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Reasons revealed why 30% Page 1 search results don’t get clicks


Figuring Out Why 30% Of Google Search Results on Page 1 And 2 Don’t Get Clicks


Millions of businesses and bloggers compete to acquire a position on the first page of the Google search results.

Extensive studies have been done to determine the clicks received by the first page of the Google search results.

However, some startling revelations have propped up lately, and marketing ninjas have realized that about 30% search engine results on page 1 and page 2 do not get clicked at all.

One of the SEO giants Moz conducted their study way back in 2014.

They figured out that about 71.33% traffic goes to the first ten search engine results and only about 3.99% traffic goes to the second page.

CTR Positions

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To understand why some links do not get searched, we first need to understand the breakdown of the click-through rates.

The organic links present on the 1st page of Google receives about 90% clicks.

The remaining 10% clicks are made on the paid ads.

Now, let us review all scenarios which can answer why some search engine results on page 1 and page 2 do not receive any clicks.

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Why Some Search Engine Results on Page 1 And Page 2 Do Not Get Clicks

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 CTR Scenario for Branded Searches

There are times when the users are making branded searches.

The branded search means that you use a branded keyword for searching.

A branded keyword is usually the name of a company.

Now, in this case, the 1st search engine results displayed is usually associated with the website of the specific brand. This is why as a user you will click on the specific website link rather than exploring other search engine results as well.

CTR Scenario for The Non-Branded Searches

Now, most of you out there are ardent believers that the first three search results on Google’s first page are most relevant.  This is why you believe that most users will prefer to click on these links.

Well, your perception may not be true in all the cases.

If a user is indulging in non-branded searches, then he will not pay any heed to the first three positions in the SERPs so there is a possibility that the first three positions may not get any clicks at all.

Average Click Through Rate

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Failing to Find the Relevant Search Results on The First and Second Page

Now, there are times that despite using the appropriate keywords you fail to find the relevant content on the first two pages of the search results.

There is a possibility when you look at the meta description you get the idea that the link will not be able to offer useful information.

This is why you do not think along the lines of clicking the link.


Google’s Instant Answers May Affect the Click Through Rates

The instant answers offered by Google on the first page often provide adequate information to you as the user, and you do not feel the need to click on the other links as well.

For example, let us assume that you are searching for information about Penguins. You type Penguins in the search text field.  Google’s displays many results in this situation. However, you notice that People also ask sections give you adequate information about Penguins. This is why you do not click on the remaining results on the 1st page, and you do not bother to have a look at the second page of the Google search results as well.

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How to Improve the CTR Of Page 1 And Page 2 Search Engine Results 

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Now, that you have a clear idea why some links present on Page 1 and Page 2 of SERP do not get clicked, let us look at ways to improve the click-through rate.

You need to understand the psyche of the users and understand that most users are interested in attention-grabbing headlines.

A solid subject line may improve the CTR of your site. This means even if you are ranked number 10 on the SERP, there is a possibility that the CTR of your link will be better than other links present on the 1st page.

There are times when the Meta descriptions are not optimized strategically.

If you do not have snippet text optimization, then there is a possibility that your headline will not get the necessary attention. Moreover, you need to make use of rich snippets. It will also be a smart approach to make use of breadcrumb navigation.

The breadcrumb links are usually displayed below your main link in the SERP. If we judge things from the statistical perspective, then more links on a search results page increase the chances of getting the clicks.

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Final Words: Remember there is always a way to improve the click-through rate provided you follow the approach mentioned above. Incorporating these guidelines will save you from the disappointment of not getting any clicks despite being present on the 1st page of Google search results.

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