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Long Tail Pro Review


Long Tail Pro Review


Do you know what happened to my first site when I started my journey as a niche site marketer?

It failed miserably. Won’t you ask me what the reason was?

Keyword research!

Yes, it was wrong keyword research behind my failure. After that, I realised that keyword research is the most crucial part of building a niche site. Your success in the internet marketing world largely depends on keyword research. Besides niche building keyword research is also vital for bloggers, PPC marketers, e-commerce sites, and any websites that want to rank their contents on the google first page.

In this review of Long Tail Pro I am going to discuss the pros, cons, and features of this tool, if you considering this tool for keyword research, then it will help you in the selection process of the Long Tail Pro.

Features of the Long Tail Pro

Keyword competitiveness score (KC)

Do you know what is the most challenging task when it comes to keyword research? Measuring the exact competitiveness of the keyword. Thanks to the keyword competitive score feature of the long tail pro, having this feature, you don’t need to worry about finding keyword competitiveness anymore.

Other tools divide keyword competitiveness into three levels; easy, medium, and high. But Long Tail Pro takes the keyword competitiveness into a whole new level. It uses average keyword competitiveness metrics to show keyword competitiveness from 0 to 100.

KC (keyword competitiveness score ) shows how it will be challenging to rank on google first page. According to the Long Tail Pro; KC under 30 considered as low competition, KC score between 30 to 35 considered as medium competition, and anything over 40 considered as the high competition. Long Tail Pro uses metrics such as site authority, number of links, and on-page optimisation to determine the KC score.

Long Tail Pro - KC score

So can i trust this KC score from the Long Tail Pro? Of Course, to clear your doubt, you can check other tools, and you’ll find that it works.

While doing keyword research if you find your desired keyword and its KC is under 30, that means you got a potential winning keyword on your hand.

Analysis of competitors 

What if i get a keyword with a KC score of less than 30? You can’t decide only depending on KC score. You have to check other data of your competitor’s before going for the final decision. Here Long Tail Pro comes to the rescue. You can check the keyword competitors data with one click. Here is what it looks like when you click on a keyword;

Long Tail Pro - Analysis of competitor

When you click on a keyword, it will show you domains KC, trust flow, citation flow, number of external backlinks, number of page reference domains, number of root reference domains, indexed URLs, internal links, and domain age. Are those data enough for competitor analysis? If you ask me this question, then I would say yes. But for me when i look at competitors data, i like to see only a few things such as;

  • The average keyword competitiveness score.
  • The number of external backlinks.
  • Trust and citation flow of the domain.
  • Domain age.
  • And is the title optimised for my targeted keyword?

If you can find a keyword that satisfies the above metrics, then you can go for that keyword.

Backlink analysis

When it comes to search engine ranking backlink is probably the most crucial factor. Ranking of a site largely depends on the backlink. If a site has backlinks from authoritative sites, then there is no doubt that the website will rank higher on google.

Backlink analysis is another great feature of Long Tail Pro. Through this feature, you can analyse the backlinks of any website with a few clicks. Just enter the URL in the search bar it will show the total number of backlinks, total referring domains, etc. It will also show newly acquired backlinks, lost backlinks. Moreover, you can use this feature to spy on your competitors. You can find out what your competitors are doing for link building, and you can do the same for acquiring backlink for your site.

Long Tail Pro - Backlink analysis

Rank tracker

You’re working hard to build links and other things to rank your site, but what if you can’t track your ranking? It will damage your motivation for working hard to do things that can rank your website. If you see the ranking of your website is not improving for a long time, you’ll be frustrated. Rank tracking is an essential feature for any keyword research tool because it helps you to track your hard-work bringing results or not.

Long Tail Pro - Rank tracker

To track your keyword positions on the search engine Long Tail Pro comes with rank tracker feature. If you want to track the rank of a particular keyword just put the keyword on the rank tracker, it will show ranking positions of the keyword in every 24 hours. This feature allows you to track ranking positions not only on Google but also on Yahoo and Bing. You can also check ranking positions of your keyword in different countries.

The Rank Tracker shows your ranking positions in 24 hours and keeps your past ranking history. If you want to see your ranking history, you can easily see the ranking positions of your keyword in the last weeks and months. You will be able to see your targeted keyword ranking history as long as you track it. Isn’t it cool!

Long Tail Pro - rank tracker1

Who is Long Tail Pro for

Who doesn’t need to do keyword research who have a website? It doesn’t matter if you’re building a niche site or creating a PPC campaign for your business keyword research is a must. The Long Tail Pro was designed exclusively for niche site builders, so if you’re a niche site builder, Long Tail Pro is an excellent solution for your keyword research. Besides niche site builder anyone who doesn’t want to compromise on keyword research, Long Tail Pro could be the best solution for them.

The Advantage of using Long Tail Pro

    • Long Tail Pro generates keywords in bulk. You can put a maximum of five seed keywords, and Long Tail Pro will provide 400 keywords for each seed keywords. Moreover, if you have a list of keywords, you can manually enter them and get all the stats.
    • The keyword competitiveness score is outstanding. Keyword competitiveness score 0 to 100 shows how it will be challenging to rank on the google first page.
    • Long Tail Pro allows you to create projects so that you can keep your keywords for different website separate from each other.
    • Rank tracker is exceptionally accurate and easy to use. The rank tracking feature also allows you to create projects that mean you can track different domains.



The disadvantage of using Long Tail Pro

  • The manual keyword limit is 200, and it could be higher.
  • Seed keywords limit is 5, and this also could be higher.
  • Texts and URLs displayed in the competitor analysis could be better.

Final verdict

Long Tail Pro can become more appealing for keyword research if it extends manual keywords and seed keyword limits. But still Long Tail Pro is an excellent tool for keyword research. The keyword competitive score (KC) alone can justify the price of the Long Tail Pro. Besides KC score rank tracker and backlink analyser makes this tool ideal for keyword research. If you’re a niche site marketer, blogger facing difficulties to find out long tail keywords for your site then Long Tail Pro could be the best solution for you.


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