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GSA Search Engine Ranker Captcha Solving Service

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$25.00 / month

GSA Search Engine Ranker – Captcha Solving will provide you with the same captcha solving capability as GSA Captcha Breaker, 1Captchas and XEvil combined. Meaning we solve both normal captchas as well as recaptchas at same level as the aforementioned software service. We offer automated captcha solving  for fast and a high success solving rate of over 8 700  different captcha types, making use of several OCR techniques and some advanced coded algorithms which deliver a value for money captcha solving solutions

See the detailed information provided to learn how this works

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Asia Virtual Solution’s GSA Search Engine Ranker – Captcha Solving is an incredible service which literally will save you heaps of time, money and the efforts of manually solving captchas. Once you have the system enabled you never have to worry about manually entering captchas  or paying ridiculous rates for captcha solving services like  CatchaTronix, Death by Captcha or Decaptcher and many others, which charge you by the amount solved.
At Asia Virtual Solutions you pay a flat monthly fee for your captcha solving, so it does not matter if we solve 10 or 100,000 captchas, you pay the same.

How Does It Work

It is basically very straight forward and all you do is in GSA Search Engine Ranker select the Captcha service we provide you after sign up

The steps are

  • Step 1 – Start GSA Search Engine Ranker, go to Options and then to Captcha Settings and select the captcha service mentioned in the file you got after signing up.
  • Step 2 -Enter the host and the API key which we provide you and click OK
  • Step 3 – Select the service again and this time click “Test” and then “Check Balance”, if you did all correct, you will now see the connection was OK.

Those are the only steps – you are all set. These are all clearly explained, step by step  in the video we provide with each order


Reliable and lightning fast

At this time we have 5 dedicated servers that will be handling the captcha processing.

Server performance will be closely monitored to ensure optimal and fast captcha solving.

How many PC’s can you use it on

Each order will allow you to use it on one IP only.  If you want to use it on more than one IP, then you need to order separately for each of those IP’s

You can use it on unlimited software within the same IP. What that mean is that if for example you have GSA Search Engine Ranker and Ultimate Daemon and a Email creator and any other software that needs captcha solving they can all use this service if they are on the same IP.

If you have a Windows VPS then you will know what your IP is, if you are on a home PC, all you have to do is type in Google Search “What is my IP”, and it will show your IP in the results.

You are able to change the IP ( 2 times a week ), simply open a support ticket or email to get it done.


What happens after you paid


You will receive a automated email confirming the order. We process all orders manually, so within about 24 hours we will add your IP address to our system and then update your order with the details of which server you have been assigned to, a text file with instructions and a link to a YouTube video to walk you thru the steps to get going.
If for some reason you don’t hear from us within 12 hours, don’t freak out, we might be out drinking or chasing girls, use the live help, and mention your order number for us to check into it.
You can also log into your account( ) to see the notes added to your order.

The service will remain active so long as you have a paid subscription. Service will terminate when you cancel the subscription.

Take Note


Even thought this is a a great captcha solving service, you need to understand that it wont be possible for a automated service to solve all captchas correctly every single time. As you are well aware, some captchas are really hard to read and solve, even for us humans! Therefor please remember that and understand when you see an incorrectly solved captcha.
This really is the best flat fee, automated captcha solving service available.

At this time we do NOT solve Google Re-captcha V2 captchas


Asia Virtual Solutions Captcha Solver service should be used only for research purposes. The illegal use of this service is strictly prohibited.


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3 reviews for GSA Search Engine Ranker Captcha Solving Service

  1. Avatar of Mark Morphew

    Mark Morphew (verified owner)

    Awesome service and amazing value for money compared to other alternatives. Very easy to set up, I had it all up and running in under 2 minutes from receiving my email. Michael is always available if you’re facing any issues or simply have a question to ask (I don’t think he sleeps!)

  2. Avatar of rodolfo.lagana

    rodolfo.lagana (verified owner)

    Subscribed this service some months ago, simply great!
    My customers saved a lot of money. Before found this great Captcha service, we tested a lot of similar services and we didn’t get the same results spending a lot of money monthly.

    Thank you Michael, great service!

  3. Avatar of mytrick4u

    mytrick4u (verified owner)

    I have started using the captcha service and it is really great and helpfull for me to solve all the captcha instead of wasting my money on large company.

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