Money Robot Submitter Content In 149 Languages – Fully structured

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This is the language in which we will generate the content.
Please just say the name of the language , for example : Spanish – Mexico, French – Canada, English – UK, German – Germany, Indonesian – Indonesia, Turkish – Turkey, French – France, etc…

Long-tails or questions work best, for example “whats the best drone for photography”
Should be in the same language as what you indicated above

These keywords should be all relevant to the Seed Phrase or Question you provided.
Please upload a plain txt file with the keywords one below the other.

(max file size 8 MB)

This is the links you want to promote.
Put all the URLs in a plain txt file, one link per line, and upload here

(max file size 8 MB)

Please upload a plain txt file with 1 image URL link per line ( you can add as many images as you want.)
This is a sample of a image url:×300-1.png

(max file size 8 MB)

Provide the video URLs to embeds your YouTube or Vimeo videos in the content
Please upload a plain txt file with 1 video link per line
Video urls should be in this format :

(max file size 8 MB)

Dont want certain words to appear in your content . Tell us which words and what to replace them with.
Please see a more detailed explanation further below in the description section.

use this format: word:replace with
one word per line

Want to embed an html banner, Iframe, GMB ( Google My Business ) , FAQ, NAP ( Name Address Phone ).
Pace your code on a plain text file and upload below. If you want to upload more than one then place several text files in a folder and zip it Before uploading.

(max file size 8 MB)

Asia Virtual Solutions is putting an end to your boring flat, short non structured limited language content and we bring you beautiful structured Money Robot Submitter content in 149 languages


Money Robot Submitter Content In Almost Any Language

Money Robot Submitter content creator that is build into the program is very limited and it produced boring non structured short  articles, which is maybe one of the main reasons why many people are complaining they are having problems indexing the pages created by Money Robot Submitter. That was until now. Asia Virtual Solutions is putting an end to your boring flat, short non structured limited language content and we bring you beautiful Money Robot Submitter content in 149 languages – Fully structured.

We scrape live content from Google country specific search results and then we add relevant images, videos, titles and raw html data to present you with structured keyword relevant content.


What is Structured content

According to Wikipedia – Structured content is information or content that is organized in a predictable way and is usually classified with metadata. XML is a common storage format, but structured content can also be stored in other standard or proprietary formats.

When working in structured content, writers need to build the structure of their content as well as add the text, images, etc. They build the structure by adding elements, and there are elements for different types of content.

The structure must be valid according to the standard being used, and it is often enforced by the authoring tool.

This helps to ensure consistency, as writers must use the appropriate elements in a consistent way.

How Do We Structure The content We Create For You.

  • We Scrape relevant live data from Google country results
  • We add a table of content for every post which is linked to the headers
  • Headings will have the correct  H1, H2, H3 and H4 title tags.
  • All the Money Robot Submitter content we produce will be between 1000 – 2000 words  and will be formatted with random number of paragraphs. Please note that content length can vary based on language and keyword difficulty )
  • Images we insert will have keyword relevant image alt texts.
  • Scraped images will have relevant Google Schema ( Microdata)
  • Videos will have keyword relevant video alt text.
  • Embeds of maps, i-frames and other raw HTML code is embedded using proper Google Schema

Lets look at the fields at the top of this page, which you need to complete when placing an Money Robot Submitter content order 



The content generator from Money Robot is limited to only 10 Languages and it is limited to scraping article directories, the same with other content generators, the content is basic and very limited. On the other-hand the content that Asia Virtual Solutions produce is not scraped from article directories, we get our content from live websites in Google. We are currently able to scrape the content from 149 different Google Search languages sites, so your content is always fresh.
If we are unable to produce the content for your specified language then we will refund your order in full.
When you order, please specify your language as follow : French – Canada or Spanish – Mexico or English – UK or English – South Africa. Why is this important you might ask. Well the reason is because we will provide Money Robot Submitter content related to your region, if you just want English for global audience then select English – USA which mean the content will be from


Seed Key Phrase

Instead of giving us a single keyword to use to find the content we require something a bit more Long-tail or questions work best, for example “whats the best drone for photography” or maybe or “best online casino in Korea”.
What you can do is type your Seed Keyword Phrase into Google search and see which give you the best results.
Please DO NOT give me a single seed key phrase like :cat food, or online SEO, i need long-tail, question type Seed Key Phrase as this will allow us to provide you with the best Money Robot Submitter content.



You can provide 1-20 keywords which are related to the main seed key phrase, we will randomly use the keywords in the Money Robot Content we produce, and it will be done in a natural way to best blend in.

URLs you want to promote

This is the URLs that you want us to use for building links. The URLs will be used for making references in the content.  You can give as many or as little as you want

Optional Add-On

The above all mostly covered the information we require for the Money Robot Submitter Content. But now that we have all the content we need to beautify them a bit and we can do this by adding relevant pictures or relevant videos, but do not worry if you do not have any of your own videos or images then we will scrape relevant images and videos for you and then include them in your content.
Apart from the images and the videos we are also able to insert html banners, I-frames and any raw html code such as Google maps, call to action, and info blocks.

Image Embeds

This is a free option.

You can provide your own image URLs to be added to the content. Just save all the image URLs to a txt file and upload that.

An image URL looks like this :×300-1.png we can work with most image formats including jpeg, give, png and so on.

Don’t have your own images or don’t have enough images, no worries we will scrape relevant images for you, and we  will also add all image alt and required image schema for you.

Videos Embeds

This is a free option.

You can provide your own YouTube or Vimeo video  URLs to be added to the content. Just save all the video URLs to a txt file and upload that.

The video URL looks something like this :

If you do not have your own videos or don’t have enough videos, then not a problem at all we  scrape relevant videos for you and also add all required alt and video schema for you.


 Word Re-Placer

This is a free option.

This is a great feature to replace unwanted words from appearing in your Money Robot Submitter content . Maybe you don’t want a competitor’s name to be mentioned or maybe you do not want a competing brand name to be mentioned. , Simply provide us with the words you do not want in your content and tell us what to replace it with.

Provide the words to us like this :  word:replace with , so it will look like this. If you want to replace all words containing Coke with the word Pepsi, then you will give it to me like this: Coke:Pepsi , and you can list as many as you want below each other.

 Provide your own HTML code i-frame’s banners and more.

This is a paid  option.

This is an extremely powerful option and it allow you to provide your own html code to be included in the content. Whether you want to include html banners or maybe html sign up forms for CPA offers or maybe you want to embed a small  i-frame or a google map , we can add it for you. Just place your code on a txt file and upload it, if you have more than one item to include with the Money Robot Submitter Content, then place them on separate txt files in a folder, and then when done zip the folder and upload that.

We also have a growing list of templates available to make it easy for you. Simply download the template samples from below and then replace the data with your own and upload which you want.



What Exactly Is It That You Will Get

You will get 2 text files from us, the one is the titles and the other is the content, and you will receive a read me file explaining what needs to be copied where into Money Robot Submitter, and you also get a YouTube video link showing you how to do it.

How Long Will it Take.

Pending on workload, your order should be ready within 48 hours, maybe sooner if not busy, or slightly longer over weekends

Any Guarantees

Sure, if we are not able to produce for you the content in the language you asked for then we will give you a full refund.otherwise if we have already delivered the order then no refunds will be offered, given the nature of digitally delivered content.

Here are just a few samples of the sites we have created with Money Robot Submitter Content

English Content:


German Content:


Arabic content






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