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GSA Search engine ranker option update for data packs


GSA Search engine ranker option update for data packs

GSA Search Engine Ranker is constantly evolving and new features are being added, and at the same time search engine ranker trends and SEO requirements are for ever changing when Google announces new rules.

In order to stay on top of our game it is important that we adopt to the constant changes by changing our strategies. At Asia Virtual Solutions we try to update the data packs at least 1 time  a week if any new features or filters come out. So whilst the data packs it self are being updated it is a nightmare updating the blog post and videos all the time.

To make it easy for those whom have purchased a 5 or 7 tier GSA SER Data pack from Asia Virtual Solutions, i have prepared sets of GSA Search Engine Ranker Option Update templates, which u can import and it will update your old data packs with the most updated project option settings.

It is very straight forward process of updating the option in a project, you simply open the tier to be updated, go to tools and then select import  and options. To make it even easier i have prepared for you the below video which will walk you thru the steps.The download link is just below the video.

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