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GSA Search Engine Ranker Premium Captcha Solving Service

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$45.00 / month

Why spend all your money on paid captcha solving, proxies and servers.
Would you not rather have a service where you pay a reasonable flat rate each month for a service that solve all your captcha needs including all Google Re-Captcha’s and also H-Captchas.

IP Address Where You Will Use This *

Provide the IP address of GSA SER VPS where you want to use the captcha solving.
If you want to use it on more than one PC \ VPS then you need to place an order for each IP address..
If Ordering a New GSA SER VPS – Just write “NEW VPS” below




Are you tiered of spending a fortune paying for Captcha solving services  which just eat up your money. Are you tired of not knowing how many captcha solving credits you will use up each time you start your GSA Project.

Are you tired of spending a fortune for VPS‘s powerful enough to run your Xevil solver, and on top of that you need to pay another fortune just for the proxies to use with your solver – This can easily build up to $100 and more each month.

Would you not rather have a service where you pay a reasonable flat rate each month for a service that solve all your captcha needs including all Google Re-Captcha’s and also H-Captchas.

With  Asia Virtual Solutions – GSA Search Engine Ranker Captcha Solving Service you pay a reasonable  flat monthly fee for  captcha solving, so it does not matter if we solve 10 or 100,000 captchas, you pay the same. No need to worry about servers or proxies or proxy solver configurations etc.

How Does It Work

  • Open Captcha solving in GSA Search Engine Ranker.
  • From The list of Captcha Solvers, select Xevil – right at the bottom
  • Insert the ip address  which we will give you.
  • Save settings and you are good to go.

How do we solve the captchas

You must be wondering how can Asia Virtual Solutions provide unlimited GSA SER captcha solving for so cheap.

The answer is really simple, we use our bulk buying power and…

  • We deploy powerful servers  with AMD Ryzen Thread ripper 3990X  CPUs.
  • We use Xrumer‘s Xevil Beta V5  with Re-captcha enabled and running at 500 threads
  • We add 24,000 IPv6 proxies to it with rotating external proxy tunnel

How many GSA Search Engine Ranker Installs can i use it on:

We lock the captcha service to your IP. You will need to place a separate order for each IP.

How do you know how many captchas has been solved and the success rate:

We do not offer you any fancy control panels where you can see what and how many captchas have been solved. But you are able to view the captcha solving stats directedly on your GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Take Note

Even thought this is a a great captcha solving service, you need to understand that it wont be possible for a automated service to solve all captchas correctly every single time. As you are well aware, some captchas are really hard to read and solve, even for us humans! Therefor please remember that and understand when you see an incorrectly solved captcha.
This really is the best flat fee, automated captcha solving service available.


Asia Virtual Solutions Captcha Solver service should be used only for research purposes. The illegal use of this service is strictly prohibited.

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3 reviews for GSA Search Engine Ranker Premium Captcha Solving Service

  1. Avatar of Mark Morphew

    Mark Morphew (verified owner)

    Awesome service and amazing value for money compared to other alternatives. Very easy to set up, I had it all up and running in under 2 minutes from receiving my email. Michael is always available if you’re facing any issues or simply have a question to ask (I don’t think he sleeps!)

  2. Avatar of rodolfo.lagana

    rodolfo.lagana (verified owner)

    Subscribed this service some months ago, simply great!
    My customers saved a lot of money. Before found this great Captcha service, we tested a lot of similar services and we didn’t get the same results spending a lot of money monthly.

    Thank you Michael, great service!

  3. Avatar of mytrick4u

    mytrick4u (verified owner)

    I have started using the captcha service and it is really great and helpfull for me to solve all the captcha instead of wasting my money on large company.

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