEO Pro supports third-party content spinners such as SpinnRewriter, SpinerChief, WordAi, etc. Also, it supports translation services such as Google Translate, Yandex Translate, and DeepL. You can use content spinning and translation to make your content unique before posting it on your auto-blogging website.

Question: Does my CyberSEO Pro subscription need to be renewed annually?
The licenses offered by CyberSEO Pro are valid for a lifetime. Therefore, you don’t have to renew it every year. CyberSEO Pro provides personal support for a lifetime and updates for one year for every package. After a year, you must pay 50% of the initial price if you want to update to the latest version. There is no auto-charge for your payment.

Question: Does CyberSEO Pro work with all themes?
All themes are compatible with CyberSEO Pro. Also, it won’t conflict with other plugins. All types of plugins work smoothly with CyberSEO Pro.

Question: Will I get technical support?
Indeed, you will. CyberSEO Pro’s technical and development team will provide you with technical support. A license does not need to be renewed after one year from the date of purchase to continue receiving technical support.

Question: What happens if I don’t renew my license after one year?
CyberSEO Pro offers a one-time payment option. And you will get the domain license for a lifetime and free updates. However, you won’t be able to upgrade to the subsequent versions. You must pay 50% of the original price of your package if you wish to upgrade to the next version. It is important to keep in mind that your plugin will still work usually without any restrictions after one year.

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