Reasons revealed why 30% Page 1 search results don’t get clicks

Extensive studies have been done to determine the clicks received by the first page of the Google search results. However, some startling revelations have propped up lately, and marketing ninjas have realized that about 30% search engine results on page 1 and page 2 do not get clicked at all.
Asia Virtual Solutions help you figure out why 30% of Google search results on page 1 and 2 don’t get clicks.

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Introducing Cryptocurrencies as A Payment Option

Asia Virtual Solutions introduced 22 cryptocurrencies as payment options, look at the advantages of multiple payment options and how a payment method can influence businesses and also the downsides of accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment option.
We also look at Woo-Commerce integration to accept cryptocurrencies.

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Social Media Marketing Trends Making Headlines in The Year 2017

Social media has witnessed significant changes in recent years we introduce you to vital social media marketing trends that have followed throughout 2017.
Marketers have also understood that integration of social media marketing strategies with the traditional marketing strategies can help to achieve the goals.
Now, we will introduce you to the vital social media marketing trends that have been followed throughout 2017.

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Asia Virtual Solutions Website is Now Fully HTTPS://

Asia Virtual Solutions Website is Now Fully HTTPS:// If you haven’t noticed already, we here at Asia virtual solutions have completely switched over our entire web presence to HTTPS:// – providing you with the utmost in safety, security, and protection. Understanding that the Internet is such a major part of our lives today, and that […]

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Newbie’s guide to SEO in 2017

Newbie’s guide to SEO in 2017 Before you even realised it, Christmas is peeping over the horizon and it is the season for festivities, fervent shopping and year end holidays. Seems like 2016 had just begun and we are already on the verge of the year end. Digital marketers are already mapping out their tasks […]

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Was 2016 a turning point for SEO marketers?

Was 2016 a turning point for SEO marketers? Most SEO companies and internet marketers would agree that the search engine landscape has undergone some dramatic changes in the past year or two. Right from an increase in the frequency of algorithmic changes, to complete transformations in search result pages, people have started to accept the […]

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Boost Your Video’s SEO

Boost Your Video’s SEO Video has emerged as the most popular way to communicate brand story. There are several studies indicating the potential of video to marketers, including the fact that shoppers who view brand videos are up to two times more likely to purchase than non-viewers. This format delivers a good ROI, which isn’t […]

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Social Bookmarking Help Improve Your SEO

Can Social Bookmarking Help Improve Your SEO? Much has been debated about the importance of social bookmarking for SEO. Some argue that it is unnecessary, and you can get quality traffic from Twitter shares and by focusing on social media engagement. Others believe that social bookmarking supports link-building and Page Rank. I personally believe that, […]

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