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Importance of Keyword Research


Importance of Keyword Research

The current business landscape is a very exciting place with new brands, products and service popping up every day. This is thanks in part to the emergence in recent years of internet marketing tools. These tools allow budding and established business to reach a wider audience and therefore garner a greater client base. The thing at the very top of the list that helps to bring traffic to sites all over the internet is a web search. The phrase ‘just Google it’, has probably become one of the most common in the English language and must be said millions of times a day all across the world (Google could probably tell you exactly how many times). Search engines provide instant results on literally any topic you can think of, and people use them for everything. However, most people will find what they’re looking for within the first 5 hits of the first page, and it’s highly unlikely that they’ll get to page 6 or 7. This is why it’s so important that businesses get their websites and blogs ranked as highly as possible. It is at this point that keywords come into the mix. Getting high rankings is reliant on finding the right combination of keywords that can focus your SEO campaign. This article will discuss the greater importance of keywords and how you can use them to your advantage.

Keyword Research – What’s the Hype?

The whole method of using search engines to find information is based around keywords. People will type in a single word or a phrase or even an entire sentence in order to find the exact results that they want. The search engines then use complex algorithms to sift through billions of webpages at the speed of light and present the ones to the user that are the closest possible match to their keywords. This is the primary reason why keywords are so incredibly important. You could have the best website offering the best products or service in the world. You could be offering free trips to the moon, but if your content isn’t keyword optimized nobody is going to find it, leaving you feeling like your business isn’t quite as marketable as you thought it was.

How to Find the Right Keywords for Your Business

This is where the research bit comes in. It’s not enough to just have a little think about your business and pick some words that seem to fit. This won’t work and you’ll only damage your business in the process. Here are some steps you can use to make sure your keyword research is running along the right lines.

Put Yourself in the Mind of the Customer

The first thing you need to do is build a list of basic keywords. The best way to do this is to put yourself in the position of the person who will be viewing your site and buying your products. For example, if you own a business selling handmade scented candles, then consider what a potential buyer would search. It’s very likely that someone looking for a product such as this would simply search for ‘handmade scented candles’ however they might also search for ‘smelly candles’, ‘smelly candle shops’ ‘where can I get scented candles’ and the list goes on and on and on. You need to think outside the box a little bit. Essentially as much as keywords and SEO relies on complex algorithms and digital technology, the people using the system are humans. You need to change your mind-set from that of a digital marketer to that of a human being.

Use a Keyword Research Tool

Niche Keyword Research 788 x 445 The internet is there to help so take advantage of it. There are plenty of keyword research tools roaming about on the web, both free and paid so there is a tool to suit every budget. These tools work by analyzing your basic list of keywords and identifying which word or combination of words will provide the best results in terms of search engine hits. This is especially a good tool if you feel like you’re missing the mark a bit with your basic list. You can use this tool to see where you’re going wrong and go back to the drawing board with a new outlook and fresh ideas.

Use Keyword Suggestions to Cut Down Your List

Many of the keyword research tools will not only analyze the keywords that you have already come up with but they will also provide you with a list of suggestions. This is essential, and may provide you with a much better insight into how your target audience searches and the words and combinations that they would regularly use.

Make Sure Your Keywords are Specific to Your Content

It may be tempting to include as many keywords and phrases as possible that are even remotely connected to your niche. However, this is a bad idea. This is referred to as keyword stuffing and search engines do not like it at all. You will probably find that your ranking goes down even further than it was before. Also, using really broad keywords that are going to bring up millions of search results is only going to give you more competition and you might lose out on really serious customers. Try to make your keywords as specific to your content as you can whilst still being commonly searched words and phrases. Again, this is where you need to think about your target audience. For example, if the products you are selling are marketed to teenagers and young people they are likely going to use different words and phrases that say someone in their 50’s. Young people are incredibly tech savvy and know exactly what to search for to get what they want, this can be of benefit to you because you can afford to be even more specific.

Hopefully these tips have helped you to understand how important keyword research really is. The digital age can be both a blessing and a curse, know your keywords and make sure it’s a blessing.



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