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2Checkout 160x600 bannerIt is a foremost global payment method that really should be getting more attention than it is. I found out about 2Checkout under very trying circumstances. It was unfortunate that I had to find out about 2Checkout.com in a very stressful manner but I’m sort of thankful about it now because the way I do business with my clients has completely changed thanks to it. So what happened was, I recently had my PayPal account suspended for one reason or the other. I called customer service and it was a glitch in the system. I don’t remember exactly what the customer service representative said because the moment she said I couldn’t use my PayPal for a couple of weeks my mind just kind of went blank.

The news basically meant that I wouldn’t be able to do business for two weeks. I couldn’t receive nor send out payment from my PayPal account for two whole weeks. The first thing I thought was how much trouble I was going to be in with my clients. The second thing I thought about was all the missed opportunities I would have for the two weeks that I couldn’t accommodate payment on my website.

So, after the initial shock of what the PayPal  customer support said, I decided I would have to find an alternative to PayPal, but where and how? There are a lot of website that offer similar services to PayPal for sure. However, the reason why I chose PayPal over everything else was that I felt their service was far easier to use and far safer. I didn’t want to compromise my business or my clients businesses by using a website I didn’t trust.

At first, I asked around and found that a lot of the other guys on my team had been using a relatively unknown web payment service. I was skeptical at first as you could imagine but everyone assured me that they had been using the service for a while and that I basically have nothing to worry about. This is how I found out about 2Checkout

I surveyed the website and felt that it kind of looked legit. I was afraid I’d go online and find one of those websites from 1995 with like hot pink letters rolling around in a marquee *shudders*. For security purposes all my browsers have security measures. The one I use is the McAfee SiteAdvisor. It warns you when you’re about to enter dangerous territory (i.e viruses, Trojans, etc.) and approves legitimate websites with a green McAfee logo. It gave me some relief when I found that the site was completely safe. Telling you about it now, my experience kind of feels like walking down a dark alley in the middle of the night and finding out that it’s actually a pretty safe place.

I was lurking around the website for a while and this is what I found. I found that 2Checkout has actually been around since 2000, just like the guys from my team said, and that they are trusted by over 50,000 merchants worldwide. That’s not PayPal huge but I was gaining more and more confidence about the website as I read on. 2checkout supports transactions in 197 countries and supports 8 types of payment methods, 87 types of currencies and 15 languages.

Thankfully, 2Checkout offers a demo website so I could at least test out the website before really signing up. The demo even allows you to go through the whole purchasing experience. So I tried it out.

2checkout 728x90 banner

So how does 2Checkout works? It works a lot like PayPal and other payment channels. After your business is approved you can incorporate 2Checkout into your website through their free Plug and Play cart or any type of shopping cart you prefer. Your clients then will be able to use 2Checkouts payments service, which by the way is a secure PCI compliant payment page. Once the order has been made, we will send an order confirmation to your client and then send them back to your website.

One bump on the road I didn’t expect though was when I tried to submit an application to the website. I was a little annoyed at first because I really wanted to get my e-commerce website up and running again but looking back, that was actually an acceptable security measure on 2Checkout’s part. Once you send your application it’s not as easy as just signing up for Facebook, no. 2Checkout’s underwriting team will have to process your application. They check your website to see what kind of services your sell, what kind of marketing strategies you employ and they will review your checkout process. The review is what took me the most time but I felt like that was a good sign about the website that they would check all their applications to make sure all their other clients would also be protected.

Once my application was approved, my website was now up and running again. The great news is, clients can still pay me through PayPal or through their credit cards because 2Checkout.com supports these payment systems. 2Checkout offers 8 payment methods to your clients: PayPal, Debit Cards (with Visa and Mastercard logo), Pin Debit Cards (with Visa and Mastercard logo), Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners and JCB.

I’ve been using 2Checkout for just over 2weeks now and I’m really satisfied with the service they offer. Now I’m the one who’s always asking people to check it out!


Looking For a Great PayPal Alternative ? – Look no More


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