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Web 2.0 Backlinks

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Your Urls and Anchor Text *

Provide us with the URLs and anchor text that you want use to use:
30 backlinks package = 3 URLs each with 3 keywords
90 backlinks package = 9 URLs each with 3 keywords
180 backlinks package = 18 URLs each with 3 keywords
300 backlinks package = 30 URLs each with 3 keywords


URL 1 = http://mysite.com
anchor text 1, anchor text 2, anchor text 3

URL 2 = http://mysite.com/innerlink/
anchor text 1, anchor text 2, anchor text 3

URL 3 = http://mysite.com/innerlink/
anchor text 1, anchor text 2, anchor text 3

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Product Description

Web 2.0 backlinks

Web 2.0 backlinks are amongst the most valuable and trusted type of backlinks that you can get for your website. Web 2.0 sites are seen as authority sites and even Google owns one of the Web 2.0 sites out there, namely blogger, and recently Yahoo has purchased Tumblr, another popular web 2.0 site. So with all the big search engines trying to own a web 2.0 website, it is obvious they see the power in these, and so should you.

Whilst web 2.0 backlinks are great for your website, it is unfortunately hard work and very time consuming to set them up as it involves writing articles, register and verifying at the web 2.0 sites, and then create posts and injecting your links.

Let our team of virtual assistants take care of this time consuming process of building web 2.0 backlinks for you, so you can focusing on other important aspects of your website or online business.


We currently offer you 4 different web 2.0 backlink packages to select from

30 Web 2.0 Backlinks

90 Web 2.0 Backlinks

180 Web 2.0 Backlinks

300 Web 2.0 Backlinks


What Do We Do

We will create unique seed articles based on your niche and then randomly add 3 anchor links, For each package the following number of articles are written: 30 package = 1 seed article , 90 package = 3 seed articles, 180 package = 6 seed articles and 300 package = 10 seed articles we then to save cost we further sentence spin the article and then we add relevant images and distribute these to selected web 2.0 websites which we created for the order, each time rotating the anchors and links 3 links per site.

When we are done we provide you with a full report in Microsoft Excel format of your unique web 2.0 backlinks to your web site – links to the exact pages and also the login details so you can either add or edit your web 2.0's.

The Process

When we receive your order, the below are the steps we take
The order is past to the writing team whom then check your niche and the links provided to get an idea what you are promoting. and then they start to write the relevant seed articles
Once the seed article are completed the writers start working on sentence spinning to produce 10 very unique variations of each articles
Whilst the writers are busy doing there thing, our web 2.0 account gurus have started creating the number of accounts needed for your order. We currently have over 100 web 2.0 websites in our database and we are continuously updating and improving the system and the list. There will be some redundancy for the higher tiered packages but multiple backlinks across 100 websites is diversified yet ensuring success.
The Web 2.0 account gurus will then start collecting royalty free stock images to use for your pages, these will be merged with the articles to create a beautiful looking page
Once all the Web 2.0's acre created we double check all sites to ensure your links are up, then a report is prepared for you with the links to each page as well as the log in details should you want to edit or add more articles.
The report is then past to quality guru whom will inspect each site to make sure everything is cool and as it should be. If all are good we send you the report.

How Long Will It Take To Complete

It will take about 30 days to complete all

How Many URLs and Anchor Text

  • 30 back links package = You can provide 3 URLs each with 3 anchor text
  • 90 back links package = You can provide 9 URLs each with 3 anchor text
  • 180 back links package = You can provide 18 URLs each with 3 anchor text
  • 300 back links package = You can provide 30 URLs each with 3 anchor text

Frequently Asked Questions

My website have about 30 webpages and 20 keywords which i would like to use. Can your web 2.0 back-link system handle all my links and keywords?

  • Sure, not a problem at all – simply enter all your urls and keywords on the section further above when you are ready to order and we’ll take care of the rest.

Do you use spun the articles?

  • Yes we do, in order to offer you the extremely low pricing, the articles are highly spun to about 90% uniqueness. Your anchor text backlinks will be injected into highly relevant spun content.

I see many SEO Expert recommend people to get web 2.0 backlinks — are these the same type?

  • Yes they are – At present we have over 100 web 2.0's in our database. You will be receiving new links every month based on your subscription plan.

Do get the login and password details of the web 2.0 sites you create?

  • Yes, the login details will be included in the report we send you. This will allow you to edit or add content later.

What happens if my posts get deleted?

  • We have post that's live for over a year, but it could happen. So long as you have an active web 2.0 backlink subscription with us we will check the links before doing the report and replace any deleted posts.

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3 reviews for Web 2.0 Backlinks

  1. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great service! Fast and noticeable results- I use this service as a starter for some of my clients to give them a bump when I need to show them traction or a report or something. Will definitely order again and recommend!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Bought the 300 Web 2.0 backlink package and it is a very good service. The webpages,articles and user accounts are good and saved me a ton of time. Got the report and everything is in there, can use these accounts for other links/posts/videos i want pointing back to my money pages. I even have some links going back to affiliate pages so hopefully i make $ on those too.

    I ordered this when starting out with GSA ser because it was a little more complicated than i thought going in, so this will get some juice before i get started on my own back-linking campaigns.

    If you do not want to buy all the software and services needed to do your own backlinking then this package is 5 stars for sure and will save you weeks of time doing it yourself. I keep coming back and getting asiavirtualsolutions services because they are very good quality and great prices.

    Thanks Michael

    Ron K.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The Web2.0 are very good done. I like them. It show out like original website.
    I recommend this service

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