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How Do We Scrape

The way we scrape keywords are very different from how normal scrapers scrape, they will normally use the search engine keyword tool of which the results are normally more targeted at higher paying AdWords results.

We on the other hand have a different approach to keyword scraping, as we scrape the data base of the search suggest of the main search engines. When you type in the search box of either Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon and YouTube you will see a list of suggestions drop down as you type, these are the keywords we go after and they are of much higher quality than for example the ones you will get with the Google keyword tool. The suggested keywords as you type are among the top queries people actually search for, yet they are long tail keywords which are a little easier to rank for and will include keyword phrases you might not even have thought of searching for.


Keywords Scraping and the Importance of Keyword Diversity

Keyword scraping and use of keywords and anchor text plays a vital part in any search engine optimization (SEO) tasks. Keyword diversity is something that big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo look at when considering ranking your post page or site.

So in very basic terms what is keyword diversity: When you build backlinks to your site, you don’t want every single one of the links have the same anchor text.

An example of keyword diversity if you have a site that sell dog food then instead of building all links with dog food as anchor text, you can use different variations like: best dog food, good quality dog food, tasty dog food and so on.



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