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Social Media Marketing Trends Making Headlines in The Year 2017


5 Popular Social Media Marketing Trends Making Headlines in The Year 2017

Social media has witnessed significant changes in the marketing trends in the recent years. Moreover, the social media are evolving in the new communicative areas. (1)

Many new technologies have been launched, and new features have been introduced as well. Marketers have also understood that integration of social media marketing strategies with the traditional marketing strategies can help to achieve the goals.

Now, here we will introduce you to the vital social media marketing trends that have been followed throughout 2017.

5 Popular Social Media Marketing Trends Making Headlines in The Year 2017

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Revealing the Top Social Media Marketing Trends in The Year 2017

1. Video Content Gaining Hype

Video content has become quite popular in the recent years.

As per the Cisco VNI Forecast report, the total video traffic was about 70% in the year 2015. This is why it can be safely assumed that the video traffic will be about 80% of the total consumer traffic by 2020.

This is why the social media websites are also making immense efforts to meet the needs of the marketers.

Facebook figured out the fact that every day about 500 billion users watch video content.

This is why Facebook also took a step in this direction and launched Lifestage, 360 videos in the year 2015 and 2016.

360 videos is truly a popular tool to increase customer engagement. Moreover, Facebook has also provided the opportunity to the users to download and save the videos to view later.

Instagram did not lag behind in this race as well. It launched Instagram stories and 60-second videos.

All these efforts paved the way for enticing video content because the videos do help in marketing.

However, the marketers need to understand is that boring explained videos will not help, so they need to explore animated videos. The biggest advantage of the animated videos is that they can help to keep the viewer focused.

Moreover, animation can simplify the complex text in simply no time. The best part is that the animated videos are cheaper to produce.

2. Mobile Matters the Most

Mobile for Marketing

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There is no denying fact that social media and Smartphone make a lethal combination.

It is important to mention here that the number of Facebook users has increased in the recent years. As per the records of 2016, there are about 2 billion Smartphone users throughout the world.

If you look at the Facebook records, then you will realise the fact that there are about 1.57 billion active mobile users. Apparently, it seems that the mobile traffic can surpass the desktop traffic as well.

This is the reason that the mobile users need to be the priority of any business. This is why many social media sites have launched the call to action buttons on their mobile apps as well.

The benefit of this call to action buttons is that they can easily generate more traffic in comparison to web platforms. This is why the marketers should plan their social media marketing strategy in a way that they gain the attention of the mobile users.

3. Automation the Leading Social Media Marketing Trend

Due to the changing marketing trends, there is no place for the second best. This is why the marketers need to be smart.

It is not advisable to deploy huge workforce for manual working methods. This approach will not work in the modern digital marketing world. When it comes to digital marketing, then there are bundles of data to handle and repeated tasks. This is why automation is the only viable solution for digital marketers.

If you want to compete with your rivals, then it is important that you should make your place in the mind of your audience.

When you are making use of automation, then it can lead to improved revenue and lead management.

If automation is used for more than 2 years, then it can easily lead to about 40% increase in revenue and 69% increase in the lead generation as well.

If we look at the records of 2015, about 91% marketers agreed to the fact that automation is the lifeline for them. The best part is that the cost of the automation tools has reduced greatly and there are many choices available for the marketers.

Well, another step towards automation is the introduction of Chatbots. Well, the Chatbots can be defined as conversational agents that can easily stimulate intelligent conversation. They can easily automate the tasks and can significantly benefit the marketers.

This is why the Chatbots have been quite popular throughout 2017.

4. Making Use Of Personalized Content

As a marketer, it is important to understand the significance of personalized and paid content as well.

The marketers used to believe that paid content does work well on the social media websites.

This is why they were not hesitant to adopt paid content marketing approach. Moreover sponsored ads on social media were helpful in gaining the attention of the customers.

Social Network Ad Revenue Share

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However, just recently some people showed reluctance to pay any heed to the sponsored ads. This is why the importance of personalized content is increasing with every passing day.

Popular social media platform like Twitter and Facebook have changed their newsfeed algorithm. Due to these changes, the users will only be able to see the personal content and ads that are more relevant to them.

This means 2017 calls for personalized content.

5. Social Media Marketing Introducing the Concept of Trust Economy

Well, transparency is the newest business paradigm.

This is something that marketers and businesses need to follow now.

If a customer is unhappy with a company or brand, then he makes it a point to voice out his thoughts on the social media. This is why the businesses need to offer clean products and services.

The positive customer comments on the social media sites can help in establishing a trust economy. This established trust can help marketers promote the businesses more effectively on the social media.

Try living up to these top 5 social media trends to make your business successful.

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