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Biggest Mistakes with Automated Web Marketing


Biggest Mistakes People Make with Automated Web Marketing

Automated Web marketing is useful. People who want more buzz and sales via the Internet use automated Web marketing to get more marketing work done in a shorter time frame. With automated Web marketing, you will use software in order to make your marketing tasks easier. For example, it’s possible to automate social media posts, emails and website actions via software. However, there are pitfalls and we’re going to talk about these pitfalls today! We want you to know how to sidestep the biggest mistakes that people typically make with automated Web marketing!

By showing you what not to do as you use automated Web marketing, we aim to empower you as an online entrepreneur. You’ll be able to avoid the drawbacks of automation and focus on getting as many benefits from it as possible.


Biggest Mistakes with Automated Web Marketing 1Don’t Duplicate Content

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Dont Duplicate Content with Automated Web MarketingDuplicate content shows up on the Web in multiple places. If content appears even twice, at different Web addresses, it’s a problem. Duplicate content is not going to help your search engine rankings. SEO (search engine optimization) is something that every online entrepreneur needs to worry about. If you post duplicate content via your automated Web marketing software, you may not incur a penalty from search engines. However, it may bring down your search engine rankings and this means that prospective customers will have a harder time finding you…and an easier time finding your competitors.

When it comes to duplicate content and search engines, search engines sometimes have trouble classifying duplicate content. The bots which work endlessly online, finding content and classifying it, aren’t sure which version of the content to put in or take out of their indices. As well, they aren’t whether they should direct certain important metrics for anchor text, authority, link equity and trust to a single page or separate the link metrics via a range of versions. As well, they aren’t certain about which version to use in order to create a ranking for query results.

If you’re a website owner (and you probably are!), you may experience loss of Web traffic and poorer rankings when you have duplicate content on your website. But why? Well, search engines give users better searching experiences by hiding multiple versions of content which is the same. This means that search engine bots and employees need to decide which version is more likely to get the optimal result. For this reason, duplicate content will water down visibility.

As well, website owners should know that the equity of links may be watered down. This happens because other websites need to select between duplicate content, too! Incoming links do impact search engine rankings.

As you can see, there are myriad reasons to post original content which isn’t available anywhere else.

Biggest Mistakes with Automated Web Marketing 2Don’t Spam Too Fast (Or At All!)

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Dont Spam Another common pitfall that online entrepreneurs run into while they’re using automated Web marketing software is the tendency to spam sales leads and loyal customers. Since typical automated Web marketing software has powerful email capabilities, some entrepreneurs take the easy way out and use their software to spam people that they want to sell to. This is a big mistake and something that you should be very careful to avoid.

One tip is to choose a software program for Web marketing automation which allows you to make sure that you are “can-spam” compliant. This is a good safeguard to have in place. However, your own judgement may also be used. How many emails are your sending? Also, what response are you getting from this electronic marketing campaign? Is is positive or negative?

One way to avoid spamming too fast (or spamming at all) is to take more care with email campaigns. Use the great tools found in automated Web marketing programs in order to get organised and set up mass batches of emails. However, make sure that these batches don’t go out too often and that they include email segmentation.

Email segmentation is about creating different emails for different types of clients. For example, a sales lead will get a different email than a loyal customer who has earned VIP status with your company. Sure, you’ll need to do more work in order to use email segmentation to entice customers. However, it’s well worth it. This type of segmentation often boosts profits and it’s much less spammy, too!

Biggest Mistakes with Automated Web Marketing 3Keep These Pitfalls In Mind

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Now that you know the two biggest pitfalls, why not look at your own automated Web marketing practices and make changes if appropriate? Avoiding duplicate content should be pretty easy. It’s quite simple to search the Web and see if content is posted elsewhere. Also, avoiding spam is something that you should be able to do pretty easily, even if you need to break a few bad marketing habits.

If you need a pro to help, be sure to contact a capable provider like Asia Virtual Solutions which specializes in Web marketing. Sometimes, outsourcing really does work wonders!

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