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How to get your links indexed without spending a dime


How to get your links indexed without spending a dime!

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there on the internet.

Especially so, if you make a living out of internet marketing or if your business primarily relies on traffic from search engine optimization.

You most likely have a dedicated team of SEO’s managing your online presence. They have a swanky office in upstate New York. They boast of elite clientele.

They are the know-it-alls. The self-proclaimed Google savants who hobnob with Matt cuts and can accurately predict upcoming trends and implement best practices before it even goes mainstream.

And amidst all the promises of glory, more often than not, they sneak in a well-concealed service that promises to speed up results or enhance them in some fashion.

‘Hey bud, there’s this amazing link that I can help you procure. It’s gonna cost you $$$$$, but it will help put your website on Page 1 of Google within a week’

That’s not the only one.

‘Oh, almost forgot to say, that if you want that link to be indexed, we have an amazing link indexing service that you can buy separately’

Does that ring a bell?

One of the commonest services that we have seen SEO’s sell, is link indexing.

And it is the biggest lie that’s being sold every single day in the SEO space.

Link Indexing: The biggest myth

For the uninitiated, Link Indexing, often sold as a separate service by the so-called specialized Link Indexing companies, is nothing but your backlink getting picked up by Google.

Let’s say you build ten links to your website, but none of those shows up in your backlink profile in Analytics or Moz, then those links aren’t indexed yet.

That’s where indexing services come into the picture. They promise you to help get your links indexed. How does this help, one might ask?

Well, the link has to be indexed for it to pass on its value to your website. So, if you bought a nice and juicy $2000 link on with a DA rating close to 98 (just an example) and it isn’t indexed yet, then it has no use or value. It’s just lying there dormant.

Link Indexers promise to speed up the indexing process, for a fee, of course, thereby enhancing the rate at which your ranking improves.

Sounds good in theory. But it never works that way.

This is coming from expertise by the way. We have been there and done that. We have been fobbed off and spent thousands of dollars with almost every major link indexing service in the world. And then, realization dawned that our hard earned marketing budget was being flushed down the drain.

We figured that this was a great time to create a blog post about it and let others know about it as well.


How does Link Indexing happen?

Indexing Services
Link Indexing

Links get indexed automatically. Period.

Google search bots continually scrape the internet for new links, fresh content and they will eventually pick the link up without you doing anything.

It may take a few days or at times, even a few weeks. But it will happen eventually.

There are of course a few techniques that you can try to speed up the indexing process.

Thankfully, none of them involves swiping your credit card or paying somebody to get it done.

    • Build a second tier to your links: Use any automated link building tool like GSA SER, Money Robot or Ranker X to build a second or even third tier to your links. That’s the easiest and most underrated way to get your tier 1 links indexed. In fact, most of the Indexing services use this ‘very’ technique to get your links indexed. Not sure how to go about this? Here’s a great video to help you get going. If you do not have a paid subscription to any of the above-mentioned tools, get in touch with us over here. We can help.


    • Ping

the links: Oh yeah. The good old pinging technique still helps albeit not as much as you’d want to. But hey, it’s free and it never hurts. There are a bunch of free pinging services on the internet. 24/7pinger, and so on. Just enter your URL and ping. Also, don’t go overboard and use every one of them. Just use any one of these.

  • Rapid SEO Indexer: Now, this isn’t mandatory. But it is a reasonably priced WordPress Plugin that works every time. We have been using it with excellent results for the past six months. And it’s a no-brainer. Just submit the URL, wait for the links to be indexed and track your results. You’d still be saving almost 70% of what you used to pay Link indexing companies.
Rapid SEO Indexer
Rapid SEO Indexer


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Why aren’t your backlinks getting indexed?

Sometimes, despite trying all the above-mentioned techniques, you may find that a chunk of your backlinks never gets indexed. No need to sweat. In a world of bots and codes, a few glitches aren’t unheard of.

Link Indexing Denied
Link Indexing Denied

However, you need to ensure that you have ticked all the right boxes at your end. Here are a few of them.

  1. The links are high quality: If you are waiting for a forum profile link that you built as a direct link to your website (pray that it never gets indexed), then you are in for a long wait. Poor quality links can take forever to get indexed. When they do, your website is in for a penalty. So, ensure that you build only high-quality links. As simple as that.
  2. You are not using spun content: Spun content worked in 2010. Or did it ever? Surround your links with good quality original content and you have a much better chance of it getting indexed faster.
  3. Spammy platforms: Avoid link farms and junk platforms that auto-approve backlinks. These links rarely get indexed. Even if it does, you will be sharing a link with someone peddling fake Viagra.
  4. The Noindex sites: There are a bunch of platforms and even web 2.0s that use the Noindex tag on their new pages. If your links are on such pages, they will never see the light of the day. To know if it is a noindex page, go to the Wrench in Google Chrome and use the ‘Inspect Element’ option. Now check the head section way on top of the page.



How we index our links every time we post a new article on Asia Virtual Solutions

At Asia Virtual Solutions, ever since we stopped paying (or flushing our money down the drain rather) to link indexing services, we have tried a bunch of things to index our links faster. And finally, we have managed to create a three-step process that gets our links indexed in less than five minutes at times.

  1. We use Rapid SEO Indexer to easily Ping the sitemap. Nothing like tapping Google on the shoulders and letting them know that there’s some fresh meat for the taking.
  2. We manually submit the link to the Google Search Console in Webmaster tools. Then, we submit it twice for indexing. Once for the desktop version and another for the mobile version. Have a look at the below video showing the steps to ping and submit our site.
  3. If you hate doing this manually, we recommend that you check out the ‘Rapid SEO Indexer’ plugin that can be found over here:

How to ping and submit your site using Rapid SEO Indexer

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Self Help: Submitting your links to Google

Here’s how you can submit your own URLs for submission to Google. Please keep in mind that these links are not used for mass submissions. However, this is one of the simplest ways to submit your links for indexing yourself.


Category 1: For websites and Applications

Add your website URL – Submit your URL over here for including it in Google’s updated index –

Crawlers for Applications – Here’s where you can get your new application indexed by Google –

Google search console – Have an updated sitemap? Submit it here to Google. –

Structured Data submission – If you have new structured content, then let Google know with the right labels that can help users navigate easily. –

Category 2: For Businesses

Google submissions for retail businesses – Now you can promote your own products on Google’s many properties like Shopping, Offers and more. Submit your products here by uploading your catalogs digitally. –

Google submissions for businesses – Let potential customers find your business on Google maps. Submit it here. –

Street View – Have a swanky new outlet? Give customers a virtual tour using Google’s street view over here. –


Link Indexing Proof

Get your links indexed the smart way

Get your links indexed

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To Sum it up

If you have been sold the Link Indexing humbug sugarcoated with promises of faster ranking, then you are not alone.

Millions of dollars are wasted each day by businesses on Link Indexing services.

But there you have it. It can be done free of cost or at best, with a couple of good quality SEO link building tools.


If you still believe that indexing works and have a fat marketing budget to waste, then there are a bundle of third-party services integrated right into the GSA SER interface that you can use.

GSA Search Engine Ranker
GSA Search Engine Ranker

On the other hand, if like us, you too are wary of wasting your hard earned money, then just add a couple of tiers to your main link tier and you are all set. (Check out our GSA SER services over here)

Ensure that you use only ‘Do Follow’ platforms while building your tiers though.


Here’s a quick guide to help you get going with creating an Indexing tier in GSA Search Engine Ranker

  1. Download the file below. Open it. Now right click anywhere inside the text, click select all and then copy the contents.

How to get your links indexed without spending a dime 1

  1. Open a new GSA SER project, right-click in the window titled, ‘Where to submit’. Select ‘Paste Engine Selection’, Select ‘Yes’ to clear everything in the window. That’s it. Now you have ‘Do Follow’ platforms selected for link building.

Still unsure? Here’s a video that shows the process in detail.


How To Use GSA Search Engine Ranker To Build Indexing Tiers


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That’s it, folks! Do write to us with your Link Indexing woes or experiences. We would love to hear about it. Also, if you like this blog post, please do share it with your buddies

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    How to get your links indexed without spending a dime - Indexing results

    So this shows again, that you don’t need to pay any money to get indexed.

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