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Boost Your Video’s SEO


Boost Your Video’s SEO

Video has emerged as the most popular way to communicate brand story. There are several studies indicating the potential of video to marketers, including the fact that shoppers who view brand videos are up to two times more likely to purchase than non-viewers. This format delivers a good ROI, which isn’t surprising given that, between 2012 and 2015, mobile video play was up nearly 850%.

How to make your video stand out, elicit interest in your brand, and get shared

  • One of the basic things to keep in mind is that your video should be interesting or useful enough for your target audience. Fortunately, creating high-quality videos isn’t very difficult or expensive. You don’t need to hire actors or use special effects to capture attention. Animation works well and is easy to follow, stripping down even complex ideas into simple form.
  • Another popular method is to use photo montage to communicate only through still photos (this approach works best when human interest photos – endangered animals, orphans of war, or other images of high emotional value are used).
  • Human beings have an attention span of 8 seconds, lower than that of goldfish. We don’t really have the patience to sit through long videos. The average duration of online videos is 4.4 minutes, so anything in the ballpark of 4-5 minutes should be fine.Google

What can you do to improve your videos’ SEO?

  1. For starters, the presence of video on a website is viewed as quality content by Google, and helps with ranking. To make videos searchable, it helps to use keywords in the title, descriptions and tags. Adding a transcript of the audio incorporated in the video also enhances its relevance and search-ability in search results.
  2. Social signals also matter. If more people view, like or search for your video, it sends a positive signal about the value of your content.
  3. Make u of a professional service such as Asia Virtual Solutions Video SEO Booster

How to proliferate your video views

Ideally, you should avoid uploading too many videos on your landing page as they will eat up bandwidth. Factor in the load time of your video : if it takes your website several seconds to load due to video, then up to 57% of users will abandon it after waiting for three seconds.

Most businesses choose to upload their videos on YouTube and then embed them on a number of popular sites. This is a good strategic move as most of the video searches either involve well-known, top-tier brands or they are associated with publisher sites like YouTube (the third most-visited site in 2015).

What is time-consuming is ensuring that enough people view your video, share it or feel encouraged to visit and browse your website. There is a way around this : a service that embeds your YouTube videos on top-ranking websites along with a few backlinks. Depending on the number of embeds, you can expect to multiply your visibility from your status quo, which in turn, can support your SEO efforts.

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Video SEO Booster is such a service, disseminating your videos across the internet, with a focus on popular sites like Blogger, Tumblr and other Web 2.0 assets with top Alexa rankings and a vast returning audience. Embedding, indexing and backlinks are all part of the package, along with an allied article writing service for clients who don’t have a syntax file or a related article for video embeds.

If you already have one or more videos on YouTube, you can start leveraging Video SEO Booster right away. If you’re yet to execute a new brand video that you wish to promote and leverage for Video’s SEO, access excellent insights video here.

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