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What’s up at the end of October


What’s up at the end of October

October has been a really exciting month and we managed to achieve allot, below is an overview of what went on during the month of  October.

Link List

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Quality Back link list - 20 million + We wiped out the list and then rebuild it from our existing GSA Search Engine campaigns that has been running over a year. We got rid of all Identified Links that was no longer working and we verified all excising verified links. The result is a much more optimized and clean link list.
Existing members, you can login to the Link List Member page and find the updated list and the newly added in October, as shown below;

  •  Identified = 335,803 new domains URLs in October
  • Verified = 413,173 new domains URLs in October

Those of you who have not yet signed up for the Link list you now have the opportunity to do so and get a 25% discount on the signup fee. Valid until 30 November 14
Use the following code for 25% discount: LLE1025

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GSA Search Engine Ranker Data packs

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Asia Virtual Solutions Special Price GSA Search engine ranker remains to be the no.1 link building tool and view continue to save GSA SER users allot of time and money with our Data packs.
If you still don’t own GSA Search Engine Ranker then you can get it at 10% less with a Asia Virtual Solutions Exclusive discount, just follow this link to get GSA at 10% cheaper:

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2 Tier Churn & Burn GSA Search Engine Ranker Data Pack

GSA Search Engine Ranker - Data Pack
GSA Search Engine Ranker – Data Packs

October also saw the launch of the 2 Tier Churn & Burn data packs, and wow what great results we have seen with the churn and burn data pack.

We create a test 2 tier GSA Search engine Ranker Churn & Burn project at the beginning of October just before the launch of the latest Google Panda update, and the results have been really great.
Our 2 Tier Churn & Burn test project was targeting a specific page product. On the 4th of October we started the churn & burn, our keywords ranked 48 in Google and then on the 7th of October it went down to 89, and after that it has slowly been climbing and today 28 October our keyword after 3 weeks of Churn & burn are now at position 17 in Google and still climbing.

So I can confirm the 2 Tier GSA Search Engine Ranker data pack is working great!!!
I plan to reveal exactly how we constructed the keywords and URLs in the 2 tier churn and burn test project and what we used and how, that resulted in a Google position climb of 72 positions up in only 3 weeks.

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New feature!!!! – GSA Search Engine Ranker – Binding URLs with Anchors Text

Binding URLs with Anchors Text Yesterday we added a new option to the GSA Search Engine Ranker Data pack order page that will allow you to Binding URLs with Anchors Text in GSA Search Engine Ranker. This new feature is a absolute game changer.

“Anchor variation and Anchor text diversity are two very important factors when it comes to SEO and it is a fact that Google Panda will look at your anchor text used with your back links. It is therefore very important to ensure you set up your back linking projects to use relevant anchors to URLs and also to have some anchor text variety.”

We will take a closer look at using GSA Search Engine Ranker to Binding URLs with Anchors Text and then have as much as possible variations.    Read all about it over here :

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Asia Virtual Solutions Affiliates

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Our affiliate program has grown substantially since we launched it a few months ago, to date we have paid out over $ 1,700 in affiliate commissions with the biggest commission earner being the GSA Search Engine Ranker data packs, offering affiliate members a whopping 25% commission on sales.

We have added several new affiliate banners during October including some .gif banners and more will follow in November.

If you have not yet signed up for our affiliate program then you would want to do so soonest and start making some money whilst promoting Asia Virtual Solution products and services.

Become an Asia Virtual Solutions Affiliate

Sign Up as an affiliate

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We look forward to be of service to you and as always if we can be of any help or if you would like us to explain things, then please drop us an email or contact us via the live chat support.

Wish you a pleasant November


Kind Regards


Michael Swart
Asia Virtual Solutions

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