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Social Bookmarking Help Improve Your SEO


Can Social Bookmarking Help Improve Your SEO?

Much has been debated about the importance of social bookmarking for SEO. Some argue that it is unnecessary, and you can get quality traffic from Twitter shares and by focusing on social media engagement. Others believe that social bookmarking supports link-building and Page Rank. I personally believe that, when done correctly, social bookmarking can help your SEO efforts in more ways than one. Here are some important points to consider.


Quicker indexing of your site content

Google keeps crawling social bookmarking platforms continuously. When it discovers links to your website content on a number of popular social bookmarking sites, your content will obviously be indexed faster.

It makes you look good!

The basic premise of bookmarking is that if any content is being bookmarked, it must be something special and useful, even if it isn’t exactly viral. This vote of confidence can present a positive view about your website to Google, and consequently support your SEO efforts.

Offers real engagement potential

One of the arguments that social bookmarking critics offer is this : even if a top site like Reddit can earn you traffic, is this actually quality traffic or will most of them leave without spending enough time on your site (high bounce rate). This is not so much the fault of the social bookmarking platform as it is about the quality of your content and its relevance to what you actually offer on your website.

How successfully you will be able to increase visibility and generate traffic will depend on how interesting and share worthy your content is, whether it is text- or image-based. An appealing title no doubt helps, but the overall appeal of your content is very important in spurring engagement, and thereby supporting SEO.

 You can create a number of bookmarks to multiply traffic

The more links and bookmarks, the greater the potential to drive traffic to your site. To send out the right social signals, you need to be more social. Platforms such as and Digg offer the opportunity to get viral traffic. These are the people who arrive at your site from a social bookmarking site after seeing your web-page URL while searching for topics of interest to them. The  greater the number of people who view your URL and title, the higher the potential to attract them to your website.

You can establish trust and credibility

Social bookmarking allows you to engage with users, sending messages, sharing bookmarks and commenting on content. It results in a community of like-minded, engaged people with similar interests. You have a chance to leverage this community for brand-building and marketing purposes. By frequently contributing bookmarks, you can establish yourself as a trusted business, which may not directly help with SEO, but create interest about your offerings and what you have to say. This can translate into more page views and better engagement with your other digital assets, such as your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter pages.

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What is involved in social bookmarking?

Most people use more than one bookmarking site. As mentioned earlier, you want to spread out and expand your presence on all top bookmarking platforms.

Now to the big question : how simple or tricky is social bookmarking, and how long does it take to submit multiple bookmarks to multiple sites. Well, it can eat into your daily schedule, and it isn’t a task you should be spending your valuable time on. A service like Asia Virtual’s Social Bookmarks can easily and professionally handle bookmark submissions for you.

All you need to do is provide the title, description, tags and URLs of bookmarks, and place an order for ‘x’ number of bookmarks. Asia Virtual Solutions creates the bookmarks on multiple sites and sends you a break-up of details in an easily understandable report.

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