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The Best Marketing Planner For 2022 Holidays

Asia Virtual Solutions eCommerce holiday marketing planner for 2022


Holidays are great for giving boosts to online and retail businesses. However, every holiday is not ideal for every business. If you want to get the most out of holidays/shopping events, you must choose the right event and prepare the right products and campaigns.

To help you get more sales and earn the highest profit, I came up with the best eCommerce holiday calendar marketing planner. Moreover, I also added profitable products and marketing methods. You can start your holiday sales campaign after reading this holiday marketing planner.

So, let’s begin.

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When it comes to eCommerce shopping, January is the most important month. This month starts with new year celebrations, and it is the number one sales event globally. Besides that, this month has other important sales events such as Australia Day.

January brings a lot of eCommerce sales, and most product returns occur this month. That’s why you should take this matter seriously. Increase product transparency and write clear product descriptions to avoid product returns.

Important events

New Year’s Day, January 1

New Year’s Day 2022

January first is the first day of the Gregorian calendar. People celebrate it around the world. Therefore it is a global event. This event is also becoming popular in countries that don’t follow the Gregorian calendar.

On New Year’s Day, people get close to their loved ones, offer them gifts, spend time, eat special foods, travel, buy new items, and set new year resolutions.

At this event, people buy almost everything, such as food, clothes, appliances, gadgets, jewellery, etc. It doesn’t matter what you sell; you have a great chance to boost your sales on New Year’s Day.


New Year’s Day Keyword Suggestions
  • new year’s day deals
  • new year’s day coupons
  • new years day sale
  • new years gift ideas
  • new years day discounts
  • new years day giveaways
  • new year’s day lunch ideas
  • new year’s day outfit
  • new year’s day raffle
New Year’s Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. You can launch new year-centric offers on your website. Make sure that these offers stand out among your competitors. After that, you can send offers to your customers’ email. Send emails a few days before the new year day to get better results.
  2. Launch a new year contest to boost your sales. It is a great way to boost new year’s sales and brand popularity. You can launch a quote contest and offer winners your newly launched product as prizes.
  3. Use social media to offer new year greetings to your customers and engage with them.


Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 17

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Day or MLK Day is the birthday of former American non-violence social rights activism leader. It is celebrated around the USA to show respect for him and his works.

On MLK day, people do different things, for example, help war veterans, fight against racism, support black-owned businesses, support organizations that fight racism, etc.

It is one of the most significant sales events in the USA. Most of the brands offer discounts at this event. It is an excellent opportunity for small and large business to boost their sales. It doesn’t matter what you sell; you can offer deals for MLK Day. It is a prime eCommerce sales event in the USA, and shoppers eagerly wait for this day.


MLK Day Keyword Suggestions
  • MLK day gifts
  • MLK day sales
  • MLK day t shirt
  • MLK day deals
  • MLK day coupons
  • MLK day discounts
  • MLK day giveaways
  • MLK day outfit
  • MLK day raffle
MLK Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Send MLK day themed emails to your customers with discount offers.
  2. Celebrate MLK day on social media and offer discounts.
  3. Let your consumer know that you will offer greater discounts at MLK Day before a week.
  • Send MLK day themed emails to your customers with discount offers.
  • Celebrate MLK day on social media and offer discounts.
  • Let your consumer know that you will offer greater discounts at MLK Day before a week.

Australia Day, January 26

Australia Day

Australia Day is the National Day of Australia. It is celebrated all over Australia, which marks the landing of the first fleet at Sydney Cove. Though there is some controversy regarding this day, Australians celebrate Australia Day all over Australia.

On Australia Day, Aussies fire up barbeques, spend time with family members, play cricket and volleyball on the beach, and light fireworks. Australia Day activities also include watching movies, wearing Australian flag-themed shirts and sunglasses, etc.

Aussies buy barbeque-related items, Australian flag-themed clothes and sunglasses on Australia Day. It is a major shopping event in Australia. Therefore, Aussie holiday shoppers shop a lot in this event. So, selling items are not limited to Australia Day items.


Australia Day Keyword Suggestions
  • Australia day food
  • Australia day BBQ
  • Australia day costume
  • Australia day gifts
  • Australia day outfit
  • Australia day party supplies
  • Australia day recipes
  • Australia day shirts
  • Australia day deals
  • Australia day coupons
  • Australia day sale
Australia Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Launch Aussie-themed contest.
  2. Ask influencers or bloggers to mention your brands and products.
  3. Partner with local organizations such as radio stations to promote your products and offer.


Get ready for upcoming events

Chinese New Year 

Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year is the largest shopping event in China. You can sell everything at this event. Customize products with Chinese themes and launch Lunar New Year-themed marketing campaigns.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day to express affection with gifts and greetings. Prepare your store with gift items and launch Valentine’s Day-themed marketing campaigns.


February is a very crucial month for eCommerce businesses. This month, there are several big shopping events such as Chinese New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Chinese New Year Day is the largest eCommerce event as its sales reach $127.5 billion in 2021.

Moreover, Valentine’s Day is another big shopping event; American shoppers spend more than $20 billion in 2021.

So, prepare your store for these big eCommerce events. Don’t forget to optimize your website for mobile devices because 80% of abandoned carts happen on mobile devices.

Important events

Chinese New Year, February 1

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is the largest holiday in China. It is the first day of the Lunar New Year. Chinese people around the world celebrate this day. In addition, people in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand celebrate the Chinese New Year.

At New Year’s Festival, Chinese people participate in different activities such as gift offerings, relative get-togethers, playing games, lighting up fireworks, etc.

The Spring Festival or Chinese New Year is one of the largest shopping events in China. Chinese people buy everything, for example, from clothes to food and appliances to fireworks. It is a golden opportunity for business owners to maximize their profit.


Chinese New Year Keyword Suggestions
  • Chinese new year day deals
  • Chinese new year day coupons
  • Chinese new year day sale
  • Chinese new year gift ideas
  • Chinese new year day discounts
  • Chinese new year day giveaways
  • Chinese new year clothes
  • Chinese new year gifts
  • Chinese new year ornaments
  • Chinese new year quiz
Chinese New Year Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Make a short video targeting Chinese people’s emotions.
  2. Launch Chinese tradition-themed new products.
  3. Start a contest such as a photo contest and ask your Chinese consumers to participate.
  4. Don’t forget to make packaging with traditional Chinese themes.

Super bowl Sunday, February 13

Superbowl Sunday playing

Super bowl Sunday is the biggest sporting event in the USA. It is the championship day of the National Football League. Since 2004 final of this mega event started playing on the first Sunday of February.

On Super bowl Sunday, American people watch the game either on the television or in the stadium. Besides that, people who don’t watch the final match engage in different activities, such as traveling, walking on the open road, shopping, etc.

Super bowl Sunday is one of the largest shopping events in the USA after Black Friday, which makes it an ideal date for holiday shoppers. At this event, Americans buy mostly TVs, food, beer, chips and snacks, pizza, NFL apparel, etc. However, holiday shoppers buy everything as most brands offer discounts and special offers.


Super bowl Sunday Keyword Suggestions
  • super bowl Sunday deals
  • super bowl Sunday food
  • super bowl Sunday tv deal
  • super bowl Sunday coupons
  • super bowl Sunday sale
  • super bowl Sunday discounts
  • super bowl Sunday quiz
  • super bowl Sunday giveaways
  • super bowl Sunday raffle
Super bowl Sunday Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Launch who wins contests and offer exciting discounts on your products.
  2. Ask football influencers to talk about your products when they talk about the game or before after.
  3. Use video ads on Facebook and Youtube so that people can watch while viewing NFL-related videos.

Valentine’s Day, February 14

Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine’s Day is the day of love celebrated all over the world. The commercial significance of Valentine’s Day is increasing day by day. It has become one of the largest holiday shopping events.

People celebrate Valentine’s Day globally in different ways. People meet with their loved ones, spend time, give gifts, and eat special food together.

People buy different things at this event. It depends on people to people. However, most selling products at this event are chocolate, jewellery, clothes, fashionable items, candy, and gift cards.


Valentine’s Day Keyword Suggestions
  • valentine’s day gifts
  • valentine’s day cards
  • valentine’s day candy
  • valentine’s day chocolate
  • valentine’s day earrings
  • valentine’s day gifts for her
  • valentine’s day gift ideas
  • valentine’s day gifts for him
  • valentine’s day lights
  • valentine’s day quiz
Valentine’s Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Host a show on social media and invite people to share their amazing love stories.
  2. Send Valentine-themed emails about your products and gift ideas.
  3. Create valentine themed poll relevant to your business; for example, if you are selling clothes, you can set a poll like what kind of outfit you will wear on Valentine’s Day.




Get ready for upcoming events

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day celebrates to show love and respect for Saint Patrick. You can sell green attire such as hats, clothes, and green colour items at this event. Launch St. Patrick’s Day-themed social media campaign on Instagram and Facebook.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day celebrates to recognize women’s contributions to society. You can sell women’s gift items(fashion items, gift cards) at this event. Launch social media and email marketing campaigns to maximize sales at this event.



March is another important month of the eCommerce holiday calendar. Several big selling events fall into this month. You have a great chance to bring huge sales from big events like Holi, International mother’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day. Americans spent $5.14 billion on St. Patrick’s Day in 2019.

More than 80% of American customers believe that free shipping would influence them to purchase a product. Therefore, ensure free shipping to sell more.

Important events

International Women’s Day, March 8

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day celebrates to recognize women’s cultural, socioeconomic, and political achievements. Moreover, International Women’s Day is significant for raising voices against gender equality, reproduction rights, and violence and abuse against women.

International Women’s Day is celebrated in different countries in different ways. It is a public holiday in most countries. On this day, govt and non-profit organizations work to increase awareness about women’s abuse and violence. People offer gifts to women and spend time with them.

It is not a commercial event. However, brands offer discounts on their products. As a result, it has become an excellent opportunity for business owners and consumers.


International Women’s Day Keyword Suggestions
  • international women’s day gifts for employees
  • international women’s day gifts
  • international women’s day greetings
  • international women’s day quiz
  • international women’s day shirt
  • international women’s day t shirt
  • international women’s day deals
  • international women’s day coupons
International Women’s Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Use inspiring equality messages on marketing materials.
  2. Send emails to your customers with product discounts.
  3. Host a podcast about women’s inspiring life stories on social media.

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17

Cat wearing St. Patrick's Day green hat

St. Patrick’s Day is a religious and cultural Christian holiday. It marks the arrival of Saint Patrick’s and Christianity in Ireland. It is the official death day of Saint Patrick, and it is the only National Day celebrated in multiple countries.

On St. Patrick’s Day, people hold rallies, wear green attire, and drink green drinks.

People buy green clothes and hats. Green-coloured attire is the main attraction of this day. Companies offer discounts on their products at this event. As a result, other products also sell like crazy on St. Patrick’s Day.


St. Patrick’s Day Keyword Suggestions
  • st. patrick’s day decorations
  • st patrick’s day accessories
  • st patrick’s day beer
  • st patrick’s day baking
  • st. patrick’s day crafts
  • st. patrick’s day costume
  • st. patrick’s day drinks
  • st patrick’s day desserts
  • st patrick’s day gifts
  • st patrick’s day hat craft
St. Patrick’s Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. On St. Patrick’s Day, people love to try their luck. So, hold St. Patrick’s Day-themed contest and let your customer try their luck.
  2. Offer St. Patrick’s Day products such as shamrocks as the giveaway with your main products.
  3. Send St. Patrick’s Day-themed emails to your customers and offer discounts.

Holi, March 19

Girl celebrating holy

Holi is the festival of colour. It is an ancient Indian festival mainly celebrated in the Indian subcontinent. However, it is also celebrated widely in the USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and other places among the Indian diaspora. It marks the win of good over evil.

As it is the festival of colour, people play with colours. They throw colours at each other. Eating Indian foods is a part of Holi. Therefore, people eat traditional Indian foods such as Gujia, Thandai, Lassi, Rasmalai, Malpua, Barfi, etc. Besides that, people meet with relatives and exchange gifts.

Colours and traditional Indian foods are the main products people buy at the Holy festival. However, people buy different gifts such as clothes. It has significant commercial value; brands offer special discounts on their products.


Holi Keyword Suggestions
  • holi food
  • amazon holi deals
  • deals for holi
  • holi gift ideas
  • holi coupons
  • holi contest
  • holi giveaways
  • holi free shipping
  • holi  specials deals
Holi Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Promote products on social media in Holi-themed posts.
  2. Offer discounts and giveaways with primary products.
  3. Customize your products with the Holi theme.

Mother’s Day UK , March 27

Mother's Day UK

Mothers Day in the UK is different from global Mother’s Day. Mothers Day in the UK started as a church tradition. When Christian visits their mother church, it is referred to as mothering Sunday(As it celebrates on Sunday). Mother’s Day in the UK changes every year because it follows the lunar calendar.

Mother’s Day UK activities include eating traditional British foods, gift offerings, spending time with mother, etc. People also offer traditional gifts for mothers, such as greeting cards.

Traditional British foods, greeting cards, and fashion items sell like crazy on Mother’s Day UK. Besides that, others products also sell well as brands offer great discounts to celebrate Mother’s Day.


Mother’s day UK Keyword Suggestions
  • mother’s day uk gifts
  • mothers day uk amazon
  • mothers day bracelet uk
  • mother’s day uk cards
  • mothers day uk cards and gifts
  • mother’s day chocolates uk
  • mother’s day uk flowers
  • mothers day gift ideas uk
  • best mothers day hampers uk
  • cheap mothers day hampers uk
Mother’s day UK Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Provide a list of gift ideas to your customers that include your products.
  2. Offer personalized products for Mother’s Day. If you can’t personalize all of your products, personalize the most selling one.
  3. Launch giveaways campaign.


Get ready for upcoming events

National Pet day

National Pet Day celebrates for showing love and care for pet animals. Prepare all pet-related items such as pet foods, pet gears, pet sheds, etc. Launch attractive campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and send discounted offers to your customers’ email.

Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated to increase awareness for environmental protection. This event is ideal for selling environment-friendly products. Launch promotions on social media and send discounted deals to your customers’ emails.



Own a pet or eCommerce store? If yes, April is the month for you to increase your sales. National Pet Day and Earth Day fall in this month. National Pet Day is the best holiday event for pet store owners. The size of Pet industry in the United States is around $100 billion.

Live chat is a great way to increase sales. Ensure that your store has live chat support. It will boost your store’s sales.

Important events

National Pet Day, April 11

National Pet Day USA

90.5 million people in the USA own a pet, according to the national pet owners survey. National Pet Day celebrates all over the USA to show love for pet animals. One of the main goals of this event is to increase awareness about pets. For this reason, these days motto of National Pet Day became “adopt instead of buy.”

It is a special day for pet owners to show extra care for their pets and correct their behaviour towards them. On National Pet Day, pet owners spend time with pets, take pets for walks, treat pets with their favorite foods, teach pets new habits. Moreover, people adopt new pets.

Every pet item got huge sales at this event. The most selling pet items on this day are sheds, pet cameras, pet foods, nail clippers, pet carriers, cold pet beds, etc. All pet brands offer special discounts on this event.


National Pet Day Keyword Suggestions
  • national pet day deals
  • national pet day sales
  • national pet day coupons
  • national pet day discounts
  • national pet day pet food deals
  • national pet day dog food sales
  • national pet day bird feeder deals
  • national pet day pet clippers
  • dog sheds deals
National Pet Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Offer special discounts for new pet owners.
  2. Invite pet owners to share their inspiring pet adoption stories.
  3. Launch pet caring campaigns on social media to let people know how your brand cares about pets. Besides that, offer special discounts on your pet products.

Earth Day, April 22

Earth Day

Earth day is the most popular environment event celebrated globally. It was initially started in the USA. After that, it is celebrated worldwide to show support for environmental protection.

On Earth Day, people do things that create awareness to protect the environment. Earth Day activities include tree planting, bicycle riding, environment cleaning, using environment-friendly bags, buying environment-friendly products, etc.

Environment-friendly products such as non-plastic bottles, portable solar generators, and recycled products sell like crazy on Earth Day. However, people also buy other products as most brands offer special discounts on this event.


Earth day Keyword Suggestions
  • earth day quiz
  • earth day costume
  • earth day crafts
  • earth day decorations
  • earth day shirt
  • earth day gifts
  • earth day shirt
  • earth day deals
  • earth day discounts
Earth day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Offer reusable products as a giveaway with your primary products.
  2. Offer special discounts on eco-friendly products.
  3. Promote products through environmental influential.

Get ready for upcoming events

Eid al-Fitr

It is the largest religious and cultural event of Muslims. You can sell almost everything at this event. Social media, email, and PPC are effective marketing campaigns for this event.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated to show respect and love for motherly figures. Gift cards, jewellery, clothes, and cosmetics are popular products you can sell at this event. Ideal marketing channels for this event are social media and email.



Eid al-Fitr is one of the largest shopping events. Moreover, Mother’s Day is another great eCommerce holiday for small and large businesses. American consumers spend more than $20 billion on Mother’s Day. If you want to take a share from this $20 billion pie, start preparing for Mother’s Day.

User experience is the number one reason for abandoned shopping carts. So, use A/B testing to improve your store’s user experience.

Important events

Eid al-Fitr, May 2–3

Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr is the religious holiday of Muslims. It observes after the end of Ramadan.. Muslims globally observe this day.

On Eid al-Fitr, people pray in the morning. After that, they visit their relatives’ houses. Muslims eat their respective traditional foods. For Muslims, this is the day for offering gifts; older adults give gifts to younger people. Visiting parks and entertainment places are common activities at this event.

Eid al-Fitr has great eCommerce significance. Generally, people buy clothes, jewellery, and fashion items. Moreover, people also buy other items such as appliances. People buy almost everything at this event as it is the occasion of shopping and gifts.


Eid al-Fitr Keyword Suggestions
  • eid al-fitr food
  • eid al fitr outfits
  • eid al fitr quiz
  • gifts for eid al fitr
  • food for eid al fitr
  • eid al fitr deals
  • eid al fitr discounts
Eid al-Fitr Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Launch campaigns like limited-time offers and send them to your customers through email marketing.
  2. Start a competition to encourage customers to engage with your brands and buy your products. Offer discounts and free giveaways for winners.
  3. Ask your customers to share their thought about their previous gifted items and which ones they got from your brands

Mother’s Day, May 8

mother day global

Mother’s Day celebrates to honour mother or motherly individuals. This event is dedicated to mothers for recognizing and honouring their sacrifices. It celebrates on different dates. However, it celebrates in March in the USA.

People do different things to show their love for their mother. Mother’s day activities include spending time with mothers, giving gifts, making special food for moms, traveling with moms, singing for moms, etc.

Mother’s Day has become too much commercialized in the USA. At this event, people buy clothes, jewellery, fashion items, gift cards, etc. it is a massive opportunity for small and large business owners to boost their sales.


Mother’s Day Keyword Suggestions
  • mother’s day bracelet
  • mothers day card
  • mothers day crafts
  • mother’s day dinner
  • mother’s day decorations
  • mother’s day flowers
  • mother’s day gift guide
  • mother’s day discount
  • mother’s day sale
  • mother’s day jewellery
Mother’s Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Offer gifts with mother’s day purchases.
  2. Give giveaways when someone buys mother’s day gifts from your store.
  3. Make a Mother’s Day gift guide. Include your products within the gift guide and promote it on social media.

Get ready for upcoming events

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the day to show respect and love for fatherly individuals. You can sell gift cards, fashion items, and electronic products at this event. You can promote your offers on social media and emails.



Father’s Day is a significant eCommerce holiday. Only American consumers spend around $20 billion on this event. It doesn’t matter what you sell; you have a chance to boost your revenue on this event. So, increase your store’s revenue in June by campaigning on Father’s Day.

30% of email recipients open their emails after reading the subject. So, use personalized subject lines for Father’s Day email marketing campaign.

Important events

Father’s Day, June 19

Fathers day

Father’s Day celebrates to honour fatherhood and fatherly individuals. It started in 1909 in Washington. Though it was started in the USA, however, these days father’s Day has become a global event for honouring fathers.

Father’s Day is the day to show love for fathers. Therefore, people treat fathers on Father’s Day with gifts and greeting messages. Typical father’s day activities include taking father in hiking, fishing, kayaking, camping, etc.

Father’s Day is a significant shopping event in the USA. Top selling products on Father’s Day are smartwatches, beard trimmers, outdoor cooking accessories, fishing equipment, wallets, etc.


Father’s Day Keyword Suggestions
  • father’s day boat
  • father’s day baseball
  • father birthday gifts
  • father’s day sale
  • father’s day card
  • father’s day costume
  • father’s day flowers
  • father’s day gift basket
  • father’s day gift guide
Father’s Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Start an email campaign and send gift ideas, discounts codes, and fathers day greetings messages to your customers.
  2. Make a father’s day gift guide and share it on social media.
  3. Ask your customers to share their best moments with their father and choose one as a winner and give prizes.


Get ready for upcoming events

Independence Day USA

Independence Day of the USA is celebrated as the birthday of the United States. You can sell any products at this event by offering independence day discounts. Social media, email, and video marketing are ideal marketing options for this event.

Eidul Adha

Eidul Adha is the second largest religious festival of Muslims. This event’s best-selling products include clothes, appliances, jewellery, electronics, fashion items, footwear, etc. This event’s effective marketing options are social media, video, email, and PPC.



Significant eCommerce holidays such as US Independence Day, Eidul Adha, Canada Day fall in July. US Independence day is a great opportunity for small and large business owners; American consumers spent $6.2 billion on foods alone in 2014.

50.5% of American consumers want to see at least three product pictures before buying any product. So, add clear and detailed images to bring more sales on July fourth.

Important events

Canada Day, July 1

Canada Day

Canada Day celebrates the creation of Canadian confederation. It is the National Day of Canada. Canadians all over Canada celebrate Canada Day. Canadians who live abroad also celebrate Canada day.

On Canada Day, Canadians participate in Canada Day rallies, musical concerts, wear Canada flag-themed dresses, eat traditional Canadian foods, etc.

Cloths, barbeque, grill, flags, and hats are common selling products on Canada Day. Every brand offers special discounts on this event. Small and large businesses can make a good amount of money from Canada Day.


Canada Day Keyword Suggestions
  • Canada day burger
  • Canada day cake
  • Canada day crafts
  • Canada day drinks
  • Canada day dress
  • Canada day fireworks
  • Canada day flag
  • Canada day quiz
Canada Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Start a photo contest and ask your customers to send their best photos. Choose a few winners and give them prizes.
  2. Give free giveaways with your products.
  3. Make a list of Canada Day activities and offer customers your related products.

USA Independence Day, July 4

Independence Day US

Independence day is a federal holiday in the USA. It is celebrated to commemorate the declaration of independence of the USA. The American continental congress declared that 33 American states free from British rule on this day. It is a major holiday and shopping event in the United States.

On Independence Day, Americans participate in different activities, including rallies, picnics, concerts, listening/speaking political speech, barbeques, fairs, baseball, wearing patriotic-themed clothes, family reunions, etc.

Independence day is a major commerce event. Independence Day sales are increasing day by day. The most selling products on Independence day are proud to be American signs, picnic blankets, t-shirts, flags, American flag face masks, etc.


US Independence Day Keyword Suggestions
  • US independence day cards
  • US independence day deals
  • US independence day food
  • US independence day greeting cards
  • US independence day offers
  • US independence day quiz
  • independence day sale US
  • USA independence day t shirt
US Independence Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Offer special discounts on Independence day. Reach your customers through email and social media.
  2. Create a quiz around your products and ask your customers to answer, declare two-three winners and give them prizes.
  3. Start an Independence Day photo contest on social media and ask your customers to send Independence day relevant photos. Pick a few photos as the winner and give prizes and special discounts.


Eidul Adha, July 9-10

Eidul Adha

Eidul Adha is the second most important religious holiday of Muslims. It celebrates to commemorate sacrifices for the almighty. It is celebrated globally.

On Eidul Adha, Muslims commemorate their sacrifices to the almighty by slaughtering animals. They visit relatives’ houses. Eidul Adha activities also include eating traditional foods, wearing new clothes, offering gifts to youngers, spending time with family members, and more.

Eidul Adha has great significance in terms of commerce. Muslims buy everything at this event; popular items include clothes, jewellery, appliances, fashion items, etc.


Eidul Adha Keyword Suggestions
  • eid ul adha card
  • eid ul adha deals
  • eid ul adha coupons
  • eid ul adha sale
  • eid ul adha disconts
  • eid ul adha gift
  • eid ul adha jewelry
  • eid ul adha card clothes
Eidul Adha Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Start a donation campaign. Inform your customers that a percent of your profit will be donated to the poor for the Eidul Adha celebration.
  2. Ask your customers to share their best Eidul Adha memories with your products and give prizes to two-three winners.
  3. Make Eidul Adha-themed marketing materials and reach your customers on social media.

Get ready for upcoming events

Valentine’s Day China

At this event, Chinese people express love for their lovers. Clothes, footwear, chocolate, electronics, fashion items, and gift cards are most selling products for this event. Social media and video ads are best suitable for this event.



Have you missed February fourteenth Valentine’s Day? Here is another Valentine’s Day for you, and it is Chinese Valentine’s Day. August has significant value as an eCommerce holiday for Chinese Valentine’s Day.

CTA is crucial for bringing sales. 70% of eCommerce businesses don’t use CTA on their homepage. Use proper CTA on your store’s homepage to increase sales.

Important events

Chinese Valentine’s Day, August 4

Chinese womens celebrating Chinese valentines day

Chinese Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over mainland China. In addition, Chinese diaspora living outside China celebrates this event. It is an ancient festival of love. At this event, couples express their love for each other.

Chinese Valentine’s Day activities include spending time with loved ones, giving gifts, eating favourite meals together, going outside for traveling, etc.

It is a significant eCommerce event in China. At this event, most selling products include clothes, jewellery, fashion items, chocolate, electronic gadgets, etc. Every brand offers special valentines day discounts.


Chinese Valentine’s Day Keyword Suggestions
  • Chinese valentine’s day card
  • Chinese valentine’s day cake
  • Chinese valentine’s day dior
  • Chinese valentine’s day food
  • Chinese valentine’s day flowers
  • Chinese valentine’s day gifts
  • Chinese valentine’s day gift ideas
  • Chinese valentine’s day outfit
Chinese Valentine’s Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Ask your Chinese customers about their first love. Use hashtags to engage with customers on social media.
  2. Launch limited valentine’s themed products.
  3. Customize your products with Valentine’s Day theme.

Indian Independence Day, August 15

Indian Independence day celebration

Independence Day in India is celebrated on August fifteenth to commemorate Independence of India from British rule. It is a public holiday in India. This day marks the end of British rule in India.

At this event, Indian people exchange sweets, participate in political programs, enjoy Independent Day sports events, talk about history, and wear tricolour clothes.

Indian Independence Day has excellent business significance because it is one of the world’s largest markets. Independence Day’s most selling products include flags, sweets, chocolates, clothes, etc. Every small and large business offers special discounts on this event.


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Indian Independence Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Offer free tri-color kits such as bands as a gift when someone buys your products.
  2. Create a video based on the inspiring story of an Indian soldier and spread it across social media.
  3. Launch a donation campaign. Let your customers know that a percentage of your profit will go to those who contribute greatly to the country.


Get ready for upcoming events

Labour Day

Labour Day is celebrated to recognize laborers’ contribution to society. You can sell any products at this event by offering special labour day discounts. Social media and email marketing are suitable ways to promote products on labor day.



You can’t ignore September when it comes to eCommerce holidays. Large shopping event doesn’t fall in this month. However, still, you can make a good amount of money from this month. US labor day is in September. Around 90% of consumers in the United States plans to shop on labour day deals.

More than 80% of American consumers believe that Instagram helps them make purchasing decisions. So, use Instagram to bring more sales in September.

Important events

Labour Day, September 5

Labor Day

Labour day is a federal holiday in the USA. It is celebrated to honour labour movement and labour’s contribution to the development and achievement of the United States. It is a day for showing respect to laborers for their sacrifices.

Labour Day is an opportunity for workers who get less vacation than other workers. On this day workers get a much needed time to get refreshment. At this event, people join labour day rallies, watch fireworks and laser shows, enjoy music concerts, and eat favourite foods with their family members.

On Labour Day, brands offer special discounts to show respect for laborers. The most selling items at this event include clothes, shoes, appliances, mattresses, electronics, toys, cars, etc.


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Labour Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Launch a Labour Day selfie contest and give prizes to three to five winners.
  2. Offer free giveaways when someone buys an item.
  3. Reach your customers through emails and social media and let them know how laborers work hard to make great products and your brand is serious about them. Besides that, talk about some of your best products.

Get ready for upcoming events

Diwali India

Diwali is a festival of light and gifts. You can sell almost everything at this event. Social media, PPC, video, and email marketing are effective marketing channels for this event.


Halloween is a traditional festival celebrated in the United States, Canada, and the western world. Costumes, chocolate, and candle lights are the most selling products of this event. The best marketing channel for this event includes social media and search PPC.



October is the month of Halloween and Diwali. You have great opportunities to bring huge sales from these two eCommerce holidays. Ecommerce sale on Halloween was around $3 billion in 2021.

Consumers love free giveaways. Give free giveaways with your primary products to bring more sales.

Important events

Diwali, October 24

Girl celebrating Diwali

Diwali is an Indian religious and cultural festival. It is celebrated to commemorate the win of good over evil. Diwali is also considered as a win of light over darkness. That’s why it is known as the festival of lights. People from different religions such as Hindus,

Sikhs and Jains celebrate this event.

On Diwali, people meet with their family members and spend time. Lighting up lamps is the main theme of this event. Therefore, people light up lamps in houses and streets. Diwali activities also include making and eating traditional Indian foods, wearing new clothes, offering gifts, etc.

Diwali is the largest shopping event in India. Indians buy all kinds of items on Diwali. Most selling products in Diwali include appliances, automotive, bags, fashion and beauty items, clothes, electronics, kitchen items, etc.


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Diwali Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Personalize your product with Diwali theme.
  2. Offers special discounts and sends them to your customers through an email marketing campaign.
  3. Write a list of best Diwali gift ideas and include your products on the list. After that, promote gift ideas on social media.

Halloween, October 31


Halloween is a traditional festival primarily celebrated in the United States, Canada, and the western world. However, these days people celebrate Halloween globally.

On Halloween eve, people participate in different activities, for example, wearing costumes and masks, lighting up jack-o’-lanterns, joining costume parties, visiting haunting attractions, playing games like apple bobbing, etc. Moreover, children also take part in trick or treating.

Halloween is a major shopping event in the United States. All small and large businesses offer special discounts at this event. Products like costumes, facemasks, candles, Halloween accessories, and decorative accessories sell like crazy at this event.


Halloween Keyword Suggestions
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Halloween Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Customize your products with the Halloween theme.
  2. Host contests on scary experience and ask your customers to share their experience, then pick two three-story as the winners and give them prizes.
  3. Give Halloween accessories such as masks as free giveaways when someone buys your product.

Get ready for upcoming events

Singles Day China

Single Day or Anti Valentine’s Day is the largest shopping event globally. You can sell everything from food to footwear and clothes to cosmetics at this event. Video and social media ads are best suitable for this event.

Black Friday

Black Friday is the world’s largest shopping event after Singles Day. You can sell everything at this event. Search PPC, email, social media, and video ads are the best way to promote products on Black Friday.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the largest shopping event after Black Friday. Every product sells like crazy at this event. Search engine PPC, social media, email, and video marketing are best ways to bring sales in Cyber Monday.



Here is the biggest month in terms of eCommerce holidays. The world’s biggest shopping events, such as Singles Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday fall in November. Singles Day eCommerce sales counted $129.5 billion, and Black Friday sales counted $10 billion in 2021.

Set a countdown timer on your website for deals; it effectively increases sales on holiday events.

Important events

Singles Day, November 11

Singles Day

Singles Day is an unofficial holiday and shopping event in China. It was started as an anti-Valentine’s Day event. It is also known as double 11 Day. These days it has become the world’s largest shopping event.

Single people celebrate this day to take more self-care. Single people take an off day at this event and give time to themselves. Singles Day activities include eating favourite foods, watching movies, playing games, spending time with other singles, etc.

All types of products get huge sales at this event. However, most selling products are clothes, fashion items, footwear, sporting goods, cosmetics and beauty products, and home care products.


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Singles Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Launch a flash sell campaign with coupon codes.
  2. Start hashtag campaigns like self-love to engage with customers and relate your products.
  3. Start PPC campaign on the right platform and starts early.

Thanksgiving Day, November 24

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in the United States. It is also celebrated in Canada. This event celebrates to say thanks for the bountiful harvest, food, and what we have.

The main activity on Thanksgiving Day is the Turkey meal. Americans prepare turkey meals and eat with family members. Thanksgiving meals also include potatoes, corn, green beans, pumpkin pie, etc. Thanksgiving Day activities also include watching Thanksgiving parades.

Most selling items on Thanksgiving Day include appliances, electronics items, gaming consoles, streaming devices, and TVs.


Thanksgiving Day Keyword Suggestions
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Thanksgiving Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Give Thanksgiving-themed product as a freeway.
  2. Start PPC campaign on Facebook with Thanksgiving-themed ads.
  3. Give Thanksgiving meals to lucky customers.

Black Friday, November 25

Black Friday

Black Friday is the largest shopping event in the United States. It was started in the United States. These days Black Friday has become a global shopping event. It starts after midnight and lasts till 11.59 PM. Some companies’ Black Friday offer remain till Monday(Cyber Monday).

It is a traditional shopping event. That’s why holiday shoppers wait for this event eagerly. Shopping is the main activity of this event.

When it comes to selling products on Black Friday, there is no limitation. Every product sells on Black Friday like crazy. Small and large business has a great chance to sell a significant amount of products at this event. Companies offer great discounts; some companies offer even 99% discounts.


Black Friday Keyword Suggestions
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Black Friday Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Create a shopping guide for Black Friday. Includes your products inside the guide and promote it on social media. Plus, send the guide to your customers’ emails.
  2. Ask your industry’s influentials to share your Black Friday deals and discounts.
  3. Contact niche bloggers to share your Black Friday deals and discounts

Cyber Monday, November 28

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is another shopping event that started in the United States. Now it has become a rival to Back Friday in terms of sales. Every business owner is said to have experienced significant sales growth on this event.

Holiday shoppers wait for this shopping event like Black Friday. It is also an excellent chance for holiday shoppers if someone missed anything on Black Friday. Companies offer large discounts throughout Cyber Monday; some stores offer 99.9% discounts on some products.

As far as products are concerned for selling on Cyber Monday, there is no limit. Every product gets a substantial amount of sales on Cyber Monday. Small and large businesses can significantly benefit from this event.


Cyber Monday Keyword Suggestions
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Cyber Monday Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Ensure that your product deals are available on all social media platforms.
  2. Launch a dedicated Cyber Monday sales page.
  3. Send your customers Cyber Monday deals a few days in advance.

Get ready for upcoming events

Christmas Day

Christmas is the largest Christian religious event. It is another event for selling all types of products. The best marketing method for Christmas includes Search PPC, social media, email, and video ads.


If you didn’t make enough sales on the biggest eCommerce events, you still have a chance to make a good amount of profit this month. Christmas and Free Shipping Day are two important shopping events of December.

50% of holiday shoppers come from mobile devices. So, ensure that your store is mobile-friendly.

Important events

Free Shipping Day, December 18

Free Shipping Day Global

Free Shipping Day is a global shopping event that offers free shipping of large and small items. Most of the companies join this event to increase their sales.

At this event, holiday shoppers buy free shipping items. Good numbers of companies offer discounts for this event to increase their sales.

When it comes to selling products at this event, you can sell any products by offering free shipping.


Free Shipping Day Keyword Suggestions
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Free Shipping Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Besides free shipping, offer special discounts to stand out among your competitors.
  2. Create a dedicated page for free shipping.
  3. Promote Free Shipping day offers on social media


Christmas Day, December 25

Christmas day

Christmas Day is a Christian religious and cultural festival. Christian and non-Christian people worldwide celebrate this day to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is a public holiday in many countries.

Christmas Day activities include getting together with relatives, spending time with family members, gift exchanges, eating fine dishes, helping poor people, watching movies, listening and singing music, etc.

Christmas Day is a day of gift exchanging; therefore, people buy different products. On Christmas Day, the most selling products include clothes, jewellery items, kitchen appliances, chocolates, sweets, electronics, etc.


Christmas Day Keyword Suggestions
  • Christmas tree
  • Christmas lights
  • Christmas décor sale
  • Christmas cards
  • Christmas gifts
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  • Christmas gifts for women
  • Christmas deals
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Christmas Day Marketing opportunities/Ideas
  1. Create a Christmas gift guide, include your products as a gift and promote it on social media.
  2. Offer Christmas-themed products as free giveaways when someone buys a product.
  3. Give free gift cards with your products.

Get ready for upcoming events

New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day of 2023 is almost here. Prepare your store and marketing campaigns for this event in advance. Launch an email marketing campaign in advance to stay ahead of your competitors.


Final words

Every major holiday or shopping event is a chance for businesses to bring sales and increase brand’s popularity. Find out the right holiday/shopping event for your business and use it to your advantage.

After figuring out the right holiday/shopping event for your business, prepare personalized products and marketing campaigns for particular events. Always be transparent about your products in ad campaigns.

I have listed the most important holidays/shopping events in this holiday marketing planner. If I missed any important event, let me know by commenting below.



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