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Please give the keyword you want use to scrape.

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GEO Targeted Keywords – Optional Extra (+$2.50)

Do you offer service to a broader GEO location like in neighboring towns.
Give us the main city and we will find all nearby cities as well.

For example a plumber in Melbourne, Australia might also be servicing suburbs and nearby town, why not capitalist on those GEO location keywords. So instead of just looking for Melbourne plumbers we could also look for all the suburb and nearby towns and target those as well.

You just tell us the main city or town and we will do the rest.

GEO Target – Distance

Use this ONLY If you have selected the above GEO Targeted Keywords Extra.
Tell us how far from your city you indicated above, should we search


How Do We Scrape

The way we scrape keywords are very different from how normal scrapers scrape, they will normally use the search engine keyword tool of which the results are normally more targeted at higher paying AdWords results.

We on the other hand have a different approach to keyword scraping, as we scrape the data base of the search suggest of the main search engines. When you type in the search box of either Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon and YouTube you will see a list of suggestions drop down as you type, these are the keywords we go after and they are of much higher quality than for example the ones you will get with the Google keyword tool. The suggested keywords as you type are among the top queries people actually search for, yet they are long tail keywords which are a little easier to rank for and will include keyword phrases you might not even have thought of searching for.

The keyword scraping system we have developed will take your keyword and do canned searches using wild cards with a bunch of pre-set conditions we have developed, and then we do a related keyword search and finally a local keyword search.

We also offer a optional GEO location search , but more about that in the column to the right of this one.

What is the GEO Target

GEP Targeted Keyword Scraping is basically searching for keyword in a specify area. This can by a town, a city, a suburb or even a region or a country.

So you might wonder how can this be used: Lets take for example a Plumber in Melbourne, Australia. he might be interested to service all suburbs and neighboring towns around Melbourne. So he would use a GEO search to find all near his Target city which is Melbourne, Australia.
We find all the suburbs, and nearby towns and then use those to further build long tail keywords which could be used either as anchor text or for target list scraping. [title text=”How Many Keywords Will You Get” size=”h3″ line=”yes” align=”left”]How many keywords you will get is impossible for me to tell you in advance, it is like asking me how long will it take to go somewhere without telling me where. You could get 100 or 2000 or more keywords, but i cant tell u in advance how many as it depends on the keywords and what the search engines have available in there database for the given keyword or keyword phrase
We will however guarantee you a minimum or 100 keywords, if we cant get you at least 100 long tail keywords then you will get a FULL refund. Please note the above guarantee does not apply for brand or product names

What Will You Get

You will receive a zip file which contains a single txt file.
If you also ordered the optional GEO Targeting then you will receive 3 txt files, namely the normal keyword file + the GEO location txt file and a third which is both combined and duplicates removed.

How Long Will It Take

You should receive your completed back within 48 hours.

Sample Keyword file

You can download a sample of what the normal keyword file will look like and also the GEO targeting. For this sample we used keyword: Sydney Plumbers.



Keywords Scraping and the Importance of Keyword Diversity

Keyword scraping and use of keywords and anchor text plays a vital part in any search engine optimization (SEO) tasks. Keyword diversity is something that big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo look at when considering ranking your post page or site.

So in very basic terms what is keyword diversity: When you build backlinks to your site, you don’t want every single one of the links have the same anchor text.

An example of keyword diversity if you have a site that sell dog food then instead of building all links with dog food as anchor text, you can use different variations like: best dog food, good quality dog food, tasty dog food and so on.

It is important to then also promote more than one anchor text with links and if you are using a tool like GSA search Engine Ranker then u can learn more from our post on Binding anchor text with URLs

Keyword diversity should be used when creating content, in your site’s meta data ( Titles, Descriptions, Keywords) and other places include domain name diversity, page diversity and many others as can be seen in the below image.

Asia Virtual Solutions Keyword Diversity


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