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Configuring GSA Captcha Breaker


Configuring GSA Captcha Breaker

Configuring GSA Captcha Breaker is a relatively straight forward task but it is also very easy to get it wrong. In this post we will walk you thru the steps to correctly configure GSA Captcha Breaker for use with GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Configuring GSA Captcha Breaker


Configuring GSA Captcha Breaker

Once you have installed GSA Captcha Breaker the 1st screen apart from the license screen which you will be presented with is the below options screen. This is an important screen as these configuration settings will determine how GSA CB functions.

GSA Captcha Breaker - Options

  1. For normal usage use with GSA Search Engine Ranker you will not need to run it as a web-server.
  2. For normal usage with GSA Search Engine Ranker it is not necessary to simulate any services, as such no need to check any of the items you see in the box next to #2.
  3. Minimize to Tray is self explanatory and have no impact on the operations of GSA Captcha Breaker.
  4. If you use a Captcha service as explained under point number 5 then you need to check this box.
  5. Using GSA Captcha Breaker on it’s own is simply not enough to solve all types of captchas, therefor we need to make use of 3rd party services to solve captchas which GSA CB cant solve, and the most difficult one which GSA Captcha Breaker cant solve is called “recaptcha”, which is these days used by many of the sites we want to submit to. My recommendation is to use a service called Captcha Tronix which focus exclusively on solving recaptchas. Adding a captcha service is straight forward, just click on ADD button and select the service you want to use, then enter your username and password where asked.
  6. No need to check this option.
  7. This is just to show you how much money you are saving by using GSA CB., and it has no impact on the operation of GSA CB, just leave the default value of $2
  8. Check this option. It is pointless to ask GSA CB to solve captchas which it has not been very successful in solving as it is waste of time and resources.
  9. This works together with Number 8 above. The default value is 20%, but i suggest to lower it to 10%. That mean GSA Captcha Breaker will try and solve all captchas which it has a success rate of at least 10%, any captcha below 10% will be skipped.
  10. You definitely want to keep it all the way to the right for maximum accuracy.
  11. Check this option
  12. WE want GSA CB to at least try to solve unknown captchas. WE should NOT send it to the captcha service as the captcha service we use only solve recaptcha captchas, as such a waste sending unknown stuff to it.
  13. Uncheck all of the boxes shown by the box at number 13, unless you for some reason want to save the recognized or unsolved captchas.
  14. Skip any unchecked captchas types – check we only want it to try and solve captchas you have checked ( which by default are all )
  15. No need for this unless you are planning on working on GSA CB development.

Once you have done all the settings – click o.k

Toggle Recaptcha

No this is a very important step and one that many people overlook when they configure GSA Captcha Breaker.

Basically what we need to do is to instruct GSA Captcha Breaker to not try and solve Recaptcha type Captchas since we know it cant do those and we have added Captcha Tronix to solve them.

So by toggling the recaptcha type it means that any recaptchas will immediately be send to our add on service, in my case Captcha Tronix

To enable the toggle :

  • On the Captcha Type Screen expand “OTHER”
  • Scroll down in OTHER section, about 2/3 until down you will see Recaptcha.
  • Highlight Recaptcha type and then right click and select :TOGGLE USE OF CAPTCHA SERVICE
  • It will ask for confirmation, just click YES
  • Ones done you will see a little up/down arrow like in the below screenshot.

You are all done now


GSA Captcha Breaker - Toggle Recaptcha



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