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Learning GSA vs Hiring an expert


Learning GSA vs Hiring an expert


As newbie internet marketers research about automated SEO tools, they are most likely to stumble upon and be tempted instantly to try the GSA Search Engine Ranker. And it is for a good reason too.

There hasn’t been a more powerful SEO tool ever in the history of the business.

Did we ruffle some feathers there?

Are naysayers and the ‘SEO is dead’ savants cringing at those words?

Anyone who believes that automation is dead or even worse, SEO is dead is misinformed or downright stupid.

One tip folks, ‘Do not believe everything that Cutts tells you’

Every full-time internet marketer is using GSA to build a significant chunk of their backlink profile while you are scratching your head wondering whether the software still works like it used to.

Of course, it does. But GSA SER was never meant for noobs. Sorry if that sounded disrespectful. But that’s the truth.

GSA SER is one of the most influential link building tools which if used correctly, can save you time, effort and help you make a lot of money in your Internet Marketing career. On the contrary, if you use it like, say 50% of the users do, your websites are going to disappear forever from the face of the internet.


The DIY Temptation with GSA SER

Let’s face it. We have all been there. Reading the description for a link building software, watching demo videos, tutorials and getting that motivating feeling that, ‘Hey, that doesn’t look so difficult. This one’s going to be a cakewalk’

A month later, you have probably exhausted your budget, wasted countless hours and feel frustrated and desperate.

As much as DIY sounds exciting and tempting, let us warn you, GSA SER is not the software that you want to experiment with. It has a clumsy and confusing user interface, has one of the steepest learning curves and requires hands-on access to a unique set of tools and services for it to work.

Even then, it would probably take you months to get it to work right in 2018.

Reduced costs vs. Time delays

The most frequent reason why someone wants to go the DIY route with GSA SER is to save some Benjamin.  Or at least, hoping to keep some.

But while trying to cut corners, these guys end up wasting a lot of valuable time. In internet marketing or any other business for that matter, time is money.

The right way to use GSA SER / Asia Virtual Solutions GSA SER services

GSA Search Engine Ranker

You have two options when it comes to using GSA SER.
  1. You log on to the GSA SER official forum and hire someone to teach you how to use the software. Experts will charge you as much as $100 an hour to show you how to use it. Remember what we told about the learning curve?
  2. You hire an expert to provide you with GSA SER services. In simple terms, you pay someone else to build links for you. The only caveat is that you’d have to be extremely choosy about the person you hire.

Once you have decided what option to choose, you will need access to a specialised set of tools and services that we spoke about earlier. Asia Virtual Solutions GSA services are used by some of the biggest names in IM.

Unlike cheap mom and pop operations that resell these services, we do not resell. Moreover, it’s more than five years since we have started offering GSA SER services and we command a level of expertise that rivals the best.

GSA SER VPS Hosting Banner_300x300

GSA SER VPS: Our VPS service for GSA SER is a plug and play solution for anyone looking for a reliable and easy hosting service. It comes pre-installed with GSA SER. All that you have to do is enter your license, and you are all set to blast links. It has ten dynamic CPU Cores, 12 GB RAM and unmetered bandwidth. Choose the quarterly plan, and you get access to the SERengines API for free.

Asia Virtual Solutions Proxy Service


GSA SER Proxies: Dedicated, semi-dedicated, private or anonymous, irrespective of your proxy requirements, we have you covered. Our proxy service is a must-have for serious GSA users and offers you excellent quality proxies from multiple locations using almost 10,000 subnets.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Captcha Solving Service  GSA SER Captcha Solving: Our Captcha Solving solution for GSA is a cost-effective Captcha service that can save you some big bucks that you’d otherwise spend on services like Death by Captcha or Decaptcher. With unlimited captcha solving at a flat monthly price and the capability to answer more than 8700 types of Captcha, this is hands down the best Captcha service for GSA.

Quality Link List GSA Link Lists: Your GSA SER service is only as effective as the link list they use. If you are frustrated with low-quality link-lists which have been spammed to death, check out’s verified link list. With over 233,231,431 verified URLs that are available in both text as well as SL format, you will never run out of quality link building options again.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Email packs GSA Email Packs: GSA Search Engine Ranker – Email packs are the best email accounts for GSA SER  with POP3 enabled, Anti-Spam disabled, and in GSA Search Engine Ranker ready import format. Guaranteed for up to one year!! 


GSA Search Engine Ranker Data Pack Banner GSA Data Packs: GSA Search Engine Ranker data packs makes your life a lot easier, save you time and money – We create each data pack from scratch and scrape the web for content such as articles, videos and images relevant to your main keywords. We spin everything together add random videos or images to articles, prepare the “about us” section, the video section and much more. We fully set up a tiered  GSA SER project, provide emails do all the settings and filters, and then provide you with a single file to import to have a fully ready to go GSA Ser tiered campaign.

GSA Search Engine Ranker - Custom Engines - BannerGSA Custom Engines: 23 Premium GSA Search engine ranker custom engines to boost your link building efforts with powerful .edu and .gov links, you will receive  18 .gov .edu and 5 other custom GSA Search Engine Ranker Custom engines. Additionally, we will provide you with 55 .edu and .gov footprints which you can use to scrape your own .edu  and .gov list to use with the engines.

Premuim Article Write and Spin GSA Original Content: From exceptional content written by native English writers to premium spun content with three manually rewritten versions and 100 spun versions (readable), our content creation services will take the guesswork out of your GSA SER projects.



Does GSA SER still work in 2018?

On a closing note, we would like to shed some light on one of the most widely debated questions in the internet marketing world now. Does GSA SER still work for link building with all the frequent algorithm updates that Google has introduced?


The only thing that matters is how you use it. You can use it to make niche specific Tier 1 links as well as spam the hell out of your Tier 3 links. It depends on what your goals are.

If you have a well-balanced link building plan that includes high-quality guest posts –, carefully chosen PBN domains and a high-quality Tier 1 network, there is no reason why you cant save a lot of time with GSA Search Engine Ranker.

If you are a newbie to SEO or even an expert looking for an experienced GSA Search Engine Ranker service, click here now to speak to us.

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