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Content Scraping At It’s Best

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Content Scraping is a affordable solution to populate your sites and to build backlinks. Content scraping offers affordable means to get content on your site and to boost your linking campaigns.


Any experienced online marketeer or SEO guru will tell you that content is king, and we all know that a website or blog without any content is just a empty shell and a waste of time.

If you are gifted with the ability to write your own content then great, but unfortunately not all of us a writers and have the ability to constantly update or blogs with fresh content. Unfortunately getting content produced cost money, and that is why many bloggers and web marketeers make use of scrape content

There are many forms of content scraping, and we will be covering 3 forms of scraping;

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Content Scraping 1

Article Scraping

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This is the most well known form of scraping and it involve searching for articles based on a given keyword in the title or body of article directories. You could end up with hundreds of articles based on your keywords. These can be used as is, or most people will spin the scraped articles before using it on there sites.

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Content Scraping 2

Target Url Scraping

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People who use tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker, SENUKE or Ultimate Daemon, are able to import link-list where their tools will submit to. Most link-list being sold on the internet are general list and not targeted list. By not using targeted list, you could end of with backlinks on non relevant sites. For instance your website is about Airplanes, but you might be posting a link to a dog food site. With targeted URLs, your website is about Airplanes and the sites you submit to are also about Airplanes.

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Content Scraping 3

Keyword Scraping

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Keyword Scraping like no other based on search suggest resulting in highly niche relevant and based on actual human searches. We do canned keyword scraping, related keyword scraping ans also local keyword search.

GEO targeted keyword scrape are available as well for those who want to target specific cities, suburbs and regions.
Guaranteed results with excellent niche relevant and very unique long tail keyword variations perfect for anchor txt diversity.

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