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Optional DA 50+Web 2.0 add on

The following add on's are optional: DA50+ High Domain Authority Web 2.0 post to further boost your backlinking effords and accelerate your site's ranking and exposure. Select one of the following High DA50+ Web 2.0 options. For more information on our High DA Web 2.0 service, please visit this page :

  • Structured Content, DA50+ sites

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SEO Rocket Backlinks Overview

Boost your website’s performance with SEO Rocket Backlinks from Asia Virtual Solutions.

Our specialized backlink service enhances your search engine rankings through high-quality, relevant links sourced from a variety of authoritative platforms.

Ideal for businesses aiming to improve visibility, increase organic traffic, or outperform competitors, our customizable backlink packages are designed to deliver fast and lasting SEO improvements.Tis is a must have service for webmasters looking to improve their Google Search Console stats for a small fee.

What are SEO Rocket Backlinks?

SEO Rocket Backlinks are premium, high-quality links designed to boost your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines. By linking from diverse, authoritative sources, we ensure that your site gains credibility and higher SEO value, driving more organic traffic and improving your online presence.

Benefits of Asia Virtual Solutions SEO Rocket Backlinks

Our SEO Rocket Backlinks offer numerous benefits:

  • Improved Search Engine Rankings: Elevate your website’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs) with links that search engines trust.
  • Increased Visibility: Gain more exposure to potential customers and visitors through enhanced search engine recognition.
  • Quality Traffic: Drive higher quality traffic to your site from reputable sources.We believe in quality over quantity.
  • SEO Boost: Strengthen your site’s overall SEO with strategically placed backlinks that support long-term growth.
Cartoon illustration of a rocket ascending, with a red tip, white body, and fiery orange and yellow flames at the base, symbolizing the power of SEO Rocket Backlinks.
SEO Rocket Backlinks

SEO Rocket Backlinks - Packages Offered

Below you will see the packages we offer. Each package is designed to provide substantial SEO enhancement based on your specific requirements and goals.


1,000 Backlinks
$ 24
One Time
  • 1,000 Links
  • Do Follow Links
  • Contextual Links
  • Done in 4 Days
  • Backlink Report


5,000 Backlinks
$ 39
One Time
  • 5,000 Links
  • Do Follow Links
  • Contextual Links
  • Done in 7 days
  • Backlink Report


10,000 Backlinks
$ 64
One Time
  • 10,000 Links
  • Do Follow Links
  • Contextual Links
  • Done in 14 Days
  • Backlink Report


20,000 Backlinks
$ 124
One Time
  • 20,000 Links
  • Do Follow Links
  • Contextual Links
  • Done in 30 Days
  • Backlink Report
Colorful banner advertising SEO Rocket Backlinks with illustrations of a rocket and arrows, featuring yellow and green accents and bold text.

What Do We Need From You

We require 3 things from you to get started with your SEO Rocket backlinks.

  1.  We will need 1 URL from you. This could be your main website link or a product or service you would like to promote.
  2. We need your 3 main keywords of the site or product your want to promote.
  3. (Optional ) If you have a Google Bussines Profile, then please provide us the lnk so we can embed the GMB in your content.

What Will We Do

Below is the process flow of what happens when you place an order for SEO Rocket backlinks on Asia Virtual Solutions

Banner promoting "SEO Rocket Backlinks" with a rocket graphic, emphasizing a service to boost SEO through effective backlinks, set against a vibrant yellow and green gradient background.
SEO Rocket Backlinks

List of Platforms Rocket Backlinks Post Too.

The following is a list of platforms that we post to, to generate your SEO Rocket Backlinks.
There are many other sites and places we can submit to but we are ONLY interested in the site that can offer us quality contxtual do-follow links as this is the kind of links that the search engines prefer.

Click on the below to reveal the sites under them.

  • AltoCMS-LiveStreet
  • Article Beach
  • Article Dashboard
  • Article Friendly Ultimate
  • Askbot
  • AskIt
  • BBPress (Forum Profile)
  • ClassiPress
  • EasyBlog
  • Free Classified Ads
  • Invision Power
  • JForum
  • Open Journal Systems
  • php Link Article
  • php Link Article-Login
  • PHPWeb
  • Press Release Script
  • SupeSite
  • WebBoard
  • WordPress Forum
  • WordPress XMLRPC
  • YAD
  • Article Directory Pro
  • Article Friendly
  • Article Script
  • ArticleMS
  • BuddyPress
  • Catalyst Web CMS
  • Drupal – Blog
  • DW-Question-Answer
  • GnuBoard
  • Joomla – Blog
  • Joomla K2
  • Moodle
  • Open-Reality
  • OSclass
  • OSQA
  • PHPMotion
  • Question2Answer
  • UCenter
  • vBulletin – Blog
  • WeBid
  • WordPress Article
  • XpressEngine
  • Yclas
  • Zendesk
  • Rocketeer CMS
  • indexU
  • Aska BBS
  • Burning Board
  • DZCP
  • ExpressionEngine
  • FluxBB
  • Discuz
  • e107
  • Fantasy Board
  • FruitShow
  • FUDforum
  • IPBoard
  • JawaNote
  • Joyful Note
  • SEO-Board
  • Sun Board
  • YYBoard
  • MyBB
  • myUPB
  • phpBB
  • PHP-Nuke
  • PHPWind
  • PunBB
  • SMF
  • UseBB
  • vBulletin
  • webSPELL
  • XMB
  • YaBB
  • Public Bookmark
  • WordPress Social
  • Bookmark
  • AvArcade
  • Chameleon
  • ClanSphere
  • Dolphin
  • DotNetNuke
  • DZOIC Handshakes
  • Elgg
  • eMeeting
  • JomSocial
  • Oxwall
  • PeoplePods
  • phpBiolinks
  • PHPFox
  • DataLife CMS
  • Ground CTRL
  • Joomla K2-plain
  • PHPizabi
  • SocialGo
  • SocialEngine
  • vldPersonals
  • ClipShare
  • ShareMixer
  • Vidiscript
  • MDApplicants
  • DokuWiki
  • TikiWiki
  • Trac
  • MacOSWiki
  • MoinMoin
  • WikkaWiki

SEO Rocket Backlinks Promise

We promise to deliver you dominantely do-follow contextual links using quality niche relevant content that is unique and not spun.

If we fail to deliver your backlinks within the indicated time frames or we will provide you with a store credit to the value of your order.

We do not build backlinks for the following niches.

PLease note that we reserve the right to refuse to build backlinks for any and all illegal activities, these include but is not limited to the below:

  • Hacking  or software cracks sites
  • Illegal drugs sites
  • Illegal services services.
  • Hardcore porn sites.

If you are not sure if we can accept your sites, then better to ask before you order.

Cartoon illustration of a rocket ascending, with a red tip, white body, and fiery orange and yellow flames at the base, symbolizing the power of SEO Rocket Backlinks.

SEO Rocket Backlinks Link Types.

We offer a variety of link types to cater to different SEO needs, including:

  1. Article Submissions.
  2. Blog coments.
  3. Directory Submissions
  4. Forum Posts
  5. Social Bookmarks
  6. Social Networks
  7. Video Comments
  8. Web 2.0 Post & Profiles
  9. Wiki Posts 

Each link is contextually integrated to ensure maximum SEO impact and relevance.

SEO Rocket Backlinks Delivery Time

Our standard delivery time for backlink packages is within 4 – 30 days pending on the type of SEP Rocket Backlink pacjage you select.
This allow us to carefully craft and place each link for maximum effectiveness.

Below is the Delivery times for the different packages.:

  • Bronze Package  – 1,000 links.  Delivered in 4 days.
  • Silver Package  – 5,000 links , Delivered in 7 days.
  • Gold package – 10,000 links. Delivered in 14 days
  • Platinum package – 20,000 links Delivered in 30 days

SEO Rocket Backlinks Upgrade Options

To give your SEO Rocket Backlinks a Boost, we offer the following upgrade option to take you to a higher level.

In addition to the normal backlinks we can offer you Web 2.0 backlinks with a DA (Domain authority ) of 50+ These are powerfull backlinks that will further boost your website rankings.

We offer 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000  web 2.0 pages. Of which we do manual account creation  and manual posting of highly optemized content. 

The web 2.0 will take  additional time to complete as is indicated below:

  • 25 web 2.0 backlinks = 3 days
  • 50 Web 2.0 Backlinks = 4 days
  • 100 Web 2.0 Backlinks = 6 days
  • 200 Web 2.0 Backlinks = 13 days
  • 500 Web 2.0 Backlinks = 30 days
  • 1000 Web 2.0 Backlinks = 60 days
You will receive a full backlink report  of the URLs created, what anchor text was used and the login details.  
For more information on our High DA50+ Web 2.0 service please visit this page :

Languages we can build links in.

By default we build backlinks in English language.

If you would like onntent in other languages then we are able to create backlinks in the following language at an additional cost. PLease note that we only provide the content in the below languages, but the websites might not neccesary be in that language, comments and profile links will be in English, but web 2.0, wiki and article submissions will be in the indicated language.

  • Bulgarian Backlinks
  • Chinese Backlinks
  • Czech Backlinks
  • Danish Backlinks
  • Dutch Backlinks
  • Estonian Backlinks
  • Finnish Backlinks
  • French Backlinks
  • German Backlinks
  • Greek Backlinks
  • Hungarian Backlinks
  • Indonesian Backlinks
  • Italian Backlinks
  • Japanese Backlinks
  • Korean Backlinks
  • Latvian Backlinks
  • Lithuanian Backlinks
  • Norwegian (Bokmål)  Backlinks
  • Polish Backlinks
  • Portuguese Backlinksst
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) Backlinks
  • Romanian Backlinks
  • Russian Backlinks
  • Slovakian Backlinks
  • Slovenian Backlinks
  • Spanish Backlinks
  • Swedish Backlinks
  • Turkish Backlinks
  • Ukrainian Backlinks
Colorful banner advertising SEO Rocket Backlinks with illustrations of a rocket and arrows, featuring yellow and green accents and bold text.

Frequentely Asked Questions About SEO Rocket backlinks

SEO Rocket Backlinks are high-quality, do-follow and no-follow links designed to improve your website's search engine rankings by enhancing its credibility and visibility online.

Answer: Our backlinks are placed on authoritative and relevant sites, which signal to search engines that your website is trustworthy and relevant, thus improving your rankings and driving organic traffic.

We offer a variety of backlinks, including article submissions, directory submissions, social bookmarks, forum posts, web 2.0 posts, and more, all tailored to support and enhance your SEO strategy. Our backlinks are focused on conmtextual do-follow links

Answer: We offer flexible packages ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 backlinks, allowing you to choose the scale that best fits your needs and budget.

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Answer: We will generate  various anchor text variations including main, partial match, secondary, branding, LSI, generic, and domain as anchor text, ensuring a natural and effective backlink profile. All we require from you is a main keyword  and website link to get started.

Answer: Our standard delivery time depends on which package you have selected but it  is within 7 to 30 days from the order placement. This period allows us to carefully craft and strategically place each link for maximum effectiveness.

Answer: We use Syndbyte and Omega indexing services to ensure that all Tier 1 links are quickly recognized and indexed by search engines, speeding up the SEO benefits. We chose these 2 services as they are the best options at this time.

Answer: You can enhance your backlink package with additional tiers of links or customize your link-building strategy further to meet specific goals. Contact us for a tailored solution.

Answer: We offer a satisfaction guarantee with a full refund if you are unable to deliver your SEO Rocket backlinks within the first 30 days after your purchase.

Answer: Yes, our backlinks are created with a focus on safety and compliance with search engine guidelines, ensuring that your site gains benefits without risking penalties.

10 References We Studied To Fine Tune Our SEO Rocket Backlinks

The below are authoritice sites when it comes to web site backlinks. We studied all of these sites when we put together the SEO Rocket Backlink service 

  1. Ahrefs’ Guide on Backlinks: This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about backlinks, including how they affect SEO and ways to build them effectively.

  2. Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to Link Building: A useful resource for understanding the fundamentals of link building and the importance of quality backlinks.

  3. Backlinko’s Link Building Guide: This is an in-depth article explaining strategies for acquiring high-quality backlinks to improve SEO rankings.

  4. Search Engine Journal’s Link Building for SEO: This guide dives into the advanced tactics and strategies for effective link building.

  5. SEMRush’s Backlink Management Guide: This guide offers insights on managing and optimizing your backlink profile for better SEO results.

  6. Yoast’s Ultimate Guide to Link Building: Learn about holistic SEO practices and how link building fits into broader digital marketing strategies.

  7. HubSpot’s How to Get Backlinks: A practical guide for marketers looking to gain more backlinks to their website.

  8. Neil Patel’s Guide to Building Backlinks: Neil Patel offers strategies for busy marketers to efficiently build backlinks.

  9. Majestic’s Blog on Link Building: Stay updated with the latest strategies and trends in link building.

  10. Google’s Webmaster Guidelines: Understand Google’s guidelines on how to make your site friendlier to search engines, including their view on links.

10 Statistics About SEO Rocket Backlinks

  1. According to Moz, over 99% of all top 50 search result pages have at least one external link pointing to the website. This underscores the essential nature of backlinks for achieving high rankings.
  2. Ahrefs reports that the top-ranking page gets links from new websites at a rate of +5.83% per month, on average. This suggests that continually gaining new backlinks is important for maintaining top positions.

  3. Backlinko’s analysis found that long-form content tends to generate 77.2% more links than short articles, showing the link-building value of comprehensive content.

  4. A study by SEMrush found that four of the top six ranking factors are related to link signals. They include the total backlink count, backlink score, referring domains, and organic search traffic.

  5. According to HubSpot, content that ranks in the top position typically has an average of 3.8x more backlinks than content ranked positions 2-10.

  6. Ahrefs also reveals that 91% of all pages do not get organic traffic from Google, primarily due to them not having backlinks.

  7. Data from SEMrush shows that the more backlinks a page has, the more organic traffic it gets from Google.

  8. Research by BuzzSumo found that articles with an image once every 75-100 words received double the number of social shares than articles with fewer images, which can indirectly affect the acquisition of natural backlinks.

  9. A study from Ahrefs indicates that .gov and .edu links are rare but powerful, representing less than 1% of backlinks on the web yet providing significant authority to linked content.

  10. According to Majestic, the average Trust Flow (a metric for measuring the trustworthiness of a link) of sites in the top position on Google is significantly higher than those in lower positions, highlighting the quality of backlinks as a critical factor.

Final thoughts on why You Need SEO Rocket Backlinsk

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and online advertising, the importance of robust link building strategies cannot be overstated. SEO Rocket Backlinks by Asia Virtual Solutions stands at the forefront of this vital industry need, offering tailored solutions that significantly enhance your online presence on platforms like Google Search and beyond.

The essence of SEO Rocket Backlinks is rooted in the careful crafting and management of backlinks that are essential for improving PageRank and overall search engine optimization. Each link acts as a citation, boosting the credibility of your website as it signals to web crawlers that your content is valuable and trusted. This process is integral not only to SEO but to your broader marketing strategy, aligning with efforts in content marketing, social media engagement, and affiliate marketing to create a cohesive digital footprint.

Using SEO Rocket Backlinks ensures that your web pages are linked via strategic anchor texts which are crucial for SEO. These are placed on relevant platforms, including high-authority forums and other web entities, thereby enhancing brand awareness and ensuring your brand is mentioned in contexts that boost visibility and relevance. Additionally, the use of nofollow tags when necessary helps maintain your site’s profile even after Google Penguin updates, which prioritize link quality over quantity.

The integration of SEO Rocket Backlinks with tools like Google Analytics and Semrush allows for detailed analytics and data management, enabling webmasters to track the performance of their links and their impact on organic search results. This integration helps in refining marketing strategies, conducting thorough keyword research, and optimizing click-through rates. The HTML elements of your web page, including metadata and other HTML tags, are also optimized through these backlinks to improve indexing and search relevance.

For businesses looking to outsource complex SEO tasks, SEO Rocket Backlinks offers a streamlined solution that combines automation with human expertise. The service simplifies the complex algorithms of web search engines and ensures that your online advertising efforts lead to measurable increases in customer engagement and conversions.

In conclusion, in a digital world as vast as the World Wide Web, having a service like SEO Rocket Backlinks is akin to having a rocket that propels your site’s visibility, allowing you to achieve and maintain top rankings in Google Search. It’s about making your site not just another URL lost in the vastness of the internet but a prominent destination for users across the United States of America and globally. This service is not merely a tool; it’s an asset for any serious digital marketing professional aiming to succeed in the competitive arena of the internet.


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